Stories : A4A Summer Fling – Part 1


(photo credit : Baskit)

It was the summer of my third year in college and I had recently come out to my friends. I was eager to explore the possibilities with other men, more importantly I was eager to feel what people felt when they were involved with someone. Through high school and my first years of college I had only known to discretely hook up through adam for adam. The usual casual encounter left for more to desire.

My University is located in a very small city where the usual count on adam for adam never reaches 100 gay men in a radius of 50 miles. Sexually frustrated and egger for a summer fling I decided to return home for the summer. A couple months before moving home I began browsing my hometown’s a4a page. In my search I found plenty of good looking men in the many pages, but one caught my eye. He was a white boy, with a hairy body and facial hair, beautiful brown eyes, a smile to die for. I immediately sent him a message, with the usual “Hey, how is it going?” I waited for a response and kept browsing, but somehow all I wanted was for that guy to message me. There was no response.

Summer finally arrived and I moved to the Hot dessert area of southern California with my parents. Hot summer nights only meant id be in my room masturbating. The summer heat always induced me to pleasure myself. The white sheets of my bed where the only touching my body as I stroked my uncut cock inside my pants. I could only imagine of a guy to come into my room and lay on top of me. I could imagine two sweaty bodies kissing, touching, and becoming one. I could not help but to ejaculate thinking of how hot a summer fling could be. The idea that I could sweat off the heat with sex turned me on.

On a particularly hot night I decided to log on to a4a to see if I could find a hot fuck. In my search I again came across the boy who I had emailed a few months back. I could not help but to message him again. As I waited for a response I began touching my throbbing cock. Thinking of his beard against my asshole and body as he licked and kissed  me was my biggest fantasy. Thinking of our sweaty bodies made me cum a few times. I lay in my bed wet by my cum. In a glow from imaginary sex with a guy who I had only seen pictures of. As I got up from the bed to clean up, I heard the very distinguishable sound of adam for adam telling me a message was in my mail box. My heart pumped as I was nervous to see if the handsome profile had replied. As I opened my inbox, I saw that he had replied with the usual “Unlock.”

That was it. The moment of judgment. If he liked my pic perhaps I could have his body, if he didn’t then I would keep fantasizing about his picture. I was rock hard just to think that he might like what he saw.

Suddenly, the message alert came on again. It was him, and he had begun a conversation. We conversed about multiple things, movies, tv, music. I began liking this guy more and more. The more we chatted the more I got harder and harder for the guy. I could not help but to want him more and more.

I got the courage to finally ask the guy to meet up for a movie or a drink. He responded saying that he would like that but that he was able to in the near future because he was sick. I immediately began thinking that perhaps his profile was fake, that the man behind the profile picture perhaps wasn’t him. I though I was being catfished.

Few days went passed and the guy still insisted that he could not meet. I began finding myself more sexually frustrated that in my small college town. I decided that I wasn’t getting enough action at home and enrolled in summer courses. My college town is in a coastal community, many foreigner vacation there. I though that perhaps I could indulge myself in the German and French visitors.

Before moving back college I decided to send a message to the guy to inform him that I was leaving soon. I asked that we see each other again, as in the last hope that we did. To my surprise he agreed. We agreed to go to a drive in theater and to meet at a Dennys near by.     As I walked to the dennys I was afraid I was going to be stood up, or perhaps find a guy whose identity was what was on the profile.

I opened the door to restaurant and looked around. There he was! The guy had been masturbating to was there! He offered a cup of coffee and introduced himself. His name was Ky. I had a huge smile on my face, and was blushing. I can imagine my Latino face blushing while he spoke.  I don’t remember our conversation as I was infatuated by his presence. He looked and behaved exactly like the man in my dreams was. I was glowing.

We grabbed a few drinks and snacks and head over to the drive in. We parked and got in the back of his suv. There we were in a hot night, in close proximity. My heart was racing. I could not help but to be shy and nervous. He tried breaking the ice with silly games. The hangover was on the screen but I did not see a single second of I as I was fixated on Ky.  He pulled of playing cards and said “Lets play poker!” He continued by saying “We need to bet on something!” I looked at him a bit confused and agreed. He said “ ill bet first, if I win I get to kiss you.” I laughed and agreed, I could not think of any better bet than to say “well if I win, I get to kiss you.” He agreed and the cards were dealt. To my fortune he won. I leaned over and we begin to kiss very softly. My lips lightly touched his peachy lips. My soft lips trembled  as they were ecstatic. We kissed for couple minutes. My cock was extremely hard and knew what it wanted. My pants were saturated with precum.

He asked that we continue the game, and on the second round he bet an article of clothing. I laughed and said “If you want to take advantage, lets just quit the game, im all yours!” We immediately began making out and began taking out clothes off. In the middle of the drive-in theater we were steaming up his white suv. I could feel his hard cock against my body, he could feel mine. Our shirts were off and our hand inside our pants. We kissed and caressed our bodies only to take breaks to regain our breath. Our bodies were sweaty and I loved the smell of him. He leaned over for a kiss and playing coy I turned my face, he then whispered “I want you to fuck me!”

I was so turned on, but my shyness overpowered and I said I would not be able to do so in the middle of the movie theater. He understood and we drove off to a more secluded location next to a hill. He mentioned that he knew the hill very well, for it was were him and his friends ditched class in high school to get high. There, in total darkness and under the stars we began our passionate encounter. We began taking our pants off and began to explore more of each other’s bodies. He licked my nipples and slowly moved south. He got to my throbbing dick and wrapped his mouth and it. He could not get enough of my tasty precum. I was ready to shoot. I was like a virgin boy having sex for the first time. My toes curled, and my eyes rolled. His wet mouth felt so good.

He then took his clothes off and began to get on top of me. Our hard cocks were throbbing as they met on our bellies and each other. I could feel his amazing body on top of me. His slightly muscular hairy body was all I desired for. He positioned his body so that his asshole met my cock. He teased me by putting the tip in just enough to make me feel his warm whole. I wanted to go all the way! I kept thinking of how good it would feel to cum inside him, the joy to know he would go home with my cum. He again whispered in my ear telling me he wanted me inside him. I asked if he had a condom and he insisted that we bareback. I wanted to more than nothing, but with my little experience I could not do it.  I knew better. He stopped for a second, as to be disappointed, then continued to give me head. He wanted my load and wanted to swallow. He continued going up and down my shaft with his rosy lips. He licked my balls, and kept making my cock harder and harder. He teased me by edging me, stopping as I was about to cum. I could not hold it anymore, I was in such ecstasy that I began to pull his hair and grabbing on to my chair. He sucked and asked for my cum. He went down on me one more time and he deeptrhoated , it felt so good. I moaned and exploded in his mouth. The amount of cum in his mouth was so much he almost choked and had to spit some out.

Once he got some air he looked up and he had a huge smile on his face. His smile was perfect. We stared into each other’s eyes and began making out again. It was late at night and the sky was pitch dark. I was tired and needed some rest. He drove me to my car, and we kissed one more time with the promise that when I return we would meet up again. I was to come home for my cousins wedding in three weeks, and we decided there that I would return for him.


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  1. Chip

    Hot story…good visuals! 🙂

    In the “can’t win for trying” department, I thought the condom related portion actually distracted from the sex — to me, at least, it seemed pasted on, or maybe an after-thought. While I liked that they “got back to the action” after the condom mishap, it seemed kind of forced (in the writing itself, more so than in the story context).

    Hopefully the author wasn’t trying to appease the “condom police”, but even so the onus for bringing a condom should be on both parties… the 1st person story teller, AND the hookup should BOTH have brought condoms (the idea WAS to get laid, right?) [OK, if the hookup says “I like it bare”, then he likely wouldn’t bring condoms… agreed. But like the 1st person story teller, I don’t fuck without condoms… so I always have some with me! That way if we can agree to use condoms, we’ve got them!]

    Just playing devil’s advocate here… again, I loved the story and thought the visuals were awesome! (That is, the ability of the author to completely paint a scene — not too many details, not too few… nicely done!)

  2. Jakk MeOff

    Cool story. But the writer wasn’t able to maintain the facts. Note that he walked to Denny’s but said his date took him back to his car. What car?

    Correct@dcmusbear, he does need an editor.

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