Pornstars : Randy Blue Models – Tribute To Beyoncé


Randy Blue porn stars are back!! in 2010, they made a tribute to Kylie Minogue, this time they are lip-syncing on BLOW by Queen B herself, Beyoncé.

Watch Diego Sans, Jarec Wentworth, Colby Keller, Kurtis Wolfe, Justin Owen, Abele Place and Austin Wolfe moving their butts and singing the song below.

Let me know which one is your fave!

I personally like them all 🙂



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  1. Tony

    Thes boy really put it down. This video made me laugh. My GAYS are the very best at what we do. And they are FINE too. You Just Go Boys!!!!!

  2. OMG. Can't. Breathe.

    Hilarious. Some were clearly Beyonce fans while others looked like they were reading the lyrics off of a que card lol. Thanks for posting this, it made my day.

  3. Lovetobreed

    I think the Kylie tribute was better…. if it wasn’t for Diego Sans and his “personality” in the video, it would of been a dud…. LOL

  4. PHDnRimming

    Wasn’t the worst 4 minutes of my life, but honestly guys, “don’t quit your day job!”
    I’m not a Randy Blue fan/know the models’ names so here goes:

    #1 fav= the guy in orange (0:56, 1:11, 3:08)
    #2 fav = the tattoo guy at 0:22 and 2:35

    The “diva” in purple was just too into it; major turn off.

  5. Enzo AKA SoCalTuffGuy

    I think these men are beautiful (especially Abele Place), so I don’t want to come off as a hater: I like the studio as well as their models. However, there is something extremely non-sexy, in my opinion, about grown men acting like chicks or little girls. I think this would be hot if they were dancing and lip-syncing to a rock song from The Black Keys or Foo Fighters rather than this Beyonce song.

    Again, this is just my opinion and I assume these guys are intentionally being silly, which is fun. Watching videos like this makes me think “damn, I hope these guys don’t act like this in real life.” Am I the only one who thinks this?


  6. John

    How on earth are guys moving like women and singing a Beyoncé song considered sensual!!? This is like dumping a bucket of iced water on my cock lol

  7. klimaxxx

    Love the song, but guys with no rythym is a major turn off! I wonder if their rhythm here is a testament to how well they work it in thr bedroom. Hmmm…

  8. gr8andlooking

    Wisah there was a more diverse use of models. 1 black model, no asians and lots of white….Next time hope they use an equal number of diverse ethnicities

  9. CarTP

    Dave, I think I would have liked to see you in the video as well, I think you might have given them all a run for their money, lol! =)

  10. Soonami

    The guy at marker 2:30-2:34 (don’t know his name). Though I’d never turn him away, I’m shocked with my choice because I’ve always gone for the face/chest hair guys, but there was something about this guy made me a lil nervous….

  11. Hunter0500

    No guy can call himself gay if he just doesn’t luuuuuuuuuuuuuv young, primped and preened models dancing in expensive underwear to a female music artist.

  12. Hillie

    I watched it til the end….sigh. Slightly entertained and amused but it held my attention. Can they take their clothes off now and fuck! Lol jk

  13. quinnlan

    loved the guys but the music just killed it for me.
    Beyoncé has never been my cup of tea but I’m sure they could have used a better song from her

  14. Tim

    Reading these comments after the article about racial preferences is pretty funny. So… Hot is Hot as long as it’s diverse enough? I suppose if it were largely black you’d be complaining about objectifying or something… Sheesh

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