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(The below message was sent to us (blog @ by one of our member who lives with Vitiligo. He wants to stay anonymous for obvious reasons, but he wanted to know your comments and what you think about his condition. Leave your comments below and feel free to leave your username as well so that he can reach you if need be. Dave)

“I’ve been living with Vitiligo my entire life. It’s not visible on my face, arms or legs, however I have patches on my penis and around my ass hole. It made me very self conscious to talk to guys online or when I date. I met my boyfriend when I was 20 and felt very uncomfortable to be naked around him but he told me it didn’t bother him, I guess it bothered me more. I was with this partner for 7 years until he moved. I decided to move as well because I wanted to be with him. I lasted 1 month in this new city because he changed and I felt insecure again with my body, I felt ugly and unattractive towards him. He wouldn’t suck my dick and would only fuck me. What I want to ask to other members is this: is there a problem with having Vitiligo? I’ve been turned down so many times because the way my dick looks. It’s not a STD or contagious but for some reason guys seem to be uninterested once I show them. It makes me very sad.”


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  1. no name

    Yes and no. As a top I don’t suck anyway but it is kind of a turn off but notba deal breaker but really depends on how it look and where it is. I know it sound really shallow but its just my opinion on the matter. But tbh if you were closer to my age and lived close to me I would still go out on dates with you because if you really get to know someone and really start to like them all there little imperfections start to diapear. So my answer his no there is no problem with having vitaligo. ^^Β₯

  2. Ed

    hey buddy…
    I can’t really see what the big deal is- nobody is perfect- Although a lot of assholes out there think they are… lol
    If you’re hygiene is good, and it isn’t contagious (which I know it isn’t)then I personally feel it’s fine… sort of like making out with a unique guy… Keep your head up… (that sexy two toned one as well) ; )

  3. Arnold Manitoba

    Hey man, I think you look great!!!! I had an aunt who had it all over her face, hands, arms, legs,,well pretty much everywhere I guess, so growing up with it is no problem seeing it now as an adult. Don’t let those other guys bring you down, they don’t know what they’re missing out on with you. Hope I’ve helped in some small way. Take care man, remember, you look just fine!!!.

  4. Azne0

    Hi there,

    Just wanted to say that while I haven’t seen vitiligo on a penis only case, I have seen plenty of people from my day to day interactions with this condition and apart from the random patches of discoloration, they’re fine mentally and physically. Hell, it was reported that Michael Jackson developed vitiligo and decided to bleach his skin to mask it. There’s nothing wrong with having it but I would definitely see a dermatologist to see about treatment options if it really bothers you.

  5. sliminsv2

    Well your penis looks fine but then I like them all once they aren’t tiny lol. As for the bf part its not your body he has a problem with, clearly he wants to move on.

  6. nickleel

    For me this condition certainly is not a problem. I date a man here who has a similar coloration, and I actually find it to be kind of a turn-on for me !! I suspect that not every guy will be a fan, but I certainly am !

  7. Jay

    So that’s what its called. All this time I thought my partner was a horse. Its nothing to be ashamed of and if anyone is gonna judge you on something that isn’t really anything then there not really someone to be taking seriously.Everybody has flaws that people make us believe we have but the truth of the matter is no one is perfect.

  8. J.D.

    Vitiligo is just pigmentation. It’s not anything else…well, it’s missing pigmentation essentially. People think they’re ugly for all sort of reasons. Even the skinniest of people will think they’re over-weight. It’s something that the person having it, needs to understand that there are treatments if you want, yet they are unnecessary.

    I’m guessing your bf was starting to look for something new before he moved away. It wasn’t the Vitiligo, but simply being in a committed relationship. I would be sucking you still and having you dick me with that nice shaft!!

  9. Steve

    Men who want one thing, that thing being your body for their satisfaction, aren’t worth you throwing away your confidence for.

    This is one of the issues of this community and maybe on some level this could be at fault of the website. The adverts with perfectly sculpted men getting a big ‘photogenic’ phallus in their mouth or anus with that snide grin. Thats what a lot of guys are looking for, and that’s all a lot of guys on here look for anymore.

    Frankly what I see is quite nice, I think the dalmatian dick you sport is charming and looks like one nice slab of meat. The pain you carry now over this condition I hope does nothing more than give you better character then the shallow men who’ve shot you down without trying to understand what it is you’ve got going on.

    We didn’t pick our bodies. You deserve to be loved for who you are, naturally. And I see a fit, sexy guy from that waist down. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise because shallowness is the norm today, and that is unacceptable.

  10. bobbiecuttie

    i think its cute it wouldnt bother me i have two frecikles on the head of my penis ive had people ask why i had holes in it an when i told them what they were i never head from them again so if your in my area maybe we hang out

  11. nightlover

    I have vitaligo on my hands, neck, the base of my penis and all over my ass crack. I have never had a negative comment but yet am self-conscious about it. I am mostly oral and top, only bottomed a few times but in the dark. It wouldn’t bother me to have sex with a guy who has vitaligo. Many have a lot worse to deal with, and I still believe there are enough guys who will see past the discolorations and see my other assets. Nobody is perfect.

  12. Rin of Danbury

    I have a friend with Vitiligo, he calls it the Cow colored cock. I think of it like a birthmark on his penis. I would suck it, lick it, and get fucked by him. It’s nothing to be insecure about. I myself had a reason to be insecure around him. At age 2, I lost my left testicle in a record fever. It’s not something someone can notice as easy as Vitiligo but it felt very uncomfortable to be naked around him and others guys heck even doctors. However it wasn’t he told me it didn’t bother him that I guessed I realized I had a problem with not accepting myself. Everyone, has flaws but a physical deformity doesn’t have to be a flaw. It just means you look different. Who really wants to look the same as every one else. I surely don’t and neither did my friend. I like looking different because it makes me, saggy nut and all.

  13. rugger

    It doesn’t bother me. You’re hairy n hot. WOOF!

    The guys you’re chatting with must be really ignorant and uneducated. You shouldn’t let them define your self worth.

    There’s good guys like me looking for good guys like you.

  14. Ed

    The gay world has too often judged on looks alone. One reason so many relationships fail.
    Unfortunately, for years about the only way to meet anyone was a bar. Bars are seldom good places to get to know anyone.
    If a man lets the look of your penis get in the way of loving you, then he isn’t worth the your time.
    We all judge by appearances to some degree but it should not be the sole guide.
    If it helps, there are many of us older men who are turned down on the bases of our age. Oddly, even on sites supposedly for older men.
    So you can not let your problem get in the way of living.
    Sure you will keep on meeting immature men, but believe me those are just
    as likely to turn you down because of your age, hair color, eye color, skin color or a thousand other stupid reasons.
    Try to laugh at it. Had a friend with AIDS, developed a lesion on his penis. So he called his dick Spot. That threw his doc for a loop.
    Just keep on going and the guys who have a problem with it say there’s the door and don’t let it hit you where the good Lord split you.
    Good luck.

  15. orlando

    I won’t lie to you. Honestly in a hook up situation I might be skeptical and I might find it weird. However, if I were to ever date you and I loved you, I’d be ok with it. After all, my ex had a small dick and I still loved him. Am I shallow regarding hook ups? Yes. Regarding love? Not shallow at all.

  16. orlando

    I won’t lie to you. Honestly in a hook up situation I might be skeptical and I might find it weird. However, if I were to ever date you and I loved you, I’d be ok with it. After all, my ex had a small dick and I still loved him. Am I shallow regarding hook ups? Yes. Regarding love? Not shallow at all.

  17. Joe

    I would have to say, that it would not bother me at all. It takes a person to have an understanding of what your condition is. Once they have that knowledge, then it shouldn’t be a problem any more. But, I will say that you have apparently been chatting with some ignorant people. Your penis looks fine and you ass probably does as well. Embrace you difference and f**k what the other guys think.

  18. darryl

    You will always run into guys who will be put off by any imperfection you have, and there’s nothing you can do to change that. It takes a very secure Man to understand what Vitiligo is, and it’s nothing to be afraid of. Don’t let this stop you from living your life, and having great sex.

  19. LuvWhiteMeat

    Hi Dave, this is a completly unrelated topic, but
    i dont know how else to reach you and i really
    would like to hear guys thoughts on why in
    90%o of interracial porn is it that its ALWAYS a
    black top and white bottom, and if it is a white
    top fucking a black bottom the top is usually
    timid and the scene turns out lackluster. This
    seems to transfer over to reality LOVE white
    guys but it seems all of the white guys want, or
    assume i am (or should be) this dominate sex
    machine, and get turned off when i say im
    looking to bottom. This is the overwhelming
    respose i recieve and i live in the heart of
    Washington, DC a major city with a lot of
    diversity. I dont mean to detract from this serious medical topic, but this issue has really
    been bothering me. Can you please write a post
    on this subject.

    Ps, can you ad some links to some sites
    featuring black guys getting fucked by
    dominant white guys, thanks.

  20. Daniel

    In my line of work and seeing so many different penises, I’d have to say that I don’t see anything wrong with someone have Vitiligo. No more than someone having HIV (which you can’t see)but being aware of what it is. Actually gives character to your friend there. Look, we’re not perfect by any means whether some think they are or not but that shouldn’t be the only reason you can’t meet guys. You don’t have to show or screw every guy you come in contact with. Be open about it, EDUCATE them. It’s about you and what you do with it. I think it’s beautiful just the way it is, you have no control over it so let it be. HATERS GONNA HATE!! Be proud and STAND UP TALL!! πŸ™‚

  21. Ernesto

    It runs in my family. I have a small patch on my uhm bikini line which is only funny cuz I’d never wear a bikini. My sister has a little on her face snd various family members have it to different degrees. Honestly I embrace it as a common bond between us that iss different and unusual. I’ve never felt ashamed of it. It’s the way I was made.
    Ernesto in CA

  22. vcbicurious

    I do not see a problem with it.. From what I see, you are hot! Love the tat! Hit me up.. I will suck you off! πŸ˜›

  23. nicky1974

    I see nothing wrong with it. I have a birthmark on the head of my penis. The ones who seen it, loves the two toned color. You should never feel shame or embarrassed or anything for having Vitiligo. If guys can’t handle it, its their problem, not yours.

    You’re sexy. Hairy and sexy.

  24. Earl.

    You need to be the poster child for this unique skin condition. You need to COME OUT of the closet and show the world who you really are. You have to be comfortable with yourself before anyone can be comfortable with you.

  25. Ro

    I don’t see a problem at all, it’s only a skin pigmentation. Personally I think it’s kinda hot. I’ve dated & played with guys with vitiligo & even albinism. Life’s to short to be self conscious over some other persons ignorance towards it, and so what if it’s different. You’ll find your prince at some point & he won’t mind it either.

  26. Tyson

    It’s sexy to be different. I think it’s absolutely attractive and I would definitely date you if we ever met, If your personality is on point. But here’s the thing if you’re constantly harping about it that’s when it will become unattractive. Because a partner or bf can only provide so much assurance. The rest my friend is up to you. The gay community is shallow but everything is on an individual basis . I’d love the hell of you though lolol
    Don’t draw attention to it and it won’t matter. Rip your clothes like a man with the highest confidence level and whoever you’re will follow suit. Fake that confidence until it becomes real to you.

  27. yoohoo2212

    Well I don’t know about your partner but I would let you fuck the shit out of me. You also have a great body. Be more confident I bet you’re a catch too

  28. James

    I’ve been with a guys had this on his cock cock, and it didn’t bother me. I’m strictly bottom now, and would take that fine looking tool as much as I could get it.

  29. CHRIS

    I have been intimate with a guy who had Vitiligo. It just didn’t matter. He was hot and I liked him. He also had it on his cock…no big deal.

    Ignore those that can’t deal with something outside the norm. Good luck!

    Sexy legs by the way!

  30. 1versfucker

    My first bf has it. And I didn’t even give it a second thought. Maybe because he was so hot and had a huge cock. lol.
    we need to stop identifying every single characteristic that makes us unique and turning them into a spectacle.
    I’m a little tired of reading all these guys whining about their ‘first world problems. Let’s move on guys.

  31. Scott

    The people who have rejected you for this are small-minded, ignorant people. You’re better off with them out of your life as soon as possible so you can surround yourself with quality people instead.

  32. tim va

    I would. Being a african american male 6-4 , 285 lbs. I always have folks acting diffrent. But I dont show them that it bothers me. I act and know that i wouldnt let them hold hold my dick when I piss . So hell with them your beautiful. When you want that dick sucked or ass fucked I will take care of it.

  33. goldenloverinmym

    wouldn’t bother me at all u got a nice dick and it prob adds a little spice on your long as it gets hard that’s my only requirement and hiv-&std funny I’ve got a blood blister on my dick from when I zipped it up as a kid never went away cuz its on a vein so hell aint nobody perfect like so many jerks think they your ex I say he’s the missin out on a hot hunk of man

  34. CoxZuchre

    Honestly, the first time I saw a cock with Vitiligo, I was a bit put off but I liked the guy and eagerly sucked his cock. Surprisingly I’ve met 6 or 7 guys who have this condition and it hasn’t stopped me from having fun with them. I made sure I understood the condition and it never entered my mind to consider anything but the person and not the condition.

  35. Bill

    I think your cock looks fantastic. I see nothing wrong with it or u at all. It’s kind of exotic, it makes u different and that is a great thing. Why would u want to be just like everyone else! I wouldnt turn you down, you seem like a nice guy. I want a cool fun guy, what he packs and what it looks likes doesn’t matter. I’ve turned down lots of “perfect” dicks cause they were attached to an asshole. Good luck to you. You are perfect and unique!

  36. CoxZuchre

    I can recall the first time I saw a guys cock with vitiligo. I liked the guy and he explained the situation. I swallowed him for several years and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve met 6 or 7 guys with the condition over the years and since I understood the situation, it never deterred me from enjoying having fun with someone. It’s more about the person than the condition.

  37. Dani

    When I love someone,those things are not really important. But if you dont feel confortable I have met several people who were treated in Cuba.

  38. Jose

    The fact is that your condition can be treated if makes you so uncomfortable. Consult a good dermatologist and see if your insurance covers it. I love people with scars and little imperfections, for me they stand above the crowd.

  39. Del

    I met guy once with vitiligo. He refused to have sex with the lights on. I don’t think is a problem. More likely to be a problem for the uneducated.

  40. cockoholic

    I was with a guy a couple years ago with vitiligo on his huge dick. He said he had a hard time finding guys who could handle both the gargantuan size and the color variation. I was surprised how silky smooth his cock felt in my mouth, though I don’t know if that was due to the vitiligo or just a natural variation. Some previous guy nicknamed him “Palamino”, which I rather liked. I’d still be sucking and riding him today if he didn’t live so far away.

  41. JE

    You’re not alone.

    I have it on the underside of my shaft and it wraps around and down under my balls. I’ve never met anyone else with this issue either, then again not many people are very open about it.

    I used to be really embarrassed by it and people would think it was some sort of STI but I’ve not encountered many issues with it personally. I just explain that it’s a loss of pigmentation in the skin and people tend to be okay after that.

  42. Nalgas hunter

    No it’s not a deal breaker it’s not your dick we are attracted to its you and your personality. If someone says it a deal break then move on . Don’t let those people bring you down . Be confident and proud.

  43. semaj1980

    I dated a guy with this condition.and I think it is very sexy and unique..then we dated for so long i really didnt notice it anymore..cause i looked passed it..GAY men can be so.shallow at times..


    hello maybe you will not believe me but I love your penis are also hairy and you have vitiligo makes you different and interesting love to have a man like you different interesting

  45. CenterCityGuy

    I have vitiligo also … some on my penis (which seems to be less noticeable when I’m erect and my penis darkens when blood-filled) — BUT I have a HUGE area around my inner thighs where the skin has naturally darkened and compared to the spots without pigment it is really awkward. Also all around my asshole. I, too, am troubled by it — and tend to only have sex in the dark. BUT luckily I have great self confidence in all other ways and I’m cool is someone doesn’t want to see me again or doesn’t want to have sex with me because of it. The are not the kind of guys I’d want to be with anyway. Would love to chat with you. Name is my A4A screen name.

  46. Ryan

    I’m really sorry for the ignorance you’ve had to deal with, because more than likely you’ve just dealt with guys who are paranoid about vitiligo despite the fact that it’s not contagious. I’ve had boyfriends with darker skin tones where it showed pretty distinctly, but it’s never bothered me. Whenever they seemed self conscious I would just give the areas slightly more attention. =P A hot package is a hot package, and if any guy has a problem with yours then he is a waste of your time.

  47. fshepinc

    I know it’s hard to see ourselves objectively, and god knows the guys here all see beauty in different things, but the guys who’ve already answered have it pretty right: your pic looks sexy, the condition is no big deal. I suspect many guys don’t know what it is, and as a result don’t believe that it’s not contagious. What really matters here is how you feel about yourself. If it bothers you, go to a dermatologist and see what your treatment options are -they can do amazing things nowadays. Just remember that any guy who’d judge you because of the coloration of your dick is a dick himself, and not worth your time.

  48. Arson

    My boyfriend has it. He has a brown patch on his back and a white ring around his asshole as well as white splotches on his dick. I think it’s cute. Your ex just sounds like he lost interest, not because of your skin condition, but because he was scared of being with some one for a longer period of time. It was pretty stupid of him to throw away 7 years like that. My guy was with his ex for 6 years and for a year or two his ex wouldn’t sleep with him and even told him he couldn’t masturbate! Now, I have this amazing guy who loves me, mostly because some douche was too much of a weirdo to hold onto such an amazing guy. Some one usually has had it worse. I know I’ve been with some shitty people. I’m sure you’re a great guy and will find some one worthy of you like we have. It just takes time for you to find each other. <3

  49. Realness

    WOW…the gay community will invent more ways to shun a person for not looking perfect or new ways to be shallow about it. There is nothing wrong with you at all. As long as you’re not practicing unsafe activities, you’re good. For the ones that claim they don’t want to be bother with you because you have Vitiligo, they have insecurities of themselves and want to put it out on you. Nuff said.

    Like ED stated, which was the best statement he made, “The gay world has too often judged on looks alone. One reason so many relationships fail.” and it’s true. They look at the body, the ass and penis, but won’t look at the personality. They might look at it, but only the surface. Majority of the ones who complain are the dudes who are like muscular/tone bodied, shallow, stuck-up types. Sorry if some of us don’t go to the gym for 847650230 hrs a day because we have jobs, but some of us do try to stay fit and tone. I guess that’s a bad thing. Then the middle of the relationship they complaining about how they’re this and that. You want to feel sorry, but you can’t because they are still with the person being unhappy when the guy they’re with shows their true colors.

    Anyways, sorry for going off subject for a second, but like I stated, the ones who don’t want to talk to you because you look different are the ones with insecurities. They know what you have and yet they act ignorant about it…and those are the ones who are really pathetic like they have no education on diseases, WHICH YOU DO NOT HAVE BY THE WAY. However, I can somewhat understand some who are skeptical because if you noticed, some of the members on ad4ad lie about their status and that’s a crime. But it’s not like you are lying to them at all. Especially the ones that block you because you’re different without even hearing your story.

    At the end of the day, you have to love yourself and F..K what the others say. If they can’t understand, like the rest said, the hell with them and their attitudes. You are handsome (even though we can’t see you lol) inside and out. Don’t ever let losers or ‘Internet bums’ ever TAKE YOUR SHINE AWAY because they want to be ignorant. And to answer your question, I Don’t see any problem at all. I have hooked up with a few guys who have Vitiligo and I’m fine health wise and attitude wise. So, what the hell is everyone else problem? πŸ™‚

  50. Richard

    Very interesting discussion. I have some hyperpigmentation on my penis caused by something called erythema multiformae. Like the original poster, I am very self-conscious about my spotted dick. Usually, if a guy is attracted to me in general, he overcomes his initial surprise when he sees my penis, and we continue to get it on. But there is no doubt that my spotted dick has limited my social life. I don’t take off my clothes as easily as I used to. The dermatologist prescribed hydroquinone, which is very expensive. A waste of time and money in my experience.

  51. Hungryblueboy

    Hey buddy. I learned a long time ago when it comes to certain things regarding your body that “it is what it is”. Hair color, skin color, penis size etc… Someone that is judging you on that alone is not worth being with. If they truly love you then it should not even be an issue. As a nurse I’ve seen all kinds of penile anomalies on men, gay and straight, that are happily married, partnered and/or fathers. We can be our own worst enemies. I’m sorry your partner has moved on. Someone way better is in the sidelines waiting to love you as you are. I think your body is gorgeous by the way. One of the hottest straight guys I know has your exact same sexy look.

  52. Du Lac

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with you, in fact your penis looks rather delightful. The problem is however the very shallow nature that is the gay world, we are all too caught up on looks and the perfect body when we are far from perfect.
    Don’t let anyone make you feel less of a person bro. If some ignorant bigots cannot accept you for who you are and make you feel comfortable in your own skin then they do not deserve you

  53. raparker

    Take a negative and turn it into a positive. Just tell people you are growing a black dick and it is not quite finished growing. . . making it a positive : )

  54. dominique

    Man, there’s nothing wrong, with how your body looks. People are people and you have to understand there are a lot of shallow men.

  55. FreeRangeRadikal

    Hey. My first BF had vitiligo and it never bothered me at all. When I lived in Portland, I knew a hot young guy there who had it all over – much more than my ex – even on his dick, balls, and ass. I’ve sucked his dick dozens of times, eaten his ass, sucked his balls, and would do it again right now if he was here.

    In a very real sense, I think it made him even hotter. πŸ™‚

    Some people just can’t get past it. YOU are fine. THEY are not.

  56. thicknhusky

    Any birthmark like anything out of norm for some will be a reasons for pause. Ignorance is never worth your pride. I am oral top, and like any top your first first responsibility to your partner is to ease his mind of concern, assuage his fears, and bring to a place of comfort. Body is empty without heart and soul and if you are touching the heart of the man you are bringing your bed pigment discoloration is not an issue. I know what is it is like not to be comfortable in our own skin. I made bad decisions in my youth and gained more weight than any man should and now am fighting for a healthier body and lifestyle. You didn’t chose this discoloration but if you responsibility to live the best life you can with it. If you want get photo copy of the definition of the disease and a picture have it available for dates to see so you can see they may not be rejecting you only the discoloration and that is something you cannot change. Once you realize they are not rejecting you as a person your pride will rebound and you will see that the right ones or right man will see you man beautiful strong and courageous and that will allow love to intercede on your behalf and give you the life you so richly deserve.

  57. Ron

    I am gay in my late 40s I have vitiligo over about 95% of my body. My dick and balls and crack are all albino. I am moderately hairy and all of the hair in these areas is also white the hair in the armpits is white and I have circles of white in the hair on my head.its a problem sometimes. Others don’t even notice. I do explain it to people often. I also can’t be in the sun at all. I burn in about 10 minutes. My dick is so white I think it looks dead. But I truly believe most people are ok with it

  58. dennis

    My point is, if they can’t accept you as you are, then they are not worth you time. So be just you, if they don’t like that then they need to do some research then. Don’t be hard on your self or think your less then. Just be you and true to what you believe in.

  59. Terry Allrights0907

    Call me weird but I think it’s super cute, n sad that felt that way. I’d totally date you or anyone with it. It’s absolutely not your fault you had no say in where it would appear so how can anyone blame you. Ditch that guy if yu haven’t and come see me Lol no but seriously your human and no one is perfect!

  60. Mike

    My college roommate had vitaligo on his chest, he was captain of the school’s B-ball team and was basically an adonis, 6’2″, 170, lean and toned with a nice piece. He was straight and his hot GF used to come over and stay often. I used to love seeing him naked, love the contrast in his skin pigmentation and really loved seeing his toned ass pumping in and out of his GF. I totally wanted to jump his bones, but restrained myself. I thought the vitaligo added to personna and his sexuality. I later found out that he lived a double life in college and was a total bottom for a bud I met about ten years after graduating (confirmed by videos of some hot sex sessions, one on one and group sessions). I guess I really missed out on some hot times.

  61. einathens

    I’m sorry you have to deal with shallow bitches who let their ignorant fear prevent them from getting to know you
    Small comfort, I know, but it’s their loss.

    I do have one practical suggestion for dealing with guys online. Perhaps you could have a locked pic of your (perfectly lovely, in my opinion) cock and a one-paragraph lesson on what vitaligo is and isn’t. Then when it looks like a meeting might be about to happen, you say ‘I have something unimportant to tell you’ and you unlock the pic and send the info.

    That’s probably better than always fucking with the lights off.

  62. Vaughn

    I actually think ots pretty hot! My brother in law has Vitiligo as well and I catch myself wondering all the time if he has it on his 8.5″ member and would love to check for myself Lol. I’d go down on you no problem.

  63. Andre

    Go to youtube and search for “Nick vujicic” then tell me if your condition is really a big deal. You were born with this skin condition, nothing you can do about it so all you have to do is accept is as part of yourself and move on. Accept yourself for who you are and love yourself. If someone does not accept you with a condition that is only skin deep then he is not worth your time. Your skin does not make you and you are a whole lot more than a skin condition. Concentrate on what is worth your time, this is really not an issue for me.

  64. Well...

    My initial reaction would be that of concern… but as long as you told me it was vitiligo and not an STD I would suck & lick it πŸ˜‰ Granted, the look would take a little bit of getting used to, however, you’re dick is nicely sized, nice balls, sexy bush and hair, and hotttt legs… I love athletic legs with the “teardrop”… and muscular calves. The dealbreaker for me would would be if I wasn’t attracted to your face, but no problem on my end with your dick.

    But let me tell you something else… You need to find a way to accept yourself. Asking others for acceptance won’t ever give you the comfort level you seek. Yes, vitiligo isn’t something people want to have, but you have so many other physical attributes that more than make up for the condition. The first step would be to accept the fact that not everyone will be find you attractive. So what? Do you really want to date someone like that anyway? I’m sure there are guys who do find you attractive.

    Your insecurity may be giving off the vibe that you yourself believe that you’re damaged goods. Maybe you could show off your pic online – to educate and get the populace used to seeing something different (keep face hidden for privacy reasons – regardless of vitiligo). Don’t make a big deal about it… just say it’s vitiligo and move on. If we were dating and you were still stuck on the way your dick looks (after all of your years living on earth) your vibe would make me uncomfortable. Are you trying to convince us that you’re not datable because of an external flaw? Also, did you follow your ex bf because 1) you loved him and wanted to be with him or 2) because you don’t think anyone else will accept you for who you are. If the reason is number 2, then that’s being a little selfish and you’re pretty much giving that person permission to treat you like crap because they know they’re being used.

    So yes, you have a visible flaw, but we ALL have our cross to bear whether it be internal or external. Keep beating yourself up and see how far that will get you.

    “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” -Eleanor Roosevelt

  65. joe

    I too have Vitiligo around my stomach area, I was born with it.It has made me self conscious all my life but, when I think about it, there’s alot worse conditions I could have. Most guys I’ve been with don’t mind, of course I explain to them what it is. Keep your head up high and embrace it, no one is perfect (not even the model type assholes !).

  66. Jamie

    I think it looks like a birthmark or something honestly, and if you told me what was going on I’d be like “Oh, okay, that makes sense.” and that would be the end of it. Also I might would be curious of if the texture was any different, but that would be more a fun thing to find out for myself πŸ˜›

    Also, am I the only one who mainly knows what vitiligo is because of hearing Uncle Ruckus on The Boondocks claim to have the opposite? >.>

  67. niggs

    …….i think it l00ks g00d…why are you listening to who ever is diss n you…you l00k good..i wouldnt hesatate to suck on that..u are one of a kind…it l00ks hottttt….

  68. RAFY


  69. crankyd

    Ya look good; it’s obvious you’re a man that takes care of himself.

    Unfortunate place for your vitiligo. Unless you’re able to explain things to someone in advance; its understandable that someone unfamiliar with the condition would assume its an STD or “something you’re not telling”.

    While ideally you (and others) accept the way you look, the world is as it is. Its always best when we accept ourselves as we are; but sometimes we need to change ourselves FOR ourselves. That’s fine too.

    Luckily, your condition seems to be in a very isolated area. If you wanted to do something about it, is there such a thing a skin dye (or even tattooing) that would lessen the appearance? I’ve heard of people using cosmetic medical tattooing for things like eyebrows and nipple restoration after surgery. Insurance might even cover it.

    Best of luck; ya look good either way.

  70. Jonwill

    It’s no big deal to me. Were I to see you, I know what it is, and wouldn’t be concerned. Your dick is still pretty hot! What’s the big deal of some different pigmentation?

  71. bimusclebear

    I had a hookup with a guy once that had it in the same places. It did freak me out because he didnt tell me until we were having sex. So, to answer your question, tell people before they get into bed with you. Some guys might mistake it for something contagious.

  72. G.T.

    I have a huge birthmark just like that on the back of my leg an I felt insecure at first but that’s one more thing that’s makes me even more unique and one of a kind. Own your definitive attributes

  73. Pat

    Oh, I Love, like, the way you look and your heart. I’ll take you in a heartbeat just the way you are. You seem from what I can tell like a person that needs LOVE. I wish I could meet you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. ometto

    Hell, I was seeing a guy years ago who looked similar, and I loved him and his body parts. I used to call his package “Pinto” and his sack Pinto’s saddle bags. He liked that and I loved making love to him and his entire body. Someone who makes us feel “less than” is not worth our time, effort, or love. You’re worth more than to think less of yourself because of skin color or pigmentation. You are the sum of your inner as well as your outer self. There’s absolutely nothing for you to feel uncomfortable about. Your body is good to look at, so don’t allow yourself to feel any less than that!

  75. Mark Sitrin

    I’d love you just the way you are- GOD had a reason to make everyone unique in their own way. you don’t need to change a thing, being yourself is the way it should be and much love to you !!! Look what Michael Jackson did and now look at where he is. Just a thought. Stay true to yourself and know you are loved !!

  76. Kevin-Chicago

    I once had the hottest hook up with a guy with Vitiligo.
    it didn’t matter one bit that he had a pigmentation change on his penis, he fucked the hell out of me so I agree with several other comment posters that the guys who turned you down are shallow bitchy self loathing queens who need an attitude adjustment. Also as far as looks go….WOOF you are fucking hot and that cock looks mighty tasty, oh I just had a thought about the pigmentation change, I know it hurts but have you considered tattooing? I have heard of cases of large birthmarks being covered with a flesh colored tattoo’s.
    if you ever get to chicago, hit me up. lakefrontboi

  77. invisibletruth

    I am a darker man. I have always had pink spots on my ass as also. I always thought it was because i couldn’t tan on my bottom. For the past year i got a few spots on my lips. It didn’t bother me because I would wear tinted lipglosses. I have never been self-consious or rejected because of my pink spots (yet). I get more rejection from my age, sexual role, being dark, ect.

    I was wondering if people were uncomfortable because you were? Two toned cocks are more common than you think. (So i’ve been told) This post brought vitilago to my attention. I will do some research. Thank you.

  78. George

    I got no problem whatsoever! is not the 1st time I see it so I could be totally fine with you so don’t feel shy you are not the only one with this condition. just be realistic about it and come upfront with it to people that don’t know about that condition so good luck dude!

  79. Falkland

    Beauty is truly defined in the eye of the intelligent adult. It is sad that we live in a culture that is for the most part, very shallow and uneducated. I find you. Just fine the way you are. Don’t change yourself to fit into any type of perceived look. Embrace your beauty and I would meet you any day. Aloha!!!

  80. Bottomboy

    I had a great Fb that had it on his cock too and not only could he fuck like a jack hammer, but would shoot huge loads. If this is the case for you, contact me πŸ˜‰

  81. geminiboic76

    It shouldn’t and doesn’t bother me. It’s much more important what’s on the inside. Personality can make someone that much more attractive and sexy. You sound genuine and you look great. Would love to see that great face that goes with. I accept you for you already! If you want to chat I’m always here! You are fine no matter what, in my eyes it isn’t an ailment or issue. Hugs

  82. rick

    hey guy to me not at all, also have yu seen a doctor? there are some creams and orther treatment you might try that might cure or make it less noticable. try sun tanning might help. I being heavy and lymphedema my real leg swells up and discolors and i use to be like you butheck now i dont even notice or care what people think i wear shorts most of the time. dont think of it as cancer think of it as a tattoo!

  83. StarvedinWA

    I actually think it’s kinda hot.
    Not big on the hair, personally, but it looks plenty fun to play with to me, man.

    Insecurity is a normal thing, but you shouldn’t let it hold you back. People come and go, but you’ll be in your skin for a long time, so enjoy it. Wear it proud.
    To be honest, someone who just enjoys themselves and likes having a hot time is way sexier than the airbrushed cocks you see in all these damn side banner ads.

  84. redtigergay

    Alright.. a topic I know about! First off do your research so you know how to explain what it is. I have never had an issue, although ethnicity can determine how visually obvious it is. I am sorry that you are self concious about your body because of it. You need to change that. Our body chemistry is different as to how we may be affected by vitiligo, but I became a Nudist. Spending as much time as I can Nude, outddors has increased my pigment level. Try it see if it works for u. If u choose to message me, I will be happy to discuss?

  85. fgdmv (flyyguy)

    Babyboy you are sexy. It’s just pigmentation I top, but when i am in love i eat suck and penetrate i make love to the mind because no one in this world is perfect. Keep your head and thst knuckle head you were with will beg for mercy!

  86. IMHO

    What Orlando wrote sort of hit home for me. “Honestly in a hook up situation I might be skeptical and I might find it weird. However, if I were to ever date you and I loved you, I’d be ok with it”. I suppose because it would be something “different” is all. Not that I’d think there was something wrong with you. Maybe just a little thrown off.

    That being said…I too sort of think it’s kind of hot, so don’t let it bother you. Try to enjoy being you. I have a feeling being you is a good thing

  87. Zack

    This is the first time I’ve seen this condition addressed on a forum. Thank you. I also have a slight loss if pigmentation on my shaft and scrotum. It is noticeable up close. It has caused me great emotional pain and anguish since puberty. In college I got the nerve to have a Dr exam it. His response that it might have been triggered by stress caused me further torment. The uv light treatments did nothing. Years later I consulted another dermatologist who said there was nothing reasonable that could be done. I’ve been too embarrassed to mention it to any other Dr.
    Sometimes sexual partners will comment; other times not. My heart goes out to any man who is afflicted with this condition. My hope is that we will all be loved because of our personality and not experience rejection because of slight pigment loss on our genitals. You’ve done a great service in opening this subject.

  88. Hunter0500

    Vitiligo isn’t a health or safety issue. It’s another characteristic of the human body. If it’s carried as a “cross to bear” or a “chip on the shoulder,” it’ll be received as such. If you get to know a guy without bringing it up until either a natural point in conversation or out of necessity because clothes are about to come off, acceptance of it after explanation should generally be positive. As a surprise in “the heat of the moment,” it could be unsettling. If a guy’s response to it along the way is negative, you’re lucky to learn that the guy in question isn’t quality; he’s not someone who you can count on to be in your life in a positive way long term. An early win, actually.

    At the end of the day, don’t be ashamed by it and don’t present it as a negative. It’s really no different than your height, hair color, eye color, build, race, etc. You dont’ explain or apologize for them. Good guys will accept you for your total package.

  89. Scout

    Hey man,
    Thank you for posting this. I have the same condition, and totally understand. It can really wreck havoc on one’s self-esteem. I am a pretty good looking guy, great shape, head together professional and well established. Unfortunately, the same condition has made me very self-conscious about it. I also have small areas on my face which can be covered , but there is not much to be done in the private area. Showering at the gym, or just being intimate has gotten difficult because of it. I often feel like a freak or wonder what someone is thinking when they see it (which doesn’t happen often, now a days). I guess it has caused me to be more of a good boy than I probable would have been, because I certainly keep it in my pants. Lol and in any case, I’m healthy and alive today as a result. But it does help to know that I am not the only one with this condition. I thank you again for the posting, and wish the best of luck to you.

  90. Mike

    Those guys are a bunch of shallow assholes. Your pic is hit and I’d gladly suck you and let you do anything else to me πŸ˜‰

  91. versguy1961

    My dad had this condition when I was a child it was on his hands and face and the older I got I saw it was on his legs and his ass crack his penis…. he had the injections to even out his pigment so then he looked white instead of African American or colored as we were called back then. then I met a guy in Cleveland who had this condition as well and he was hung like a damn horse and his cock was almost a foot long and fat like a flash light and his cock was spotted like a Calico horse and it was a beautiful sight to see full foreskin covered his penis head… what I need to tell you is that….. you need to come to accept your body and once you accept your body it won’t matter who else does….. if you can’t accept you…. how can you believe others will …. And trust me they will accept you….. Allow yourself to be LOVED…. You are your biggest hindrance…. you need to see the beauty in yourself that we see in you….

  92. Itsinyourmind41

    I completely understand what you are going through. I see no issue in your dick at all. I am fat and trust me I get turned down more than I get yes’s. You just need to put it out of your mind and say I am happy with myself if they are not its their lose.

  93. lukelover

    U r beautiful inside and out. Don’t let anyone or anything bring u down.from what I can see u have an awesome personality any man would be lucky to have u. Stay encouraged buddy the right guy will come along and make u feel special and appreciated.

  94. Greg

    Sounds to me that your BF was using this as an excuse. Vitiligo is just a big, reverse freckle, nothing more.

    Looking at your pic, yup it looks strange when you fiest see it. But that cock is just the right size for my tight ass & those legs sure look muscular, yum!

    Blow this a-hole off, put it down to experience & move on.

  95. Jdehrt

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the what I see. Not understanding why someone would leave a 7 year relationship because of something as insignificant as a beauty mark. What a huge loss!! There’s plenty of other people out there who I’m sure it wouldn’t even be a topic of discussion with, including me!

  96. Cooldude307

    I don’t see the problem with it. If guys think it’s ugly that’s there own problem meaning there the ones who don’t see past fiscal looks I see a person for who they are and not what there skin look like

  97. mecocklover

    Vitiligo is not a problem. Insecurity is the problem. Counseling may be in order to accept what your body looks like.

  98. Sean

    I don’t mean any disrespect but you need to seek out affirmation elsewhere. I see posts like this and comments stating that the gay community needs to see past just looks and everything and I can’t help but laugh. A4A is primarily a site for sex. When someone is horny and looking to get off they care very little about the person inside the body. They are looking for a physical experience and make their selection based on physical characteristics. You cannot and should not expect anything more from a sex focused site. Too many guys believe that other people owe them sex. If someone isn’t interested that’s the end of the story.

    I say this with the full understanding that there are tons of people who aren’t interested in me. The various reasons are irrelevant and I don’t dwell on it because not everyone is my type either. If you let a site like this define your self worth you’re never going to come out ahead. That applies to those who are physical perfection as well as those who are not.

  99. K

    Yes it does sound very difficult for a gay man with unusual physical appearance to navigate the gay world which majority of men still judge each other based on looks (at least in the beginning).

    I think it’s a mater of learning and education. I remember when I first saw the white patches on the penis of a gay porn actor, I was disgusted and thought: why would they put someone with STD in the film? Later I learned the condition is not STD and harmless to personal health. It makes me more compassionate about people who are inherently different from the mainstream — we’re all individuals and somewhat different aren’t we?

    I suspect your condition isn’t problematic socially since the discolourations only exist on the private parts. By “coming out” to men you’re interested sexually it makes you a better person with honesty and integrity. Try to use this seems negative to your own advantage— think of it as a good “screening tool” to weed out the men who only care about your looks. Your real prince won’t care after he spends time and gets to know you as a person, that’s boyfriend/life partner material.

    Be brave and believe in kind people– there’re tons of them.



  100. Court

    Honestly this should never even be an issue. I accept you for you. I generally except everyone for well they are. This is the biggest problem in our society. If you ever need to talk or vent I’m here for ya man. Would be cool to see the nice face to match your soul. I have no doubt that you’re a great genuine person. Well cares what others think. If they have a problem with it, clearly the problem starts with themselves. Hugs. Message me if you would like.

  101. smith

    That’s nothing. Try having psoriasis and trying to hook up. If any of you have ever seen psoriasis you know how it can ruin a hookup

  102. Ron (aka NittanyLionPA)

    Put me down as another guy who thinks your cock looks great. Sorry that there are men who would make you feel self-conscious about this. We really can be shallow, can’t we?

  103. fratini3

    hay dude your penis is just fine its thier problem not yours it looks great like your bush to wolf wolf if you think you got a problem im hiv pos i have it on my profile i been more than tar and feather i would do you would you do me? my nane ronnie im on adam4adam lebanon pa hay i tell the truth do others

  104. TrizzyTroy

    Man pls get over other ppls insecurities. Dont let them put their shit on you. I know a georgeous ‘marble’ colored man. He has a heart of gold, a mind for money and a body for sin. I personally have relatives with the same condition. And they’ve had it spread over the yrs, but all I see is my love for them. Not their skin condition. Keep your head up, and your heart gaurded in this life. The right dude will come along n love u blindly, the way its supose to be.

  105. Mike

    I have a skin condition called ichthyosis. Dead skin cells don’t leave my body before new skin cells are made. This gives my skin a rough and scaly appearance. I am very self conscious about it. But if a comment is made or question is asked by someone I am with, I just explain it. If I don’t get invited back for another time, I look for the next guy. We all have things about ourselves that we wish was different.

  106. Matthew

    I have an African-American friend who has it on her hands and she very matter of factly tell people what it is and she moves on.

  107. Christian

    Honestly your asking for us to approve or disapprove. You have to approve yourself. You feel ashamed and unattrative so that is the vibe you are giving off.

    If you don’t feel good about your body then how can anyone else feel good about being with you. Being a person of color you have to love yourself before anyone can love you.

    The first thing to always remember: gay people are the most shallow people and so many hate themselves so they get off putting others down. If they don’t want your gain and their lost.

    Be proud of who you are and don’t be ashamed and don’t ever look to others to accept you. You accept yourself

  108. jay11970

    Many years ago I dated a guy with this issue. Like you, it only affected his penis. At first I was kind of apprehensive about it, but I learnd what it was and was fine with it. Most people are afraid of what they don’t know and are quick to make wrong assumptions(sign of disease or injury). One thing I have learned in life is to never judge a book by it’s cover as things are rarely what they seem at first look. Keep your head up and don’t feel ashamed.

  109. Reggie


    I dealt with having Vitiligo on my back and chest. My doctor told me to buy selsun blue, apply it to the area before going to bed and let it set overnight. When I wake shower. And repeat every night. It was gone by the time the bottle was finished

  110. David

    It wouldn’t bother me st all. I have seen people with it out in public. It’s a shame how few people look for beautiful godly men. Beauty is skin deep. Never judge a book by its cover, you may be amazed once you open it up!! You are probably a nice catch!! You will find love again!!

  111. Justin

    I know exactly where you are coming from. I have Guttate Psoriasis and It comes and it goes but when I get it. I am covered. Arms, legs, torso, in my hair and even sometimes tiny patches on my face that are unnoticeable. But I always have to give a precaution to guys cuz a lot of ppl are ignorant and think its contagious.
    I say be proud of who you are, and if a guy can’t handle your dick that honestly just looks like a birthmark then he is really someone who don’t want around. If he is judging your dick, then is he gonna judge your family? your friends? Be comfortable with yourself. You know its not contagious or harmful, don’t worry. And if a guy is SOOOO concerned about it, then fuckin ask Google. Google knows everything

  112. Dylan

    You are not alone. A very good friend of mine in Maine has your exact situation and same Location. He actually has more white patches. The only real difference is he is an African American and very dark skin, (Except his cock) and it happens to be 11″cut. The way I look at it, it’s a work of art. My favorite horse is a paint. He has a horse cock…kinda like a match in my book. It functions perfectly and has never let me down. Other guys have seen it and have been turned off. The funny thing is, the hard core bottoms who wouldn’t suck it, as he starts to get dressed he’ll ask,”so I guess you don’t want this in you?” They change their mind really quick. Don’t let it bother you. Some ppl are just close minded. You win them over you’ve moved mountains.

  113. Meech

    I think it is hot. .. People fear wut they don’t understand & they hate wut they fear. I’d suck it for you…lol… Don’t be ashamed ever… Embrace it….. Like GaGa said.”I was born this way” if others can’t accept that then move on.. you’re too special for them to understand

  114. DAve

    Everyone has their flaws and their insecurities – we can’t always get over how we feel about the shell that we are in. There is always something we wish we could change. That being said, your condition is no different from having say freckles; a person is extremely shallow if your condition bothers them or is a turn off. We are more than our skin.

  115. Jay

    I dont see a problem with vitiligo, because I know what it is, some of my relatives have it. But a lot of people never heared about it and the first thing will come to their mind is …PANIC!!!…thats probably why they dont want to do nothing to do if see white spots in your penis,…IGNORANCE…I will advise you to tell your future sex mate…about….and then decide if they are really mature to understand what is VITILIGO…

  116. Jay

    I dont see a problem with vitiligo, because I know what it is, some of my relatives have it. But a lot of people never heared about it and the first thing will come to their mind is …PANIC!!!…thats probably why they dont want to do nothing to do if see white spots in your penis,…IGNORANCE…I will advise you to tell your future sex mate…about….and then decide if they are really mature to understand what is VITILIGO…

  117. StuStu

    Hi. First if I read your blog correctly I am now curious where you moved to and from with the boyfriend and I wonder, as you probably do too, what made him change.

    I see no problem with it. It’s only skin issue.
    It’s not contagious.
    I know two people who have “port wine” stains on their faces.
    For both of these people it covers a good 1/3 of their face.
    Neither person tries to hide it.
    Neither seem to have issues with it but, as one of them is a gay man, the other is a straight woman, I know some gay men won’t even look at him.
    And this man, “R” is really handsome or cute.
    Personally I have always made it a point to look at someone with any imperfection (n a wheel chair, etc., unless they are clearly mentally disturbed) directly in the eyes as I know many people do not do so and acknowledge them.

    I see no issue is we where to meet, date, trick, whatever, with your skin condition.

    More people seem to be freaked about my HIV+ status and so many people don’t understand what it means to be negative (test results) or positive (on meds. etc) and so many people seem to be oblivious to Herpes and Hepatitis.

    Those are issues which can be deal with by education.

    No my friend, I see no issue with your skin condition.
    People who might or do are ignorant but I know it can still hurt you emotionally.

  118. RedRav

    It’s a beautiful shaped cock. The color is awesome. I’ve been with guys with the same condition. It’s more commen in black men. Doesn’t bother me.

  119. Crazykindaguy

    I have it on my dick too but I always just laughed about it. If people ask I tell them my dick has Michael Jackson disease and it’s name is “cow” MOOOOOOOO

  120. Shawn

    nah, I mean if i saw it I’d be taken aback. But when I found out it was like a birthmark, not an STD and couldn’t be transmitted I’d probably go right back to sucking it until it blew a load down my throat and then I’d probably turn around and let you or whatever guy who had it fuck me with it. I don’t see what the fuck the big deal is.

  121. David

    Happy that you got such an overwhelmingly positive response from everyone. However, I am not convinced that many of the guys stating that there isn’t a problem with your penis would ever get close to even giving you a blowjob. It is just the way it is in this lifestyle. Imperfections are a huge disincentive because being overly shallow, gay people will continue to find new ways to judge each other on mere appearance. For most women this would not even be an issue, but for us gay men IT COULD DECIDE WHETHER OR NOT YOU GET LAID… don’t be fooled by all the politically correct responses here. If they had to choose your discolored dick against another dick, they would go for the “normal looking” one! It’s just the way it is. I’m sorry to bare things down to the bone like that, but honestly that’s all we do with each other when we interact and socialize, treat each other as PIECES OF MEAT! It is very sad, but it is what it is. My suggestion is to be confident with your imperfections and do NOT expect society or anyone to validate you, because chances are they won’t! Or they will just pretend to, like many have done in responding to your post here!

  122. Jay

    First of all, can I just say, that this is my very first post to a4as forum dispite many interesting topics ive read and almost replied to but I always wanted my voice to really mean something. Here goes… Dear Anonymous A4A member. First, you are beautiful and I dont need to see a photo or take a gallup poll. You are unique and you are desirable. Everybody has got a lane or 2 or several they feel comfortable in and everybody including the asshole jerk ur sure everybody hates or thinks is unattractive even they have a fan club. I say this to you so that you may walk with pride and not let other peoples fears or ugliness rub off on you. If theres something u are uneasy about regarding your looks, take time to really anaylize the root cause because I could be wrong but other peoples aversion makes u unsure about ur appeal. Im writing a novel here but remember this if nothing else…Id take a confident guy with a belly whose balding over an insecure pinup with 12 packs abs anyday. To me its more attractive to love who you are and what makes you different or special also flips and makes me or us different and special. They shouldnt have a problem with you, and maybe you should beat em to the punch by fucking them first. I know that can be taken wrong but i mean if they are fucking you and ur vers fuck them. my a4a is dathickest1 on a4a. hit me lets have some private convo. Cuz everybody in this world has got some flaw or flab or both(lol) visible or otherwise. DONT BE AFFRAID TO SHOW UR BODY AND LOVE IT. ITS UR SHRINE AND ITS YOURS TO CHERISH AND LOVE AND SUPPORT AND PROTECT AND GIVE. oFF THE SOAPBOX NOW BUT ANYONE OUT THERE WHOSE DIFFERENT REMEMBER EVERY GOT A LANE. AND A FAN CLUB. EVERYBODY.

  123. Dahonly1

    There is nothing wrong with you..You are perfectly fine… It is just that in this lifestyle people are so picky about the wrong things yet are so quick to have unprotected sex and not be concerned about anything.. and majority of them are also hung up on looks instead of worrying about what’s on the inside of a person which really counts because looks are the first thing to go… that is something I always tell everyone I may not be the perfect looking person but I’ll tell you one thing my heart is always in the right place.. so don’t feel self conscious because of that jerk that you were with just worry about yourself because you know you are healthy and perfect in your own way..

  124. Michael

    I have to say anyone that would reject you for that is very shallow. I am a fan of rimming, and I have to say that I have seen white men with dark skin coloration all along their ass cracks. I first thought the worse until I realized it was mother nature’s little joke and not a hygiene problem. I would say that a multi-colored cock would be an asset not a hindrence. As long as it works,shoots, and gets the job done who cares what it looks like. Like the black guys that wont fuck whites or the whites that wont sleep with blacks. It is all in the mind. BTW I am an older white man and have the whole age issue to deal with, so consider yourself lucky. Gay men are definately not age tolerant either.

  125. Jeff

    Like too many things in life people fear what they don’t understand. And that often means when they encounter something for the first time.

    There have been more than enough times for me when guys got upset over a small scar 0n my belly that sometimes looks dry or reddens, or a blemish that we all can occasionally get.

    I think guys get that way in the climate of anything slightly unusual, even if really only temporary, equates to an STD. It’s ignorance and fear. Hopefully this blog will educate them.

    I think your spots are unique and find nothing wrong with it at all. Consider them the same way as your tatt.

  126. Dayne

    I for one would have to say without having read this Id know nothing about it. Just like when you see someone missing an arm, or in a wheelchair, or any other deformity for that matter, people would stare. It not so much being unattracted as it is being curious and possibly a little afraid of the unknown? Its clearly a visible difference and without knowing the cause you mind begins to wander, could it be an STD? Can I catch it? Is it something that will give me health problems? So I would say a majority of the problem is miseducation or or the lack there of.
    Id have to say, if that is your pic, you look fine as hell! The whole vitiligo thing does make me uneasy because its not something Im comfortable with, but if you’d personally explain it to me, I really would forsee it not being any sort of problem.

  127. Twinkerz

    Don’t lose your confidence. If a guy doesn’t want you anymore, ditch his ass and move on. It sounds bad, but guys can be assholes and you don’t have to deal with that crap. I’m sure there are a lot of men who would treat you right. I personally wouldn’t mind. I’d make you feel beautifull. πŸ™‚

  128. bsb1016

    Who cares how a penis looks. It comes in all different shapes, sizes, colors, etc. God did not make everyone alike therefore all of us has to respect how different we are because we live in a diverse society. Having said that your condition is not a death sentence by far. It is not a disease that will cause harm to anyone. It sounds like your ex partner has the problem. Take a long look in the mirror and then tell yourself this. You are smart, attractive, caring and worthy to be loved regardless of any imperfections. Go out and find someone who will love you for you only.

  129. Nekked

    The Latino man two houses from me has it all on his face, neck, torso and arms. Just about everywhere I have seen his skin. I wish I was bold enough to invite him down for a naked barbeque. I think he is HOT and have no qualms about his “condition”. If you’re ever in Lafayette, IN look me up, we’ll hang out and have a naked barbeque. I won’t put you down for your imperfections if you don’t put me down for mine!

  130. Roger

    I have the same problem with my penis…but it doesn’t seem to bother anyone else. I just call my penis ” Little Spotty”

  131. Troy

    I have vitiligo myself. No one has ever rejected me or made me feel poorly about. I tend to go for more thoughtful guys at any rate. I don’t view it as a flaw to be overlooked. Rather, I view it as a unique variation. It helps if you truly accept yourself and love your penis (as odd as that sounds) as a part of everthing else that is you. When you own it, the opinions of others will mean less and less. Hang in there, man. You’re beautiful as you are. ^_^

  132. Jose

    I think your dick is beautiful bro. I’m a top but I would suck you. Keep your head up man, one day you will find someone special who will accept you for you.

  133. Terry

    I don’t have a problem with the way you look and would take you under my wing in a minute. That is the problem with some guys, they think they are perfect, but everybody has flaws. Don’t let it bother you. I think it just makes you more interesting and sexy.

  134. Thank you!!!!

    THANK YOU FOR ADDRESSING THIS!!!! I personally have it as well and I’m commonly rejected for this because they say it looks weird. It’s not contagious and shouldn’t be judged based on ignorance. My body is clean and sorry for the cockiness but I’m a great looking guy who shouldn’t be judged for this.

  135. b_ray79

    I love it. This to me makes you very unique person. I’ve meet and know people who have vitiligo and are awesome. I’ve even messed around with a dude who had it and was never bothered by it. So if you need a person to talk to I’m here for you!! And I’m serious too!!

  136. Jason

    I will admit that it def looks different but it’s not a turn off. I think your brave to be able to have a picture posted and reach out for opinions. My partner has a small spot like this and it doesn’t make a difference to me. Don’t be ashamed and good luck.

  137. Rex Ganymede, esq.

    so, none of the “this is just a preference” guys have come out on this one, eh?

    please understand that, for those who aren’t in the know (which is probably at least 60 – 90%), they’re not going to (and shouldn’t) just unconditionally accept an anomaly such as vitiligo, without ever questioning it.
    they have every right to believe that this condition may be contagious, or otherwise “medically hazardous,” and may be just the beginning stages of something more serious (or otherwise ‘undesirable’).
    just as they have every right, especially, to believe that a total stranger, so afflicted, may not be being truthful about what’s going on.

    basically..the onus does lie with the person who has the ‘anomaly’ to give fair warning to potential prospects, so as to avoid potential conflict-surprises; i assert this, while being one such person who generally has to “give fair warning” to people who want to pursue something with me.
    (Goose. Gander.)

    that said: you really should just state your condition up front in your profile; publicly display that picture (as shown above in this post); advise to read up on vitiligo (in order to provide proper preparation).. ..bear in mind that there are always idiots who are wont to comport themselves idiotically (i have to deal with them all the time, myself)….. and, perhaps most importantly β€” be careful, that you never perpetrate the same sort of shaming and discrimination that you complain of here.

    there is one other aspect, here, which merits mention: some people may just not ‘prefer’ pigmentationing like that … and their reasoning for that is not always going to be malicious or based in “fear from ignorance or stupidity,” nor are such individuals always “not worth anyone’s time,” either.
    of course, these factors does not ever excuse hurtful actions.. ..but, those who do RESPECTFULLY decline any (or “certain”) intimate activities shouldn’t be maligned for their choice.
    (you don’t have to accept their limits either, obviously)

    there are individuals who truly do have a guttural reaction to such things, in spite of themselves … i guess, as with most ‘preferences’ and ‘aversions,’ if enough time is spent, and if the person is open to it, they may eventually overcome their bias or prejudice.


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