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MEN just released their 1000th scene this week, it is “part 2” of their most successful scene where Johnny Rapid met Rafael Alencar and his hole was double penetrated by Rafael and a night stick in the prison shower.

In the new scene, Johnny is back in jail and he and Rafael pickup right where they left off but this time Johnny takes it deeper and harder!

Check out the photos of the scene below and let me know your thoughts!

Congratulations to MEN for their 1000th scene!


(To see the full video, click here!)


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  1. muzyqman

    Part I was a big favorite of mine. I loved the gymnastic positions they got into. It looks like Part 2 will be just as inventive, gymnastically. I can’t wait to see it.

  2. tb

    Something about Johnny Rapid…. not sure what it is. Yeah, he’s cute and all, but for some reason he turns me off. Part of it is I hate his fuck face. When he pretends it hurts during sex his expression just is weird. Everybody knows you could probably fit a football in his ass. I’d fuck him, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t enjoy watching him in porn

  3. T

    that’s noting like prison sex. i was there in prison and the sex was nothing like is more intense. getting fuck hoping that you don’t get caught by the guard its you have no ideal.

  4. Enzo AKA SoCalTuffGuy

    The scene didn’t do much from me – there’s something about these two I really can’t put my finger on. They are both good on paper; Johnny’s cute twinkishness (if that’s your thing – it’s not mine at all) and Raph’s great build and big cock, but … there’s just an underlying non-sexiness about them both, and it expands when they are together. They seem silly together.

    I don’t know, maybe if neither of them spoke?


  5. ParisLV

    Haha, I don’t see many people doing [some of] these crazy positions… Positions that are not even comfortable or give much pleasure… Funny, no wonder amateur/unscripted porn is catching up…

  6. sublooking4

    the reality of gays in prison, is anything but what is depicted above. people are brutalized in ways beyond what anyone can imagine. during my short stay with the dept of corrections, i was lucky enough not to experience the abuse. i did however meet a few victims of rape.beside the people who contracted aids, and a plethora of other diseases as a result, i can encourage everyone not to put themselves in that position under any circumstances. rape is still rape. unacceptable in civilized society. and not where anyone would willingly want to experience.

  7. Ak

    Really TB?

    “Hate his fuck face”? Who doesn’t have that when getting fucked? And who wouldn’t if it were a 10″duck? I think it would look kinda weird if he were smiling, looked bored, laughing, sleepy. I’m just not sure what look would look appropriate when taking a humongous cock.

    But I guess if you’d still fuck him it must not be so bad.

    Wait…WTF was behind your bitching or just had a nothing good to say moment?

  8. Andrew

    I am all for a hot scene, but after watching the mini-doco series “I’m a porn star”, I have little respect for Johnny Rapid. He is married, with a kid. But yet, this man can comfortably take two thick cocks up his ass, and keep coming back for more. I feel sorry for his trophy family, but someone should really go to that woman and break the news to her, instead of letting this baby-faced man whore think that what he does is just a job. To some, it is, but not the ones that can take two cocks up the ass, then go home and pretend they are straight. You are not straight Johnny Rapid, stop fooling yourself and that poor woman you are with.

  9. bk

    Fantasy : Prison Sex>> Even no this is hot to look at and it is some people’s fantasy.They should do a real scene in a real prison setting. Behind bars or in a prison dorm.My sexual fantasy was lived in a real prison both behind bars and in a dorm setting.My behind bars setting was i came back from working the chow hall and no officer around to let me in my cell so i was hanging out on the block tier waiting when i young man in his cell called me over to talk to me when he finally reacheed out and started rubbing my balls and cock in that he told me to pull it out and lean against the bars of his cell where he sucked me off and swallowed my cum.

  10. Tim

    Nothing in this porn suggests “prison” to me. Not the actors and absolutely not the set. It just two guys fucking.

  11. einathens

    Once again I post about commercials masquerading as editorial content and once again it doesn’t see the light of day.

    • blog

      einathens : why do you post these kind of comments dude?
      Do you know that A4A is the only free fully functional gay website on the planet? And how do you think we pay our support staff? The sales team? Marketing? The ads on the website are our ONLY income. If I read another comment like this here, I will block you. If you don’t want ads on A4A, we’ll close the site, is that what you want? So annoying to read that every time I post about porn on the blog! I hope my message was clear man!

  12. Tim

    I enjoy the “commercials” on the blog and the ads on the site too! Wish there was someone doing a regular column on new and hot actors as well as escorts

  13. tonynyc

    I was in for 3 months ,very min security..sucked nd fuck all the time, 3 ways 4 ways was wild fun swapping loads even with 2 of the officers,they encouraged us on the night shift , was def fun,,,,,,one night I ate 7 loads another I have 4 in my hole,i slso tooped nd fed my loads mamy times, we were all 18-50 was fun, bout 10 of us palyed , some watched.i still hook up with 3 of them now n then, my Gf hs no clue lol

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