Speak Out : Why Do You Want A Clean Ass?



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Hey guys, I consider myself to be a pure top and I don’t understand why so many other ‘top’ or vers dudes be insisting on fucking only “clean” asses. I’m a BEAST and I LOVE fucking ass:  clean ass, funky ass, loose ass, tight ass, dirty ass, and finally, SHITTY ass.  I recognize that I’m fuckin a poop-shut, so I don’t get all grossed out if it gets a little messy.  I’ve had plenty of pussy in my days but I have NEVER met a pussy that was tighter than some good ole boy ass.  

That being said, if you a REAL top then take the ass anyway you can get it!  Nothin turns me on more than to fuck some shitty ass and the sex be so good that neither one of us wants to stop to clean up.  Personally, I think it’s disrespectful to the receiver of anal sex to expect them to have squeky-clean asses when we all know what comes out of assholes.  Why embarass the dude but showing so much contempt because you have a little shit on your dick?  Why not just enjoy the fuck and ‘go along to get along’?

Why are so many guys turned off by a messy or undouched ass??  If the ass is good, would you be so grossed out that you pull out or would you keep on going like I do?  Fella’s, help me out here.  I would really be interested in hearing from other TOPS but I would appreciate other opinions too! Leave your comments below.


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  1. Tim

    From a bottom’s perspective, I’d be mortified to gross out a playmate by not preparing for him. I’d rather pass up a fucking than to take that chance.

  2. pucka

    I don’t mind if my dick or condom gets a little messy..bc I assume its a possibility. If my dick comes out and I can smell the poop then its a major boner killer. Im not pissed or upset at the guy..just kills my mood.

  3. shadow340

    my friend would always say to me a clean bottoms makes a happy top. i would say if he wants a clean bottom make sure that dick can fill in all the spots im taking out for it. jk he right though i make sure my ass is clean for my man.

  4. cleanbttm

    As a full bttm…i have to say i dont agree with a dirty ass i do like the natural male musk but i have to be entirely clean in order for my boo to fuck me…even tho everyone has a preference which os their own …i stand by douching everytime time before sex…to me there is no bigger turn off then smelling shit during intercourse

  5. mike

    seriously, a4a? can’t you guys post something mildly intellectual once in a while? especially considering all the gay men in creative fields

  6. Rob

    Its a turn off to me, I understand where Im sticking my cock into, but the smell can be overwhelming, not to mention the santorum. If I had just rimmed that hole out then I mentally gag when I realize it wasn’t as tidy as I thought. The cleaner the hole the longer I go.

  7. lukelover

    U are so right tops need to stop worrying about the ass being clean. Sex is still sex we all know where our shit comes from so let’s just get fucked or don’t fucked at all

  8. Don

    I agree, I’m basiclly a top and appreciate a nice clean ass, however I don’t mind a lil scat. It is like painter gettin pissd cuz he got a lil paint on him.
    Concurrently, if its good ” It all comes out, in the wash” lol

  9. john RODRIGUEZ

    A lil bit is understandable….but not a full on dump…..I can’t stand smelling it while fucking……instant limp noodle

  10. rich

    I personally don’t get grossed out by the shit, its the smell of a dirty ass that makes me go limp, I like to eat a nice clean ass fuck it then eat it some more and don’t want to get shit faced doing it. if some one is eating or fucking my ass I would sure like to be as clean as I can be down there.



  12. Stephen Johnson

    Frankly, I don’t like the smell of poop. It makes my dick go down. Also, back in the day, when no one douched, as a top, I was constantly getting infections that had nothing to do with an std. My gay doctor explained it was coming from shitty ass.
    In summary, if it ain’t douched, I ain’t fuckin’ it.

  13. yougotme007

    I loove eating a funky ass and topping a funky, hairy ass…and I’m not gonna lie…one dude shitted while I was fucking him and I busted the fattest, hottest nut ever…I thought I was weird and gross for enjoying it…but I got over it…now I let guys know before hand that I appreciate a not so clean ass…

  14. gabe

    I am a bottom. You know sometimes you can’t always be clean. Unless you douche every 15 minutes.
    Who cares what the ass is or has. It is getting fucked.
    If you have issues with dirty asses, take clean wipes so you can clean your cock. But enjoy the sex.
    I try to keep it clean as much as possible, but sometimes tops want it right away and you don’t have time to douche.

  15. thicknhusky

    4 reasons why u want the man clean.

    safety: ruptured blood vessels, tearing, infection can happen when sex occurs feces inside the body will create harm to the anal receiver.
    scent: can be a deterrent it’s also a hygiene issue. you should want the canal empty of all obstructions.
    oral tops: want to eat lick and or tongue fuck ass. the scent and presence of fecal matter are deterrents.
    respect: unless odor or lack of hygiene is a sexual desire or point of arousal. most men want a man to wash his scrotum and penis a bottom may do the same and douche his ass

  16. Hunter0500

    Having had a colonoscopy, the whole concept of going through a “preflight boarding process” (douching) to get a “clean ass” ready to be topped is a buzzkill. Anal isn’t a big deal for me. Just not wired for it top or bottom. But in the end (pun), if douching to be clean so you can be topped is a “go” for you, great. Do it. If it works for the two guys doing it “shit” or “shitless,” that’s what matters. Just a case of the two of them having set the ground rules ahead of time instead of just getting it on with “Mr. Right Now” and finding out mid-flight “Houston, we have a disconnect.”

  17. Domino

    From the bottom pov, it actually feels better (to me at least) not to have the abrasive friction of fecal matter in the equation. I don’t get all freaked out if it’s not pristine, but I prefer it. Nothing as hot as a guy who switches back and forth from eating ass and fucking. Not sure anyone I know would want to go there.

  18. robert

    i clean mine out when i bottom, dont mind a little on the tip when i fuck deep, but guys please no asses full of S_____

  19. kinky_tx956

    I’m with you there. I love all kind of asses. Hairy, shaved, clean, dirty, and my favorite shitty ass. I don’t mind licking it clean before and after I fuck and cum in it. I’m very kinky and dirty down for anything. The kinkier the better. The thought of licking ass knowing what comes out of it is just a turnon. I have a hairy ass and I also love getting my asshole licked, fingered, toyed, and fucked. I use my wife’s toys alot and I usually lick them clean straight out of my asshole. I love anything anal. Women and men asses.

  20. Jay

    Why clean your ass?…when i first say the link to this post, I thought “Duh! Why in the hell is that a question?” And, I still feel that way! Just because we all know what comes out of the ass doesn’t mean we want to experience it! I know what comes of the dick too…but don’t want piss on me either!

    At the end of the day, each to their own…but as far as I’m concerned – clean it out or forget it!

  21. TJ

    Are you kidding? Here’s the simple answer:
    BECAUSE IT’S SHIT!!!!! That’s why!
    Some guys, like you, are scattologists. Most guys aren’t. The gross-out and “death wish” perspective is more than enough of a convincer for me. Fecal matter is rife with all sorts of bacteria and things, so I think the better question would be: “Why would anyone want nasty waste on their dick?”
    Bottom line: Shit stinks and it’s revolting.

  22. Joshua

    It’s called hygiene! Sure every bottom has the occasional mistake. But I have no respect for bottoms that knowingly get fucked with out taking the time to clean out. Especially since I only bareback.

  23. dominique

    It is what it is. If the sex is good, really doesn’t matter. Hygiene is always number one for me but get real, it’s an butt… sh#t happens.

  24. Tyrell

    As a st8 bottom I prefer to be clean for my top, so that the experience would be more pleasurable and enjoyable. I have a reg.ular routine of cleaning out everyday and deodorizing as my daily hygienic preceedure

  25. Derek

    I’m versatile. I’m never dirty when I bottom, but if I was I would stop and shower immediately. I would be mortified to know that I failed to prepare adequately. On the flip side, if I top and it happens, I wouldn’t freak out. But that’s because its gay sex. It involves inserting a penis into the same area where our waste comes out. I’m not delusional as I know that sometimes we just miss something and being dirty can happen. I wouldn’t freak out but I’d have to stop and have the bottom shower before any other activity happens. The smell alone is a boner killer. It doesn’t disgust me as I have a strong stomach but I’m definitely not going to willingly put my dick in a hole I know is dirty. I would think most people feel the same way. How is human excrement sexually stimulating…?

  26. bottom2be1

    I am a total bottom. I give myself hot water enemas to flush out real good. However with the top I have 9×7 as a regular he sometimes draws stuff out. No matter how much you clean, if the cock is big enough the suction is just to much to keep it from happening. It doesn’t happen unless we go hard for a very long period. When it does it is a mood killer for both.

  27. g456

    I like to eat out the ass before I fuck it and I like to eat it after I have been fucking it during sex. I love when the hole is gaped open. If I see that it is dirty, I of course, will not continue to eat it out. But I have had my dick come out dirty before and I just clean it off, tell him to clean up and keep moving. Shit happens……haha.

  28. Luvtobttm78

    I was never a bottom until I was in my 30s I had always topped, I hate when I’m not clean, everytime I just let it happen, something happens, I hate it. I feel so gross. I had never really had anyone shot on me so I felt like I must be the nastiest guy ever! But then I learned it happens, and I do the best I can to make sure it doesn’t happen, so all you tops out there show your bottom boys some love!!!!! It’s slot if work

  29. achingneed

    I’m a bottom who douches before sex. I want to enjoy my man and hope he enjoys me. However it is a matter of personal choice. To each his own. Go for it!

  30. James

    I met and Dated a guy when living in Florida that told me I kept my ass to clean. He said he liked to screw ass, and all that went along with that. If I cleaned myself out before going out with him he pretty much lost interest in anal. I’ve also met guys that where completely different. If by the time they got around to wanting to hop into bed, you wasn’t still squeaky clean they would freak and act the fool. I went out with one guy that wanted a massage only, and after getting to his place and giving him a long massage, he wanted to have anal. i told him since it was supposed to be a massage only I hadn’t cleaned myself out. He said it didn’t matter, but as soon as his dick got a little shit on it he freaked, and he said he was going to take a shower and for me to show myself out! I joined him in the shower and got cleaned up, which pissed him off, but i told him the whole fucking idea was his, and I wasn’t leaving with out cleaning up. Most of the time if I know the night will end in Anal, or might end there, I clean myself out, but how long do tops think an ass will stay clean with dancing, eating, or just hanging out for hours on end?

  31. homer simms

    I’m vers, but prefer to bottom. I know when I was younger i didn’t know anything about cleaning out, I do now, because personally think it feels better when you have a nice big cock in you, plus in don’t like the smell. Just like if a too has a dirty cock, I’ll tell him to pull his pants up and go! Come clean or don’t come at all!

  32. rj

    I’m a total top and I like it clean. I’m not going to create an issue if a guy has made an effort and it didn’t work perfectly, but clean is better. Same when a guy tongues my ass, I clean it for him….just courteous I think.

  33. pesosmo

    Yea the feeling of getting the shit fucked out of you feels wierd dirty and messy. also the smell of shit while im fucking makes me instantly go soft, no bueno…

  34. chris

    COME ON GUYS GET REAL….CAN YOU SAY THE WORD “HEPATITIS”….trust me I know its not worth it….It has to and must be clean for me and my tool will be covered from here on out…

  35. Jon

    Wow … That’s disgusting. Yeah, guess it might take all kinds to make your world, but I’ll leave the freak shows out of mine, thanks. And what’s a “poop shut?” Really … Showing your IQ there, in more ways than one!

  36. leo

    I’m a bottom I like having a nice clean ass but I have tried everything I could think of. sometimes it’s not. I never know if it will be or not. douching is not the answer for me if I do that I brown water coming out for days. nothing works for me any ideas

  37. Bobby

    I fucked pussy love it clean. I love a tight ass only Clean duch out clean so it can be like a clean Pussy. I know its a shit hole and nasty bacteria comes from it. I’m a TopVers and just the smell of anyone’s shit turns the mood off completely Cock becomes soft and smell is on ur cock yuck. If you want to be a bottom then duch and if your a top that likes it then tell ur mate I’ll fuck you any way dirty or shitty. Then that’s nice but I personally. Don’t play with Doodie.

  38. Legion

    Personally as a Verse/bttm I don’t care one way or the other, your going into a place that is never clean. I have done a full colonic and still occasionally have had an issue.

    Personally a mood killer is when you meet a guy or your partner is horned up and wanting it NOW! but when you take time to stop, clean, and prep the mood is GONE!

    Just my opinion but I feel there is nothing hotter then a man being a man and just taking what he wants no matter how clean it is. For me there is far to many limits placed on sex, and sex should not be this complicated, with all the do’s and don’ts you see in profiles, it is a wonder any of us gets laid.

    We need to start accepting people for who they are and what they like and stop demeaning everyone for their practices, likes, or ways about them. It is Sex and Sex is fun, and should be explored try it you might just like it.

  39. CoxZuchre

    I’m not sure I understand the righteous indignation I read in some of these posts. As someone who used to be a total top, my preferance was for a fairly clean bottom, not nasty full but sometimes in the heat of the moment, there wasn’t time for a full cleanse. Now as more of a bottom, I FULLY realize that cleansing (for me) can be quite time consuming. In order to be fully cleansed, I need a couple of hours to process out things. Even on the absolute best cleanses, if my system is working overtime and if the top is particularly endowed or energetic then my digestive tract may propel things down to where they become apparent. I hate when it happens but it is what it is. I also hate losing any possibility of spontaneity when it takes so long to prep. Condoms are a must, so I know if I feel anything happen, I’m asking the top to stop and won’t allow myself to make a mess. A condom that’s a bit brown is much better than a cock that is browner than when it went in.

  40. David

    I recently had an intercourse with this dude about a month ago, and five minutes into it, poop was on my dick and had to stop coz I find that gross. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt; coz it happens. I met the same guy again a week after and the poop scenario happened again but w/ more intensity. That pissed me off. Never again. Bottom should take into consideration to douche properly and/or not consuming dairy before having fun.

  41. wamoo

    I eat ass and don’t fuck it. I love a hairy ass and don’t want it full of dingleberries. That is a big turn-off. If I am the receiver, I shower and douche before the encounter because I don’t want to smell anything or to get fecal matter on my mate’s cock. It just makes for a more pleasurable encounter.

  42. lkdkdu

    Clean is relative. No PrepH or other stuff please… Ripe can be a turnon. Brown finger or dick is not a turnon. Poking a few turds is OK if horny enough. Now a ripe dick is another matter for me. YES to that. Yes to a sweaty ass.

  43. Carlos

    This is unbelivable. This should not be a question at all. I am versatile, and when I am a top, the smell of poop if def a mood killer, and when I bottom, and a trace of it shows up ts embarrasing as hell, just another mood killer.

    I know… shit happens, literally,but please try your best to keep it to a mínimum.

  44. james

    I agree with an earlier statement. Its a major mood killer when tge bottoms bottom isnt clean. I know that the port of entry has more than one purpose, but still….

  45. TLM

    If you pick me up and fuck me in a mall bathroom, that’s the chance you’re willing to take. If I’m online at a4a cruising to get fucked, damn right I’ll be cleaned out.

  46. semaj

    I prefer a clean ass cause I love to eat ass before and after I fuck it. ….aint no way in hell im putting my face in shit!!!..ijs

  47. Doc

    ove all the primadonnas that scream “clean only” in total denial of natural body functions. And all the tops that love ass but would never consider douching themselves. You’re fucking ass, man — find a fleshlight if you need it pristine. And to the bottoms that have to have everything perfect in a somewhat desperate effort to please their tops — good luck with that!

    A bottom can douche and then have fecal matter shift down the colon in a matter of minutes; if you’re so fecalphobic don’t go there. Same with eating — when you get down there and sniff, you can tell if it’s okay to eat or not. Unless there’s a respectful dialogue before sex, disabuse yourself of any expectations. And lets’ grow up and get past the “it’s gross” and “it’s shit” comments. Geez!

  48. Mike is Right

    Seriously, A4A, is this the best you could come up with for today? I’m not squeamish, but why have a conversation about shit? What’s the point? As blogmaster, Dave, don’t you have some editorial discretion when a member indulges in vapidity? Shit, turds, dingle-berries, skid-marks, diarrhea. Not difficult to talk about, but again: what’s the point? Lol.

    • blog

      Mike: Some people like different practices. And FYI, this blog post is one that got the most traffic on our blog. More than 20k in 24hrs.
      It’s also the post that got the most comments in the blog history. Wether you are for it or not, I don’t really care, I want to get you guys discuses about different subjects and it worked!

  49. keepemcumm2

    I feel ya on the clean ass but sadly guys do be careful on that douching because it can strip ur natural lube. And cause a few other issuses. Not to say you should not do it but read up and find other ways of cleaning out also

  50. Shit Fucking

    I love this question. I love any kind of fucking, but I especially love some mild shit-fucking.

    I literally & actually love getting the shit fucked out of my ass. & although I mostly bottom, I also LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! fucking an undouched hole.

    If anyone in or near the NYC area want to shit-fuck, definitely email me: telefantic @gmail .com

  51. Mitch

    I can stand a little I know that it happens though it is rare that shit comes out. That being said there are limits. I was fucking a guy when I pulled out he shot liquid poop everywhere it went all over me. I got up as quick as possible and there was this huge pile on the bed. I ran to this guys shower and cleaned up. The guy tried to play it if by ignoring it and asked if I wanted to stay the night. I did not want to stay the night I politely as possible lied my ass off. I didn’t tell him I had to work early I told him I had a hospice care thing so there was no way he could try and ask me to stay.

    The basic is shit happens but when and should deal with it but when it happens all over run before you get buried. Tops that can’t deal with a little but should just stick with oral. I’m used to a few traces but as a Dom top I always order the bottom to go get a wet wash cloth and clean my cock.

  52. Tony L.

    i mostly being a bottom i prefer to be very clean for all my tops. want them to enjoy the sex without having to stop because of a smell trust me i hate when that happens and yes notice they get disgusted and want to finish. so for me keep it clean always.

  53. JC

    A tiny skid mark on a condom is one thing (you guys ARE using condoms, right?).

    But withdrawing one’s cock and discovering a messy, dripping, chocolate covered banana, with the expected stench, is just disgusting.

    A guy generally knows when he has that “full” feeling like he needs to take a dump. Why in the world would anyone bottom in that condition?

    It is a bottom’s responsibility to make sure he’s as clean as he can be before he lets a top go there. It doesn’t mean he has to use a commercial douche. In fact the chemistry with some of those products can be damaging. But use a small enema ball with some plain warm water–at least twice–before rolling over or throwing those legs in the air.

  54. Joseph

    I kind of agree. I don’t think they need to be squeaky clean, but clean up a little. I understand if just a little shit gets on the tip, but if it starts flowing out or coming out when they flex then no it is too dirty.

  55. Plc99

    I am a total top who believes it’s the responsibility of the bottom to make sure everything is as clean as possible. If you know you are going to get fucked, then you should take the time to clean out. As a Top I do understand that obviously, stuff happens and the bottom might not get it 100% empty. But make the effort!
    A hard fucking with a long cock can the intestine to “create” waste.

  56. Cubkev

    Ok, Here is my take, or opinion, on this matter. Let me start by say that I am versatile. This matter isnt so black an white, I tend to lean on the “clean” out side, but….life happens. As a bottom, it does feel better to me to be cleaned out..mentally and physically. As a top, I don’t enjoy an all out shitfest…BUT…. guess what…it is an does happen..our bodies are complex, etc. etc.
    For example..some sex, even between couples..happens very very spontaneous..unplanned…thats hot…perhaps it might be a bit dirty…do be it. Also… A long romantic night out..planned…could mean plenty of douching before hand…but after some dinner…dancing..etc…maybe you thing you are still clean…and maybe the pounding of a big dick changes things…had you fucked before would have been different. So..Im saying that yes.I prefer and bottom…but sometimes you just have to deal….

  57. Will

    This falls into the classification of kink. Sure sometimes small accidents happen and we live with them. But it’s a no brainer for me to clean myself out before I’m topped.

  58. bigbottomdad

    As a bottom, I like to suck my top every once in a while to get him good and lubed up again. I want do that if there is poop on him.

  59. Cleanbuthairyass

    Well as a top I want a clean ass, prefer a showered ass. Hairy is hot as opposed to shaved.
    As a bottom I want my ass to be clean, poop free if you will. Smell as good as I can after a shower. I wont and dont shave my ass. Lightly furry buns but thick brown hair in crack which will always be clean before an event.

  60. squeakyclean

    Being a bottom is a mental .. I douche until the water runs clear so while in intercourse mentally I think im clean .. and plus I love my ass ate and fckd raw … I want to be as clean as possible.. and on a empty stomach last thing u want to smell is shit.

  61. chuck

    I also say. Gotta kiss it before I stick it. I don’t want to eat poop, so clean it should be. There are also times when half way through topping, one or both of us decides to return for some 69… need I say more?

  62. RockHead

    Well for me I’ve had a couple bacterial infections and I’d rather not have a repeat of that. I smell can kill the mood some. I don’t insist on a completely douched ass, but at least have used the bathroom and washed up well.

  63. ZinVA

    As a bottom, I don’t like to be dirty either, but hey, shit happens. I agree with the original post, that it is a poop shoot, we all know what comes out of it, so be prepared for anything. Besides, if using a condom, as one should, what difference does it make? just take off the dirty condom and put on another.

  64. WildNCrazyLeo

    Um, if you don’t want anything to be messy the bottom would need to not eat for many hours before and if the top is really hung it’s going to provoke the colon. It’s where feces comes out, it’s going to happen. But really, like someone else said why is this even a topic?

  65. Rob

    I personally adore a NICE CLEAN ass! And let’s just say your in the mood to rim and you stick your face in a dirty ass! NO fun! I’m a total top and I like it when my bottoms are squeaky clean !

  66. Ryan

    Having a clean ass and wanting to fuck a clean ass goes along with measures people take to prevent contracting diseases. Given your positive status and your continued openness about fucking dirty asses, I take it that your fetishes are a higher priority than your health. To each his own!

  67. nwindianaman

    Sometimes fucking or getting fucked with too much, can be scratchy. ALSO, I love to Eat ass, the only thing I want coming back out to my mouth is Cum from a previous fucking

  68. HolePunchSD

    I would like to share a story that spot on topic:
    Back when I was a young slutpig coming up–I’d hooked up with this guy in a video booth at a bookstore in downtown San Diego. The room was dark, except for the lame video that was playing and I was really driving it home when suddenly a strong waft of shit filled the room. I pulled my dick out of him only to discover the condom completely covered! Faced with the dilemma of how to get the rubber off my dick without touching this mess–I spotted his jacket in the dim light. While he was still ass-up, I wiped my poop-covered dick on his jacket and slid the rubber off as well. I quickly got dressed and left him with to deal with that mess.
    Because like Joshua mentioned above, it’s about respect. Respect for self and respect for the guy that wants to eat your ass AND fuck you. Us tops provide the hard dicks–the very least you bottoms could do is provide a clean ass.

  69. einathens

    If the thought of poop gives you a hissyfit, you’re probably not old enough to be having anal sex.

    Shit happens. It’s an occupational hazard. Deal with it.

    That said, I don’t believe that the OP (or anyone else, for that matter) gets to decide who is and isn’t a ‘real’ top.

  70. Kevin Heyward

    I would have to agree….I don’t wanna stick my dick in a shitty ass. How would you like someone to shit in your mouth? Some folks like that, but I’m not one of them.
    It’s absolutely revolting and repulsive….ewwww

  71. Chris

    Never topped before.
    As a bottom I’ve had to suck on dicks that didn’t smell ideal.
    It happens. So all the tops should stop acting like it’s a bottom thing

  72. ricky

    I don’t want shit on my dick, and I would always have a clean ass if I was planning on having a dick in my ass. It just too nasty and a big deal for me. J/S

  73. Jay

    As a bottom, I am a conscientious cleaner simply because, even the scent of my OWN scat takes away from the enjoyment. Being clean let’s me enjoy the sensation of every vein, hood, and notch in the dick that is pumping me, and after the breeding, I get to lick the cock clean…

  74. bottomboy34

    I generally like to clean out before getting fucked, but if it gets a little messy so the fuck what? Its just sex, its only shit and its no big deal.

  75. Jonno's Anthony

    I will just say this:

    We all very well know that sometimes, sex just sporadically happens. Sometimes a bottom may be emptied out and washed (but not douched) yet still be ready for action. C’mon guys, if you play in the doghouse, you’re bound to come out with fleas! And tops are the ones wanting to “fuck the shit outta someone (obvious pun), so why get mad if it gets messy? Sometimes shit happens, get over it!

  76. Dennis

    I can’t believe this is actually a topic.

    As a top guy, no, I don’t mind a little bit of “residue” on the tip of my CONDOMED dick. But, when it goes beyond that, no way!!

    I had the unfortunate experience of a guy riding my cock and an a major accident happened. All of a sudden it felt REALLY good going in and out of him. When finished, he got off of me and my balls and inner thighs were COVERED IN SHIT!.

    As soon as he stood up, he had what can only be described as diarrhea all over his carpet. The stench was so bad I almost vomited.

    I don’t expect a guy to douche all the time, but if I take the time to shower first it’s only common courtesy for him to be clean too.

    That being said, if some guys are into the unwashed thing, go for it, but not for me-ever!!

  77. Miguel

    I have say that I prefer a clean ass., but if it’s a bit funky I enjoy it as well. Man spunk, sweat it taste much better when you’re eating it. Dirty ass is a turn off. I have to say I’ve had two experiences where it got dirty. Fuck the shit out of me comes to mind. And it did. I was ready to just continue cause it was that good. Both times the bottom stopped and went to clean up. After wards we had to start all over again. It was a bit of a downer

  78. Manuel Jr

    For myself, I try & keep it all cleaned out especially if im gonna be looking to get my hole fucked. Theres nothing worse than to be deep into getting fucked & start to smell some rank ass shit. Quick turn off. That would only lead to my own embarrassment. Besides that I better like the smell of a sweaty rugged man who is deeply involved in taking care of my fuck hole.

  79. oilme2003

    im a btm and if i want someone to fuck me i always flush myself out at least 6to8 times before i go out cruzing its just the right thing to do!!

  80. Billy

    As a bottom I understand the need to be clean, but I do not douche before every go, if I did I would be douching all the damn time. However, typical logical cleaning is perfectly fine. Shit does happen, but if you are clean and healthy it should not happen often.

  81. propman74115

    A shit smelling asshole is a turn off to me as was a fishy pussy when it was pussy I was chasing. Male musk is awesome but no shit!

  82. Burke

    im 100% top and i like a clean ass i dont wanna fuck someones shit yes i know im fucking an ass and shit happens and i know it does i mean ive fucked a guy i know douched and will fuck for a while and ill still get a little shit on the end of the condom but thats just a little and thats ok but when i fuck a guy who says he cleaned out and i pull out and cant even see the condom thats gross i mean i make sure my cock is all washed and cleaned for him he should do the same shit smell is not something i can deal with and keep on fucking the smell of shit is a big turn off i dont know how anyone could fuck a shitty ass just for the hell of it !!! nasty man

  83. tom

    1. Obstruction
    2. Smell
    3. Pain from packing obstruction deeper.
    4. Rip in penis skin from hitting super hard stool during sex.
    5. Having to stop to go to the bathroom during sex.
    6. Having to wipe shit off your dick.
    7. Having to wipe shit off your ass.
    8. Not being able to continue having sex after crapping.
    9. Getting crap all over area you have sex.
    10. The muddy feeling.
    11. Lube doesnt work.
    12. The bottom looks like a total looser that doesnt know how to prepare for being fucked.
    13. Looking down and seeing shit all over your dick.
    14. Getting shit in your pubic hair.
    15. Undigested nuts and seeds.

    If you love shit that much go volunteer at the zoo with the other animals.

  84. James

    I’m a botom and the only way I want to be fucked raw or condom I want my hole clean TOTALY ! But I do have a question. How is the best way to clean. I have cleaned in the shower with shower attachments and still have been some what dirty. I really would appreciate some help here.

  85. darryl

    I know there are guys who are into dirty ass. I’am not one of them, when i’am fucking a horny Bottom i want that hole to be ass clean. Sometimes i don’t get my wish, and I can deal with that. I just want to be able to give that hole the kind of fucking that gives us both pleasure. If things are nasty, that takes away from the fun we both can have.

  86. dan

    Everyone should clean their ass. Don’t compare homosexuality to scat or other disgusting fetishes. Some things truly are sick and scat is one. If mommy didn’t tell you, then you will be in for a horrible surprise when that bacteria travels up your dick into your bladder and prostate.
    All these reckless people having multiple partners, unsafe sex and doing drugs makes me wonder how humanity has survived so long. Sooner than later something will thin out the herd and I guess these guys belong in that group.

  87. Chase

    If someone’s ass is full of feces (poop) or even some poop, you can transfer ecoli through penetration. Ecoli is a natural bacteria in our feces that when it gets in the wrong place such as your urethra to your penis, you can be in a lot of excruciating pain. When you piss it will feel like knives coming out of your penis instead of piss. I strongly suggest only penetrating a clean ass or use a condom.

  88. robby

    The smell of shit is gross!!! Also shit is how you get hepatitis. I just don’t get people that are into scat. I am a pretty adventurous piggy kinda guy but I would never go there. When bottoming I always try to be clean but there have been a few times where I didn’t do such a good job and I was mortified. Clean is good!!!

  89. 1versfucker

    I would never knowingly fuck a shitty asshole. If the guy at least made a good effort and it still got dirty again then I would send him to the bathroom to re-douche. It’s worth it. Shit happens.
    A totally clean asshole works better: no stink to turn me off (phermones) and lose my boner, no shit to act as friction, which dilutes the sensation, no unnecessary mess on me or my sheets etc. I love natural man smells, I insist on them, but shit smell turns me off instantly. I always inquire if the ass has been cleaned. Some guys have a hard time getting clean because they have no clue how to douche thoroughly, or their digestive system is fucked up from bad health or a bad diet.
    There’s a guy in my city who advertises ‘shit-fucking’ but at least he is being up front for those that might be into that.
    I have (accidentally) fucked shitty asses and the difference is profound. Given the choice, I would never fuck a shitty ass again. Total turn off in every respect.

  90. john

    versatile bottom who LOVES rimming ass. I can go either way. As a bottom I do want to present a clean enjoyable experience for both. Yes sometimes when you play with fire you will get burned. It happens, just go clean up. If a top specifically likes me a bit funky or chance of poop, I guess I would go along with it if I had a comfort level. Rimming: poop is gross and has high potential of presenting bacterial problems and illness. I have been lucky and not had a bad enounter. HOWEVER I do love a funky ripe assey smell. And there can be a fine line. If you have shit, then hose it down. If not, I am game. And lastly, have been surprising turned on by the accidental fart when playing around down there. To each his own.

  91. Caring4ual

    Interesting article! I am aware everyone has their likes and dislikes, but for me, its important the bottom is clean. Nothing turns me off more than the smell of poop or an unclean hole.

  92. ursanegro (@ursanegro)

    this is funny. i don’t like fucking messy asses because i don’t like changing my sheets after sex. [see also, why i don’t like to have a messy ass.]

    but also, bottoms with clean asses get the repeat dick…. just like i get repeat dick because i don’t let people fuck me if i haven’t prepared. it’s much appreciated.

  93. trucker

    Gays dying or being discriminated around the word and THIS THE TOPIC….the gay community is a JOKE.. no wonder the world hates us

  94. Kevin

    Being TOTALLY versatile…………..I think that a clean ass is the only way to go…..If I am getting Fucked and even suspect a hint of smell…I will stop and clean out some more…….If I am topping(after eating it out) and I get a hint of odor…….I am a limp dick………..just the way it is…….and like a previous post said “Bacteria and disease!!!!

  95. WaxN_Ass_N_BMORE

    MAYBE I DID NOT MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!!! I did NOT say that I PREFER shitty ass; contrarily, I simply stated that I would never freak out or make my dude feel bad if he painted on my dick. I’ve fucked Pussy, mouths, hands, and asses of both males AND females and all I’m saying is don’t act like a PUSSY if it gets a little messy. REAL men don’t do that!!! Case in point: as I top, nothing pleases me more than getting to fuck the ass of another ‘virgin’ MASCULINE top that don’t think about things like douching and hosing their assholes. Outside of wiping our asses with toilet paper, real dudes that’s not into the lifestyle don’t give their asses too much more attention than that. I my swag affords me the opportunity to fuck with another real dude and he didn’t douche ahead of time, then FUCK IT!!! I’m just glad to get some ass from dat brutha. Sometimes the hottest fuck of all is the one that you did not expect to get AND the one that the dude was not expected to ‘prepare’ for like a lady-in-waiting.

  96. Vin Diesel

    Shit Man!.. Be logical dats an ass, an a choclet Box!.. Imagine a box without Choclets.. Den dont buy or get it. Wankit, put it in a clean pie… Dat sounds like a inexperienced Top, a man dat is lyk a women. Fuck dat shit!!!.. If u cant fuck a ass, wit full choclets wank or even better go fuck pussi or stay on ur own. Or control sum bottom dat wants to stay in a box… Personally I’m a vers guy dat likes to fuck ass an get fucked. Dirty ass or not I jus luv myself a dirty choclets ass cause It makes it tighter an shit can makes me go crazy cause it comes upmy nostrills an makes mefucking mad. I’m gonne fuck u now!.. Skewky clean an clean freaks leave me the fuck alone. You not man enoughf to fuck ass!.. Keep on wanking or better dont fuck but if I’m gonne hear another stupid comment of a so called top disrespecting me any bottom dat lykes to be fucked in the ass wit shit in the ass den fuck You!… Well try someone else but u not gonne control my dirty ass dats shit right der. For the REAL TOP dat sounds lyk a REAL MAN TOP DAWG!.. u TURN ME THE FUCK ON.. U knw ur shit gud nigga!.. I gots luv for u an any real top dat knw’s to respect an u ar my man!.. Verso Man Always in Control.

  97. WaxN_Ass_N_BMORE


    Where my BI dudes at?? Can y’all chime in on this please? I don’t know bout y’all but when my dick is on it’s full 10″ brick, I could GIVE A FUCK if the pussy is a little stank or if the ass is a little juicy. That’s why we have SOAP and water. SEE… most of you dudes aint cum across a greedy REAL dude like me, lol. PS… I too like eating clean ass and once that hole start leaking shit-juice you can’t sit on my face anymore, but I STILL expect you to suck and lick dat ass-juice off my stick.

  98. gaypride66

    Whoever said that sometimes tops don’t give them time to douche,I would like to ask a question,Ur ass commands u or u instead?because I’m bottom,if I’m not ready,I just don’t fuck,done.if I say no,and the partner says ,he’s in a rush or smtg,I’d just give it up,that wouldn’t change my life anyways,so please stop being grossed,douche ur ass bfor fucking,no shitty ass around.

  99. Vin Diesel

    Top Gud Ass an Shit Ass Fucker U ar the Man!

    An for the bottoms dat want to be control deep in ur ass by looser tops… Keep dis-empowering urself like dat even deep in ur ass.

    Take back your power or give it away.

    Come On. Dont u use a condom. If not take the shit lyk a man!

    ManUp guys.

  100. butchbuttnot

    As a 10,000% bottom I have to say that I always (when hooking up) ask if we are going to fuck… If so I say I need time to get cleaned up and out. I always use the “Fine Ass Cleaner 5000” by Ronco. With my home water pressure being 80lb PSI and my fear of getting even one spot of shit on my current partner I have to say that I probably stay in the shower way too long because I -stay- until even my teeth are clean.

    Having said that… I still (once in a great while) are very unhappy when I get one speck on my Mr. Man and if anyone of you bottoms say you have never done that I Call “BULL SHIT” (excuse the pun).

    Although I can’t (in my wildest dreams) understand why there is anyone who would say anything but “EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW” to this, I will defend their right to say it and like it, after all we all are asking the world to except us.

    Now for *MY* opinion… The people who like a dirty ass in any way shape or form are the very people that help the straights point their fingers and say… “THERE is one of the problems with the world of Gays”.

    KUDOS to A4A for allowing *EVERYONE* to step up on the soapbox no matter what your “likes and dislikes” are.

  101. Nate

    I agree that to each his own, but for me I take pride in keeping things clean and tidy. First of all I take care to shave everything, because getting rimmed when you are smooth is an incredible feeling.

    Also, I take extra care to douche until I’m as clean as can be, because I’m able to relax and let my top have his way with me without that nagging fear in the back of my mind that a bonerkiller could occur. lol

  102. WaxN_Ass_N_BMORE

    POOP SMELLS!! POOP is gross!! POOP has bacteria in it!! I have heard it all, but here is the real deal: If you get grossed out by SMELLING or FEELING some shit on your dick than you ARE NOT a man.

  103. BearOKC69

    When I was young (and stupid), the thought of putting my dick into a dirty hole horrified me. But as I got older and wiser, it dawned on me that it was perfectly natural and there was nothing to freak out about if some shit got on my cock. It IS a shit hole and I think that some guys expect to find rose petals up there or something…LOL

    As others have said, I can understand if the smell becomes too much (but that is where poppers help me). And if it does become too much, you can always clean up…take a shower together etc.

    To the person that said that he knows what comes out of a asshole but that doesn’t mean he wants to encounter it (much like he doesn’t want piss that comes out of a cock), I ask, what about the other thing that CUMS out of a cock…same aversion?

    As I have transitioned from a top to a bottom over the years, I def prefer bareback and being fucked “natural”… but I make my preferences known ahead of time and make sure the other guy is on the same page…if he insists on my being flushed out, I will.

  104. Ivan

    Im usually respectful… I never flip out on a bottom if he has an accident. But… It’s not really healthy to be rolling around in shit… It’s a lot of work for a bottom, and I believe tops should be nothing but patient with them, however is just doesn’t feel good when you can smell it and then a whole load comes falling out… You just don’t want to have sex anymore. As a vers guy, I know both ends… That why I’m super patient. But it just feels gross…

  105. Shakerrump

    Ive never been fucked before but im super clean. The man who vets to fcuk me first needs to be clean because im clean and you better be also. Ive gotten my ass eaten before. If im not clean i wont do anything sexual at all.

  106. HungHawaiian

    Ok so there are a few guys making some immature comments here, (though this is the internet and I can’t expect anything less than) with their all caps and exclamation points. As a top the least I would expect from a guy is to use the toilet and wipe well before we engaged in anything. Anything extra like douching is icing on the cake, though I wouldn’t want them to feel obligated to do so. I always play safe so it isn’t a problem if it gets on my tip. It comes with the territory for goodness sake! If it happens it happens I’m not saying I like the smell and I honestly would mind the smell a bit but I’m not going to embarrass the guy. I’d keep it respectful and real do whatever we got to do to move on from the awkward moment and get it back it as soon as possible. (;

  107. Bottom

    I dushed ever time if I smell shit or pull my dick out and smell shit it goes limp and I’m gone turns me off men ask me if I have a pussy I dush about 10 times before getting fucked then love it doggie in shower bare back no smell tight as fuck men cum in 10 min or less and tell me dam your ass is like a pussy they say I love it plus I smell like boss and they say oh I be back to fuck that ass again was the best I ever had then the sob never come back and it is always same story that pisses me fucking off why lie I should let them fuck me with a ass full of shit maybe they come back for some eating the next time eat my shit and then fuck my stinking ass is men fucking gross or what well im alway dush and if I can’t dush then no fucking I want clean clear water comeing out of my ass if you don’t like my clean ass then go fuck a homeless man that not bathed in a year maybe you like my clean ass after that if not your sick fucker turns me off

  108. gs999

    The poster is in the far minority… 99% of guys will prefer a clean butt, if not more. That’s a whole ‘nother level of kink, so don’t expect many others to like it too.

  109. Cubano1

    As a predominant bottom, No. No… No… No… I have to be clean inside out if I’m going to bottom. I can’t stand the smell of Shit. Hygiene is so important.

  110. bsb1016

    Its all about hygiene, respect, and health reasons. If you report others, then you will respect yourself. Having good hygiene meaning washing yourself thoroughly especially your butt and crotch with soap and water at least once a day if not twice a day depending on your body chemistry. Wash and wipe thoroughly. Take that extra time to shower and or bathe thoroughly all parts of your body. Your man will appreciate a clean body. A clean butt is the way to go. I don’t want to smell anything.

  111. Earl Drake

    I always respect preferences.
    I would prefer a clean ass for rimnimg. If the person chooses to go natural. They should I form their partner prior to the act.

  112. Rlp280

    Flat out beyond disgusting….. the member who wrote this needs mental health treatment and the employee who posted this needs to be suspended from blog posting duty.

  113. bbhole1

    as a bottom, who barebacks, I enjoy sucking on a cock that has just put a load inside of me. If I was dirty that would not be an option. Also, sometimes my partner needs me to fluff it a little while we are fucking,so I always clean good before being fucked

  114. Jay

    As a versatile guy I have feelings on both ends of the spectrum. When I hook up with a guy I take the time to prepare beforehand to get topped in case it happens. Yes it is largely about hygiene and aesthetics, but truly I makes things more comfortable, especially if the guy topping me is hung. On the other end if I am topping a guy I expect him to prepare his body for getting topped. Accidents happen, and are fully understood and empathized, but there is no need to ruin my sheets. I judge no one for their choices and preferences, because even I have my “piggy” moments but I just personally am turned off by a guy that makes no effort to prepare to get fucked and feel that sex would just not be as enjoyable if I didn’t take the time to clean myself beforehand.

  115. A vers/top

    When I top, it doesn’t matter if I get a little on there because that’s expected but I do think you should try and go to the bathroom before fucking so it reduces the risk of it coming out completely messy. The smell or if it gets on me will make me go soft though.

    When I bottom, I never douche because I’ve never had to. My diet is well-balanced and I’ve never had a problem with it. You don’t have to douche in order to get that “clean” ass. You can take a shower and just wash it like you should. Regular diet and other stuff will make sure everything is taken care of.

  116. Dickluva

    By all means I douche every time before my man slides his beautiful thick long dick up inside me because I definitely do not want to take the chance of having fecal matter pushed back up inside me which could possibly rupture or tear my intestines. I’d rather be safe than sorry any day.

  117. anteater

    i guess some people dont care if they catch stds….aids…hiv….clean ass always almost means clean hygene…whoever put this out must be really asking for it !!! i just hope i know who you are if you ever in my city bc i wouldnt want to sleep with or fuck you much more less have sex with you….not a risk taker here….

  118. JR

    World class bottom here who has been fucked over 900 times. I agree with Gabe. No one can be that clean. I have douched right before sex and the guy had a 8 or 9 inch cock and was ramming it deep in there like he was trying to find something. Don’t be surprised if you do. I try to stay as clean as possible. If you pass gas some guys think you are not clean. I got one guy back that was always wanting to fuck me and never wanted to get me off. I just did not clean up and after he finished he was grossed out and I never saw him again. Mean but it did the trick.

  119. chuyito

    I’m a btm.i make sure I’m showered clean.but can’t help what’s in ur tank sometimes. Cmon in a relationship, there’s gonna be a time it will get messy.fuck str8 friends can fuck a bloody pussy…why can’t dudes get over a crap.i mean stop n ask if they gotta go to the bathroom like mine did, not a big deal.

  120. Murrieta Man

    I agree with Gabe. I am a bottom. Everyone (bottom or top) wants a clean ass. I have passed up numerous opportunities because I could not guarantee being clean. The only way I can guarantee being clean is not eating for 24 hours in advance. So – Tops – we will try hard to be clean, but be a little sensitive to our plight. It is a lot harder to be a bottom than a top!

  121. John

    Without using a condom, whether you’re into a clean or dirty hole, fecal matter could get lodged in the urethra and then cause a urinary tract infection or worse.

  122. Cubj

    I’m usually obsessive about not getting fucked unless I’m clean . But not to long ago I got “picked up” by a guy right aa I was getting off work I went to his house and one thing led to another and even though it was messy it was one of the best fuckings I hasd

  123. HowardAngel

    It’s hard work for Bottoms keeping their assholes clean and void of bad smell just to please their partners. They have to stick to certain type of diet before the actual douching or enema for days. Also they have to prepare several hours to shower, wash and repeat cleansing their asses before the actual fuck session. With all the douching like that just makes the wall of the anus easy to be torn if the Bottoms get frequent fucks in a week. So what do the Tops have to do to stay clean beside some oral playing and finally dipping their sticks in butts for about an hour of fun if they’re lucky their cocks can stay hard that long? If you want a spontaneous fuck then you’d better be ready for the spontaneous accident. There is always baby wipe!
    No wonder I love versatile guys who understand the cleaning routine and human body and definitely can take a nice cock up their asses like real men.

  124. Chris

    I’d rather hear Mike’s blog. It takes different people, but we can do better here than “I don’t mind shit on my dick.”

  125. Plugmyholz

    I’ve been a bottom since I was about 12 when my school mates liked to fuck me, and I often hung out in beats waiting to be fucked but didn’t realize till I was much older that my arse was still dirty even though i’d taken a shit recently.
    As an adult I loved to swing past a beat and bend over on the way home from work and I figured it was the tops problem if he wanted to fuck me.
    These days, 45 yrs on I douche with a hose about 18in up my arse trying to get every tiny bit of matter out but have still been accused of having ‘shit myself’ at times. Makes it very hard for a bottom to just have spontaneous sex, maybe give us bottoms a break 🙂

  126. iFfyman manchester

    How bout hiv+ guys like me? Ok I nearly 15 yrs now and classed as ‘undetectable’. I douche well before I go out – much prefer saunas -but a good top guy just performs better when he realises the guy he’s fuckin is clean. Well, that’s what a lot of guys have whispered to me while I’ve been face down, hooded and sometimes earplugged anyway!

  127. Uncle whip

    Well from long experience , over forty years of fucking being on top have at times thought tha thickness of dick must push it aside or out of way. long long ago in far away in another land, pre HIV ! Have had done and done to me fucking un planned! Tho always turned off by smell of shit probably fucked. Some unclean arses! And been screw same way but if you think ya might want to fuck and then suck and repeat the way shampoo bottles say do and repeat! Hopefully have cleaned it some . Tho is really harmful to overly clean /flush useful bacteria away! Shouldn’t do more than once a day !
    Nowadays I like to flush if hoping to get screw in case like or force to suck it afterwards!
    Also chance of catching hepatitis from ingesting feces! Now that word to me is worse than shit! Feces that is? Ick!

  128. Del

    Remember, there is a risk for disease and trauma when engaging in anal intercourse. As a bottom, poor hygiene can cause lots of rectal irritation. As a top, your hygiene is just a important, especially uncut men. I prefer clean ass only. I don’t lose my hard-on if a guy has a dirty ass. I have him clean his ass, put a condom on, and fuck his brains-out for making me wait. I will not engage in anal intercourse if my ass is not clean.

  129. terry

    I agree if is isnt clean i dont wanna stick my cock in there. Hell mine is always clean cause i like to get rimmed and sucked before i top soo why shouldn’t the bottom guys be clean. Just kinda nasty the thought of it

  130. Steven

    before any dude sticks his cock up my ass, i hose that hole out GOOD! especially if the guy i’m with likes to take his cock out of my ass and then stick it in my mouth. i would puke if someone tried to stick a shit covered cock in my mouth. like the other guy said, a clean bottom makes a happy top! if i don’t feel TOTALLY clean then i’ll just give my man some fantastic head but no butt play!!! that’s all there is to it. i’ve even had guys tell me they didn’t care if it wasn’t clean. well, I CARE!

  131. Matt45342

    You know the old saying “shit happens” and when bottoming unless you starve yourself and clean out like u are having a colonoscopy – accidents can happen. I, like most of the folks above – endeavor to have a clean ass for the top – its more comfortable and agree the smell of shit during sex can be a boner killer for most tops. There was one top once (and hold on to your britches bois) who wanted me to arrive with an undouched ass full – then he slid in a syringe of liquid glycerin and started fucking me. The glycerin (a very powerful laxative) made me shit all over his cock while he fucked – he LOVED it. Thank Christ he has a shower – what a mess. But different strokes for different folks I guess.

  132. eddie

    Total bottom here who thinks the best tops rim first. Get shigella, or any similar illness, just once and you will never think about feces the same again. You will want to just die before its done with you.

  133. bs25

    I agree with most guys on here, the smell kills it. Shit is shit and although we know what we’re fucking, it doesn’t mean we want to see or smell it.

  134. autohauler1

    I am wishing I had never read this post. “Eat a shitty ass, fuck it, then eat it again”?? Are you kidding me?? Maybe a shit sandwich for lunch, and a big log for supper?? Some things just aren’t meant to be discussed in a public forum. I sorry if this offends anyone, but there are Soooo many reasons why this is wrong.

  135. TrizzyTroy

    I agree with Thicknhusky 100%. And in the words of my late Gay Mother—Maryland Revlon…..” Sugar if u want him to eat it n treat it like a pussy than u should clean it like a pussy.” Once, twice, 3 times— you’re a lady!!! And for all the dl trade that dont wanna duche, corner store Fleet enima works even easier!!! Clean, safe sex is the best sex. MRSA kills!!! Hepatitus hurts!! And yea I have every bit of 8+ yrs in health n hospital services. GET YOUR LIFE NOT GIVE YOUR LIFE!! Learn it, live it, love it!!

  136. Chil_Cruise

    This is the main reason why I wish I just had a pussy. LOL. I’m such a stickler for hygiene down there that I can only be a bottom because I only trust myself when it comes to cleanliness. But that also kills any wish for spontaneity. All those scenes in the movies where you see a guy and girl just go at it in the elevator or in the car without any pre-planning pretty much remains a fantasy when it comes to anal sex. Unless you’re willing to play with dirty ass, which I’m not. And I find spontaneous sex to be extremely hot. Oh well.

  137. Heavy D.

    First and foremost most if a Ass isn’t clean and fresh. And you fuck that Ass Raw your chances of getting or catching a disease like Aids is 100% because you Ass has so many bacteria in it that’s what carrier the disease.
    So if you’re going to fuck it Raw at lease clean out the Ass and enjoy the fuck.

  138. muzyqman

    Really? This whole discussion seems so lame. A man can’t always being clean. What if you worked 8am-5pm and went out for a few happy hour drinks? At 7.30pm, you meet someone hot and you’re both interested. At 8.30pm he suggests you go back to his place. When you get there, do you insist on jumping into the shower to clean up first? And what if, being a TOP, he doesn’t have equipment to douche? So you can clean the hole, but not much inside it. Do you say “no” to fucking or rimming even if he’s OK with funky butt? Or do you let him do what he likes and only worry if he complains? Sometimes it can be sexy to shower WITH the guy, but it’s not always possible. Life is not a porn video where every asshole is squeaky clean all the time.

  139. achubbybottom

    Maybe top you do not mind a dirty ass because you already have a disease so some scat is not going to change the effect. a dirty ass is full of diseases

  140. R U Fucking Kidding Me?

    No bigger buzz kill than a shitty smelly ass! Is this what this blog page has become these days? Sorry A4A, you have sunk to a new low!

  141. Richie

    To each his own… personally as a bttm, I’d rather prepare myself before getting fucked with trimming and douching, just for my own sake… I would be so embarrassed and turn myself off if I were to leave some hershey kisses on my mans dipstick, but you can’t knock people for liking what they like, we are all human and enjoy different things, so as I said for my own sake I’d rather prepare myself… but at times when the heat is up and ur in the moment, who wants to keep the dick & man waiting just for u to get clean so u can get messy at the end?

  142. myunclebob

    No Shit!!! Look you know what you are doing or wanting to do, or; maybe you don’t…is it about sex and passion, or is it about only getting fucked after one has prepped for an colostomy?
    Reasonable effort I can understand and accept but expecting lab conditions is unrealistic
    As to smell, are you looking for the odor or the joy of sex

  143. As a bottom

    As a (mostly) bottom for anal, I’ve never yet come across a guy who asked me to keep my ass dirty for him to fuck me. I don’t how I would feel about that as I’m not into scat play. I guess it would depend on the vibe and circumstances and whose sheets we would be staining or ruining.

    When sucking cock I generally prefer on some sort of hygiene when I about to slob on someone’s knob, and when rimming I demand a clean crack so I am fine with the whole “turn about is fair play” concept.

    For me I guess it is just another aspect of wanting to please the top, so I generally have no problem with douching before the top comes over. I like to douche until the water comes out clean, then I like to a do a test run with a dildo to make sure it comes out clean and streak-free, then I shower. What pisses me off though is when over-horny tops expect this process to take no time at all.

    Overly squeamish tops who freak out over a few flecks of shit on the condom also annoy me. I try pretty hard to get it clean, but for shit’s sake, the asshole is DESIGNED to hold shit. What else do you expect?

  144. Thatbootysmell

    Personally, I love a sweaty, musky, shitty gassy ass! It would be my dream to find a hairy dude that keeps a musky, shitty ass and is extremely flatulent. If any dude is like that, hit me up!! My profile name is the same as my handle name of my post.. (Thatbootysmell).

  145. DomTopNYC

    I don’t think this post is necessarily about having a clean ass and preparing properly for anal sex.

    It’s just about Scat and raunch.

    If your fetish is scat, shitplay, unwashed and dirty sex and other raunch activities. then great. That’s fine. We all get into all kinds of things. To each his own.

    However, if you are going to have anal sex, I believe a bottom should always prepare himself as well as he can. This doesn’t mean accidents won’t happen. They will. We all know what that part of the anatomy was made for. Still, going to a fuck as a bottom with an ass full of shit is just flat out wrong.

    As a total top with a big dick, I’ve had accidents happen now and then with almost every bottom i’ve fucked. I don’t get upset or turned off about it. The bottom simply goes get cleaned up, and comes back and finishes his job.

    What I cannot stand however is bad hygiene or just filth. If you come to me for a fuck and your ass stinks to high heaven and hell and you’ve got a full hole already.. it’s not gonna happen. That’s the biggest dick deflator.

    So bottoms, take this from a top. If you’re not ready for a fuck. Don’t go. No matter how horny you are. Except if you’re not gonna engage in anal sex.

    However, just do your best when prepping up and know that most real tops know that accidents happen and won’t be fazed by it , when /if it does.

  146. Lucas

    I always clean out when I have the chance, but I did have a shitty experience once. I told the top we can’t have sex because I have to cleaned up and it was someone I have been with multiple times. He got horny and we started to fuck because I got horny and stopped caring. Well it got shit on his dick and I felt so embarrassed. He said it was alright and I was like it better be because I warned you but I ended up leaving and kind of stopped talking to him because I couldn’t face him due to the embarrassment.

  147. TOP

    The only thing i wanna see coming from thats ass is white cream from me yanking on that pussy… if i smell or see anything else and you getting your ass out

  148. JaysSN

    It’s so funny to see the writer defend his disgusting habits so vehemently. If Blog is right, and this post is the most widely read, I wonder if his offers for sex decreased as a result. I know I wouldn’t come anywhere near him after reading this bullshit.

    • blog

      JaysSN: This is Dave here, the blogger at A4A. If you read on top of the post properly, you will see that I did not wrote this one. It is signed by one of our member who submitted it to me. If you don’t like his practice, fine, stop being so mean and showing so much hate.

  149. nike1974

    I do believe that this is his fetish, and he doesn’t realize it”” or the other thought I have is, has he been in jail for a good period of time, because maybe this is the way they do it in there.

  150. Jim

    OK. I love a nice ass. I want it clean. I love to rim and fuck and nothing is sexier than a clean man how is proud to present a clean, cared for body. But the smell of shit kills the mood, and will kill the erection faster than ice water. I understand that the body is constantly functioning so sometimes shit happens, But at least make an effort. I am somewhat of a clean freak. I think it is not too much to expect a man to practice good hygiene and unless his partner enjoys nasty and stinky, take a few minutes to prepare for pleasing his man.

  151. Waxn (original poster)

    To “Lucianop” and a few other dudes… it is very ignorant to assume that my status is a result of fucking shitty ass or not caring about people putting themselves at risk. Again, I did not say that I PREFER messy ass. I stated that it did not freak me out if things got a little messy. You guys are hilarious! Things went from ” a little messy” to dudes taking an all out dump on your bed sheets. For those of you criticizing the Topic… you could have simply abstained yourselves from the dialog.

  152. Waxn (original poster)

    Umm… NO Nike1974

    It is not my fetishes but I have had sex that was so good that even though it started off ” clean” got a little messy. My original question was “Do you keep going or interrupt the moment for a little accident”. Dudes are in here talking bout scat and Hep and all kinds of bulls his but it’s really not that serious so some of yell need ta just simmer down 🙂

  153. CHRIS

    Come on, man. You said it so stop trying to back pedal.

    “I’m a BEAST and I LOVE fucking ass: clean ass, funky ass, loose ass, tight ass, dirty ass, and finally, SHITTY ass.”

    I find it hilarious that the author of this post or any other person would assume they can determine what defines a man.

  154. Waxn (original poster)

    Ps… for the spellchecker girls: please excuse the errors. I am responding from a smartphone, not a full-fledged keyboard.

  155. Derelle W Franklin

    As a bottom, I remember hooking up with this one dude and after he got done fucking me and when he pulled his dick out, he had shit all over it and he was pretty grouse out about it and I said sorry because I didn’t mean it. But after reading this post, I see why other dudes that I hooked beside the one who got grouse out with shit on his dick didn’t really trip about it. But anyways, I would still consider to have a clean ass, but not nessearly squeaky clean, just only to make things not to messy because that’s a turn for me as a bottom and to my partner.

  156. mauricealex

    hey I am a top and I have no problem ass its just I get shit dick or bloody dick n I dnt like eating shit when I am eating someone out either so I just prefer a clean ass

  157. Corey Holmes

    I have to disagree with WaxN_Ass_N_Bmore. Although douching for me is always an ordeal, I’d much prefer to just suck it out and bear the irritation of the process, than to have to deal with the embarrasement of my top having to pull out because he’s literally “packing fudge” just when his best stroke rhythm kicks in and he starts seriously laying that pipe deep, hitting the sweet spot. Douching for me is just so tedious and time consuming. I’ve tried it on-and-off for a few years in different ways after – I thought – having better educating myself on the process, but almost everytime I have the same thing happen to me. After the guy has been fucking me hard and deep for a few minutes he either pulls out or stops, and the small remnants of leftover water in my hole come squarting out with small bits of stool in toe, accompanied by that dreaded off-putting odor. After that, of course, the moment is clearly passed, and we’re both left unfinished, unfulfilled, and unsatisfied. This is why – as of late – I’ve been hesitant about hooking up. Until I learn how to properly douche I can never feel completely comfortable or able to fully relax and enjoy a big, fat cock thrusting into my hole. I’ve also read that excessive douching is also unhealthy for the rectum due to the fact that it’s already an extremely sensitive area of the body, and incredibly susceptible to disease, and that when a frequent amount of anal sex is thrown into the mix the chances of the occurence of anal fissures, STI’s and HIV increase. To douche, or not to douche?? For the moment, I’ll continue attempting to perfect my douching process. I’ve thought about asking for tips from a couple of friends of mine that work in the XXX industry with me, but it’s not exactly a subject you can segue into gracefully. At this point though, it’s still like I’m damed if I do, damned if I don’t.

  158. Andrew

    Honestly, as a guy who has done top and bottom, it’s not the end of the world if an ass is a little dirty. Shit comes out of the ass, what do you expect it to be like. But, in saying that, having a cleanish ass is just part of good hygiene to me. I think it is perfectly reasonable to expect the insides of the ass cheeks to be clean, that is perfectly easy to do. But douching is not always completely necessary, especially when it could possibly make the problem worse, eg douching can give you diarrhea. I think it is important to be relatively clean, for the sex, and for hygiene, but squeaky clean and thoroughly douched should not always have to be a must, especially if it is with boyfriend/husband.

  159. WaxN (Original poster)

    @ Chris: I find it hilarious that the author of this post or any other person would assume they can determine what defines a man.

    Ok, Chris, I will admit that I may have gone too far stating that a man won’t fuck shitty ass, but I am not back-peddling. What I meant was that men like to fuck and you shouldn’t let a little obstacle get in the way. Straight dudes fuck their girls when they on their period and no one thinks that it is gross, so why cant a dude fuck his man if his ass is not totally pristine and sparkly clean??? BOTTOM line… if my dick is in a hole and it’s tight enough, I’m going to keep on fucking. We can worry about the clean up later.

  160. blog

    What is typical of cleaning? I typically hit the restroom, shower, use fingers, maybe a few wet ones, and consider that clean. Does the average bottom always use a douche? I never did through college, but now I worry.

    Aren’t their health side effects from douching too often as well, such as losing the natural flora inside the intestine? By losing this, don’t we allow opportunistic infections?

    And what happens if you douche before hitting the club and still have to use the restroom later? What if the bar doesn’t close for another four hours? Do you carry a travel douche?

    Sorry for such the long questioning over crap. But I do want to know.

  161. NslashA

    Being versatile, I go where I’m needed. That being said, being on either side and smelling feces is a total turn-off for me. Of course it comes with the territory so I never freak out, whether it’s from me or the dude I’m fucking. I know if I’m the top they’re probably mortified and completely embarrassed and I try to reassure them that it’s ok, like I said it comes with the territory. If I’m the bottom it of course makes very self conscience, most guys are like me and think its a turn-off but know it comes with the territory, but I hate it when guys freak out about it. If you can’t stand a little shit getting on you, then you’d better seriously rethink your sexual orientation. I know it’s kinda gross, but you stop, clean up, and move on. There’s no reason to shame anyone about it, after all,it’s just like the wildly popular children’s book’s title says “Everybody Poops.”

  162. b or not

    No it’s corny and not sexy. Scat cannot be disquised as an excuse for primal anal sex and it is not a benefit. Bottoms that aren’t clean began to look mentally challenged when this issue persists. It’s almost childish.

  163. captainhooklives

    If its a planned moment. .yea..I can see being cleaned and prepared. .BUT..if its a spontaneous moment. .well prepared for anything..

  164. dennis

    bottom here who loves being cleaned out so my top can use my hole as he likes, only problem is, I cant find a top…. any takers? hehe

  165. Chero753

    I usually drink a strong cup of BLACK coffee to help “evacuate” my insides an hour before potential “play”. And eating a bowl of rice to keep my stomach full. And of course, a bit of cleaning in and around the anus using a squeeze syringe full of lukewarm water and a personal wipe at the end, pun intented. ;o)

  166. J.D.

    I’m a complete bottom guy here, but I get embarrassed when there’s shit on the sheets after we get done.

    On another note, that is a hot ass in the photo!!

  167. KJ TOP

    simply put, am a freak at heart. like 2 start out clean, licking out my dude tongue deep, spelling the alphabet with every stride; of course a lil twisted foreplay too. And then as i begin to penetrate my lover, slowly then harder deeper faster, its just a huge turn on when im done, i bust inside him pulling out and a lil fudge is on my shaft… it means i “fucked the shit” outta him.literally and naturally! And the smile on his face, priceless… Happy pleasures 😉 kj

  168. Brian Ferrell

    I am a total bottom, and I pride myself on my cleanliness, including my ass. If I am going out, or going to meet someone, and I think there might be a chance I will have sex, I douche. I am not into scat, and if I was a top, I would be just as turned off by a nasty bung hole, so I do everything I possibly can to keep myself clean.

  169. Sherlock mikey

    I’m a bottom vers in my life. I can tell you a lot of experiences, but I’m going to say two of them.
    I’ve been a top to a fuck buddy and I’ve personally done a lot of anal cleaning on his ass. He trusts me with his ass and let me do what I want. He communicates well. So when I clean his ass. I do it very well. Once’s it’s been washed out, I wash his whole body with soap too. Even his ass (outside). From then on, sex is greater and hotter. I can eat his ass, as I’ve done, for hours as I’ve wished. So yes, I’ve fucked his ass too. Often.
    On the other flip side, Ive experienced my ass being full of shit and had my fudge (shit) packed tight from sex. (my friend got lucky his dick is Ok). I learned a bad lesson that a compacted shit in the anal colon area could have given me many problems. I could have to have emergency surgery and lost my ability to poop though my anal canal.
    So I’m going to say this: Bottoms and bottom vers, when possible, prepare your ass for sex. Even if you gotta take a shit, do so. keep your ass healthy.
    Bonus advise: make sure you look at the ass carefully before you eat it or fuck it! Many a time, I’ve saved myself from a possible health disaster with my dick. It pays to be careful.
    Bonus 2: eating shit it NOT healthy!

  170. dave1973

    I like both my own ass & the other guy’s ass clean when it’s being fucked. I douche for at least a half hour before I go out & about getting fucked. Since my dick is around 5.5 – 6 inches cut, a guy might not have to go that far to get cleaned out, unless he’s also planning to get fucked by dicks that are 7 inches or more. I deep douche myself, in case I get a guy who has a large dick that I can handle. It just makes that part sex more pleasurable if it’s cleaned out. If a guy only releases hard shit, I might be able to get away with not douching if a guy doesn’t want to rim me. For me as a top, if he only releases hard shit, I can fuck his ass with no problem.

  171. Smoothbottom4BBC

    I’m a total bottom very much into getting my booty pounded deep , long and hard ! I always clean out good . I’ve been with some black guys who are hung to there knees. I have taken it for over a hour of steady pounding. I’m not complaining , I do love it , but that kind of fucking is very hard to prepare for. It can get messy witch is a big turn off for both of us. I like to take my buddy’s nut in my mouth.. So I’ve got to be clean !

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