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Dominic Santos is half black, half italian and 100 percent hot. This boy has a lean and toned body and one of the biggest dicks you have ever seen at Randy Blue. This limber adonis has a few tricks up his sleeve but we did not know just how amazingly talented this guy was….until he told us he could suck his own dick. Now a lot of people say they can suck their own dick, but they end up looking very strained as they barely lick the tip of their head. This dude can fucking suck his own dick for real. When he said he would show us, it took him only a few seconds to get hard. He just had to think about having some hot public sex in the gym, and the next thing we knew he was hard as a rock and sucking down on his own shaft. He is a versatile performer and loves to top and bottom. He showed off his bottoming skills by turning over and finger fucking the hell out of himself. Finally he lays on his back, finger fucked his ass and sucked his dick until he came in his mouth. This man will blow you away. Literally. You are about to witness the start of a big gay porn star. I hope you are ready.

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  1. sjohnson

    he only sucking the head so i guess your right….have seen some that can go almost half way down the shaft….but straining…what ‘fun’ would that be…can’t get any diseases by sucking yourself

  2. self suckee joey

    as the winner of this years mr flexible self sucking contest ,I won a trip to Thailand and mexico to demonstrate my skills for the national assemblies of each country. I am proud to say that I promote world peace and self sucking wherever I go.

  3. Randy

    I used to be able to do that when I was younger and thinner. But I used to throw my legs over my head and hook my feet on my headboard. I could half of my cock in my mouth and suck/jerk myself off and cum in my mouth.

  4. Luvwhitemeat

    Hi Dave, this is a completly unrelated topic, but i dont know how else to reach you and i really would like to hear guys thoughts on why in 90%o of interracial porn is it that its ALWAYS a black top and white bottom, and if it is a white top fucking a black bottom the top is usually timid and the scene turns out lackluster. This seems to transfer over to reality LOVE white guys but it seems all of the white guys want, or assume i am (or should be) this dominate sex machine, and get turned off when i say im looking to bottom. This is the overwhelming respose i recieve and i live in the heart of Washington, DC a major city with a lot of diversity. I dont mean to detract from the hot guy sucking himself off, but this issue has really been bothering me. Can you please write a post on this subject.

    Ps, can you ad some links to some sites featuring black guys getting fucked by dominant white guys, thanks.

  5. elms24

    Sjohnson remember these are just pics…he probably does the same as those u have seen.. sucking almost halfway down. But still he is a very hot guy. Might have to see if I can find a vid of him on myvidster lmao

  6. elms24

    Haha disregard my last comment…he was kinda only sucking the head….but thats way more than I can do. Still a hot video and a hot guy. Good job randyblue

  7. JustMe

    Meh… He can get the head in… show me a guy who can get at least half their cock in their mouth… then I will be impressed.

  8. Steve

    Sjohnson – On the disease front, there’s some thought that’s not true: apparently there some bacteria develop just at the tip that aren’t good for you. And, of course, if you were uncut and not cleaning under the hood, that’s bad news.

  9. Briandavis48

    Wow, frickin hot, sure wish I could do that. Have been able to shoot in my mouth but sucking your own dick would be the ultimate for sure.

  10. jonnynct

    I used to get almost all the way down – I am 7”x6” but you are all missing the point. He is an effin’ hunk and should never have to do this – I would be more than willing to offer my services for anything thing he wants anytime!

  11. Jeff

    Meh.. Yeah he’s a hot fucker for sure, but I’ve seen video. He can only suck the head…barely. Show me a hung guy that cat get at least 4-5 inches their cock in their mouth and then I’ll be impressed

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