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Gay singer/songwriter Tom Goss is back with a brand new album called “Wait”!

13 tracks from pop ballads to catchy rock tunes and even some folk inspirations but always with a message. My favorite track is Illuminate The Dark, because of its message. I felt that in this track Tom wanted to say ” Hey, even though you are different, you are great and you can shine”. The simplicity of his music and lyrics and soothing and easy to listen. Check him out on iTunes and also try to see him in concert, he will be in NYC tomorrow then Boston, Washington, Cincinnati, Austin, Provincetown, Orlando etc… It is great to encourage one of ours, a proud gay man making good music!

Watch Illuminate The Dark music video after the jump and let me know your thoughts!



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  1. simplyme

    Tom is genuine, truly kind and a really nice guy.
    Sexier than hell in a bathing suit too.
    You must see his video “Make believe”
    He was 100% nude and they painted his whole body.
    His husband is a bear. His video “Bear” shows them really getting married. Looks and talent. He’s got it!

  2. Jacob

    I hardly ever hear anything new that I like, so I was pleasantly surprised by this. The song really touched my heart-wonderful. I will have to listen to more of him! Thanks for the post!

  3. Hunter0500

    Hadn’t heard of Tom until he was suggested here. Dug around some to check him out. His music is easy to listen to. Taking off the “gay filter”, his lyrics apply to a broad spectrum of society. As other “quiet giants” have done in the past, it’ll be interesting to see how long it takes main stream music to embrace him.

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