Fantasy : Sex At Work?


Hi guys, I hope you are all having a great Monday!?

Today I want to ask you a question, because I happened to experienced it today… And I want to see if I’m the only crazy sex maniac out there! LOL

Have you ever had sex at work? Yes, I work for A4A but you probably didn’t know that I also own a clothing store as well… I closed it for 30 minutes and had amazing fun with a regular fuckbuddy in the backstore. It was great. It’s great to have a little cocksucking action and butt licked in the middle of the afternoon! A bit stressful when people were trying to get in the store, even though the doors were locked.

Let me know if you ever experienced such experience. In your office? In the bathroom at work? In your boss’s office?


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  1. Hunter0500

    Do it if you get a thrill out of maybe being found out so you lose your job or business due to bad press. But if that happend “it wouldn’t be right or just or fair or your fault. Nope. Not in any way.”

    Do it if you don’t care that customers may have made a special trip to your business for something they really needed, only to find you were closed … in the middle of the day … for no reason … so they went elsewhere … forever.

    Do it if your life is all about you getting your rocks off and the phrase “it was OK because we were just having sex” rules over all.

    Do it if you feel you are entitled to be a free spirit and can do whateverrrr you want without responsibility or repercussion.

    To each his own. But for this guy, no. No sex at work. Not even self-sex in the bathroom (coworkers can tell. yes they can.)

  2. Tony

    I have a buddy who is married (to a guy) and I’m married to a woman. We used to play the three of us (he and his husband) but it was obvious the two of us had the hots for each other so the husband got jealous. So we did what any responsible person would do – we decided to have an affair. Problem is, neither of us can entertain and motels get expensive. So we’ve had lots of car sex in dark-ish parking lots. Last time was Thursday in the lot underground at my office. Not perfect – one watches, the other gives head – but the fear of being discovered does make it pretty hot. We always blow very big loads. Sometimes we’ve forgotten to bring something to clean it up which has been another challenge but since that’s not the topic today, I’ll leave it for another day. Cheers.

  3. Youngguy7877

    Well one time I had to have a physical done and I’ve been going to this doc in my small town since I was a baby and when he told me to drop my underwear he always used to squat in front of me and do that part of the physical but this time he grabbed it and just started sucking it like crazy and I just stood there in shock but I let him finish and then he told me he does it to all the guys once they turn 18.

  4. Toby

    I have thought about it, but if I would get caught, it would be an automatic termination. It’s not worth $100,000+ annually. There’s really no reason for me to do it at work anyway when I can do it in my bedroom anytime I want.

  5. roadtown

    I met my ex/first bf at my work place. We both worked at lawfirm/financial services company and made use of the File Room on a daily basis. Sometimes 3 times a day, we’d go home all sore but satisfied. The company file room was in the basement and didnt have so much of traffic. It was darkish and HUGE. And there was a restroom un

  6. Bufguy

    I’m an architect and one Saturday was working alone with one of our summer interns…We knew we were both gay and as we were looking over drawings we kept getting closer to each other, rubbing arms, shoulders etc…Soon we were kissing. He got down on his knees unzipped me, pulled my pants down and began to suck me. Now rock hard I pulled him up, pulled his pants down and lifted him to the drafting table. I pushed his legs up bent over and started eating his very hairy hole…As he was moaning I soon replace my tongue with my cock, pushed inside and fucked him for about five minutes while I continued to kiss him…Soon I couldn’t hold back and began pumping my seed in him…Must have been 6 0r 7 spurts. As I pulled out I could see my thick cream cling to that hairy hole.

  7. Jake

    I’ve blown guys at their work…but most have been that they were the only person there at the time…except there was a time when I blew a guy in a mall bathroom and he still had his name tag on…and at a different, not busy mall, I was naked, fooling around with a guy in the back room, occasionally he had to zip up to go wait on customers…

  8. Toker

    I do this all the time. I sometimes do it at my desk, on my boss’s desk, I’m the storage unit in our basement. It work in downtown San Diego and there are always hot visitors and even regulars wanting to get off so it’s near impossible to resist the temptation. I’ve even had a couple of guys here from Spain who bent me over my boss’s desk and I had one cock in each hole

  9. Russ

    Got to fuck and got fucked after a blow job in the break room with Boss and his BF locked the Door had many knocking and trying to come in but not till we 3 came

  10. blp

    I had a regular fuck buddy that I’d fuck away from work, but had the great pleasure of some really hot mutual j/o and mutual oral in my office for nearly 2 years. We always blew the most amazing loads…often swallowing each other’s load rather than clean up a mess! I miss those days.

  11. Cruiser51

    Nice subject. Well I’m an independent business man and work alone in my office… for me it would only be a fantasy. On occassion though when I have an awesome looking male client in, I will fantasize about having sex with them, how, when and where it would happen.

  12. Sexdad

    I have been fucked on the floor of a few guys offices. Last month went to a guys office and he had me get naked and kneel in a chair then he ate my ass till it was good and wet then fucked me hard, hell of a lunch break.

  13. funonthelow

    Not at my workplace, but i have before. I want to at my job. I work in a warehouse with a lot of hot guys!! Wiil, I’d love to come test a car at your lot!!!

  14. Cactus

    When I was fresh out of high school I lost my virginity while working at a retail store. It was at night, a customer comes in a little drunk asking for the bathroom because his dick was full… I figured he had to pee. Later he found me in the toys department saying he needed help choosing pants for a brother or uncle… Of course I’m not going to say no, but he was getting on my nerves. We grab some pants and go to the fitting rooms (bro wears same size apparently). He starts trying them on in front of me and I notice he’s got a big boner in his boxers. I can’t stop looking so he asks how it would look better: w or wo the under wear. Takes off the boxers and starts trying on the pants, very tight and outline the boner very well. The girl that takes care of the fitting rooms was near by so he comes up w some story about no toilet paper in the bathroom. We put the pants back and head to the restrooms where there was plenty of toilet paper… He closes the handicap stall and pulls it out. I stroked him til he came… Really wanting to suck it. He asks when I work next and I told him… He met me during lunch and back to the stall, this time bends me over, slips on the condom and fucks me. I remember thinking how similar it was to when I would stick a screwdriver handle up my ass. I asked him to finish quick (regretted it, really started liking it) because I had to get back. Someone came in as we finished up so he went out, washed up and left while I waited for the person to leave. Very quick but a fun first time ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Mitch

    Once at a guy who owned a sexy underwear for men store. He sent all his employees to lunch I walked In he locked doors and we went at it in the bathroom. He was a. 6’1″ Latino with the body of a god a a cock of wonder sucked him off got a big load if sweet cum. Then I cam in a sock and have it to him. He has a fetish for that cum in a sock thing.

  16. wwtfdad

    Have sucked cock at workplace in back of warehouse after a warehouse stud saw me at a bookstore. He came to me at workplace and told me he had seen me and wanted the same.

  17. Too Risky

    Hi Dave,
    If you are lucky to own your business…then you can do what you want. i have done it in all of the places you mentioned, including on the side of a police station in ,my twenties. But I would not dream of doing it now in my late 30s. Psychologists would not just diagnose it as “young and dumb and full of cum” actions…. they would diagnose it as “acting out”…. Society still have issues with personal space vs. public space and prosecute with fervor these days!
    I still have risky sex in my backyard at night, hall way…car in isolated area….but anything more public than that can ruin your life for just a “nut”…. not worth it….lol

  18. Me, Myself and I

    Meet a horny hung friend of mine at my office we went into the conference room over the lunch hour and he fucking the daylights out of me.

  19. Jeff

    while I do enjoy the fantasy, I do restrain myself and not let my little head rule my big one. I do have bills to pay and a mortgage.

  20. timhry69dude

    I have yet to have sex at work but often fantasize back in college when I would professors prowling the library restroom and few times got lucky to go back to their office

  21. nicky1974

    In the restroom with a new hire. He was and still is fun!!! Boy, he can tongue an ass like there is no tomorrow. And with a manager in the stairwell. That was awesome!!! Ended up getting a bonus, in more ways than one.

  22. Rexford

    I fucked a co-worker on his desk in his office once….. and just last week a hot young boi came to my office and I sucked him off in the storage room. Gotta love that work dick! ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. Law Clerk

    I used to work at a law office, and I would stay after hours to get work done. I would also have guys come bend me over the conference room table and fuck me. I spilled so much nut on that table…

  24. Brian

    Dave, you keep giving me more and more reasons that I so want to meet you lol. I need to come by and try on some clothes ๐Ÿ™‚
    I also need to test drive a car at Will’s dealership! I think I’m pretty good with a stick ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I used to have a construction company and during so played a few times in the business truck. Super hot ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Mike Johnson

    I have the hots for a coworker, former Marine, love to see his muscular body move down the hallway, half of him exposed in the shower, locker room, well one day, we went to a private area in the building, as i turned around, he pulled his hard cock out and i was on my knees sucking it off…..unfortunately it ruined our friendship, as i wanted to continue sucking that hot cock of his…even after i left that job.

  26. Triniboy

    This is something i have fantasied about many times cause theres 2 guys in the office i wod love to fuck me and there the filing room upstairs i have air marked for it if i ever get the chance to. But glad you did an enjoyed it.

  27. Latinlover1123

    I have had sex with my boss in the office during working hours. Its happened a couple of times when there’s no one else around and its the best thing in the fucken world!!!!!

  28. Jason

    Got and gave a blow job in a major department store window….shade down…while lots of people were waking past outside…and business was going on as usual inside…he was on a ladder…crotch right at eye level…he seemed to be attracted to the idea….and I was to him…he came….came down and then blew me….

  29. jilte

    Yes, I swapped head with a dude once in my office. Now, every time I look at my office chair, I get a boner… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. Alex

    I think its a turn on I like it anywhere especially at night in a park…Did it once in an office.. I went to a physical for my job and my physician was checking me for a hernia and started to blow me out of nowhere lol

  31. Larry

    I’m a married male who has a fuck buddy who also just happens to be my boss. He has called me into his office and shut/locked the door multiple times. Its only been BJ’s and rimm jobs but it is so hot knowing others are literally 15-20 feet outside. The best thing about it is no one would even think something like that is going on.

  32. Tancredo

    I have done it several times being the most intense with a supervisor during an internship. He used to call me sometimes to his office to have very hot sex. Our affair lasted for a couple of months then I stopped working there when I started to study full time at college.

  33. Will

    Have also done work….best was overseas on cq duty with hot NCO..led to six months of fun until rotated back to states..

  34. Jeff

    A couple of jobs ago there was a hot dude that worked for another company down the hall. It seems that there was little traffic there. My job was both in the office with frequent trips out so it wasn’t unusual for me to disappear for awhile.

    You could say I was a frequent visitor and “coffee breaks” were always fun!

  35. Flyboy

    All the time. Thank goodness for A4A radar or Grindr. My office is situated in a campus several offices for numerous companies. I’ve had blow jobs in the bathroom in my office with people a few hundred away. I’ve had people come over from miles away. It’s convenient, hott, and sometimes you just need to get off. If no one finds out, who cares? I’ve also gone to other work places, parking lots, public bathrooms, etc.

  36. mike s

    yes I have in the locker room with at least four different football playersand I was the 1 in the middlemy whole was so open at the end of that day it was sore

  37. David

    I’ve had quite a few guys over when I work nights in the office by myself. Super hot fun, especially when I get one of them bent over my desk!

  38. Lovetobreed

    A long time ago, I hired this graveyard clerk specifically so I could play with him in the convenience store industry. He was “str8” but that didn’t stop me from spitting my game. After a couple months of him being comfortable with me, one night I came into the store about 3 am for a surprise inspection. I ended up fucking him in the walk in cooler (it was closed to the public) but we kept the doors unlocked. I fucked him a couple more times during his work stay in my office also. Fun memories.

  39. captainhooklives

    Parking lot in my early a supply vessel captain and haven’t had a guy totally set off my gaydar yet! is a fantasy though.. I’ve been hoping while on this site that I’ll catch another one of my crew on here..I always go to the “nearest me” page..just in case they are incognito. .lol..lets face it..if in the middle of the gulf of Mexico and it says within a is no one else!! Lol..I hope it happens soon..gotta be careful here in the deep south. .ignorance is still a epidemic here among str8 men! ;)..

  40. Lovzcock

    I had sex in my shop. In the bathroom and my office. When I was open I had this hot white guy come in and ask to use the rest room.,the rest room is in the back of my shop in side, as he was in side he had left the door open a little and I could see him jacking off. I walk to the door and told him that I was going to close it for him and take your time and enjoy…lol when I was about to close it the door open and he said would you like to join me. ๐Ÿ™‚ so one thing led to another. Was glade that day I was working by myself and the shop was slow.

  41. Murse

    I am a nursing manager at a local hospital. I had some free time one day and found a guy on here. I wasn’t sure where to go, but it was the weekend and most of the management staff were gone. There are a managers office in each of the units and only two managers on during the weekend.
    I made the decision to invite him over and see if we can sneak into an office and play. When he showed up, I almost immediately started getting an erection, which was not good because I was wearing boxers and scrubs.
    We were able to sneak into one of the offices and lock the door where we proceeded to suck each other off. I was so excited that I shot my load all over the carpet floor and my hand.
    I had quite a mess to clean up, but well worth it. It was awesome and I would definitely do it again!

  42. InOverMyHead

    Chatted with a guy on a site, he was manager at a retail store. Store was closed for the day, but he had to catch up on boring paperwork. He invited me to his store and fuck him on the floor in his office. I asked about the camera domes in the ceiling. He said don’t worry, there aren’t cameras in any of them. And even if there was …

  43. Paul Gregory

    Call me a straight arrow. These two paths do not intersect. My personal life is strictly disconnected from my business life. However, I would be intrigued if a professional client took a crack at it.

  44. Adrian

    Well….. I’m a chef. Thru out the day I an alone for about 2 hours all alone. After everyone has gone home. I have to do inventory and orders and cleanup. And I have invited a few guys over. And I locked the door and in the freezer or storage room we go. Or the parking lot done quick car action as well if they are scared to come in NY building.

  45. Chris J

    I fucked a guy on the conference room table. I was dressed all business casual. He looked like Eminem. The janitors caught us so we finished in the stairwell. I’d be lying if getting caught didn’t turn me on even more.

  46. Bill Florida

    I met a guy in his optomety office a couple of times. We met when it was closedduring the day. Sex in the exam room chair was great.. those things can take a pounding. But a lot of fun fucking in the waiting room. His office was in a strip mall kind of place. The windows were really reflective outside and with the lights off we really couldn’t be seen through them in the bright sun. We sucked and fucked like crazy as people walked right by us oblivious to what was going on just a few feet away.

  47. Charlie

    I used to meet a stud that ran a phone store. When I got there he would look around and throw a sign in the window and away we went to the back room. My fav was one time he said he did not have time as he had a customer on the way so I dropped to my knees behind the counter and took his big cock out. He saw the customer in the yard but I didn’t stop. When he came in the door my stud was cumming in my mouth. The excitement made him shoot the biggest load ever while standing there. I zipped him up and waited for him to get the customer to turn around. I walked out the door and hollered thank you. He said that was his most awesome blow job but would never let me do it like that again.

  48. Farshot

    I work as a construction superintendent and have had a few hot times on various construction sites.
    Once alone working on a weekend trying to catch up on paperwork and feeling horny, I found a guy on A4A that was interested in construction workers.
    I took him up in a scissor lift and we swapped head 30 feet in the air.

    On another project I was working with this hot, younger architect and he hit it off real good and sort of flirted a bit after meetings on site.
    One day he showed up on site just as the workers were leaving for the day and we did a walk thru of a building. Just being alone walking with him was enough to get me hard.
    Well, one thing led to another and the next thing I knew we were making get a bit more privacy I suggest we go back to the job trailer where I closed all the shades on the windows and he bent me over the plan table and fucked me good.

    Fun on a construction site is a great way to relieve some stress!

  49. C'est Moi

    I once did a lawyer while he was on a conference call. I worked under the table while he talked with others over the speaker phone. I could hear it all, but I was concentrating on not making any noises. Was incredibly hot!! Would love a repeat like that some other time

  50. Nate

    I had a fuck buddy who was a retail store manager and I would meet him at his work before the store opened and we would make out and swap blow jobs in the back stockroom. It was very hot!

  51. dan

    I have a small retail business as well. My business partner does most of the traveling, so I’m left alone several times a year. So, yeah, I’ve hit up a few guys online who have come over and had some fun. It is a little risky, but very hot to be at my desk in the back room with a guy giving me head underneath.

  52. Ben

    Yes a buddy of mine and I have sucked and fucked many times in his building (storage room or bathroom) or in my office, which are a couple of miles apart. One time it was very difficult as I was cumming down his throat at exactly the same time as someone walked into the restroom. We were in the handicapped stall, but it was super hard to keep quiet!

  53. Tom

    I have had sex in my office a few times. Even had great loud sex with a BF in his office and broke the chair. It can be really hot if you are with the right person. The best one ever was when I was in the service in Iraq and was fucking this guy in a two man tent next to everyone. The whole time I had his face down in the sleeping bag to cover the screams as a friend was watching in and jerking off. It was hot as hell!!!

  54. Matt

    Yup I once had a buddy that came to my office and let him fuck me all over the desk floor in the chair up against the wall. It was so hot that place was covered in cum when he left!!

  55. fluffy

    Yes,several times.Airport restrooms are indispensable and hot if you’re a conservative politician.All it takes is a piece of toilet paper.

  56. wantamannow

    Id like to meet and test drive a car with Will…..that sounds exciting…especially if hes on the younger side…id drive all day with his cock in my throat…… yum

  57. Cedarizzo

    My boyfriend and I used to work at a grocery store. He was the store manager and I was the meat cutter/assistant manager. It was a small store that was located in what was once a huge supermarket. They had remodeled the backroom, but there were some old offices back there that were way out of the way. We had sex back there at least once a day. Hot times!

  58. Anonymous

    When I was 18 I worked for a clothing chain and my store manager would always schedule me to open or close with him. He was tall, thick and muscled. During those shifts it would be just the 2 of us.
    We would talk about life and relationships and the convo would always lead to sex and next thing you know he said he’s seen my A4A profile. We laughed it off and I asked what his was and he told me so I go to pull it up and he starts rubbing my dick through my pants. I let him pull it out and he sucks me off and I finish by jerking off onto his tongue. He then gets up and pulls his cock out and I waste no time on my knees and suck the load out of him while I’m squeezing his fat ass with my hands.
    We flipfucked in the back room a few times. Loved going into work. This went on regularly for a few months until I found another job. It’s been about 5 years and I still jerk off to that memory.

  59. marc

    I used to work at a place where hardly anyone would come to in the evening hours. I had a key. One night, online, I found a black guy twenty-five years younger than me who wanted to fuck. We went into the office in the back, and I almost fainted when I pulled that gorgeous hard 10-inch cock from his pants. I am so glad nobody was around because when he fucked me, the old building’s floor and walls shook — as I did when he kept ramming that big black thing in me.

  60. Islandguyhh

    Years ago I was shopping on the main street of a smaller city in Upstate South Carolina. Killing time, mostly. I happened to notice a hot daddy type working in a flower shop. I went in and began “just looking.” I spent at least half an hour looking at the arrangements and the hot man. Eventually, the store emptied and we were alone. After a bit of small talk, he began to fondle me through my pants. In a matter of minutes, the front door was locked, the lights were off and were in his office upstairs. Best blowjob ever!

  61. Hickandthick

    Married bi man here, have a gay friend that owns a gift shop uptown Salisbury NC, he invites a few friends over once a month and they fuck me in his shop.

  62. Beau

    I seduced a straight guy at work. First time I had taken him home with me for lunch and he did not know he was going to be my lunch. He decided he liked it. After that we would stay at our work place during the lunch hour. Lock the door to his office and I would eat him while he ate his lunch. It was hot sucking him off at the work place. By the way he was married and so am I.

  63. Kevin

    Sex at work starting for me when I was only 17. I worked in a bakery in a mall and usually had the opening shift. During my breaks I would walk around the mall. One time I stopped and was looking in the window at the shoe store since it was not yet open. The manager was already there and waved at me, then came over to the gate and opened it. He recognized me from the bakery and asked if I wanted to see any shoes. I tried a pair on and he insisted on putting them on for me. As he finished tying the second shoe his hands reached up my leg and began massaging my calf and then my thigh. He asked how it felt and all I could do was smile so his hands moved to my cock which was raging (this was my first encounter since “playing” with my best friend at age 11). Then he took my hand and led me to the back room where we sucked, rimmed and fucked each other until we were both filled with cum. Needless to say that wet my appetite for many more scenes in the mall. The shoe store manager also visited me at the bakery several times. We would take turns bending over on stack of flour or on the large tubs of butter.

    Since then I have enjoyed many more work experiences. I am in downtown San Diego and love all the tourists and office boys down here.

  64. Kyle

    I am closeted around work but there are a couple guys who know. One of them had another coworker come to him asking if he knew anybody else around that he could suck off. That coworker intern called me suggested that I talk to this kid which I did absolutely bold him over he had absolutely no idea that I was gay. He started sucking me off while we were at work but we hadn’t really work together one day I caught them at work went over to his area and fuck the hell out of him. Sadly somehow his wife found out and he won’t even talk to me now. Damn good piece ass though…

  65. loves cum

    i used to blow guys all the time at my bosses desk, knew the schedules so once he was gone would have guys come by and get blown while the store was open, i would go back and forth from being upstairs swallowing loads to being downstairs helping customers.

  66. Former LA Guy

    There were two times that I want to share:

    The first wasn’t at my work. It was at the guy’s work which happened to be the Nickelodeon studios. He was working late and the only other people in the building were janitors. We went to his office and I started to suck his dick. He eventually couldn’t control himself and went for my ass. Gave it a nice rim job and then slide his cock in. I rode it on the couch in the office, he bent me over the refrigerator, and finally fucked me on my back on his desk till I busted. He finished on me.

    The second was at my work when I was a lifeguard. It was a slow day at my pool (one guard – me) so I wanted to find someone nearby to have fun with. After failing at that, one of the guys in the apartment complex came by to tan. He and I chatted which led to us flirting. I pulled him into the storage closet since anyone could have walked out on their balconies and seen us. I bent him over and pounded him and then held him up while he rode me. He finished me off by sucking my cock.

  67. Jose

    I had sex with my boyfriend in the fitting rooms of the GAP Store. He work there so I decide to visit him and try some cloth and he was bringing some to try one and he decide to fucked me there. Best sex ever.

  68. Matt

    I have never done anything at my own work, not even jerked off. However, one time I hooked up with a guy who owned a salon back when I was visiting in my hometown. I fucked him doggy on the perm chair. He said that he would cut my hair for free whenever I was in town again.

  69. John

    I once sucked off a guy at his office in the Empire State Building. No one was there but it was still hot knowing anyone could have come in. And another time, I met a guy at his store and we had sex on the floor in the back room.

  70. BTM4U

    I HAVE HAD SEX AT WORK, It was in the bosses office with a guy I met ay a club. The closest place we could find with a couch was where I worked. It was really close to the club.
    The sex was amazing, we have gone back a few times, each time getting more daring about the possibility of getting caught.

  71. Sully

    My only in office experience comes from meeting a guy on line and talking to him and we decided that we liked the same things and wanted to meet. I couldn’t host because I had roommates and I couldn’t travel to him being a broke college kid with no car. So he suggested that he come pick me up and bring me to his office which was close to campus. He brought me there and gave me the “tour” (about the many places we could have sex) while making sure that no one else was in the office. We made out, blew, rimmed, and fucked each other hard in the lounge area of the office.

    That was a couple of years ago and he recently got in touch saying that he wants to meet up again. Also that they remodeled the office and now have more places to have some fun.

  72. Chbbttm4dck

    I work for a drug chain in Florida and I was extremely horny one day so I text my boyfriend and he came out and he fucked me in the stall of the bathroom..extremely hot

  73. rockrocknow

    I had a young friend that would let me come to his parents office when he would be running the shop. We would do it all and everywhere!! Darn I miss him!!

  74. Daddy

    There are two instances I’d love to share about here.

    I met an early 30s white trucker about 8 years ago and gave my virginity to him. I was in my early-mid 40s at the time and was driving professionally over the road at that time. We met, I came over to his rig, and we talked in his sleeper while parked for the night; we cuddled and kissed, and I sucked him good! He asked me if I wanted it and I was more than happy to get into position for him to do what he wanted. He was packing 8″ and it was incredible as he slid his cock in me. I rode him for 10-15 minutes and as we were going at it, I blew my load all over his towel covered bed. He was bareback and completely covered my insides. The hottest time I ever had…losing my virginity. I shudder to think if any drivers in that truckstop were walking past us, not knowing what was going on inside, as I’m VERY vocal.

    But the real kicker was that I had met this SAME driver two months earlier, sucked and ate his ass so intensely, that he said he couldn’t handle it! I’m laying on my back, cock straight up in the air, and I told him to ride it. That just doesn’t happen out there with over the road drivers!

    But one of the best hookups I’ve enjoyed was a young man in his 20s. We met, took a little ride into the woods down the road a piece, sucked each other open air with him blowing his tasty load in my mouth. On the return trip, he asked if I had ever done a law enforcement officer. Never…not interested. Guess what? He WAS a law enforcement officer…omg.

    Sex in the workplace? Yep, but certainly NOT commonplace here, though I think often about it.

    If I ever go back to the open road, I can imagine having a different man in my rig every night. Many have shared with me their fantasy of getting banged by a horny trucker in his sleeper. So HOT!

  75. Suckmy8

    Here us a true story. I read most of these and quite a few seem made up but good stories nonetheless.
    I work in a warehouse . I’m just a fork driver. Im a reg good looking white dude. My new boss is a younger, late 20s vocksucker prick. Im in my mid 30s. Anyways, one weekend My wife was out of town and feeling horny and being bisexual, I went to a local outdoor river park area where some dudes go to jerk off with each other . On this day can you guess who was there? Awkward! My new boss. After we established talk and admitted to each other that we were there for fun, sex! It was quite good. It carried over to the workplace on rare occasion but most time it was somewhere else.
    A bit sbout him and I and what we did because I wont leave you hanging.
    Im 34 white 6 foot 185 brn blu masc, workout,mince body 8 cut avg thickness but big fuckin head. Tats,mhairy chest, happy trail etc.
    He is about 5-10 white nice build, no hair on chest but stomach is thickly covered with brown hair down to his cock. He’s about 7 cut but very fuckin fat, reg head, nice hairless balls.
    On that first day we wound up sucking each other’s cocks. My first time to suck to completion and it was great! I received the same. We both came pretty fast, less than 10 minutes but I wanted to go fast since we were outdoors
    Since this our sexual gatherings have grown and it works. He is married as well but the sex between to dudes is irreplaceable! This is a true event that continues today. June 13 was the last time we were together for sex. We have advanced to safe anal which I nor him ever did before. I like to take it and love giving it. Whats next??

  76. ballsdeep

    All my fantasies deal with bussiness sex weather in the back room of a small one man shop. Or on the exam table of the doctors office, or under a desk of a office professional, or the golf course at night, if anyone in south florida sees this hit me up im game. And any other place thats exciting just not where we could be busted by the law.

  77. Omar

    I work from home which i think for many who can relate- we get pretty horny throughout the day and probably jo quite a bit. Probably the wildest was one hooking up with this hot latino- we were fucking like rabbits, sweating, even slipped off the bed fucking and kept going on the floor all while the the call is on mute and on speaker, we were there fucking away, occasionally chiming in “yes” or “agreed” mute and back to fucking! The thought of trying to focus on the call and fucking gave me an incredible rush just like being the office and the fear of being caught! Ha!

  78. l121

    1998, okay, so I’m married, working as a car sales guy. Work at a Lincoln store and this 22 year old male comes down to take a test drive. He came down only after I promised to buy him a pair of Tommy Hilfiger underwear as a reward. I showed him the power seat function on a new Lincoln Towncar at a remote place I knew. Seat all the way back, seat back all the way back, his legs up on the visors, I blow him and then poke him, it goes in like three strokes and he explodes with cum into the headliner. We paste it together, he’s apologetic but I couldn’t care less, what a rush! He left and I laughed for a long time about the oldsters that I sold the car to later. If they only knew that we had painted the car blue. All for a pair of underwear, love ’em young since they’re so shrewd.

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