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Versace‘s Spring 2014 campaign featuring Lady Gaga came out few months ago and everybody in the fashion industry agreed that the lady was flawless in front of the camera. But few days ago, un-photoshopped photos of the famous singer came out and they went viral on social medias. Funny how people complain that advertising photos are always photoshopped and that companies should consider bigger models, or average people, but when the photos are showing the truth, bruised knees, dark circles or pimples, people are still complaining and criticizing…

Check out the non-retouched originals after the jump!


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  1. BearOKC69

    Recently saw a whole series of (women) pornstars with & w/o makeup etc. Some were naturally beautiful and you couldn’t see much difference and others were, you wouldn’t give another glance at (presuming you were looking at their faces). Reminds me of Penny Marshall during her Laverne & Shirley days saying she was very disappointed as she was expecting the same transformative effect of proper hair & makeup treatment. And a couple of years ago there was ones of celebrities, some who were completely unrecognizable without makeup. The unrealistic images portrayed in the media do nothing to help people’s self image. Think the magazines etc that target that demographic should as a public service, at least once a year run those pics as a reality check.

  2. eric

    Good lord. She looks like a tumor that crawled out of Donatella’s ass and became a person. But those outfits are fierce!

  3. james

    Not a fan but she looks fine without retouching. I can at least say that she looks WAY better than Madonna and that’s FOR sure!!!!! She doesn’t require a complete overhaul like Madonna who still think this is 1990.

  4. GAG-a

    Well yea the untouched pix of her are pretty bad..she looks like a 40 year old woman who smokes too much..BUT i will say if if she never wore makeup id prob feel differently. Whether youre famous or not,women who wear makeup,especially alot of makeup,always look wayyyyyy different without…its just makes them feel like they HAVE to wear it..btw im a fan of Gaga…but a huge fan of Versace..

  5. Matt

    I love this woman! I love her for her talent, her music, her voice, and her crazy creative mind! I don’t care to know about her superficial flaws because that does not in any way shape or form change those things I love about her! Thanks

  6. Hunter0500

    So about singers such as Colton Ford, Jah Brenan, Ferras, and Luke Caswell? Maybe go back in time a bit to Luther Vandross, Johnnie Mathis and Cole Porter?

    Gaga, Beyonce et al … they’re all packaged in a model that could be called “Draq Queen Delight” (what every Drag Queen could aspire to) but not what every gay guy wants to see or whose music they enjoy. Much great music comes from artists not stuck in the stereotypical “Drag Queen” model pushed by holders of the Gay Brand. Many of these artists are male … reportedly gay … and they put out a variety of music styles that would satisfy the variety of gay guys there are. Many artists are non-gay males and females as well.

    There are choices, choices far outside of Gaga, Beyonce, et al. It’d be interesting to hear what music the posters here like … beyond that of “Drag Queen.”

  7. devin

    Every picture put out in an ad is photoshopped. The girl likes being on her knees. Don’t we all. She’s still fierce and on fire.

  8. drew

    It does look like Donnatella Versace was the inspiration for her look. It actually looks like the photographer took realyl quick shots and then the lighting and atmosphere was added with photoshop. I think the couch was even photoshopped.


    First of all those how you say untouched photos are just her without her make-up ! As a Pro Make-Up Artist myself those were just mock test shots either for lighting and or set design !! DONT BELIVE THE HYPE !!


  10. Jay

    I don’t think Gaga is ugly but her face looks a little warn and damaged. Like a bad drug problem damaged. She looks almost sickly. Pics of her years ago sans-makeup or photo-shopped in no way look this withered.

  11. Antar

    She is a naturally an pretty Italian girl .. she had a more olive skin tone and dark hair as Stephanie nice and healthy Mediterranean stock . She looks energetically depleted and totally dehydrated. The last picture is the worst like she is internally imploding under the contrived BS gaga identity which must feel like nothing but a claustrophobic prison to her at times.

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