Gay Stuff : Your Own Cum?


Have you ever or would you ever eat your own cum? Some say it’s a healthy shot of protein and what-not…Some say it taste nasty…

When I was a teenager, I used to eat my own cum EVERY time I was jerking off. Now that I’m a grown up, I eat my fuckbuddies’s cum. After all semen is only spermatozoa, proteolytic, enzymes as well as fructose. I think, what turns me on about cum is that it is the result of a male orgasm. I really enjoy cum. I don’t care much for cum in my ass though, having it in my mouth is more stimulating for me. What about you? Ever eat your own cum? Do you swallow other guys’s cum?


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  1. ricosuavejj

    I have swallowed while sucking but i always have this gag reflex and fill like i need to trow up, i have seen others that do it like nothing and continue sucking.. why is that.. but i have eaten my cum.

  2. Demetrius

    I love to eat another mans cum it’s just something that makes the sex better. However I don’t have the desire to eat my own cum I don’t know why.. I guess I have to be in the moment.


    I’ve never been into eating cum. My enjoyment comes from releasing it. But I had a fb that couldn’t get enough of eating my cum. He said he could live off my nut. Maybe Dave could give me a second opinion?

  4. steve

    Bi male here. I tasted my own cum when younger, but only recently started eating it often. Never used to swallow guys but now take every last drop. Love precum so sweet.

  5. Kyle

    I have no issues with swallowing my own load. When I was younger I would get my cock as close to my mouth as I could and shoot it in there. I am not so flexible as that these days, but if I have some someplace that I didn’t get cleaned up I will just lick it up. As for others, I have only successfully swallowed one time. It was very hard not to gag on it, but I think that is all psychological from having been molested when I was 4-6 years old. Shame too, I would love to be a good cock sucker, but it’s that last part I just can’t do

  6. Angel_Falls

    I used to jerk into my mouth every once in a while when I was a teenager. Now I love sucking a dude off until he shoots his load in my mouth. Love the sensation of a cock spasm hard as it ejaculates hot tasty streams of cum into my mouth. I like the taste of cum, but don’t swallow. I usually spit it out, unless it’s just a huge load and some of it gets shot down my throat. Those ejaculatory spasms are such a turn on that sometimes I cum too without even touching myself.

  7. Leo

    I have tasted my own cum and at first i thought it was a bit gross but now its kinda of a turn on..i don’t eat the whole thing but a nice lil taste is good! As for someone else’s cum i think i must really love the person for me to do it since its something so personal.

  8. wybudd

    I did and do eat my own cum every time I beat off. I think it is physically healthy and I like the way it tastes. Plus it beats having a bunch of wadded up crunchy tissues around.

  9. Steven

    i LOVE cum! i usually eat my own when i beat off and when i suck cock i feel like i didn’t do a good job unless i’m rewarded with a thick creamy load deposited in my mouth and down my cum hungry throat!

  10. Gabe

    Truthfully I’m not a big fan of cum anymore. Its nice to jack off but I wouldn’t swallow it or play with it. Its so sticky and I don’t like feeling all sticky and gross after.

  11. Mark

    I have consumed my own cum on occasion but it is far more fun to swallow the deposit provided by a buddy. I think part of the reason for me is that when I orgasm my sexual “interest” drops quickly. While the thought of eating my own cum might be appealing before the orgasm it isn’t as much so afterwards. Now if I’ve got a buddy’s cock in my mouth and I feel his orgasm coming on my excitement level increases and I very much enjoy the feeling of his warm cum in my mouth. I will admit that I have tasted better things than cum and it does depend somewhat on the guy but once the deposit is made I usually swallow rather than let it “linger” in my mouth. When I was a kid, before I had the opportunity to have a sexual partner, I’d sometimes lay on my back and swing my legs up over my head as I masturbated. As I unloaded I’d open my mouth and would occasionally get some of my own jizz but usually I’d just end up with a self facial which was also fun.

    – Mark –

  12. palos

    Personally, I think cum is gross. I dont like my own or others on my body. But when i give head i will take it in my mouth…. sometimes spit or even swallow. i dont mind having it in my ass. For sure not a cum fetish or cum junkie here. It does normally represent that its over. Snowballing I would consider gross also…. probally end with 2 fists in your chest with probally spit back at ya.

    Also has a weird smell to me… ya I have a sensitive nose to smells.

  13. Dylan

    Are you trying to tell me there are guys out there who spit?

    If you don’t like it in your mouth (sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t) or can’t get past the idea of having a mans hot seed in your mouth..just tell the guy before hand so he is able to grab the back of your head and force it in to you. Sometimes you have to be shown you’ll like it.

  14. NYCWill

    I have tasted and swallowed my own cum once, but didn’t like it because had a bleach-like flavor. I have a few suck buddies whose cum I like to swallow. Sucking a load out can be frustrating if a guy can’t cum except by beating off. I like it to go right down the hatch while he’s pumping my throat. YUM!!!

  15. luckinmypants2

    I LOVE CUM! Mine…his….cum is amazing. Sex isnt complete for me without a little cum swap kissing.

  16. Stowbiguy

    Ya… I eat my own cum and my partners too. Nothing better than feeling a big hard dick in your mouth pumping out a big load. Never figured out why guys suck dick and do not enjoy a big saltie load blasted in their mouth. That said, cum is like wine. Some tastes really good and others I have spit out.

  17. Gary

    I have eaten my own cum, a lot I guess. I sometimes swallow other’s, depending on how long I have known him, and his habits. It is a good way to be close to a guy. Sharing kisses afterwards is hot, too.

  18. wamoo

    When I was younger, I used to eat my own cum. When wanking and having an orgasm, I would bend my head down, open my mouth, and catch most of it and swallow. I don’t do that anymore but prefer to swallow cum from a pulsating, squirting big cock I have been sucking off. Years ago after being fucked raw, the guy who had just had an orgasm in my ass gave me a piss enema when his cock had relaxed somewhat. That was one of the most pleasurable sensations I have ever felt. I can still feel the hot piss being pumped deep inside of me. I just wish that would happen one more time! Any volunteers?

  19. Chip

    I love it when a guy cums in my mouth.
    When I was in my teens & on into my early 30’s, I could suck myself off (naturally, I swallowed my own cum).

    Why did I stop? Belly fat 🙂 I simply can’t bend that far anymore, otherwise I’d still be doing it.

    Odd thing for me tho is that while I like it when the cum shoots directly into my mouth, I don’t like it “scooped up” (or even shot into my hand)… it’s either fresh outta the pipe, or not at all! 🙂

    (I never claimed to be sexually normal!) 🙂

  20. shooterunloaded

    I eat cum on ice cream, on hamburgers and most of all as a marinade for salmon. its my one go to item I always have to have.

  21. Pageboy

    Love other guys cum! Have tried to eat my own, but before I get the chance my feeling of being very horny passes and I can’t seem to bring it to my mouth. Would love to see how it tastes to my partners.

  22. Gotbfjustlooking

    I always swallow my partners cum and when he catches mine in his mouth, I end up swallowing my own when he kisses me and transfers it to my mouth

  23. Toker

    I eat my cum. I jerk off at least five times a day, sometimes five in one sitting. And I eat it. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I get off on the thought of cum in my mouth and cum-swapping with a guy, though I don’t swallow every nut I come across. I have to be really into the guy and turned on to swallow it.

  24. JaredJames

    I love cum, too! I often eat my own cum. I will swallow a partner’s cum, but only if comfortable with his hygiene. A partner’s spent cum makes me horny. I love fucking a guy to bring him to orgasm and then pull out and use his cum to lube my cock to jack off to completion. And sharing cum in a snowball is about the surest way to get me hard again and ready to go. But I think the most underrated part of sex with another man is precum – it’s presence is proof positive that you are truly horned up and ready to go. I leak precum at will and anyone sucking me off gets a full load of both!

  25. JC

    I don’t like the taste of my own, but every other guy I have swallowed for. I have noticed though when I try to swallow mine, I get a sore throat, so that is my problem too.

  26. Charlie

    Some days I will eat my own but the best way is to shoot it on my bud’s cock and then I get to eat both loads. I always eat my bud’s cum and have never had a bad taste. It is awesome to have him in my throat or mouth when he cums and then suck him as long as he will allow me to. Love the taste and feel of cum in my mouth.

  27. jr7

    In the days of hiv and aids, you should never ingest. But, if your horny and having a great time, who doesn’t love to swallow. Nothing like having that cock-head expand and then unload in my mouth.

  28. jockn2cbt

    I always liked the idea of eating my own cum since I first starting jerking off at 11, but the reality is different from the fantasy. A finger full swiped off my chest and I’d have had enough, just too bitter. It wasn’t until 15 that I came into appreciating the flavor of spunk. I was a big cummer, I’d jerk in bed and end up spraying the walls, cleanup was a chore and the room would reek. I had a few good face splats where I’d open my mouth and catch a stream, but it lacked something. That’s where my perverted little mind came up with throwing my legs up over my shoulder and using gravity as an assist. First time I went head over heels I was shocked how close my cock was to my face. So there I am on my bathroom floor, cock hovering a mere two inches over my mouth and my mind’s racing with all the new possibilities this presented, so much so I was getting a little “too” excited….I couldn’t stop it, I was riding the wave in. First spurt caught me totally off guard and shot straight into my nose (I could smell cum in my sinuses for a week). Struggling against the surprise launch, I then opened my mouth wide and three more streams jetted against the back of my throat, that’s when I knew I was hooked, the jizz was hot and had pressure behind it, it was total Nirvana. By the time I finished cumming my mouth was full with trickles of cum running from the corners of my mouth and into my ears. I rolled my legs back out onto the floor and I just lied there taking in the wonderful experience I just had. I was heaving and shaking from the perversity of what I had just done and then the old familiar bitter taste started coming back to me. I decided to stand up and spit the spunk out, but when I met my reflection in the mirror I saw my cum plastered face, a trickle of jizz running out my nostril and an eat shit grin on my face wallowing the prize around in my mouth. The horniness was back and I decided it was my “duty” to follow through. I’m watching myself gargling my spew and teasing myself with gobs of cum on my tongue sticking out at me. Pretty soon I’m swiping what’s on my face into my increasingly greedy mouth. Five minutes later I’m back on the floor and in position for round two. Call me tantric before my time, but I see these guys that can actually suck themselves (I never got beyond a quick tongue dab to the piss slit) and still have to jackhammer their cocks to get off. That was never my case, Fuck, the mere anticipation of a good feeding was all I ever needed. I just had to stare at my cock twitching over my mouth and growl a little “feed me, fucker” and I explode. Like a good soldier, i always had to swallow, that was part of the excitement, the fantasy, I could not back out and that made it that much hotter. I really wish I never would have fallen out of practice. There’s always snowballing.

  29. Bob

    I tried it when I was younger. Put my legs back over my head and sucked my own cock for a bit. When I came, I aimed it at my mouth, wasn’t a turn, but hey, I tried it.

    I can almost get off when the guy I am with cums in my mouth. Not always, sometimes their cum has a really bad taste. In that case I spit it out as soon as it comes out, but it does start in my mouth. I do not have anal without a condom, so no one has ever cum in my ass.

  30. steve

    I love cum. Love to taste and.yes i do usually swallow if i k.ow the guy. Also love precum, alot. I always think eat my.own when i jerk off, but never do. I do like it when a guy snowballs me though, but licking it out of my hand, not so much

  31. Bimwmtop

    I think it is hot to kiss a guy after I come in his mouth and share the load with him or have a guy scoop up my load off his chest and feed it to me. Strangely enough, I do not like to Jo and swallow my own loads.

  32. move4me503

    I LOVE cum 😉 even mines. I wanna have someone’s whos cum tastes sweet though. Haven came across anyone like that yet lol

  33. Brian

    I would masturbate into my mouth and on my face all the time as a teen. At 48 I still will some times lick my own cum off my hand. I of course love to suck a man to completion, knowing I made him feel wonderful. i remember the first time I did a 69 we both came at the same time and then kissed after its so sensual and sexy

  34. mike5038

    Yea I have tried my own cum before, but I had rather have the guys that are fucking me cum shoot down my throat. I used to swallow my FB cum all the time and it tasted GREAT. He was really muscular so I knew his cum had to have extra protein in it!……….YUMMY!!!!!!I have heard that pineapple will make your cum taste better.I would love to try that just see if it do. When I do suck a guy off I like to take a big hit of poppers and go all the way down onhim and let him shoot his full load down my throat. I have yet to loose a drop of that wonderful protein!

  35. Mike

    I’ve tasted my own cum before. But what usually happens is I want it so bad before I cum and then the second I cum, I can’t bring myself to lick it. The best way I’ve discovered to get it in my mouth is jerking off upside down and letting it shoot directly into my open mouth.

  36. Pageboy

    For me precum has the best taste…especially when giving extended bj. I don’t swallow every guys cum, but my fb for the last ten years has the best tasting cum. I usually allow the saliva in my mouth to mix with his cum before swallowing or sometimes use it to jack off with. He never allows me to cum in his mouth though…says cum makes him gag.

  37. Hunter0500

    Not all interested in self-serving my own cum. As a rule, when a good bud sucks me off he is owed a good kiss for his efforts soon after so I’ll get taste of it then.

  38. Miguel

    Since someone brought it up… Do any of you guys have concerns of studs or HIV when swallowing other guy’s cum? I have heard conflicting versions of whether it’s safe or not. Thoughts?

  39. bi8top

    When I was younger, I could self suck, so I would often taste my own loads. Now that I am older, I am not as flexible so I taste my own precum when I am edging, or I’ll taste my cum from a fuck buddies mouth, or sometimes his cum which I like to share back with him. Every ones tastes different, it has a lot to do with diet choices.

  40. Alex

    Oh HELL yes. I GARGLE with a guy’s load after. As for my own, I just dump on a plate and slurp it up. Not wastin’ MY load!

  41. Wrangler6996

    Yes I love to suck back my partners cum it always tastes sooooo good mmmmm
    I do love to lick the cum out of my hand after I’ve jerked off it tastes very good and it’s from me so why not hey 😉 :p

  42. Paul

    I have eaten my own cum & that of others since my teens with no plans to stop. Love pre cum & to me snowballing has to be one of the best ways to complete a nice blowjob. From the cock. more than one cock or licking it up it’s all good in my book.

  43. Joseph

    I love eating my own cum. Been doing it ever since I started jerking off. It started as a way to clean up without my mom finding it but became a habit. I love cum and what safer cum than my own?

  44. michaelj

    CUM!! LOVE IT!!! mine or someone else’s. love it shot down my throat, love to lick it off body parts, love it any way i can get it,and as much as possible!!!! love it dripping down my face and catching it on my tongue. love shooting on someone’s cock then licking it off and then suck him dry. no such thing as too much cum!!! jerking as i am writing this and can’t wait for the sweet load that is on it’s way NOW!!!!!!!! ahhhh, delish!

  45. rj2097

    sometimes I invert and shoot into my mouth. Sometimes I spit, somtimes I swallow. If I shoot into my hand, I’m turned off by it. I love eating others cum though. Licking it off his chest or squirting in my mouth. I think it has to do with weather I’ve got off or not. Being sexually excited puts my pallette in the mood. However once I shoot, it’s usually over as far as the hightened mood. I love it when a guy says OMG as hes jerking it out of me. Spraying everywhere. They probably wondering how to turn it off LOL

  46. D

    Not much into my own, will shoot in my mouth on occasion. But I LOVE to swallow another guy’s cum, nothing hotter than a guy busting a nutt right into my mouth!

  47. goldenloverinmym

    I love it my ex and I used to sno ball each other loads all the time then we got to the cream pies even hotter.but with a guy I don’t know I play safe for anal both ways but I will still swallow for sure and always do swallow my own loads to.nothing hotter than kissin my lover with his load in his mouth from my ass.that always got me ready for round 2.then it be my turn to return the pleasure

  48. Pete

    I love to taste my own cum, always have
    I also love to swallow other guys cum and I love taking it in my ass

  49. Ed

    I love cum. I have/do eat my own and love to swallow a nice thick load. The pre-shoot throb, and the point of orgasm spasms are a total turn on. When they occur that is when I like to get the entire shaft in my mouth and down my throat.
    I love the taste, smell and feel of cum!

  50. marc

    Guys love my cum and never spit it out, so it must be tasty. Every survey I ever take that asks for my favorite drink or beverage, I write, “Cum”. I never ever spill a drop of a guy’s cum. It’s more precious to me than gold. If I could suck Jake Gyllenhal’s cock and drink his cum, I would gladly give up my life and die with a smile on my face.

  51. Billy

    I have an easier time with my own than others. Mine tastes good, most others does not. Especially when they smoke alot ot drink toooooo much coffee.

  52. dennis

    i love cum, mine or anyone elses, i have men married men who come over just to jerk off in my mouth, i love a good load

  53. Dawgboi

    I eat mine everyday…. I’m now a cum freak since being made one at 11yrs.old by a molesting older cousin who made me suck him and sometimes his friends, which they would make me deep throat them and swallow nutt…he would make me swallow and clean all the nutt that would spill out of my mouth onto him . After the molestation stopped I craved cum and mine was the only one I had access too to eat to fill that void and now I love the way my cum taste…the more I cum the better for me…. and I also have a fb that he and I snowball when ever we can get together…

  54. Karlkassis

    I love my cum.I like to cum into a shot glass and swallow it.I really enjoy sucking all of the cum from my lovers cock.

  55. Ken

    I love shooting into my mouth, especially after edging for a few hours and building up a huge load. Legs over my head and my leaking cock just inches from my mouth. When I shoot I spray my mouth and face with streams of cum. Its so exciting, I usually can stay hard and get a second load which I will completely swallow. I don’t always swallow another guys, depends on how horned up I am when he cums.




  57. kevin

    Used to eat my own cum when I was younger, but not into it now……………another dudes nutt………….I’m all over that though

  58. Tony L.

    Yes I love cum!! as much as I can get up my ass. love the smell of it when flows out of my wet hole. my record to date is 8 loads in one night at a hot sex party.

  59. jit2suck

    I love eating cum straight from the pipe, licking it off bellies, fingers hands, lips, tits, you name it. I LOVE CUM, the taste texture smell everything….Mmmmm and yes I eat mine too.

  60. darryl

    I’ve tasted my own cum a few times on occasion. But what really did it for is when a guy i really know crave my pent up load. From I’ve been told it’s very sweet and creamy. I never really liked taking another mans cum in my mouth, but spraying it on me is pretty hot.

  61. VABeachWolf

    Bi guy here and I eat my own and love it, also love to eat another guys hot cum, the bigger the load the better. Had a fb that loved to have me cum on his cock and then suck my cum (and his). Want to find a guy that will cum in my mouth and let me keep sucking him until I get a second (third or more) mouthful…..

  62. Joe

    I’ve never tried my own cum but others yes but I think we can all agree not all cum tastes good I used to date a guy that had sweet tasting cum omg it was the best

  63. Seangr1

    I have a good friend, had amazing sex. One time I swallowed his cum. He said that really was cool. Haven’t seen him since and that’s been over a year. We still talk but if I mention sex he always has a reason not to get together. Will think twice (or more) before swallowing again!

  64. domtoppapi

    Yes to both questions. Eat my own n my fuck buds. If I am not good enuff to eat my load, why should I expect my bud to?

  65. Brin

    I love cum. Love love LOVE it! Cannot get enough of it some days! Of course, I mean the cum of others though. Rarely interested in my own.

  66. bottomrn

    I’ve tried eating my own cum, but I think it tastes nasty, too much of a “bleach” taste and smell. However, I am more than horny for my boyfriend’s and other guys cum, particularly if they cum directly into my mouth. Whenever my bf cums in my mouth, I go crazy.His cum doesn’t taste nasty to me. But, I do have to say, I go out of my mind whenever a guy cums in my ass!

  67. Mark Lucas

    I love cum anyway I can get it. I don’t care if it’s in my mouth or up my ass. I think it’s a natural thing with guys. I have done drugs and so I have never had a problem with guys squirting in my ass. I think that’s the way we were made.

  68. maneater5674

    cum eating is the best part of sucking cock, Precum taste so good to me that I wish it would ooze the durning entire blow job. and then give me the giant cum load that I want so much deep in my throat. Love the feel of it as it explodes in my mouth. damn I love to swallow cum.

  69. InOverMyHead

    I’d rather have guys cum in my mouth. I tell them that if they want to cum in my ass, wear a condom, then empty it into my mouth. I will swallow if told to, but I prefer to keep it in play by licking with it. Where ever and as far as your load will go.

  70. Don

    I ate my own cum when I was younger and occasionally still do. However, I prefer to eat the cum from a partner. Some guys cum taste good to me while others not so pleasant. It all depends upon diet and smokers or none smokers. I have had kinky partners that take my load and then feed it back to me. The first time this happened I was kind of grossed out but realized it really turned me on.

  71. Jeff

    When I was a newbie I really didn’t like the taste of cum at all. I tried my own but even now as back then, my own doesn’t have the same appeal as another dudes. But as a man I know that the best feeling is having an orgasm in the mouth that sucks you. And likewise I enjoyed the feeling of a throbbing cock shooting into my mouth. Pulling out and then cumming just isn’t the same.

    In time I got to like the taste and swallowing, it was my reward for a job well done. I especialy like the taste of pre cum and think its hot. And I love knowing that he is turned on by what I am doing to give me alot of pre cum and a good load at the end. Even when bottoming it was great to feel a man stiffen and throb then the feeling of him shooting a good load inside me. As a top I also want to finish in a guys ass.

    These days I am more apprehensive about swallowing cum unless I am in a relationship. Call it the bug-a-boos about body fluids exchange, especially in a hook up. You just don’t know what you are really getting.

    I admit is can be awkward to have a mouthful of hookup cum and have to use sign language for where is the bathroom so I can spit it out. Knowing where the bathroom is beforehand is easier and more polite I guess.

    Now that I like cum and would desire to swallow it I don’t want to unless I really know the guy. I suppose even then it can be somewhat risky or taboo. Am I odd? Do others feel the same way?

  72. Tom

    fuck yeah i always eat and swallow all my cum
    tastes good too, kinda sweet, buess cause of whatever i eat
    when suckin a dudes cock i get all his cum shot right into my mouth n almost always swallo
    the exception being two guys i have sucked, and their cum is just to nasty to swallow, did it once and wound up throwing up cause it tasted so bad
    if it tasts bad i keep a box of tic tacs near me all the time lol

  73. cocklover

    When i come Im done , so unless I shoot it in my mouth while i cum ,im not into it past that .
    I will suck a cock until it cums and swallow if its shoved down my throat

  74. rjtopher

    Love to swallow the cum of my sex partner – especially hot and enjoyable for both of us. I like my own cum but find if i blow my wad in my hand the urge to taste dissipates as soon as I’m spent. to desire to taste my own it has to be slow and steady process with lots of pre

  75. Howardangel

    Some guys will let me suck their cocks until they cum in my mouth but won’t kiss me afterward. WTF! I think swapping cums is hot especially licking the dripping cums from each others skin and cum kiss again. If I’m by myself mastebating then I don’t eatmy own cum due to its strong smell. However, if I’m with some guy and doing 69 then we would suck each others cock until cum squirting in both throats without any problem in the heat of the sex act. It would be hot to cum on the guys chest and lick the juice off his body with final kissing to complete the experience. Felching is next thing to do on the list.

  76. Raul

    I love the taste of cum, my partner enjoys seeing his load while he shoots it in my mouth, and i love the taste of his load or my own jizz

  77. penn_booboo

    I’ve always been the kinda bttm that if I’m going to suck some dick u better be dumping a load down my throat. If I’m going to go through all that work and show u my talents in cock sucking I should get something in return.

  78. dicknmouth

    I find it much more exciting when I eat someone’s cum but I will eat my own from time to time. I love cum.

  79. Randy

    I do enjoy swallowing other guys loads.Is cum the best taste on earth? No, but for me it is feeling the excitement when my lover is about to explode his load into my wanting mouth. I have tasted my own cum on occasions. Prefer my lovers load.I have snowballed before and find it pretty HOT with someone special.

  80. pet969

    Like a lot seems not big on the taste of my own but do like the taste of others. Especially love getting fucked till he is just about to cum ans puts it in my mouth just in time to cum or cum in my ass and let me lick it off his cock. Also dont mind eating a fresh load out of a hot ass.

  81. mike

    i see no reason to suck cock unless you eat the cum.seems to always taste good to me.i usually eat my own cum too.everyone tells me it tastes good and I tell them I know because I eat it all the time..would love a bukake cumfest one day

  82. nsafunbx

    My cum was the first i ever tasted when i jerked off for the first time at 17. i was actually sucking myself in my room and continued that for a few months. 10 years ago. i did enjoy it. at least i know what mine tastes like. i enjoy cum in my mouth more than everywhere else.

  83. Drivetrain

    I love sucking dick and feeling that hot cum shooting in the back of my throat, while I’m sucking a guys dick I love a guy to play with my nipples it sends chills over my body and turns me the hell on. I love to stroke my dick and shoot on a guys dick then suck my cum off of his dick waiting for his to blast the back of my throat.

  84. DC

    I have never had my own, but I have accidentally swallowed another. I was giving a guy head and he came in my mouth, but I didn’t know lol. I swallowed and had no idea until he told me.

  85. Jayson

    I love cum!!! I swallow all I can get and even my own. Also love it when a top cums in my ass then makes me clean his cock and the last drop of cum off his cock

  86. luvsdick

    Another man’s cum is more satisfying to me just as my cum would be more appealing to anther man. Nothing is more sexy than swapping our cum through kissing.

  87. ted

    I have (and at times still do) eat my own, but it doesn’t seem to have any taste to me – others tell me it is sweet and i love the taste of others cum – can’t get enough – keep looking for fresh supplies ,) .

  88. Skeeter

    When I was even younger I tasted my cum but was not feeling the thought of indulging it. On the other hand, when I got older, I got head from guys who would swallow after I bust; it was thrilling! Still is today. So I prefer other guys to eat my cum it’s more of a turn on!

  89. redneckbear4u

    always eat my cum after i jack off and even from my bf ass if i fuck him! just really old fashion there!! Lets Eat!

  90. BTJ

    Getting wet from all the comments! Which means more of my own precum to enjoy. So yummy.
    I ofter eat my own cum and it too is tasty: others seem to think so too. Like others I sometimes lose interest in eating mine after I came.
    I have swallowed some guys’ cum; some are not too bad and some are too “bleachy”. I never spit.
    None – so far – as tasty as my own.

  91. Paul

    Depends on the guy If its a real hot guy that I am really exited to be with then yes I will swallow his cum load. Sometimes I’m not so much attracted to the guy as I am to his gorgeous cock and as much as I love sucking him I usually won’t swallow. I will always let them blow there load in my mouth but I will then spit it out. As far as my own I like to taste pre cum as I’m beating off but once I orgasm I’m not in the mood to taste my own.

  92. anonphx6519

    I’m a bi guy and will often edge for an hour or so, then shoot my load into a cup and save it while I keep jacking. After orgasm I lose the desire to swallow it but then it comes back after only 5 or 10 minutes. When I’m close to another orgasm I’ll pour it in my mouth and swallow as I cum again; it’s fucking hot.

    I have a couple guys that I meet up with and occasionally swallow their loads but do gag a little bit after I’ve cum. One of my regular studs jacked a big load into my mouth and I absolutely loved it, despite that slight gag reflex. when I got home I was so horny thinking about it that I jacked off again.

    I’d like to be the center of a blowbang and try swallowing several guys, one after another. Not sure if this fantasy will actually come true but it’s great jacking material!

  93. Marco

    I love to eat a hot guy’s cum. But I only eat mine when I cum in my hand… If I’m lying down and cum on my chest and stomach, I either rub it in (it dries pretty fast) or wipe off (usually with a sock) but if I’m jacking off standing up, I always cum in my hand and eat it after.

    My fuck buddies know I love to swallow, but I hate having them shove my head further down as they cum. It causes my gag reflex to kick in and I end up spewing most of the load out… Totally love a guy to just jack off into my open mouth though… I’m salivating like crazy as he gets close. Especially my vegetarian fuck buddy, his cum is especially delicious.

  94. BTJ

    Snowballing: one person takes someone else’s cum into his mouth and then passes it to the mouth of the other, usually through kissing.

  95. Ryan

    I almost always swallow if I know the bud is neg.I always swallowed my bf load.I loved his cum deep in my ass but the only part is after sex i always felt like I had to know lol.I also love breeding a hot ass.It is so masculine to exchange our seed.I ate my own load a couple times but not in years.

  96. Sean

    I love to swallow cum. Turns me on. Gets at my submissive side. My two top fb’s love to feed me. They do it all the time. Not a fan of cum in my ass, just my mouth.

  97. Jake

    Love cum! Not my own so much but eating other guys cum. Love the smell of it, the taste of it the feel of it in my mouth in my ass all over my body. Love sucking off a group of dudes and getting bathed with it, drenched, almost drowned with hot delicious cum from thick hairy cocks

  98. hunting4yngr

    yes I lick licking up my precum and cum when I jack off. luv to swallowing others guys cum as well. Luv it from an uncut cock

  99. Ethan

    I still lick my precun off my hands. Since I was 13 I always thought it was hot to jack off laying down and cumming over my abs and pecs. Sometimes it would get on my face and I would lick it off my lips. I am a junior in college and I love pulling out and cumming on a guys body, licking it up, and swapping it into his mouth.

  100. Kayne

    Once I hated the taste of cum. I was Daddy little cum dump – but a boyfriend i had on line convinced me it was a way we could connect when he was miles away and we only hack our web cams… then some dude i was blowing randomly wouldn’t let me up once he started to blast his load…

    I been an addict ever since

    About 15 years and counting

  101. Sean

    I love to swallow other guys cum and I always want to eat mine after a solo session but after I shoot my load I have this weird guilt feeling that doesn’t let myself eat it. Why is this? Please someone let me know if this is normal or just me.

  102. guigbfeyj

    I’m a real cum lover. I love sperm. My biggest fantasy is to do a bukkake, with 20 guys ejaculating in my mouth. I don’t drink my own cum, it’s disgusting and just can’t do it.

  103. khill3275

    I have tasted my own cum alot. I do prefer to swallow my partners load while deepthroating him. I have been blessed with no gag reflex and excellent breathing control. Like a lot of the other guys I prefer to be rewarded with a load shot down may throat…. Mmm!!

  104. River

    I love the sweet taste of precum but only occasionally will swallow my partners cum load. I have to be really turned on to swallow it. I like my cum and will often taste it after I’ve jerked but I usually don’t eat much of it.

  105. Adrian

    I have read online alot and this youtube video of cumbeing nutricious. And I Wouldn’t swallow someones cumunless they are a virgin or i went to get tested with them or something)

  106. Suck-It27870

    It’s very very rare that I eat my own cum after I nut, but swallowing another guy’s load is the essence of why I love sucking cocks to begin with … I can’t get enough of it and love to suck them completely dry of any remaining cum!

  107. Duke

    I remember tasting my own cum once after masterbating and did not like the taste of it. But this, of course, was after my orgasm. But I did find the taste of another guy’s cum sweet and satisfying, usually.

    But I have also noticed over the years that many guys loose their taste for sucking my dick after they cum themselves and, thinking back on it, I was really the same way when I was with another guy.

    But now, though, after prostrate surgery and losing the ability to ejaculate, myself, I find that the cum of another guy is usually fine and sometimes quite delicious.

  108. Barry

    I love eating another guy’s cum, but I do have an aversion to eating my own. The only exception is if we are cum swapping. For some reason I am able to eat my cum if the guy spits it back into my mouth. However if I am jacking off, I am rarely able to eat my own cum. I often intend to do it, but once it’s released, I just have the urge to clean it off. Too bad, because I am a heavy cummer.

  109. Jag

    When I first started jerking off I would shoot the biggest loads. The first time It hit my mouth I decided to lick it off. It wasn’t bad. A few days later I decided to bend as far down as possible to lick my cock. I could get the tip and figured since I was there I would see how much would shoot in my mouth. I got every last drop. I still flip my legs over my head from time to time to take in that white gold. I love to share it with my partners who love it as well. But nothing competes with having my cum mixed with another mans and having a tasty treat!

  110. Philashio

    Started eating my own cum when I started jacking off as a young teenager! Legs up on the wall, cock aimed at my mouth. I still do it in front of guys sometimes to turn them on. I have shot into a beer and then drank it, saved several days worth in the freezer and after thawing it slurped it down. When I gave my first blow job the guy came in my mouth and I almost came myself!!! Swallowed then and still do. I have licked other guys cum off their faces, chests, stomach, someone’s ass wherever! Still prefer it straight from the cock into my mouth!!! I love the taste, texture and smell of cum and can’t get enough!!!

  111. marriedBi63

    Enjoy my own now and then. I swallow cum but can only do so if I haven’t cummed yet. Seems if I cum first I gag and the smell seems horrible but I do like a load

  112. brandonman39

    I used to eat my own cum when i was younger because i could suck my own dick.i do occasionally eat it i prefer if someone sucks me off then shares my load right out of their mouth.Or i jack off on a guys dick then suck him off and eating my own load too.

  113. Cuddlebear4u62

    Yes I eat cum. My own and whomever I am sucking off. Have since I was a teenager and do not see aneeed to stop until soon.

  114. bob

    When i watch Mr MAURICE DUBOIS or LESTER HOLT do their shows back 2 back its jerk off heaven & licking my cum off my hand 🙂 KORI CHAMBERS & JAY DOW same thing & sum SERIOUS beating off SHELDON DUTES is on

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