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A bottom is a male who receives penile penetration in the anus right? So, what is the difference between a regular bottom and a power bottom – or is there even a difference at all?

The meaning of power bottom varies on an individual-by-individual basis; some would consider a “power bottom” a person who has a long, strong sexual drive who can endure being penetrated for extended lengths of time, while others view them as “size queens” – a person who generally enjoys being penetrated by a very well-endowed top. However, in my experience, it’s just plain and simple: tops enjoy guys who can deliver great bottom experiences because it is their ultimate sexual fantasy. A person who can fulfill the fantasy of a top’s sexual desires, needs and wants without being asked or instructed is truly a top’s dream.

Tops enjoy a bottom that can enjoy his experience without complaining about pain or exhaustion. Unfortunately, though, the term “power bottom” has essentially been dragged through the mud and viewed negatively by a number of tops and bottoms, but do not fall for the gibberish. Even though the sexual experience may be very enjoyable with the power bottom, there is much more to this equation. A power bottom, in my opinion, is not a size queen or a person with excessive sexual stamina, but is one who has experience as a bottom, is very confident and knows his self-worth.

As confident as the power bottom is in his walk, he is equally confident in the bedroom. The erotic sexual moment about to ensue is appealing to the top, because he can’t believe what he is feeling now that he is alone with him. As they engage, the moment of climax approaches and totally blows his…mind, and makes him feel like he has fallen in love. The power bottom is smiling because he knows his sex, body, mind and spirit all ooze – of confidence.

Self-worth is the undisputed trait of a power bottom. Being confident in who you are as an intellectual, sexual individual is also intellectually and sexually intriguing to tops – hence the adjective, power.

Are you a power bottom? What’s your definition of it?


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  1. darryl

    I agree with everything you’ve said, and would like to add that a Power Bottom is a Man that knows what pleases himself, and his partner. Knowing how to receive anal penetration with the skill to know what his Top is doing. It’s not about just laying there bored, but participating in all aspects of the fuck session. Taking the Top on a journey that truly says whom is fucking who 🙂

  2. Etalith

    For me a power bottom is a bottom who is aggressive, assertive, powerful and enjoys being fucked so much, they are willing to through a top around to get what he wants.

    I love power bottoms. For some bottoms its like, they lay there, and want me to do all the work while they get to enjoy the ride.

    I’m a top who enjoys it when a bottom is willing to through me on my back mount on top to fuck himself silly or someone who meets my thrusts with equal fervor.

  3. seth

    What you describing is just a regular bottom, not a power bottom. Power bottom is not submissive. He’s domianet, aggessive when it comes to sex. He’s in control, not the top. A power bottom likes rough sex (notice i said rough, not dominating or master/slave thing). The rougher the sex the more the power bottom gets off on it. Being a power bottom has nothing to do with high sex drives or high endurance during sex. Its all about rough sex.. The rougher, the better.. Thats a power bottom.. No, i’m not one, i just know alot if my friends are one and explain to me what it is and the difference between the different types of bottoms.

  4. monsternuts

    I’m a power bottom. I relax, and let it happen as he goes in, and clamp down hard on the out stroke so he cannot avoid being rock hard. I love taking it until my man is exhausted. Then I like to put him on his back and ride him hard if he is not too big. I do NOT do dildos or fists because I like to stay as tight as possible.

  5. J.D.

    I had heard a power bottom is one that will take every last drop…of his mind (yeah, we’ll stick with that term) and doesn’t allow it to ooze out and can take it from several others (or that same guy) again and again. It’s only when he (the power bottom) wants it out, that it comes out.

    Unfortunately, when someone has “blown their mind” inside of me, it usually comes out when I don’t want it to…like the other day, I was going home afterwards and there was a big wet spot on my warm-up bottoms and on the car seat…LOL It all cleans up well! 😉

  6. outoftowner999

    everytime i fuck my guy, he makes me fall in love.. bi here, no girl has ever taken or given what he does.. !! ummm!

  7. sly evans

    I guess u learn smething new everyday…I’m versatile,so I guess when I bottom,I’m a power bottom….very nice!!

  8. Alfonz

    I’m with you Smoothass. I’m a power bottom too and enjoy and love to take my top to a place he will enjoy coming back to time and time again and then end up getting the best sleep he’s had since the last time we got together. F..k me hard, long and deep.

  9. Nikita

    I never thought myself as a “power bottom”, but I fit the desciption. I get pleasure out of giving my top the best experience. I love satifying my top! That makes me a “power bottom”!

  10. Gman

    I consider myself a power bottom because once it is in me and I get going then I get a bit aggressive. I will very actively participate and move a lot to get it deeper and harder. I also get verbal asking for it harder. I will back my ass up on that and squeeze together arol.und that shaft .

  11. Kayne

    Power Bottom? a Power Bottom is a man that Tops from the Bottom He is the one in control of what’s going on. He is taking the pleasure he wants, and giving the experience that blows the mind.

  12. ManLuvMan PB

    I am a power bottom. I absolutely will engage during a session. All sex should be reciprocal to really be good. I can accommodate most any position and read well and quickly what position my top likes best. I will get my pleasure – even cum – mostly early in the session – but never leave my top without draining him. Pre bottom cum is hot and intense. Post bottom cum is hot but different. Both are just as pleasurable. I enjoy post cum and the different sensation – plus it allows me to really concentrate on showing my top a good fuck.

  13. Dlsbttm

    I’m totally with Etalith…just realized I myself am a power bottom. I’m going to enjoy my TOP as he will equally enjoy my bottom.

  14. Malachai

    I have been told by a few tops that I am a power bottom, but I never had a clue what that meant. I just know I love a great top and the better it is for him, the more I’m going to enjoy it as well.

  15. MrGreg

    I think a power bottom is a guy who has been fucked a lot. Someone who’s butt can receive a big cock easy, even fisting. Someone who is stretched out is what I am trying to say. Someone who can take DP easy. A power bottom is more physical than anything else in my mind.

  16. Bimwmlooking

    There is no doubt I am a power bottom. I truly enjoy the feeling of being fucked. It just comes natural when a dick goes in my ass my ass muscles start milking my mans dick as hard as I can. My ass is moving to not only give my partner more pleasure but me as well. I will not lie I do like a big thick cock. However and average cock is very pleasurable. More than length I like thickness. But want at least 6″ in length to make sure all spots are rubbed.
    Nothing makes me cum harder that milking a hard cock with my as he fucks me into oblivian. The hard he gives the more I want it and the more I will throw it back to him.
    Power bottoms love being fucked plain and simple.

  17. Snowball

    I hadn’t heard the term power bottom before but I like that term better then cock whore. I love being exclusively bottom. My first threesome went on for almost four hours. during that time the tissue just in side my anus would engorge and swell making for a tighter fit for there cock. A good quality lube and plenty of it is a absolute must. I love to push back against their thrusts and reach between their legs and hold their balls. If he gets tired I’ll top fuck him slow and steady, rocking against his pelvis with his cock fully penetrating. This last 2 months I’ve taken a new lover, his cock is thick and long (the only cock bigger that I’ve had was a former Mr. Drummer) He loves that I can deep throat him all the way and that I’ll spend time licking, sucking, and worshiping his cock until all he can think about is riding me long and hard. But I think what makes me a power bottom is the joy I feel when he finally cums, splashing my face or chest or back side. The last time he came on my face I could stop myself, I took him pulsating cock into my mouth and sucked the last haft of his load out of him. When he rolled off me I rolled with him keeping his cock in my mouth. He couldn’t stand the pleasure and begged me to stop. I didn’t.

  18. Tim

    I’m a very well hung guy who’s really turned on by the idea of bottoming. The act itself? Not so much. I have great appreciation for guys who can take a pounding…

  19. Butchbuttnot

    A “POWER BOTTOM” in my neck of Michigan is a bottom that can and will take on more than 1 top in a day/hookup. I think a lot of people reading this blog and responding to it are hopeless romantics and would like to paint a pretty picture for themselves. Before I posted here I checked a number of Gay Porn sites… We’ll use one for a cite.. MACHMOE, I was very hard pressed to find a loving and wholesome video where a “POWER BOTTOM” was at all interested in what the tops thought/felt. 🙂

  20. 1versfucker

    hmm…interesting term. ‘power bottom’.
    I think a guy describing himself as one is one of, or a combination, of a few things:
    he is proud of his ability to endure a good fucking, letting the top do whatever he wants and follows the top’s ‘prompts’ and agression; or it’s a guy who is a physically active bottom, he even likes to ‘fuck’ the top’s cock; or he just lays there and can take cock no matter how it’s delivered. It is a pretty interpretive term. The ones that I personally don’t care for are the guys who try to ‘out boss’ the top and attempt to ‘direct’ the action, more of a ‘controlling’ bottom.

  21. JC

    The term “power bottom” has several meanings. Most have been covered here. I’d like to explore one that has not been covered adequately yet.

    A difference between a “regular” bottom and a “power” bottom, IMHO, is the degree to which a PB controls a sexual experience. We often think that the top is supposed to be in “control,” and he often is. Until a bossy, aggressive bottom comes along and demands that the top do this, or do that, in a very specific way. The PB can issue his desires and demands in a whiny way, or in an imposing way.

    This type of PB is, except for the penetration which he receives instead of gives, basically topping from the bottom.

  22. Eric

    I’m pretty sure you meant to use “penile” in the first sentence. “Penal” refers to a prison or punishment.

  23. ed

    Being what I consider to be a power bottom let me tell you how I see it. A power bottom is someone who is an active participant in every way and is aggressive about their own satisfaction while knowing what makes a top happy. Many tops are lazy and think a large cock makes up for an indifferent sexual performance or indifference towards the satisfaction of their partner. A power bottom directs the sex act towards the satisfaction of all the participants. Pain of penetration, endurance, and what not are periphials. A power bottom is in control of the pleasure of both men versus a lazy top who is only interested in his own satisfaction.

  24. minesnine

    For me a power bottom fucks you back just as hard as you are fucking him and you both are enjoying the hell out of it!!!Everybody WINS!!!!!

  25. Eric

    Agree with Etalith ! A power bottom is an “active” aggressive bottom who fucks with their ass as opposed to the image of the bottom who just lets the top take all control. Power bottoms can be a turn off when they are too aggressive n hungry

  26. jmowriter

    I really enjoy reading your blog posts! They are informative and funny and very ‘matter of fact’. I enjoy power bottoms as well! I agree with the person that said there’s nothing lil a power bottom that will throw his top around, climb on top and fu k himself silly! Uh HELL TO THE YEAH!!!

  27. Will

    By most of your definitions, then, I’m a power bottom! I have 3 guys who won’t fuck any other guy but me (so they say). I guess I meet their needs well, but I have never thought of myself that way. Maybe I should get a t-shirt then 😛

    Seriously, I thought a power bottom was one with lots and lots of stamina who basically takes control of the top’s cock and goes at it until he (or they) cums. Even though I’m a bottom I’d love a young bottom like that to ride me 😛

  28. austinbilly

    The only way you can be a power bottom is to really get into what your top is doing and wants to do. That is the best experience. If you just get together to fuck it rarely happens.

  29. Felix

    I always thought that power bottoms are guys who like it up the ass, but want to be in charge – or at least take an active role during sex.

    A power bottom doesn’t want to just lay there, he knows what he likes and he knows how to get it. He’ll bark orders while you’ve got him on all fours, dictating the speed, direction, and ferocity of the thrusts. “Oh yeah, right there, baby.” “Yeah man, fuck me harder.”

    The power bottom enjoys positions where he can match his own thrusts with his top’s to give them both maximum pleasure and positions that put him in outright control of the sex act. He’ll sit down on your dick and rock back and forth, arching his back so the curve of your dick rubs his prostate just right – all for his own pleasure. He’ll sit back, close his eyes, roll his hips around in circles, make the most out of whatever cock you’ve got, just because it feels good to him.

    Power bottoms, of course, know that they’re stroking more than just their tops’ penises, they’re also stroking EGOS. The feedback they give tells the top that they’re interested in having sex with them, that what they’re doing feels good, and that they’re a good lay. Nothing makes you feel like a man more than hearing an ecstatic “FUCK YESSSSSS!”

  30. unlawfulreason

    A powerbottom is a complement to an ambitious top. If i want you, ive fucked your head long before our clothes hit the floor. We dont top from the bottom but we may bottom from the top. Most bttms think about their own pleasure. Their reward is the corps position, great for a while but soon that exeptional male seeks out a dynamic and fluid bottom. A power bottom is concerned with the individual science of how to please you. It is why they fuck us soo good! We let them express their desires willingly participating. In return they work overtime to make us horny. Thats the secret to taking big ones forever! Lol. They arent allways that big though. And lovemaking is artfull with two participants.

  31. goldenloverinmym

    I consider myself a power bottom and with my ltr but being versatile he also is a power bottom when we get going we never know who is gonna top or bottom.when we r done we r both spent.and it is all of the above we r both above average size so its all good for both of us….Dean

  32. Tony L.

    To me a power bottom is someone who can get fucked over and over again with as many cocks in one night like at a sex party. I myself have been there. anyone agree?

  33. Keith

    As a top, I love a bottom that can really take a good pounding and keep wanting more. A power bottom loves getting fucked in numerous positions and who’s main objective is satisfying his partner. Nothing is more satisfying than cumming at the same time as my partner. Power bottoms have this talent.

  34. biiguuy

    Hey Dave been reading your blog for a few years now and have to say you hit the nail on the head. Now I know I’m a power bottom thank you

  35. Max Head

    Tops consider me a power bottom because I can get fucked for hours, take double penetration easily, and beg them not to pull out before shooting deep inside of me.

    I think that this is also the real definition.

  36. Elton (cnwasup a4a)

    Ive always taken great offense to being called a power bottom. I guess i always associated it with fisting or a T.I.M. orgy? Im feel like having sex with me is an experience that im going to make sure you love as much as i love giving it to you. In my opinion if im not giving it to you like the bottom you have always fantasized about or better than the one in your favorite porn u get off to then i wasnt good enough and if YOU are the problem or no one has ever shown you how good it can be then im going to teach you how its done. That being said I like your description but am still not comfortable being called a “power bottom” so for now I’ll have to stick with calling myself “a professiinal” or more accuratly “A sex God” but you certainly have opened me up and broke me in to working with being called “power bottom” and for that….i thank you 😉

  37. Jay

    It depends on the perspective. Sometimes I feel like a power bottom. Nothing like the mounting pleasure sensations then the surge and collapse of a guy in the moment of passion. The heat of passion running down a mans nose and dripping onto my body is very erotic. I have tried young, old and multi flavors but the sex is pretty much too damn quick. They get it in and it’s over in a few minutes. I want to try more moves but need someone that can last and let me explore more. I’m almost mid 30s, out of relationship drama, and my desires are hotter and I know a lot more of what’s going on. For me you should never have to ask a top to do anything. It’s called instincts.

  38. Chris

    My main issue is the bias in not only the blog’s description of a ‘power bottom’ but even the comments preceding. Even Dave has made it clear he is a -bottom- but to say a power bottom “is very confident and knows his self worth” comes off as excessive and can almost arguably be suggesting that if you’re just a regular bottom, you’re lacking the confidence of a true power bottom.

    I understand if you identify as a power bottom then you’ll defend it as a good thing. But sociolinguistics doesn’t create words like power bottom to only discern the confident bottoms from the not confident. There is a connotation with the term, and I’d say it’s in reference to one’s abundance of bottoming.

    For example, a regular bottom would have trouble getting it in due to tightness, tense, and nerves from lack of experience or practice while a power bottom would have no issue due to a less constricting hole and less nerves from more practice. In my opinion this doesn’t make a power bottom a slut and I can’t control the negative light both tops and bottoms reflect on it – I just think it has more to do with one’s ability to bottom… Good OR bad.

  39. Toker

    I’m a bottom guy who mainly gets into oral. The term “power bottom” has always grossed me out. To me, it invokes the thought of a hole that simply sees too much use, to the point where being able to take a dick for long periods of time is of no issue. Thanks, but I’d rather keep my hole nice and tight for the few tops I choose inside me.

  40. Tim

    Bottoms,bottom vers or power bottoms are all sad.poor in bed.They all have trouble getting it up,keeping it up and its next to inpossible for them to even bust a nut.Just watch porn and the guy that can not get it up while getting his dick sucked always turns out to be the bottom.99% of all bottoms end up losing their ability to get it up.I work in health card and have seen more bottoms end up in surgery from being fucked all the time.Being a bottom is a HEALTH RISK.Wake up I know what I,m talking about after working 40 years in surgery.I like a good fuck,either top or bottom but that is not and never will be the number one type of sex for me because I care about my body and health and even more because I care about the health of the guy I,m with.

  41. nike1974

    My boy is a power bottom, and he enjoys me fucking him nice and slow, then hard and deep. He laughs when I fuck him deep for long periods of times, and he is very involved as we fuck. He is a pure power bottom, and a great fuck !! I’m gonna marry his ass one day”” lol








  43. lil_daddy_cakes

    I love feeling a dick deep in my guts. I love the feeling of my hole being stretched by a dick. Yea it hurt like hell but thats what feel so good about it. My “dick giver” always tell me I’m a power bottom because I can cum and cream out my asshole. He always say if I was a female I would be a squirter because when I cum cream out my hole he said it reminds him of a female squirting esp the way I have to rub my hole to make sure all the cum is out my hole. I aint goung to lie I use to be scared of the dick, now I challenge it. It hurts so good.

    A4A s/n lil_daddy_cakes

  44. lifegboi

    I always thought a power bottom was one who took the reigns in sex. Usually the top is the one who thrusts and maneuvers the bottom into different positions. A power bottom will let a top lay back and do all the work. Ride him, thrust his hips back onto his dick, twist his hips, tells the top how he wants him, makes the top cum because he knows how to work his ass without the top doing anything at all… That to me is a “power bottom”. I’ve meant a few that didn’t have self-worth at all.

  45. srehturts

    I’ve always considered someone that advertised themselves as a power bottom as a slut. Someone who can take whatever you throw at them, size, multiples, etc. But then again I am completely disgusted with the gay mainstream hookup mentality. No one wants a traditional monogamous relationship, heck, even those lucky enough to be in relationships have to screw around and call it “open”.

  46. Del46

    When I’m a bottom, fuck me like I want to be fucked and also fuck me like you want to. When I’m a top, I’ll fuck like you want and balance the experience by fucking you the way I want for my own pleasure.

  47. Lebanesedici

    I agree on what u say ,I’m total top I enjoy fucking ass ,
    I have a fuck buddy I fuck him hard n he cum ,after he cum he let me keep fucking him until I cum ,which I been with to many bottoms no one can do that ,this is I call him a power bottom ,

  48. Latinobottom

    To me a guy taking a big dick doesnt male him a power bottom, but by how hard they can take a dick. If a bottom tells a top to fuck him harder that makes him a power bottom..

  49. Del

    In my view power bottom is a confident bottom who has a feel of self-worth and I would actually disagre about the length of intercourse
    Power bottom knows how to get his top high and controls the whole experience
    Also know how to end his top
    I’d say a guy who’s making tops cum faster is a power bottom first of all – because of the power of his booty and knowledge of how to use it

  50. latinlust69

    I used to be a power bottom. I loved to suck and be fucked by good looking guys who were into fucking ass because they loved to fuck a good ass and wanted a guy into getting fucked. My ex turned me off in that he wanted a guy to fuck just to get himself off and control.
    now I consider myself a vers top and am looking for someone to remind me of the joys of power bottoming! Don’t get me wrong, a hot flip fuck is great too.

  51. Ron

    I love to Recieve in any position, ( top,bttm., sideways, upsid down, indoors and Out. I really enjoy Grinding on it, with alot of hip movement for all those groans & moans of pure pleasure. My Beef (pardon the pun lol) is, I’ve only explored M2M Sex a couple Years now & discovered I like it & want it all night till daylight. My only dissapointment for Me in this 2yr. span is I’ve only been with one top that went the distance stamina wise, and even so,I have Yet to be fucked to My Orgasm, yet never failed to have them shot on Me. Still love My ass played with & in awaiting what I’m sure will be xplosive.

  52. bbooty4

    I’m power bottom and I really enjoy in sex, for me most important is to please myself but my partner too, and yes I have orgasm almost every time 😀

  53. Sensitivity

    Totally agree with the comments above…..I would like to add the I have been with some power bottoms …and to me rolling that ass from side to side and thrusting that sweet hole makes him a real power bottom !!!!!

  54. Angel

    I like the idea of being a power bottom. Love a good assertive top that knows what he wants and takes it. But ultimately, when it comes to the definition of power bottom, it all depends on the cock size of the top for me. Because truth be told, if the guy is much bigger than 8 inches he’s gotta be more gentle if he expects to fuck me like I got some kind of vagina. Boys, our “man-pussy” is NOT a vagina! LOL The rectum and colon can only handle so much abuse. I know there’s all kinds of bottom sluts that are into fisting and what have you, but I personally believe that it’s not safe or healthy to engage in those kinds of activities. I’d rather not have to wear Depends for the rest of my life, and certainly when I get older. But the average sized tops can pound away in my book. An ideal top’s size is between 7 and 7.5 in, big enough to stuff me good but not so big that it hurts the entire time.

  55. worshipspwerbttms

    The term power bottom can also be applied to larger guys who bttm for smaller males. Being a top and having no control of the situation is what coins the term “power bottom.” Getting pinned by the neck and used by your bottom to fufill their urges is just as hot as. In this usage of the word it splits away from “size queen” bottoms or “duration” bottoms. That being said, all bottoms have the ability dominate their tops and sieze the “power”.

  56. Randy

    I am not into labels. I am into hot fucking. I am a total bottom and I love to please my top in every way I can. I love it from mild to wild. I am a size queen and make no apologies.A larger cock that can go deep inside me is a huge plus. It turns me on and gets my ass and hips into some serious fucking. So power or regular is alright with me:)

  57. ninjam6977

    Some people know what a power bottom is. Etalith an Seth have said it best. A power bottom is not a size queen or has a high sex endurance. A power bottom is someone who takes control of a top an will not quit till they are satisfied even if the top is covered in sweat. I have only been with one power bottom an I had to have a few bottles of water I was sweating so much. Plus I couldn’t do anything but lay their for a hour or two I mite have even fell asleep afterwards. Now that was a wild night lol.

  58. Ro (toyboi21)

    I’ve always been called a power bottom, but never really read into it. Stamina wise I love it when a guy can last for hours like I do, but only a few of my FB over the years have lasted as long as I can. Personally I just think it’s fun to take control while being passionate at the same time. Nothing turns me off more than a btm who just sits there.

  59. Michael

    Yes, I am a power bottom. I love cock! I love sucking cock and love getting ass fucked. I just get lost in the moment when I hook up with a guy. It is WONDERFUL!

  60. Rob

    Well hell ! I thought a power bottom was someone like Dawson from Treasure Island Media. You know gangbang’d by 24 dudes in one day, and still able to do the electric slide without an ice pack or Motrin!

  61. Hunter0500

    In the name of gender equality … if a woman takes control of a man and will not quit until she is satisfied, is there a label for her?

  62. loveithard

    Is there really a difference? In my case, as a bottom, I just like to be fucked. But I’m picky. I love big dicks. I’ll let anyone fuck me if they pack a big, thick one. And I can take it for hours. Does that make me a power bottom? I really never gave it any thought. I especially love big, thick pretty dicks. On two occasions, I was at my fb’s place and he had a guy over he just met. He was a little homely, didn’t work out, kinda pudgy, older, with a slight hunchback. But as he got naked, I couldn’t believe it. He had a beautiful, long, thick, perfectly straight cock that would shame a ruler. It seemed incredible that such a perfect cock would be attached to such a man. I wanted him inside of me at once. I gave myself up to him immediately. I laid over my fb’s bed with my feet on the floor and arched my back as high as possible. I have long legs so I am able to throw my ass up pretty high. He had great stamina. He could fuck for several hours without cumming. It was a great fit, and I loved it. I eventually wore him out. And I still wanted more. Does that make me a power bottom? I never gave it any thought.

  63. Old Guy With Great Hands

    When I was in my early 20’s ( a hundred years ago) I was a truck hawk. I experienced my first power bottom. He must have been in his 50’s and, when we got into his sleeper, he knew just what he wanted and almost had a stop watch with what he wanted. I came four times that night and might have lost 10 pounds of water with the sweat. I love a man that knows what he wants from his top.

  64. daohua

    I always thought a power bottom was a dominate bottom that took charge in the bed. As a top I love a bottom who “wears the pants” and slaps me around and tells me how he wants it and could give a fuck less about how I want it….hot

  65. Greg

    I like being in control in bed, and I usually like to bottom. Would I call myself a “power bottom”? No. The term to me has slutty connotations and reminds me of bad porno clips where the bottom keeps ordering the top to “hit that shit” or “give me that load.” The term belongs in the same negative category as “pushy bottom” and “size queen.”

  66. NJ

    I`ve been a power bottom sense my 20`s but didn’t realize it at the time.Tops from average to XXX-hung always enjoyed the enthusiasm and lust That poured out of me when we were both in sync.I could, and still can cum several times if the top is really experienced at his taking this hole for a ride

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