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Christendale messaged me last week because he wanted A4A to talk about Fem Guys on the blog. Because of his email, I blogged about Fem Guys And Love and how it can be more tricky or even hard sometimes for them to meet and have a love relationship with a man.

From our little exchange by email, I can say that Christendale is a smart guy and a confident one! He is beautiful in his way with his long hair and slim athletic body and for that, I’d like to feature him as the Member Of The Week!

Christendale is from Philippines, he is 19 and he is ideally looking for a long term relationship. Check him out and send him a note, I’m sure he will be happy to chat with you guys.

Oh and for those who are thinking about writing some bitchy comments below, you won’t be published. Yes, I know, we are in 2014 and some people still  bully other guys from the same community because they are different…. Be cool guys! RESPECT!

Have a wonderful weekend guys!



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  1. JD

    I have a feeling if this post were about Christians or conservatives there would be no problem with bitchy comments and bullying. For some reason many in this “community” feel it’s Ok to do that to those they disagree with in other “communities”. Even in 2014. Just saying.

  2. Purebalance

    It’s 2014 you can’t have an opinion apparently. Men have issues with fem guys because they like men. Plain and simple. If someone likes fem guys more power to them, but there’s nothing wrong with not wanting a fem guy and they don’t need a special spotlight just because they feel left out.

    • blog

      Purebalance: They are not less men because they are more feminine. They have a dick between their legs.
      And what about transexual? They are “less” in your definition?
      Yes you can not like them physically or not being attracted to them if you want, but you need to be respectful with them and love them anyways, because they are a person too.
      I have friends that are transexual, straight, bi, fem, macho etc I love them because they all bring me something different.

  3. Scifi26

    It’s true! I am a 23 year old effeminate male (my sn is the same as the name here) and so far it hasn’t been easy meeting with guys off here for a relationship without involving a hookup. Some are well aware of femininity but only if it involves a ‘boy pussy’ lol um. I’m glad members like Christendale are speaking up about this issue. Kudos!!

  4. Mark B

    A good looking Filipino….

    It’s amazing how the male community stresses the masculinity of being a male when they both have a dick between their legs.

    Boink, boink!

  5. Zephyr82

    I fall somewhere between masc & fem & I have to say this is refreshing on a site where most users are obsessed with how masculine they think or desire themselves to be. Prejudice in our community – specifically – is uncalled for. Kudos.

  6. InOverMyHead

    Everybody has different preferences.
    If you like what you see, say something nice. (Looks tasty)
    If not, just move on without comment.

  7. Onyxonbottom

    Bravo to him fro being who he is but – I am a man attracted to men aka masculinity. If I wanted a woman I would be str8. so the onlt thing that pesters me is guys u meet in person who swear they are masculine and when u meet them they are all fem. why do so many fems do that?

  8. Ed

    First off, Christendale is hot. It is his self-confidence that comes through.
    Yes, it is time for us to respect differences and just let each be who they are. We all have our different tastes, preferences and types. And yes there are those who even get hung up on hairy, smooth, trimmed and shaved.
    Bottom line for me is I find anyone who is self-confident and comfortable with who they are to be highly appealing.

  9. markymark6377

    Christendale we talk a wile back and i go to the philippines all most 4 times a year and stay there for about 2 months each time i have a home in cebu and anytime you love to hang out we can ok buddy

  10. SCIFI26

    Howdy back again! lol, there is NOTHING wrong with a man not wanting a ‘fem guy’ but there is something called respect. Everybody has a preference so I can’t knock you if you don;t like us fems, but respect should be showed. I remember a guy on here and I were chatting for hours back and forth. I told him about me being effeminate and having a high voice, hist attitude changed completely. He actually compared being ‘effeminate’ to being fat. He stated “If you don;t want to get your ass kicked in the street you should ACT like a man and not a pussy!” It was a very shocking and disgusting speech. I felt like I was being OUTCASTED on a GAY HOOK UP SITE! It was just crazy all around. Us effeminate guys have guts to walk out there and be who we are, we are faced with challenges and we overcome it. Sometimes we don;t have a closet to hide in, but we make sure we wave our freak flag high with pride! Can I get an A-MEN! BTW, thank you for the nice messages I got on here from those who read my first comment, you guys are too sweet 🙂

  11. Hunter0500

    Young, smooth, fem, fashionably trendy … all admirable traits of gays promoted by holders of the Gay Brand. Showcased here on a regular basis for the causes of “acceptance” and “tolerance.”

    What a wonderfuld day it will be when the showcasing of older, hairier, masculine, no-fashion-sense gay guys will happen here as well. What a wonderful day it will be when these guys are no longer ridiculed and considered as intruders by this blog and the gay “community.”

    What an even better day it will be when all the labels are dropped, there are no divisions, and no causes to keep alive.

  12. Joe Cool

    Sometimes it amazes me how easily the point of something goes over people’s collective heads —

    The idea is to be inclusive. Not exclusionary. Gay men have a BIG PROBLEM with the idea of being inclusive. I have noticed time and time again that gay men tend to only have friends in their little ‘gay packs’ who are photocopies of each other. They all dress the same, have the same hair, drink the same drink… it’s like a game of high school.

    The point of this, and the blog about ‘fem’ guys, was about highlighting different expressions of masculinity. We’ve been asking ourselves “what’s a man” since the dawn of time. A “man” is someone who can step up and be themselves even if means getting tied to a fence and left to die.

    That’s a man. Not whether he has long hair or short, whether he swishes a little when he walks, or not. Whether he’s big and beefy or slight and waif-like.

    And to counter-point ‘Purebalance’… EVERYONE needs a spotlight on them at some point. It’s what makes us as humans not feel so isolated. There is enough of the “no fems, no fats, no one over 30!!” profile language that leaves so many people feeling excluded and even more isolated. I applaud these last two blog entries as most of them are usually inane and pointless.

    Finally, while I am not a transsexual, I do believe most male to female transsexuals would rather be identified as straight women verses gay men. I kinda think that’s the whole point of being a transsexual. So, to spotlight them on a gay men’s dating site, I feel, would be very insulting to them.

  13. MIKE

    I have to agree with Purebalance and JD. Also how about these fem guys getting mean and bitchy at the bars. Is that a form of being bullied?

  14. Caesar

    Fem guys get such a bad rep because they are associated with drama and flamboyancy. A lot of males can’t handle that and a lot of insensitive defense is there automatically. However if most gay males take the time and realize that a lot of the fem gays are more friendly and have a head on their shoulder than the Adonis gods they worship who have nasty attitudes and ego issues. We all have our preferences but we are all part of the same family and to get respect you have to show respect. I salute A4A for featuring this member.

  15. matthew sweitzer

    im feminine.i see the hate ful things people say. in my experience,the one who don’t want a feminine,usally are on the down low!Im not as flaming I was 20 years ago!who would wanna be with someone like them selves,i would get bored.I was always told,by other guys,i brought life to them from my feminine ways.I hear the nasty comments on here.I just ignore it!

  16. TylerM86

    Our differences make the world go round!!

    I have been attract edit o different types of guys all my life. Some white, some black, some action, some Asian, some more masculine than me, some more feminine than me, even two guys that were trans (one was very masculine and the other feminine).

    I was attracted to them because I was attracted to them. Simple as that.

    Some people have types and some don’t. Let’s be a supportive community!

    And for the record….SCIFI26 is incredibly hot!! ;p

  17. Purebalance

    Yes they are in fact less men because they don’t act masculine. That’s kind of the definition of feminine. Your personality and mannerisms are that of a woman if you are feminine so yeah you might want an vocabulary lesson. Are they less of a person? No. Do they have male genitals? Yes. Are they less of a man? Yes in personality and mannerisms. That’s a fact not an opinion based directly what words literally mean.

  18. SCIFI26

    Aww thank you TylerM86 takes one to know one 😉
    To respond to Mike I myself have never been one to be rude at bars but I was at the receiving end of a man who actually told me he’s interested in ‘men’ and actually sent the drink back. But I have met SOME effeminate guys who were rude and catty to me-I also have met others who are sweet! Not every guy is the same (a cliche but true). Like the previous blog about feminine guys and love, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. You have to get to know that guy before deciding whether you want to be friends or more. To say ‘ew he’s effeminate I can’t be friends with him’, is actually insulting especially if you’re gay yourself.

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