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We have all heard the stories or know someone who knows someone who slept with a celebrity.  For some of us this is a reality.

Last year I was cruising around on one of the apps when a guy from thousands of miles away hits me up.  Nice looking guy, great profile and could carry on a conversation.  He told me he was going to be out my way in a few months and would I like to go to dinner. 

My first thought was, this guy is crazy. Dinner? Since he was so far away and my track record for hooking up with someone within 10 miles was hopeless I said yes.  We continued texting here and there and then one day I got a message that he was coming to town.

I freaked a little but was ok with it. He said he had something to tell me but asked me to look up a name on line first.  I did and was surprised at who it was.  I asked why I was looking up this person and he told me because it was him.  He had given me a fake name on line and since we were going to meet, he wanted to show me who he was.

We video chatted a couple times and met up a couple days later.  I went to his hotel and surprisingly he was a really nice guy.   You know how some people have a presence?  This guy had that.  We had some wine, we chatted, we made out and we had sex.  Several times.  Next morning I showed him around the city, we went to dinner and went back to his hotel.  I spent the night and in the morning he had to be on set and I had to get back to work so we said our good byes.

There was never any talk of this being anything more than it was.  A dinner date.  We keep in touch and have made no plans of getting together but if we do, I’ll let you know.

In future if you get a message from someone far way saying they will be in your area, say hello, you never know.

So there it is, my celebrity story.  Do you have a celebrity encounter you want to share?  It doesn’t have to be a sexual encounter but the celebrity at least had to acknowledge you.

Thoughts?  Comments?

g skorich

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  1. dequerius lamont

    actually, I hooked up with a B list celebrity last summer thanks to A4a. he was a bit past his prime in looks but damn he could fuck like an A lister. I shall only give you his initials as I don’t kiss and tell. MCS.

  2. art

    Cool story. I have had one myself, we’ll two actually since the we’re friends. I use 2 hang wit a bud in the 90s who sold pot and he use 2 sell to an Sixers player. After meeting him he asked for my number so I could go see a game and hang afterwards at his place in nj. Few months later that night came and it jus happened and I was so surprised cuz it was not expected. We hung out a few times and a friend of his one time joined us who at the time I was not familiar because he was bench player for another team. It’s true what that say about ball players…huge! Haven’t heard from him in years but I’ll never forgot those moments.

  3. kinky_tx956

    Nice to hear you story. My celebrity story goes like this. A friend of mine is a promoter and he was bring a indy wrestling show to town with big well known wrestlers into town. To promote the event he flew a big time wrestler into town a month prior to the event to do radio, tv, and meet and greet sessions all around town to help promote the event. This well known wrestler is a hot muscular who was a member of a big organization in a big known company. I used to watch him on TV n always taught he was hot. So my friend asked me if i could help him out as i usually do at his events and told me to go pick the wrestler up in a limo at the airport and take him his hotel and all the places he was suppose to be at during the day and night. Also i was to babysit him throughout his stay providing him with anything he wanted. Beers,women, treats, etc. I gladly agreed and after meeting him in person he was more hot muscular than on TV. After arriving at hotel we checked in and I carried his bags to his room. We chatted and then he wanted some beers so I went to the store and when I got back into his room he was in the shower getting ready to go on to promote the event. I’m there seating waiting on him and to my surprise he walks out of the bathroom completely buff naked. I got nervous and he just came over to me and grab a beer. All this time I couldn’t take off my eyes of his swing semi hard big cock and balls hanging. He smiled and said are u uncomfortable? I couldn’t talk. I just nodded no. He went back to sit on the bed to do a phone interview of another show he had in Florida in 2 months. I was all getting turned on on his muscular buff body. His ass, legs, abs, armpits, balls, and cock. All his body was completely shaved except a little V trim pubic hair above his cock. Time went by and I asked him if I could help him out in anything else before we start the day to go to all those place and he said laughing, “yeah I would like some help with this cock to cum but I think since you are a married man, you can’t help at all.” I was surprised but I just told him, I was hired to take care of him with anything he wanted so I went towards him on the bed and got on my knees and began to such his cock. I couldn’t believe this was happening but I was sacking him good and his cock grew bigger and harder. He ordered me to get naked so I did and I was thinking I would never be able to get that big monster up my ass but he got on all 4s and ordered me to lick his ass. I eagerly did which I love doing. His ass was awesome and very firm. He then to my surprise told me to fuck him. I was stunned by I did just that. Only a little bit cuz he then order me to get on my hands and knees and he ate my asshole like a pro. Then got me with his muscular hands and turned me on my back and lifted my legs in the air wide opened and began to fuck my ass. No lube was needed cuz of his saliva and I was really turned on. He was fucking me while I was touching his muscular abs, chest, and his shaved armpits. He lowered his face to mine and kissed me. I was never into kissing a guy but this was different and we french kissed with such a passion. I lifted his arm up and began to lick his armpit and he got really turned on pounding harder in me and would offer me his other armpit then his nipples. He shot a stream of hot cum in me and I couldn’t resist the moment that I pull him out and went down on his cock freshly out of my ass. I cleaned his cock and lick my own cum off my belly and bedsheets. He was all turned on. He said that was awesome. He got dressed up and I took him to all his appearances but we did ended playing in the limo with me mostly sacking his cock. At night after taking him to a club he hooked up with 3 girls in the VIP room and took 1 girl to the hotel. I thought that was it but he order me to wait and after about an hour he sent the girl on a taxi and then we had more fun together till morning hours. I had to call my wife to tell her I was still working and wasn’t coming home. She was pissed but never I was working and liked all the hand signed souvenirs I got for her. Lol. Only if she never what I was up too. Needless to say, I spend the night with him in muscular arms caressing his chest. In the morning we did it again, showered together and helped him shave his entire body. After going to have lunch I took him in the limo back to the airport to catch his flight and before existing the limo we kissed like a hot horny high school couple. I went home horny as he’ll and my wife was happy too after having awesome sex with her. Lol. A month later, the event took place and that’s a whole different story. Lol. I was a big fan of wrestling before and this was like icing on the cake. We kept in touch but lately haven’t. Hope he comes to town again soon.
    Ps. Happy Kinky Wrestling Fan

  4. 1versfucker

    I’ve had a couple of celebrity (sexual) encounters.
    One was with a fling with a rock band artist,
    the other was with a Hollywood actor.
    Both were super cool, fun and interesting, nice guys.

  5. JaDeDLaTin

    I have meet several celebrities from where I work. Mind you at the time I was completely clueless who they were in person. For all the ones that I have met the have the nicest people you’ll ever meet. (Nothing sexual) though my favorite would have to have been in early February .. Lol the banter between is was amazing and can’t wait to see him again…

  6. Asssets

    My situation is a bit different. I was in a high end department shopping. I noticed a very muscular good looking man cruising me. After about 20 minutes, he approached me and like you, gave me a false name. We had a decent conversation, we exchanged numbers. He called two days later and asked me to dinner and a show. Afterward we went back to his place and I notice a magazine with him on the cover ( I thought it was fake), we had furniture moving sex. A week later at the local Publix Supermarket, there was that beautiful man on the cover. We still meet up three times a year!!!

  7. Jay


    No particulars? Celebrity how – film? TV? Politics? Music?

    These are not the droids we are looking for. Move along… Move along.

  8. Kubrickkrazy

    Well, I don’t have a story like that…

    Closest I have ever been to a major personality was running into David Letterman on the streets of Midtown as he was running to the Ed Sullivan theatre to sit down with the writers of LATE NIGHT. Nice guy, shook my hand and we chatted a few minutes about the show and how much I liked it.

    Caught a conversation with Woody Allen about a decade ago. He was waiting for his car to pick him up after his jazz set at Micheals pub. Very intelligent, sweet really, and very funny. I don’t believe a word anyone has said about his ALLEGED misconduct over the years. He’s just a private guy being persecuted by those that are jealous of his heart. Still, he’s one of America’s greatest screenwriters and film directors…

    However, I do have a friend, lives in the financial district, who hit upon a major celebrity on a certain gay sex site. Like your story, they were engaged in conversation for quite a while (this gentlemen likes younger, smooth, big-dicked versatiles) before the gentlemen let the cat out of the bag. However, they both shared a lot of the same interests, both sexually and non-sexual, got along well, and professed to having a taste for the same brand of dark beer.

    They met at a quiet little joint deep in the bowels of Alphabet city. As my friend relayed to me the next day, the gentlemen was a great conversationalist (part of his persona is being a very articulate, smart and precise talker-hint No. 1), and they wiled away the hours trading humorous stories.

    They went back to his hotel room (I think my friend said it was the PLAZA near Central Park). They ordered room service, ate, watched one of his films together that happened to be running on HBO (they talked about his role, what it was like to make the picture, that the question about his sexuality was perfect for the character, and what it was like to win the Oscar for BEST LEAD ACTOR for the performance. Hint No. 2)

    They had sex. My friend topped. He said it was pretty damned good. They fell off to sleep together and in the morning my pal left after a shower while his “famous” gentlemen friend prepared for the day…

    He left my friend an autographed picture (which I have seen) and he was told that he would contact my friend the next time he had free time in the city.

    I had heard the rumors of this gentlemen being gay without ever having publically admitting it.

    As a lover and student of the cinema, it only makes sense to me that this gentlemen is. He infuses many of his performances with a kind of sexual razor sharp edge too few actors would be able to pull off. He’s played thieves, criminals, a serial killer, a policeman and non-human in animated film (amongst many other types of characters). He’s cocky, precise and just a bit sexually questioning in every role he’s ever played. He can be a sweet guy on screen but he’s always the best when playing screaming, scheming weirdos or assholes (Hint No. 3).

    Like I said…

    It all makes sense now and I can truly appreciate what goes into each performance and what he channels into it whenever they yell ACTION…

    I’m gonna go watch an episode of his critically acclaimed television show now (Hint No. 4)

  9. Rick-Chicago

    I have a similar story as well but with one exception, I am not positive that the guy really was the celebrity that he looked like, years ago I was passing through the Palmer House Hotel in downtown Chicago and met this guy who looked a lot like James Cameron the Hollywood director, if it was not him then I sucked the long cock of an average Joe stranger, if it was really him then I sucked his long cock when he invited me up to his hotel room.

  10. einathens

    This doesn’t work as plain fiction, much less as porn. No details, no eescription, no development. It’s an outline, not a story.

  11. Kevin

    Ohhhhhh, now here’s a good one. I hooked up with none other than Mark Leno. Not a celebrity but a would be political figure. This was before he went into politics and he owned a printshop at the time. We met at the Powerhouse and I was his sloppy seconds after someone else decided not to go home with him.

    He lived in a dark blue house almost at the top of Clipper Street. He has a small penis and he was into gut slapping. I had an 8 pak at the time. It hurt, but it hurt good and I cried out. Total power trip. He tried to tie me up but I said no.

    I’ve seen him at political, fundraising, and other social events but he refuses to acknowledge me. The bastard.

    This is the God’s truth or strike me dead with a bolt of lightning.


  12. Moby

    What a bunch of shit! You lead us on, then don’t tell us who it was. You say “he had to be on set” so I assume it was an actor. I never understood why actors are treated as “American royalty” when the true celebritries and heroes are the police and firemen who protect us, the military men and women who insure our freedom, the doctors and nurses who heal us, the teachers who guarantee our future, and all the other people who do good works. Sure I would love to fuck Bradley Cooper, but I would love to fuck the kind librarian too!

  13. Darknchi

    Wow at least when Prison Break star, Wentworth Miller & R&B singer Luther Vandross were in the closet at least we got more defining clues from people who messed with them than any of you guys are providing.

  14. Clay

    I have also linked up with a few well known people easy to do if you live where I do
    Had drinks with them always at their hotel and always made out one of them I have meet whenever he’s here
    Great advice never not chat with a guy from away that hits you up
    I however must say that I never knew who they were lol they revealed who they were later on and it was not a problem as the site is for pick ups

  15. g skorich

    @ALL – the point of the story was not to reveal who it was. it was to say they are out there using social media just like the rest of us.

  16. Mike5038

    I meet this guy when I lived in Winston-Salem and he used to be on the Young and Restless years ago. And he was one of the very first Chipandell stripers.He was a great guy and a very good lover too! We had got together for over 5 years till I moved away ,but I still go and see him when I can get up there. He is the only man that I would have left my wife for.I still love him with all of my heart!!!!

  17. josh

    A guy i used to date was on Jay Leno for being able to play the national anthem with his armpits….can i pick em or what? He was a good guy, i should look him up. Other than that, i asked Aimee Mann if she was gonna eat the rest of her pizza, and she gladly but cautiously picked it up to hand me the slice and i laughed hysterically before saying ‘im just kidding! Can you imagine if i was like that?!’ She smiled but im pretty sure it was more about the slice she could keep than the behavior. After that i told her about when i was homeless and how i used to listen to The Forgotten Arm in my car and/or hotel room on repeat and how she was my cher/madonna and how positive her influence was just two or three minutes, but i couldnt stop smiling and i just felt like i was being rewarded for my good choices by being able to meet(or see) her.

  18. Tyrion_the_dwarf

    okay… several porn stars (which isn’t that special if you live in so-cal) but many of them were accidental or i got tipsy and managed to be very charismatic and didn’t know they were porn stars. And then there was a certain ex-entertainment news guy/author/activist/voice-over artist who i managed to bump uglies with unexpectedly. He is like a 1000 times hotter than me and he fucked the living daylights out of me all over his home. i have never been fucked so athletically before in my life. Long story short it was a one time thing but we keep in touch. He’s in a relationship now and i’m just irritated i can’t get that dick again. Oh well, he seems happy though.

  19. Jimmy yamezz

    Hey Dequerius Lamont… My guess for the celebrity with initials MCS is Michael Christopher Sheen – am I right??

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