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So I caught a Speak Out piece here the other week about how this guy just hated anal, and to be honest I could kinda relate. Growing up I wasn’t too interested in anal play while alone, I was having much more fun with my penis, so I never really bothered. High school and college it was all, “Whoa that’s a great dick, you’re a top, right?” so I just enjoyed the rides. Now at 27 I’m realizing that “Top Only” dudes, myself WAY included just may not have had the opportunity to be locked up alone with a good sex toy long enough.

Course through the years I’ve tried bottoming for guys, even have with a few. It was fun but took time and was plenty painful, so I shied away. Though I’ve decided that this year I’d make an effort to explore my bottom side and get myself a little anal starter kit for someone with my level of experience.

Going into this, it really seems clear to me now that the fear of the “pain” of anal sex is really over exaggerated.

So for my little kit I ordered a few toys, these consisted of:

The Devi Big Glass Plug – It was on sale, it was glass and it was a great size. So I thought it would make a good first buttplug. I went with a width plug, opposed to length due to I wanted to work on stretching more in my first phase.

The Manticore Anal Plug – Again, on sale. On top of that, I didn’t want your typical beads and the beads seemed like a good size and I loved their details and textures.

And last and once I got it, not least, The Veiny Victor (Ultra-realistic suction cup dildo) – AGAIN, it was on sale. I’m broke a lot of the time, so starter toys on sale sounded like a win to me. It was bigger than most wimpy started dildos and of course had a suction cup, which is important in my search.


So as I said, I have bottomed for a few guys, maybe 6, some thin and long. Others thick and short, and few of the later, long and wide. Each time, it hurt. So that was a big drawback to me about letting a guys fuck me, ever. Also though to me personally anal is something I pulled out for guys I cared for, so only reason it was a good experience after the pain was because I trusted my lover and was having a good time.

So starting out, I kept that in mind. Staying relaxed because this was me, exploring and playing with my body. I did some anatomy research looking up in depth the prostate and such because, honestly, I hadn’t seen a diagram since high school and just wanted to see what where, cause what awesome feelings.

Also I already had it lying around, being a regular top who is responsible, but another MUST to all of this is LUBE. Obviously you can apply excess, but there really can’t be enough through the whole session, if it stops sliding or feels uncomfortable, never fear, lube is here.

And find one that works for you of course. Skin allergies can happen, as can internal ones. Be careful and safe when researching lube. I’m a fan of Gun Oil the water base, but to each their own.

So I take a very pragmatic and open stand about sex, obviously. But besides that, I’m gonna share my honest opinions with you all about these toys and my personal experiences with them. These are MY experiences and of course will vary from your own, I know my limits physically, know yours going into this.

Of course starting at the ground floor, fingering.

You can figure that out, I’m pretty sure.
But, don’t just think because you see guys fisting online fast that it stretches that fast. You don’t need to start with three, one can cut it just fine.
Speaking of cut though, make sure you trim and file those nails down, don’t wanna hurt yourself!

Then my toybox came, and of course I was raging a semi as I even opened it, everyone loves new toys.

So to stretch out and start my training I over the course of the next 3 weeks had sessions with either one, or sometimes all my toys. These sessions I keep at about an hour long each time, at least usually.  At first though it was just me and the Devi.

First up the Devi. Sporting a nice Depok feel packaging wise it was a great weight, and even came with a little bag.

First real thing I noticed when I held this toy was how it felt in my hand. It was balanced and very sturdy and WIDE. Didn’t exactly know how wide in reality when I ordered it, but it was much more impressive as I closed my palm around it, the loop anchor being really nice sized to easily fit two finger tips in as well.

Lubing up was simple, inserting it was not.

Did I mention wide? or how inexperienced I was?

So there was some pain, but again, pain on my terms. I started to lie on my side and just start to probe myself with the tip.

My first try with the Devi, I didn’t get it in. I’ll be honest.

At it’s thickest, it can feel like a lot of pressure and hugely uncomfortable. that is until you push just a little bit more and take a deep breath.

Allowing that moment to relax, it then just pops into place. Literally, slides right where it needs to be, and WOW. Whether or not you believe in chakras or anything it says on the package, you know for sure now where you’re prostate is, spooning with you Devi.
Again, not being a total amateur, I started to do some Kegel stretches and I blew my load on the second time I used it, didn’t even really stroke much.

Truly I think that speaks for the toy about how awesome it is, and of course how amazing the human body is.
The Devi is an old reliable now. I can slide it in with a few minutes work. Nice and smooth, it slides into place very easily. Feels great, curves perfectly. The anchor ring is fantastic and very secure for me.

Once you learn what you’re doing, rotating it, altering the angle or position is just divine and it hits every spot it’s suppose to. While gentle tugging for the sensation was great, I wouldn’t recommend a fucking motion. This to is also very discreet and made absolutely no noise either.

This toy really teaches you how to move your muscles around. To clench your muscles and move them, to push and squeeze because there are dozens of different combinations of pushing and pulling you can do without touching it at all, giving you both hands to do with as you wish.

Removing it can be an experience too. Of course after you clean yourself up, steady your breathing and clean your load off the wall, you can remove the toy.

Unlike a dildo, a curved plug like this uses suction and muscle to stay in with the curve. Steady soft pushing and gentle steady pulling pressure from your hand will result in it easily popping out.

Clean up, is really simple. Antibacterial soap and water and boom, back to it’s hiding place till next time. Or maybe you’ll just keep it in, and go on an adventure?

Just my experience with this toy alone has taught me this.

I understand as a top, that I’ll never really know how to fuck like a porn star unless I know how to bottom too, Ying and Yang are only in balance if you understand both. So it is important to myself as a sexual being to really be open with sexual practices, so bottom training seemed like the logical next step. And I can say that in just the short amount of time I’ve had these toys I’ve learned a lot and am loving it more and more every day.

So this is a lot longer already than I thought, I guess I’ll write one blog on each of the other toys, due to taking a butt plug is one thing, taking beads and a sizable dildo is quite another.

So please though, if you have more question about toys or if you want more details, I’d be really happy to give them in the comments and will then add those questions to what I will answer with the next toys.

Have fun and be safe guys!


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  1. paul anthony

    i love anal toys i have a rambone 18 inch long 6 inches thick replica cock what a challenge i can take about all of it with about four inches left outside of me on a horny night while someone is sucking my cock and slowley working it inside of me the chills i get are spectacular and when i cum its like a water main has just burst love it

  2. Mark B

    There is this toy that I have my eye on, Ft. Troff’s 3-in-1 Raw Dog……does anyone have any experience with it? How did you put it in, and can you walk around with it up your butt?

    I love the idea of walking around with it in me so that any top can give me a rape scene.

  3. Bill Hollingsworth

    GREAT article! I’m a top guy too mostly. I got an Aneros a while ago and still play with it from time to time but haven’t yet achieved that OH MY GOD!! feeling yet. That’s just because I haven’t used it enough yet.

    Thanks for this-it helps.

  4. goldenloverinmym

    I started out as a botton have topped a few guys just to get sum action but with my long term lover the 2nd time we met he begged me to fuck him said I had a perfect size dick for topping thickness length and a curve we got goin and he came with out stroking his cock I was stunned but loved it after that we just played it by ear who was gonna top 1st but we both got it in the end and he turned me from a bottom to versa and dam glad of it.Dean

  5. bottom2be1

    I have been a total bottom since the day I started with guys. I started with a basic toy. It was a 6″ long thin dildo. As I progressed through my bottom years I had to upgrade on thickness to get more arousal while playing alone. At a party with friends there was a black guy there. When I saw his cock as he was getting undressed I almost fell over. Needless to say after 20 mins of him trying to get in me and finally succeeding I came so hard and went out the next day and bought a 9×9 dildo. Now I cum so hard with it I rarely go out for the real thing. But when I do I can only get off if they are super thick or double up on me… it.

  6. jedwards128

    I find that if you use some poppers it seems to relax your butt into wanting to take all of it NOW! or if out of poppers I use regular finger nail polish removal about 88 cents at local stores. Kind of strong so just use very little sniffs. And if some guy thought it was a joke to polish your nails while you were asleep, hey, who would think that you had “finger nail polish removal” in your bag? Guess all that Boy Scout training cums in handy after all.

  7. John

    Good article. I start playing with my ass early. First with fingers, and I like it. Didn’t have a dildo at first, so I start playing with a dak hard salami. Lol. Eventually bought a dildo.

  8. Matt

    I really enjoyed reading this article and am interested to know what you might recommend to start for someone like me that has performed oral before but never experienced anal. Oddly I consider myself a bottom guy and want to explore moving past just doing oral and try accepting a man in terms of anal sex.

  9. dantt77

    I love playing with my asshole! You start thin then go thicker to stretch out your hole. When I was young started to finger myself, then used carrots, bananas, cucumbers but my best toys is my thick 8″ dildo with suction cup so I can fuck myself in the shower and a curved butt plug or metal anal beads that I wear when I go out. Feels soo good on amusement park rides. 🙂

  10. Clay

    Love being a bottom but very very tight tops love it but it’s endless pain every time lol
    Decided yesterday to get me a good thick dildo I can take the length of the cock but it’s the thickness that drives me in pain mode

  11. RockAFella

    I’m all for toys and stuff but why anyone would ever want to put a butt plug made of GLASS up there is beyond me! I don’t care that it’s made of solid glass and doesn’t have a single air bubble in it (which would be a structural weakness point). It’s still glass and for me, there’s no way that’s goin’ in there. Have 911 on speed dial and be ready with the best explanation ever if you end up (pun intended) being wheeled into the OR. Good luck, y’all.

  12. robin28146

    Hey love the story I myself started with toys now i do prefer the real thing but the toys are still there for those notes by myself

  13. Matt

    Dantt77. I don’t know if you were helping me out, but thanks for the info on what you did starting out and working up to the larger size dildo. Also I myself have thought about getting a nice butt plug to wear when I go out for a more interesting time on the town 🙂

  14. yungNSmooth

    I love dildo play in the bathroom for some reason it turns me on.. I like to be alone with a nice size dildo and ride it or bend over while it’s stuck on the shower wall and just fuck it while hitting poppers until I explode lol feels great

  15. Cruiser51

    I’ve not done either yet ( top or bottom) but always thought I would rather top. The thought of having something up my butt sounds painful. Also if. Person ever had a hemmoriod how is that affected?

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