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Fantasy : What Is The Perfect Dick For You?

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Everybody has different tastes, right?

Some like big cocks, some like smaller ones, some like cut cocks, some only swear by uncut and long foreskin, some guys like a huge mushroom head while others prefer curved cocks, smooth, hairy….. There’s cocks for every tastes on this planet (lol)!

Tell me what is the perfect cock for YOU? Or do you like all shapes and sizes?

My favourite cock is cut, it is around 8-9 inches, it is thick and straight, not curved. It is for me, the perfect cock to suck on and to slide in my ass without too much pain but still feeling it very well. (like the picture above)

To get you inspired, I have uploaded few pictures for you below the jump, check them out!



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  1. darryl

    I don’t have a size in mind, but the combination of cock, balls and bush together gets me going. Not the best cock sucker, but if i’am turned on enough i will make you think i were an expert spurt being the operative word lol. My ex had a beautiful cock. For a short guy he had a long 9 incher that slid down my throat nicely, after learning from him how to suck cock. Once I got over the fear of choking, i learned all i need to know to make a Man shiver his timber.

  2. marvin

    Lets face it, we love huge cocks. I know I do, but if the cock is perfect, but the guy is less than perfect at using it. Then how perfect is the cock? We could do all the work but doesn’t that defeat the purpose of finding the perfect anything?

  3. Tom

    I like them cut, about 8″ and average to thick. And I like them young and smooth. And hopefully they know how to use it too

  4. Denis

    I love my cocks about 6 to 7 cut and very thick ,I like the after glow feeling a thick dick gives me,too long and my guts get rearranged,just my personal opinion;)thanx

  5. Josh k

    7 inches cut. Mushroom head. No odd lumps. Big cocks are impressive but I can’t swallow more than 7. And a cock to big hurts. Sorry guys with big cocks, u r impressive but intimidating. Also, I don’t know what to do with a foreskin. Cut seems a bit cleaner to me but either is fine.

  6. Alex

    Big uncut 9.5 maybe 10 lol I like a little pain what can I say and blk I love it..such a turnon especially when they can work it too

  7. WillSD23

    7.5-8″, cut, and just thick enough. It’s gotta be big enough to feel like it’s actually THERE, lol. But not too big that long, passionate marathon sessions can’t happen because it starts to hurt! Luckily my boyfriend’s cock is perfect and beautiful and yummy! And the rest of him is pretty damn great too!!

  8. Maddmaxx1319

    How about we learn to take better pics of our dicks with no toliets in the background. Thats a dick i like even more.

  9. james32060

    about 7 inches cut stright or curved with a nice mushroom head not shave around the balls or nothing all natural and white or latino just right to fit in my mouth an throat

  10. rightnowdave

    I really enjoy cut cocks, thick, nice large mushroom head,nice smooth soft balls and big the BETTER. Most of all I like to feel a lot of warm sweet CUM pupping inside of me.

  11. Adrian

    I prefer a long uncut cock. I don’t mind the curving as long as it doesn’t curve like a banana. I don’t mind uncut or cut doesn’t phase me. Do black big balls to text to a nice cock.

  12. outdoorman

    Definitely white, straight, long, and thick. Big or average head is fine. Don’t shave it completely either. I like some hair. It needs to be part of a good total package. I know this gay man at my gym who has the most awesome cock, but he himself doesn’t do anything else for me, so I’d pass on his big dick !

  13. John

    I like a cock that is 7 to 8 inches and fairly thick. The head I like most is a helmet shaped, and a medium foreskin
    is perfect for me.

  14. wammo

    The perfect cock for me is a big black one with some loose skin I can play with, and one that curves downward is a real plus for deepthroating. I love to pull on the skin and stick my tongue inside and probe around the cockhead with the tip of my tongue. Veiny is another plus. Still another is a big, wiry bush. I hate shaved cock. Lots of times you can’t get everything in one package, and hope a thick, strangling load will make up for all of the minuses.

  15. Sean

    7.5-8″, proportionate thickness that increases near the base, uncut, pale (even better if ginger), with an upward curve or points upward when hard.

    That would be my favorite.

  16. WildNCrazyLeo

    Big cocks are turn on for looking at only, but sorry, too big and it’s not fun giving a blow job nor it going up the ass. If you need a big one up the ass you’re one loose caboose.

  17. Nikita

    The perfect dick for me between 7 to 9 inches cut with a big mushroom head. I like these sizes because they are perfect for deepthroating and stretching me open!


    6 to 7 cut and thick with a matching head and balls that hang. Not to keen on the big mushroom shaped . Like the ones that have the downward slight curve so they slide down back of the throat when I’m on my knees Most important is not shaved pubic hair. Shave smooth is a turn off as well as to close trimmed . I like em hairy

  19. Harry Peters

    The man matters most. I love my boyfriend’s white 7 cut cock. His cock is nice and thick and leaks precum like mad when I’m sucking him. He has a beautiful thick brown curly bush and does not shave his balls. That whole package is awesome!!

  20. PBM

    A thick veiny 9 inch cock with a large head, cut or uncut, race unimportant, with balls you can feel bang against you as he strokes your ass. That is a perfect cock… oh… And full balls unloading in me…. yummy…

  21. lottabooty

    Any one of those dicks pictured is cool with me just as long as they aren’t attached to a superficial asshole and they show up to fuck and don’t waste my time.

  22. Kyle

    My perfect cock is 7.5 to 8 straight moderately thick but not huge. I like an uncut cock but not lots if foreskin the type that allows the head to peek out about half way. I did come across a dick once that was about 9 inches but very thin. He was able to reach places that had never been touched before. I’d settle for that as a second choice

  23. Chris

    Big ones are fun to look at lick and grab – but I like a nice cock from 5-7″ and not too thick.

    Prefer cut, straight (as in not bent), and head proportional to shaft.

  24. PersveranceXXV

    I like a medium size cock (7″ to 8″)that’s slightly curves. If he has a big long dick, I want to lay him on his stomach, pull his big cock back between his thighs. Now I have access to suck his dick, lick his balls, and tongue fuck his ass.
    Still in that position, I want that dick to be long enough that it can reach into my hole, and he fuck me.

    Like a man with big balls hanging and smacking up against my ass cheeks. Like to feel his hairy bush rubbing against my smooth skin. I want his cock to fit my tight hole. I want him to keep my hole wet both with his tongue and cock!

  25. wantabudbad

    For me, the best cock belongs to a white man and is about 6 inches, average thickness, CUT (absolutely critical), maybe curving toward the stomach for easy sucking deepthroat and 69-style…it has sculpted or maintained pubes and shaved balls. No vitiligo or discoloration, is not overly shiny (in fact, no shine is my favorite), and, most importantly, it should belong to a man who can’t get enough of the sensation of a hot wet mouth on his penis…who isn’t afraid to be vocal or maybe even demanding about it. Cock worship of a beautiful penis as described is the stuff of my dreams…

  26. sjohnson

    first and foremost must be CLEAN!! i like all dick. except the one stretching it out with the coke can at the top….just cause you ‘stretch’ it out doesn’t make it bigger…stupid to show any object next to your dick….other than an mouth.

  27. Bob

    7 to 8 inches is nice. I like to suck big cock, don’t care about the color, but if I had a choice, black, dark black is a great turn on for me. As far as anal sex, not to big. Big cock in my ass takes too long to get use to. A medium size and I am good to go. And, I have learned, not everybody has learned how to receive a blow job or have anal sex.


  28. Keith

    7-9″, prefer cut but I love a nice full bush. I hate it when guys shave. I want a real man so I can dive into his full bush and munch away before sucking cock.

  29. YarSay

    Im an insatiable bottom that loves 10+ inches of cut or uncut THICK dick. The icing on the cake is when they have stamina, fuck long and hard, and shoot multiple thick loads.

  30. Christi Cream

    For me, I LOVE a medium length or long, slender cock; cut or uncut; latino or white. Slender works better for me since my manpussy is very tender! I really like bottoming, but am not yet a pro at it. Big, thick cocks are lovely to suck, lovely to play with, lovely to tease with, but they bring lots of pain! I guess I better get to practicing!! 😉

  31. Bonedog

    The perfect cock for me is mine! Lol. Now if I could only figure out how to fuck myself…
    Check out my profile to see why I think mine is, like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way (:

  32. dan

    The #2 cock is perfect….cut, straight, 7 to 8″ and nice popping veins to feel the texture. What’s not to enjoy?

  33. Shakerrump

    Ive onlu tasted two. One was thick, 7″, uncut. The other was about 9″, extra thick and uncut. Ive only given head. Really enjoyed it. Never been fucked super tight. Both said i was too tight snd couldnt open me so we left it at that. Still waiting for my first. Shakerrump is my name alsop btw on this site. Im always in:Houston Dallas and San Antonio btw. Lol

  34. Ken shepherd

    8 inches an up is a good length. I am more about girth so 5inches plus in thickness will stretch me perfectly. And the thicker the cock in the missionary position and a guy that has some stamina can get me to bust my nut without ever touching my cock. I’m also big on cut over uncut but have enjoyed both.

  35. bjmachine

    Guess I am odd…I prefer just an average cut cock. Doesn’t need to be big or especially thick. Best lovers I have had were 5-7 inches. I’ve found that men who are average tend to work harder to please their partners than men who are bigger.

  36. Tancredo

    I don’t mind if it’s cut or not but since I’m very good resistance, my favorites are thick and over 7.5″.

  37. simplyhead

    Cut or uncut. I like them hard and veined.
    Cant handle a limp dick.
    Hate completely shaved bushes!
    I like men, not boys.. smooth cock and balls are amazing.
    If uncut, has to pull over the head.
    Any color. Any shape.
    Cant handle too big.

  38. oilme2003

    to me its not the size so much as how much he shoots im a btm and like it bb so i like a large amount of cum in me

  39. valleybear818

    My favorite cock is Latin, uncut with a big curve upwards. Those curved cocks hit my prostate while getting fucked. If used properly, I can shoot clear across the room, or six to seven feet. Also makes my top moan when I can swallow his entire length sue to the curve.

    As for length, 5 to 6 inches is perfect.

  40. marc

    Perfect cock was a black cut cock on a gorgeous 25-year-old in Chicago: it was 11 inches hard and thick as a beer can. Perfection.

  41. tabias

    Cut or uncut doesn’t matter but size does it has to be at least 6 and really thick or 8 or 9 average thickness but if he doesn’t know what he’s doing then he mines well have a vagina.

  42. François

    My cock is 9 inches, uncut white and as a bi guy I can fuck u like ur a gurl. But gymqueen quebecois Dave didn’t want it when he had the chance… I prefer smaller cocks than mine otherwise it hurts when I get fucked. I tried once a 11 monster cock and because the guy was good, had some poppers and had been fucked just bfore by a smaller one I loved it

  43. DanMC

    Very new here, so I cannot say much from from experience. Dick number 7 is what does it for me. I see that pic and I find myself quite turned on.

  44. David

    Cut, black, 8-9″, thick, mostly straight. Love to suck it up and down, swallow, and take it hilt deep on my knees.

  45. Toby

    The ideal cock for me is a thick one–one that stretches my mouth when I suck it and stretches my hole when I get fucked by it. I don’t need more than 6 or 7″, though. I don’t like gagging on cock and don’t like feeling it going past the bend in my colon. Something about a fat, heavy cock in my face is a huge turn on. If there are big heavy balls to go with it, that’s a bonus.

  46. Tim

    Thick black cock, preferably between 7-10 inches. Black cock is the best boys. Love all colors, but sophisticated edgy black guys are simply the best boyfriends, in and out of bed.

  47. JR

    Having over 800 cocks in my hand,mouth,and ass I would say 8.5 cut and thick. I don’t mind uncut as long as they are clean. Big balls are a turn on. I have been with 4.5 up to 13.5 and bigger is not always better. Small dicks 4 up to 6 are easy to suck but not easy to get fucked with even the thick ones. 6.5 up to 9 are good for hitting my spot when they are fucking me. 10 up to 14 are fun to play with and I enjoy sucking and getting fucked by them but just go past my spot. I want a cock that can hit it every time. If a guy knows how to use what he has been given is most important.

  48. Buzz saw

    Love the ones that are like a dirigible. Smaller at both ends and large in the center… Really makes me feel like I’m riding something really big as it slides in and out…

  49. Ian

    I’m definitely a fan of cut thick mushroom heads.. I’m a bit of a size queen cuz I have almost zero interest in anything below 7 in.. Exceptions include very handsome, charming or fit men or men that I’ve had a real connection with.. And of course men that are very thick. Love a beer can in my mouth no matter the length.. I’m more oral than anything and love to be on my knees for a big cock.. Isn’t sucking a small dick just boring? I also have a pretty high threshold for anal pain so I have very few limits there as far as size.. I’ll try any size twice! But if you want a visual of my absolute perfect cock it’s a nice solid 7.5-8 cut with a nice mushroom head, maybe a slight curve upwards, thick enough to almost make your thumb and finger touch in the “ok” hand gesture.. Heaven

  50. Northlaudtwink

    I love a nice smooth cut cock around 6-8 inches, no hair around the shaft or balls, nothing feels better than smooth balls slapping against mine while he’s thrusting in and out of me.

  51. BigCockHungry

    Being as how I love to deep throat, I like a cock 8in to 12in also I like a large mushroom head. It also helps if the cock is straight or has a slight downward curve.

  52. Dickluva

    OMG the dick in the last picture is my description of a perfect dick for me, and to have a nice set of low hanging balls which are nice and round and full of cum, Mmm Mmm Mmm, and to feel all that dick slide in and out my ass while those beautiful big balls gently press against my hole…….priceless!

  53. Wayne

    I look at dicks like a steak, I like a big juicy one but being big doesn’t ensure quality. I’ve been been hung tops that thought being big was good enough and had a weak stroke game. I’m more interested why some guys put thier body type as muscular but they are just big no muscle tone anywhere, where they do that at? Oh yea on a4a. These be the same guys that swear they packing a massive sausage and it turns out to be a cocktail weenie

  54. Del

    I’d like an uncut dick, about 6″ long, 6″ in circumference, curved, gets fatter toward the base; gorilla hairy crotch, shaft and balls.

  55. maneater5674

    I like a cock that has a little curve to it, 7-8 inches is perfect and thick with a big mushroom head. Love to feel a big head when it pops into me. I also like a lot of hair around it. the bush is fun to play in. uncut doesn’t turn me on. Damn I’m horny now.

  56. versebbc

    The perfect cock/dick for me would be 8 to 11 inches, thick, veiny & shoots loads of hot creamy white cum. I love to receive hot facials & creampies. I love big dicks of all races & nationalities. Hit me up on A4A. Profile name is versebbc.

  57. Michael

    I do my best work, orally that is on a moderately thick cut 6.5-7 inches with a trimmed or shaved bush. Huge cocks are fun to play with and admire, but sucking them is not much fun for me. Since I have never bottomed,I can’t say what the perfect cock for penetrating my ass would be. My guess would be long but not thick.

  58. CumLicka

    Big juicy nuts, the shaft should be circumcised minimum 6 inches around and the length should be 6 to 8 hard.

    The best is cleaning the load off a cock like this after the man orgasms, savoring the flavor, and not stop the sucking it off a second time.

  59. Dylan

    I love all cocks! I’m impressed by a cock that you can wrap two hands around and still have more to suck. I love a cock long enough to get way deep in to my throat. If it happens to be thick it’s a bonus! If a guy can’t get it down my throat, he has my permission to grab the back of my head and force it. The cock in the second pic pointing up, with the light blue and gray boxers I have had. It was the hottest cock I have ever throated. He almost drown me when he shot his load. Perfect!!!

  60. CockConnoiseur

    There are TWO LIFEs of a cock….SOFT and HARD.

    My current favorite is a “SHOW’er not a GROW’er”. I like a nice meaty soft cock…but if it grew like alot of them….(including mine) then that larger soft manmeat that I like to ingest…better not grow at the same rate as mine does.

  61. Mark

    The cock I like best is the one that is shoved down my throat. I dont care what color, size, shape, cut or uncut. As long as it’s down my throat,,, that’s the one I like.

  62. jriley154

    Why limit yourself to just one cock type? I’m an equal opportunity offender, bring them all on! That being said for sucking 6-7 with a slight downward curve slides perfectly down my throat. For anal 8 in and thick, with a little patience to let me stretch will make me see God!

  63. voyeur_noir

    So much for a SIZE doesn’t matter theory LOL! Hey can you go back and # or abc these “D’s” for us? I know you asked for us to describe “our” favs, but you have some fine samples & what I (we) like may just be right here. Mmmmmmmmore Plz!

  64. Isaac

    7″+ cut black cock. Has to be THICK. Not into slim cocks. Nice fat head. Love wrapping my lips around it and the way it hits the back of my throat. Also love being fucking hard and balls deep. Just the feeling of the head sliding in my ass is enough to make me cum. Love being fucked by BBC. But all other races are good if they have a nice thick cock

  65. Mike5038

    My perfect cock is about a good 7 to 8″ thick shaved or trimmed really close,cut or uncut with a big mushroom head. I also love one that has a nice curve to it easy to deep throat!

  66. david

    SIZE MATTERS! that’s a fact jack. 8.5 inches to 12 inches with a thick shaft and a mushroom head that fills your ass from start to finish. love to suck on them as well. one in each end is a dream come true and a double penetration and one in the mouth is a adventure. more than that is like winning the lottery jackpot

  67. Steve

    I like em about 7-9 inches long thick cut mostly but I do crave an uncut one. But I like em curved downward. I had one about 8″ cut with a downward curve….is great fucking while standing up….lol!

  68. Dylan

    Damn, I have been thinking about this all day. Thank You A4A for planting this seed. I went out from work at breakfast and found an amazing cock. It was about 8″cut and tapered perfectly. I met him at his place and he was just waking up. Perfect morning wood. I never seen a guy shoot so hard and so much (just like a great porn). He flooded my mouth and his chest. It just kept cumming. God I love deep throating cock!!

    Jriley153 – you are 100% right. A nice curved down cock is awesome for deep throating.

    Isaac – I can tell you know how to suck a cock! Hot post!

  69. Chris

    As long as it’s hard and being used by someone who knows how to use it I don’t care about size. Nothing worse than a semi !!!

  70. bottom2be1

    My perfect cock is the one on the top I keet regularly on weekends. It took a long time to find it. He is 8″ long and I don’t know how thick but I can’t wrap my hand around it. He is thicker than a beer can. That’s what gets me hot.

  71. robert sanchez

    I don’t care what size it is as long as is straight pretty and tasty uncut… if u know someone with those qualifications, send a pic 832 six four one 69 seventeen thank you I am in houston tx…

  72. Mandevilleguy1

    The cock in my mouth or ass is my favorite. Otherwise I like a cock at least 7 inches long with a big mushroom head.

  73. Romoni D'Aubigne

    Perfection is an illusion and those who seek perfection will find themselves unfulfilled their whole lives.” ~ Anonymous

  74. Frank

    The one in my mouth! Mostly I prefer black dicks on guys with some hair around them. I love sucking balls too, so they got to be nice too. Probably around 6 to 8 inches medium thickness fits me best. I can get all that down my throat and that size feels great inside my ass. Uncut is a special treat but they are kinda rare around here. I also like a guy that has a little musky smell,especially around his balls. Big dicks are impressive to see and fun to suck on sometimes but I can really only ride them and I prefer being on my back when getting fucked so I can see his face when he is cumin. I like being under them when sucking too for the same reason.

  75. Deepthroat Al from West Palm Beach Fl

    Love Black or Latinos average size 7 to 9 inches uncut with some fishy taste… not unclean……. just little pre-cum left over from earlier in the day! that gives that extra flavor……. “YUMMY”

  76. Ben G.

    I like a big thick dick on a big bearish man… With a pair of heavy clackers.. I’m 6’2 235 vers/ usually I’m more top than bottom but if ever I find a guy bigger than me with a long fat one I might just become his genie in a bottle… He can have anything he wants whenever he wanted it

  77. Mike

    Get a life….is this all gay men have to talk about…how about monogamy…a dick is a dick….go get some cheese…like these lame ass stories with no CONTENT or reality or relevant meaning to them..just adds to the the downfall of the gay culture as a whole…makes us look like a bunch of mindless grits. THINK ABOUT IT !

  78. Tj

    8-10 inch thick black cock. Don’t have a specific race but so far i’ve only been with black guys. First one that ever bent me over was 10 inches and super thick. Broken straight guy these days.

  79. Brent

    I love big cocks as does just about everyone 8inch and above and it has to be thick just enough to really stretch me and cause alittle pain, and ideally with that slight up curve to stroke my P-spot

  80. stephen

    I love any big cock, but my favorite/preferred would be at least 8″, straight, cut w/ a prominent head & big balls. I really need to feel the head deep in my throat & I love feeling the head popping in & out of my deep throat…I suppose my favorite would also be the cock I am presently enjoying!

  81. Papa Bear

    White cock, no exceptions!
    When I choose to bottom, 7.5-8″ cut and CLEAN, reasonably straight, with a nice mushroom head. Thickness is wonderful but not required.
    If he’s experienced, that’s great. But no experience in topping? Hang on for the experience of a lifetime, pal! This Papa is going to show you how to do it the best way!
    While I’m open to most any age, age 18-25 will have me ACHING to get their rock hard meat inside my ass as far as they can go. Then I’m going to have my way afterwards!

  82. Manlycockhound

    I’ ve had cocks from 5 inches to 11, cut and uncut, white, gray, black, yellow, red and pink. curved, straight, veiny, smooth, mushroom and baseball bat, squirter, dribbler, sideways and tapered. I’ve been made to cum without touching and I’ve had the ho hum moments, I’ve milked, swallowed, been bred, pissed in, on. The true swordsman is he who can use what he’s got to provide the most pleasure. All cocks are beautiful to ride, suck, jack and milk dry, some anonymously are grand.

  83. mills

    I am a blk guy.M y favorite cock is white men .older than me 55 and up .With 9to10″ of uncut thick dick. I love to push the skin back wih mu lips and tonque.Tonquing that open jizz hold and slapping my face with the heavy cock i love it Rialto ca

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