Photography : Dylan Rosser Shoots Belami Models For Addicted


Famous photographer Dylan Rosser shot Belami models for Addicted’s new campaign. Florian Nemec, Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta, Robin Michaux, Hoyt Kogan and Joel Birkim flew to Cape Town with Dylan to create spectacular “wet” images of the sexy collection.

Three new collections that the company is presenting are the most daring ever, when it comes to the designs. For this reason we needed a strong and a recognisable worldwide image and this was why we contacted the wonderful team at BelAmi to propose this collaboration. Without hesitation they responded with an emphatic “Yes!”. Working together on this project has been an incredible experience that we will never forget”, said Héctor Aguilar, Campaign Production Manager.

The company recently revealed the photos for Wet Me Up campaign, check out the result of this fantastic collab between Addicted and Belami below and let me know if you like!



addicted-underwear-adam-archuleta addicted-underwear-ads addicted-underwear-bel-ami-campaign addicted-underwear-bel-ami addicted-underwear-boys addicted-underwear-campaign addicted-underwear bel-ami-adam-archuleta bel-ami-addicted-underwear bel-ami-campaign bel-ami-florian-nemec bel-ami-hoyt-kogan bel-ami-kevin-warhol bel-ami-models bel-ami-underwear-campaign


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  1. Synn

    Handsome, but still look WAY too much like little boys. Call me in about 10yrs or so, when they’ve grown into MEN.

  2. raparker

    EXTRA NICE!!!!!! could not tell it was on the cape so to speak, If I traveled that far I would have been sure to have a more recognized spot to shoot at least one photo. The Guys are perfection and I love the nude and suits together, but a bit odd for a bathing suite add, just saying. . .
    Photos are HOT!!!!

  3. goodguyoral

    dull and colorless…..again….no blacks…no Asians….hispanics…no others….like heavier men…older men…why do we never see handicapped men…the world is not just one thing

  4. apeman

    Hot bodies, but not one hair on one chest. Wouldn’t kick any of them out of the bathtub if they were in there with me, but i would like to see a little fur!

  5. Hunter0500

    Nobody I ever see. All of them are young, shaved, preened, waxed, glistened to the max … totally not the guys most guys interact with day to day. Hey, good for you if you’re among the few of them that exist and can count them among the “buds” you value in your life and who will be there regardless of how young, shaved, preened, waxed, glistened you may be at any time.

  6. Justin

    Those black and white stripped ones with the red trim are way way way hott! I actually like the style and especially the fit of almost all of them. Not as crazy about the brand name though. Only reason is because I am legitimately fearful of becoming addicted to hot,kinky,bareback fucks.

  7. einathens

    The scenery is nice but it doesn’t disguise the fact that this is a commercial for an advertisement. Please label them as such.

  8. dee

    Cute guys who clearly spend time in the gym. With that said, this whole idea is old and tired. Where is the scruff? No Body hair, No facial hair, no ethnic diversity, they all are young… I’m over it.

  9. MARK200

    I agree, I like more of a manly man, instead of a pretty hairless boy-toy. Give me meat, and some pubic hair any day, what is it with all this shaved stuff?????? I like men, not skinny little pre-pube boyz!!!!!!

  10. Dylan

    OMG I can not believe what I have been reading! I am shocked at most of the responses. I have had my share of guys that look exactly like these models. If I owned a poster printer I’d be burning through ink cartridges as I sit here typing. If any of those guys knocked on my door I can guarantee four things:
    1. He ain’t leaving anytime soon. There will be no quickies with this Adonis.
    2. His ass is getting rimmed and cock deep throated until he is in to a frenzy, and a massage all at the same time.(I got skills).
    3. His ass is gonna hurt for three days after I finish fucking him.
    4. He”‘ll be back for more.

  11. Ondra

    Bel Ami was the first brand to market young pretty boys to gay men. Back in the day, Lukas was the face of gay porn (him and Jeff Stryker.) Sexually speaking, I would have no use for these guys,but I understand why guys would think they are hot.

  12. Dylan

    BTW… The guy in the white (black, green & teal band), he ain’t never leaving. I’d build a dungeon tonight. I’d be a long time before that boy saw day light.

  13. HolePunchSD

    They’re BOYS! And they damn near look alike.
    Clearly, I don’t fit the demographic that Bel Ami caters to which is why I’ve never given them my time or my money.
    Wake me when these boys start to shave…

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