Movie : “Squared”, An Interracial Relationship


Loved this short film. It definitely shows certain stereotypes our community has of an interracial relationship. In the movie, Yamil Jaiman picks up Ethan Le Phong thinking he is a power bottom. But when it gets to the sweaty part, the asian actor refuses to bottom and the competition starts. Who will be the bottom? Here is what Hieu Tran had to say about his movie :

“With Squared, I want to show that not all Asians fit into the stereotypes that society has constructed, says Tran. I chose to show an interracial relationship because I see many interracial couples in my daily life but usually not on screen. I see interracial relationships as something beautiful – two people who are able to share and learn about each other’s cultures. However, I see a problem when one objectifies or manipulates the other.”

Do you like to date another ethnic group than yours? Let me know why?

Check out the sexy teaser below!


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  1. D'Juan Thomas

    I’m currently in an interracial relationship (He’s White; I’m African American). My partner and I are not my first interracial relationship, but we are his first. I’m also a bit older than he is, so there is the life experience issue. I have been with men from several different ethnic groups and I maintain that there is beauty in all of us; there are so many reasons to extricate ones self from someone else, their ethnicity (something they can’t control at all) should not be one of them.

    • wolfman jenkins

      That’s good I love interracial relationships alot I support only black and interracial relationships. I definitely love whitemen tan love blackmen only. And have tattoos on both asscheeks that’s says i hate my white race.

  2. darryl

    The fat that there is still debate on interracial relationships in 2014 is very strange. The typical roles can be completely opposite of what people may think. That’s where the beauty is.

  3. Rodney

    Is this a movie to be released at the theatre? I personally have been dating a guy from Mexico for over a year and a half now. We live together also now. He is younger but I find him very attractive. Get along good and the sex is awesome also.

  4. Egypt. W

    I swear u must be psychic, I am currently discussing this EXACT topic right now on FB with some friends actually… 😀

  5. Zach

    The amount of profiles, on any gay website or gay app, that say things like “No [insert color and/or race and/or nationality here]” is appalling. “It’s just a preference” haha. Using the ten percent statistic (which is probably really low anyway), you’ve dismissed about 150 million gay yellow guys based solely on race ugh.

    This film seems like a nice change, especially since I relate as a yellow top (^_^).

  6. Shakerrump

    Shakerump (same name i use here on A4A). Im Afro American 32 my best friend is Hispanic 32. We both are Bi/Discrete soulmates but we arent into the dating because we are discrete and everything and i jst dont see myself dating a man but we’ve done a few things and hell yeah i would do interracial. Some of my best friendships have been interracial. I think its so special as ur article says how we get to learn from each other. And when weve hook up in bed damn so hot and passionate. We both just so hard to we wouldnt date men just women but actually interacial is all good with me and the sex is great.

  7. Arisek

    I can’t wait to see this. The leads are adorable.
    Oh, and I date whatever I like. Too many good looking dudes out there to limit oneself to any one Ethnicity.

  8. Aaron

    I’m a 40 year old black guy who is stereotypically masculine, tall, fit, hung, hairy, educated, financially successful…and a 100% cocksucker total bottom. If I swung the other way, I’d have lots and lots of dates (judging by the guys who are drawn to me in bars, parades and online).

    However, I much prefer to be true to myself than conform to the expectations of others, no matter how inconvenient and no matter what the cost to my sexual appeal…if I only get laid once every six months then c’est la vie. I will never live my life according to someone else’s racial expectations about my sexuality.

  9. TheLuckyOne

    My first boyfriend was Asian, 100% top and hung. Talk about complete destruction of the stereotype. I certainly wasn’t complaining, he was amazing! Love variety, there are beautiful men of all types out there, just have to be open to experiencing them on their own merits.

  10. PHDnRimming

    Yes, I have dated men outside of my race (I’m black/African American), have had interracial sex, and have had interracial relationships. A good guy is a good guy regardless of his ethnicity and there is beauty in all of us…embrace it.

  11. Tim

    I have a strong preference for smooth guys, so tend toward black, Latin, and Asian. I’m a lightly hairy hung white guy so it often seems opposites attract! This movie is particularly relevant to me because I’m generally a top… But the best I’ve ever been fucked was by a hot Asian top who picked me up in a noodle shop in San Francisco

    • wolfman jenkins

      I’m a Blackman I only breed whites that hate their own race literally i have some other submissive white partners that hate their white race and I love it I’m masturbating thinking about it right now I’m full of cum.

  12. Kongo

    I found this to be quite obnoxious. There are many beautiful relationships out there, at least 100 times more than these stupid taboos. I do not know who started with this kind of taboo, but if you make a movie just to address a taboo and think that you will make a difference, no you wont.People have preferences and if they want to stick to a taboo, that is their choice. I am black and I have dated many asian. Yes most of them are bottom and sometimes I wondered why they like it so much. May be they just want to do that. I have had 2 of my friends who were vers. top and they were few of other asians out there. What is your point here Mr. filmmaker? Are you saying that all asian gay men in Asia are bottom? Are they dating each other so that they can share a dildo at night? Noone ask me why I only date asian men but not arab or white men because I just do what I like. I dated Latino boys before but I refused to bottom for them BECAUSE I CAN. THIS THING PISSES ME OFF!

  13. Blasian25

    I really don’t think that interracial relationships are a big deal. I am interracial and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for that. My father is African American and my mother is Asian. I guess it is normal for me dealing with interracial relationships. People are people and they like what they like. I strongly believe that we are a product of how we are raised and we are attracted to who we are attracted to be it white, black, asian, indian, hispanic, etc.

  14. simon

    I’m a African American male in a relationship with a white guy. This is our first interracial relationship. I love being in a interracial relationship because of the different things I learn from him and the different things he learn from me. It is kinda hard to be in one because of the negative people out there. I had two guys on A4A tell me that I was an embarrassment to my people cause I don’t date black men. One guy was black and the other was white. It was weird to heard the white guy tell me that when his profile name is whiteass4black????
    But I don’t care what people say I’m gonna love him always.

    • wolfman Jenkins

      Well they’re right you a embaassment to your race im a Blackman i do not support white on white marriages. Only black and interracial marriage.

  15. Hunter0500

    A number of posters here have said, ethnicity is not an issue for them. Some profiles in A4A specify a preference for or against an ethnicity at the same level as height, age, or any one of a number of other physical appearances. In 2014, whether its sexual orientation or ethnicity, society at large no longer has the rigid scoial constrictions the Director of this film, and the self-acclaimed holders of “the Gay Brand” appear to wish to keep alive.

  16. bottomboy34

    I think for most men race overall is not an issue, but we all have preferences. I myself am partial to green eyed blondes. But I have had sex with all different kinds of men and have thoroughly enjoyed it. If things clicked and went beyond the casual stage I would be open to any man, regardless of ethnicity.

  17. Rainbow Consciousness

    I thought we are both male and female as individuals.
    I even thought transgendered people can morph their body and continue using the body as the old and or new body.
    I do not know why people think its racist to think they are top or bottom based on race. How boring this topic of racism is, we have not evolved in our violent thoughts about our race and the other races. Its ridiculous to think even me as an Asian person only have and want to continue dating White men. The social construct seems now too rigid to change, and my racism, although I think its positive, I know its negative in the overall social sphere.

  18. Mark B

    I don’t know if this falls under “interracial relationships” or not but I do now that I am in a similar situation.

    I just meet a guy and we both hit it off online. Once we meet, it was a different story…..

    He’s hearing, I’m not. He speaks English, I sign. Granted, he know’s his ABC’s but the only sigs he knew were cuss words. He thought it would be “cute” to share it with me.

    I don’t know…….

  19. Toby

    Rainbow Consciousness…I am in no way trying to be disrespectful, but I feel that a lot of Asians represent the ugly side of interracial dating. I have no problem with people dating outside their race, however, I think it’s messed up when people put down their own race to justify it.

  20. sjohnson

    don’t care what others say—race will always be an issue. i suppose it’s because I and countless others— “I prefer” is considered racist? am i a racists because i DON’T want a female? wow. what is so wrong with having a “preference”? if not then this would mean i would have sex with ANYTHING that moved…..

  21. Jo

    When I am attracted to a guy, its because of his appeal, personality, looks, etc..everything but the color. Are there still gay men who are blind to the fact that there are goodlooking guys on every race? Get over your ancient prejudices. I am an Asian man, I don’t restrict myself to one race, though I noticed that its usually white guys who asked me out, and my past relationships are all with white guys. That doesn’t mean I am into white guys only, but they seem to be the ones I end up with. I am currently single and most guys who ask me out are also mostly white guys.

  22. AryanBoy

    Whites should stay with whites. Blacks should stay with Blacks. Asians with Asians and so forth. Even though we as gay men can’t reproduce, we should all keep in mind that race preservation is important and we should be setting an example for the younger generation of straight people who should breed amungst themselves as to not mix races together. It creates an inferior race, and is not fair to the children.

  23. M

    So they make a film to play -against- stereotypes and the 2 characters are both young/pretty/perfectly buff… does anyone else see… oh never mind…

  24. Shakerrump

    Aryan Boy, i think NOT. It’s not 1923 anymore. That must be a wild, hot dream you’re hoping comes true. Better yet one if you’re three wishes if you were to ever find a genie in a bottle. Boy Bye!!!!!

  25. marcsd

    I am a white guy in my early 50’s some of my first sexual partners were latino men and was around many fine looking AA men so I’ve always had an attraction to men outside my race but generally my first 20 years I had mostly white sex partners and all my bf were white. I didn’t have my first interracial relationship (non-hookups) until I was 41, when I met a cute Filipino guy 15 years my junior (I’ve always been attracted to men younger than me even when I was in my 20’s). I have had sex with men of all races and nationalities and find variety is the spice of life, and that opposites do tend to attract. I have almost no attraction anymore to white men, prefer smooth toned or athletic bodies of darker shades. So on A4A I generally exclude white in my searches, I’ve had enough white bread in my life lol.

  26. Getouttahah

    Are these comments serious?I knew the very first ones would be from Black people.Blacks only feel good about themselves when someone non-Black likes them.You guys are basically proving that interracial relationships are nothing more than a fetish.I mean really, “two people who are able to share and learn about each other’s cultures.”What?You mean they learn that the other person is a typical human being that eats, sleeps, and $hits just like they do.Who needs to date outside their race to learn about other cultures.Read a damn book.Also, interracial relationships are nothing new.I have no idea why you idiots keep saying they are.Interracial relationships are as ancient as Greece.Oh I forgot, the only way you dummies learn anything is from dating somebody.I bet you guys failed in school because you couldn’t date the teacher since, ya know, you can only learn anything when you’re dating, according to you guy’s stupid ass logic.

    • wolfman jenkins

      No. It’s more then a fetish your are a punkass bitch I will fuck you up don’t ever talk bad about interracial relationships again you should be killed.

  27. bjjj

    I am white and my boyfriend is black and we have the best relationship ever, not because of our skin color, but because we have so much in common and our wonderful love for each other. In this society it seems that interracial relationships are all about sex. White men want the experience of having sex with a black man, and vice versa. Our relationship isn’t based on sex, it’s about each other, what we enjoy doing, things in common, supporting each other and caring about each others up’s and downs. Our relationship is more an emotional attachment that isn’t based solely on sex. Sure we have sex, but it’s not the only part of our lives as lovers.

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