Would You Do Him : Jared Leto


Jared Leto’s popularity skyrocketed after he won an Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role last month.

He is on every magazine covers, his Twitter account got hundreds of new fans and everyone is talking about him!

My question to you today : Would you do him?

Do you find him sexy? If he was on A4A, would you want to meet him?


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  1. david

    yea i would – if he was interested – he is a good looking 40+ man- – am hoping to have a chance to meet him next sept
    in his home town area – if he will attend the film festivle

  2. Ronnie

    I think he is ABSOLUTELY beautiful, drag or no drag.. THOSE EYES ! ! and of course the beautiful bod. i would absolutely do him.

  3. Bo Dugger

    OMG!Hell fuckig yes I would MORE than do him! I have been lusting after him ever since 30 seconds to mars’s first album. He is sooo fucking hot!

  4. Niknak

    Oh indeed! He could eat crackers in my bed any day. Nice to see him have his day! BTW loved him in Alexander, and him and Colin Ferril (was it?) kiss. And his remark on The Tonight with Jay Leno, when asked what it was like to kiss a guy, his comment was “Well if your gonna kiss a guy at least he was cute”. Colin’s remark on kissing Leto.

  5. Fucking Jared

    Hell yes I’d screw him 7 different ways from stupid. I’d screw him so hard my dick would come out of his mouth. I’d shove my dick so deep into him that he could suck me while I was screwing him.

    I’d pound him like my name was John Henry. I put so much cock in him that his initials would be K.F.C.

    I’d plant so much seed in him that people would refer to him as “Johnny Apple”.

    Get the picture?

  6. Wayne

    I’d let him pound me in a heartbeat, and he’s been hot to me since I first heard him in 30 seconds to Mars. BTW he’d be so hot to have him sing while beating it up 🙂

  7. Cooper

    He’s a bit of an odd bird, in my opinion, but let’s face it. With a body like the one in that photo, I’d certainly take him out to breakfast the next morning.

  8. lookin4head12345

    Hell, yeah. Love long haired boys. I could spend hours holding his head in my hands as he bobs up and down on my dick.

  9. Warren

    I would do Jared Leto in a heartbeat! Not only is he sexy, but has a kind demeanor. He’s not a young twink and is well put together. Did I mention that he is super sexy?

  10. Wesley

    Are you familiar with the stand up of a comedian named Simon Amstell who has a whole section of his special dedicated to Jared Leto and, his character from my so-called life Jordan Catalano and how that’s all he’s ever wanted in a lover?

  11. XJunior70281X

    He looks like Jesus Christ in this pic,Ofcourse I’ll let him do me I always had a fantasy about getting fucked by Jesus Christ and the angels watching. Also had a fantasy about getting fucked by devil in hell and demons watching us :0)

  12. AC

    Oh yes, in a heartbeat. He’s cute, got a nice body (too smooth for my liking, but still….)and he seems like a really nice guy. So definitely yes!

  13. David

    I would TOTALLY do Jared Leto!! He is SO cute and I like his lean body.
    He’s also a sexy Louisiana man….like me.. =)

  14. jackin

    He’s a decent looking guy. If he got himself a haircut and at least trimmed his facial hair, I’d let him do whatever he wanted.

  15. samman02

    Has a nice body and appears to be a nice guy. Do think he looks a little unkept on the top.
    Think I would probably pass unless he got a good haircut.

  16. Lkng4Bearass

    Honestly not into guys with long hair… Aside from that im into guys that have a beer belly and fur all over their body.

  17. stewie_griffon

    Yes & no. Jared Leto seems to experiment w/ his looks a lot, which is great. He seems to be the end of two extremes where he is good looking & not as good looking. Really no middle ground. Basically, his looks are a hit or miss. He is attractive when he has short hair, but not when he looks like Jesus. Not everyone will agree, but to each his own.

  18. darryl

    What made him endearing was his oscar acceptance speech. He looked great that night, and who didn’t tear up when he spoke of his mother in loving terms. I get he got laid that might lol

  19. joshexxxboy

    the real question would be: If Jared Leto were on A4A would he do you? He’s who he is and could have his pic of anyone he chooses therefore it wouldn’t be would you do him?

    See thats where most gay/bi men get it all wrong….in a situation like that it aint about you.. but about who is obviously superior to you… Most the queens saying I’d do him wouldn’t stand a chance in gay hell of sleeping with Leto.

    Sorry If this offends or gets your panties in wad just that cold hard truth from someone who cares not to mince words…

  20. Ben

    My freashman year in college I messed with a guy who looked identical to him in that pic (hair – body – and all). The only difference was the guy I was with had tattoo pecs and shoulders and arms. It was sex two or three times a week for a year and a half. He was a senior and moved for a job. He was the best sex.

  21. Raymond7

    I can say that I had the hots for that man for a few years he has very beautiful blue eyes and seems like he would be a great guy to hang around very sexy .

  22. Jeff

    Well… if it was a choice only between him and Justin Bieber, I’d take the dog for a walk, see what’s around the corner… maybe put on a porn and j/o!


  23. Xenon7

    I’ve loved Jared since My So Called Life. So yes, I would totally do him … past Jared, present Jared, and future Jared.

  24. Ezzo

    Not a chance, he looks like he’s a homeless guy they picked up off the street and took a picture of . Not attractive at all.

  25. glenn

    No! I would not do him…..Because he would be doing me!……Anyway, anywhere, and anytime. Please, if possible, let him know I’m ready!

  26. mark patterson


  27. Chefling Justin Taylor navysoccerboi7

    I guess Im in the minority here. Maybe b/c Im not a slut like many guys out there. Simply put, “Hell no!”

  28. Kubrickkrazy

    Been in love with Jared since the days he played heart-throb to Claire Daines on MY SO-CALLED LIFE. He’s total cutie, and has been a fantasy to many a girl and guy since that short-lived TV show. Really got hot and botheedr when he sported blond hair in FIGHT CLUB (well, at least until Edward Norton pummeled his face into play-do) and think he was erection-inducing even as a heroin addict in Aronofsky’s REQUIEM FOR A DREAM.

    Let’s face it, the guy is one of the best looking boys around. I will say, however, that his grunge phase a few years back, and this new Jesus Christ Almighty look, is a real turn off. He’s got a classic cuties face and doesn’t need to hide it behind all that hair. He’s got a body to kill for and, hopefully, a big cock to go with it. Heaven knows I’ve fawned over his ass every time he walks away from camera on-screen.

    Would I do him?

    As I am a TOP, then, sure, if he’d bottom for me.
    If he wanted to top me? Well, I usually don’t double over for anyone, but….

  29. Chris

    Nah I gotta pass he don’t do it for me, he looking boring in bed to me ,
    I need some who looks like they can beat it down. A thug

  30. JC

    No. I’m sorry. I realize I’m in the minority, but I couldn’t. Maybe in the 90’s when he looked a bit less worn, but not now. It’s not his age that bothers (considering I’m in the same age bracket as he is), but the long, stringy, greasy looking hair, all the scruff, no. I couldn’t stomach it. I remember him in the mid 90’s and that was completely different. He was legitimately good looking. But now he has that rode hard and put away wet sorta look to him and it makes me think crusty dick, dirty ass, flaccid. No. Maybe my standards are way too high.

  31. Hunter0500

    Not from the picture that is shown, no. But he does clean up well and is gay. For sure I’d meet him for coffee or a beer and if we clicked, great.

  32. shadow340

    he not my type but i learning to be open minded and try to play outside my ethnic group. he cute so i will give him a chance. plus if he know how to give some good dick yes.

  33. Dennis

    As a gay man who lived in Greenwich Village in the 1960’s, traveled a great deal and met many gay men during my life..he was and always would have been considered as a very attractive man…I would have welcomed into my life at any time and now would most certainly jump at the chance to even just to meet him….

  34. Chip

    Assertions that Jared Leto is gay are false.
    There has been speculation in the past — especially with the role he had in Dallas Buyers Club — but while he has joked that he is “as gay as a goose”, he has never been reliably linked with a male lover. (Then again, it’s HIS personal life – he should be allowed to spend it in the closet if he wants. The sadness would be his alone, and none of our (fans) business at all!)

    That being said, he actually said he would be open to dating a same-sex individual if there was an attraction.

    So there is hope for me after all! YES: a 43 y/o straight man could be attracted to this 50 y/o pansexual!! YEAH!

    Hope springs eternal! 🙂

  35. Charlie

    I would let him do me any way he wants. I dream of him in his armor in Alexander the Great throwing me on my back while he fucks me long and hard. I would have to lie there looking into those big bright eyes and take it like a man.

  36. Mark

    OMG,,, HELL YES. I totally love his long hair and facial hair. They are such a turn on. I would give him anything and everything he wanted. No questions asked

  37. Mike

    Why is everything about IDOLS !!! Stupid and not worth the commentary…there are plenty of beautiful men in your own community. GET A REAL LIFE.

  38. Aaron

    I saw him years ago in requiem for a dream but after seeing Dallas buyers club I didn’t even know he was in it .I saw his name at the end and I was like Where ?wht scene? Then I saw the char names and he was the drg girl.I was flabbergasted. I think he has amazing acting skills he must be a deep thinke too.Def ,my kinda guy.the pic of him here is unattractive but he’s just a wild straight guy sometimes-I guess.My sister is a well-known actress I hope I get to meet him one day!

  39. Anthony

    VERY SEXY !! I would DO ANYHING he asked. I’d even be ok if he had a smooth bumm. But if he had a hairy crack, I’d never let him off his stomach. He’d be walkin’ funny for days !!!

  40. Harrison

    He is amazing. I remember when I first heard his music (The Kill, to be specific), I got goosebumps when he screamed at the end of the bridge. His voice is breathtaking and you can sometimes feel his emotions when he sings. As for Jared’s looks, he is incredibly handsome in every way. His eyes are so captivating, you can’t help but get lost in them. I’m not ashamed to admit that seeing shirtless pics of him sometimes makes my heart pound without warning. Overall, Jared is one of the several celebrities I compare guys to whenever I’m looking for my soulmate. Yes, I would love to meet him and see how things go from there.

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