Hot or Not : Gaping Holes?


If you are into fisting and anal toys, you’ve heard the word “gaping holes” before….

“When an anus stretches past its physical limit, causing it to gape” is one of the definition by the Urban Dictionary.

Gaping holes create lot’s of attention on the web and within the gay community because there are blogs and websites devoted to them.

How to get a gaping hole, how to stretch it, how to please your man with it…

But the question is, do YOU like gaping holes? A red hole that is wide open, ready to “eat” your cock? Or do you prefer tight pink holes?

Let us know why you like or not, and if you bottom and like to have a gaping hole, why do you like it and how is it to have one?


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  1. Randy

    The guy that I play with on occasion likes sloppy, wet fucking. It really turns him on to fuck me after he has fisted me. He likes the wet, slapping sound. Another guy that I play with on occasion likes me to keep it tight. Either way is good for me. Yes, just because I get fisted does not mean that I can’t tighten up my ass for a serious tight fuck.

  2. Pageboy

    The idea of a hot hole is one that is nice and tight! Having been with both men and women, who wants a gaping hole that feels sloppy. One that grabs your member and provides great friction makes for a much more pleasurable experience…after all if you just want to stick your wick in a manhole cover go for the gaping hole concept…yuck!

  3. Cooper

    I like the look of a gaping hole right after it’s been fucked open. It’s a sign that the bottom just got a serious workout. But I’m not as big a fan of them if they are like that without any prep work or having just been opened up by a thick cock.

  4. Hawgdad

    LOVE gaping holes…. Love to play in them, love to be opened up and have mine played in. Love to eat them out, and have mine eaten out. Intense assplay opens up a whole other dimension beyond penile insertion alone.

  5. Soft & Fluffy

    I get enough grief from my Dr now just for being a smoker .I can’t , on god’s green earth , imagine showing up for my annual physical , which has included a DRE since I was 21 , with a ring piece like that . And I’ve seen ’em 3x’s that size on porn sites.

    If I was a top and saw something like that on a potential date that would be more than enough to tell me that I’d picked the wrong one .

    But , to each his own .

  6. PSM1955

    If I’ve just been fucking some ass I don’t mind seeing it opened … It is nice to start with closed hole.

    Unless it’s your turn to fuck a bottom at an orgy or gang bang and the man ahead of you has left it open.

  7. Osei

    An ass should always be tight and hot(temp wise). Why make your ass into a pussy.

    I dated one guy who used dildos of different sizes… was a major turn off…. we eventually ended the fling…. all I still see when I run into him is a lose ass.

  8. bird man

    for me gaping holes dont do a thing for me ,kinda gross looking if you ask me.
    as a gay man and being a top i much rather see the pink bud
    that i can rim and then fuck !

    bird man

  9. goodguyoral

    to each his own
    I am not into anal at all
    I hate looking at a gaping hole.
    but those that like it…have at it

  10. jason

    I’ve never fisted or anything that extreme, but I loooove toys in my ass and trying to stretch it and gape as much as possible!!

  11. creampie4u

    If I top I want the hole gapping and ready for my cock! Love a guy who’s loose and ready for me (maybe even a load or two from previous guys).

  12. Timmy

    GROSS GROSS GROSS!!!!!! Who knows what might come crawling out of one of those things??!!!??!! Tight and pink is the only hole for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Chip

    Since you ask, I like ’em tight & smooth (since you bring up color, I like ’em tight ‘n tan because I like brown-skinned dudes with smooth, tight holes!)

  14. Clay

    Ahh yes I wish I wish I were not tight I am a dam tight bottom guys seem to like this with me as I feel every inch in me

  15. marc

    Yeah, gaping holes are hot, but there is nothing like a tight hole when it is ready and willing and able to take your hard cocock. Kudos to tight assholes!

  16. PHDnRimming

    Love them! But, with that said, I like a gaping hole made from being stretched from a good, long, fucking. Not so much into the fisting scene, but I do enjoy marveling one that I have made with my BBC, and talking dirty to my bottom while I am doing it! ^-^ Porn where the bottom gets fucked by a big-dicked top and he’s left with his hole gaped and yearning for more is a turn-on too. Just my two cents.

  17. Drew

    The two holes in the picture are SUPER hot looking. I love gaping holes like that, even more if it’s after I fucked it and I’m licking it. The large hanging out holes are kind of gross though.

  18. Jonny

    I think gaping holes are one of the most disgusting things in the gay community. If I wanted to go cave diving I would go to Carlsbad Cavern not a guy’s asshole. I like my bottoms’ holes to be nice tight and pink! I love the feel of a tight hole around my fat rod

  19. sydney661

    I think that it can be a real turn on. A lot of it depends on my mood at the time.

    I think back to the “old” pre-condom movie days of the Colt actors slamming a willing bottom until the cum runs out of his ass. Sometimes the guy’s butt hole would just pulse open and closed as he climaxed.

    Other times it’s off putting to watch. It just depends.

  20. Jonny

    I think gaping holes are one of the most disgusting things in the gay community. If I wanted to go cave diving I’d go to Carlsbad Cavern, not a guy’s asshole. I like for my bottoms’ holes to be tight, warm and pink! I love the feeling of a tight hole milking my cock

  21. Mitch

    I like all holes but prefer tight pink ones. The decision came when I got a anal virgin red head in bed one night. His skin was pale and flawless. He wanted to be touched all over so I got to explore his body. When I turned him over and had him expose his whole it was the pinkest softest most untouched hole I had ever seen. I had seen red holes and brown holes and even holes with no noticeable color change. But this pink hole look like as innocent as the 18 year old boy it belonged to. Unsure of what he or it was doing allowing a guy to penetrate him not because he liked any of it but because he was so curious that he had to try it. It was just the purity that was portrayed by the hole then boned me up.

  22. Enzo (SoCalTuffGuy)

    Even though I am a top, gaping holes gross me out. I think it’s the whole “you’re the 40th person to fuck me today” mental-image a gaping hole like that invokes in me. ๐Ÿ™‚


  23. muzyqman

    Actually, when I see a gaping hole picture in a profile, it is a huge turn-off for me. I like to see a nice, tight pink “rosebud” or even a hairy one, but when the guy’s hole is spread open so far that I feel like I can see his tonsils, no way! I am reminded of a profile I read on a hook-up site that said something like, “If your only picture is your gaping asshole, I will assume it’s your face and that you’ve been in a horrible accident!”

  24. InOverMyHead

    It is not really my place to tell a playmate what to do with his body or hole. As for myself, I’d rather avoid “anal leakage”, so I’d prefer to keep my hole such that it closes completely when not in use.

  25. ty

    I think its utterly disgusting!! I get repulsed at the thought of it!! I want my hole( the hole im going to fuck) tight! I want to be able to feel you tighten up, and when youre relax and enjoying it! I dont wanna see what u had for lunch, or dinner..thats gross

  26. Seth

    Love gaping holes! They’re so hot. I don’t know where the turn on came from but I’ve always enjoyed seeing one. I think it’s safe to say I’d rather see a nice open hole in front of me rather than one that’s too tight. I’ve fisted about five guys and that turns me on like crazy. Maybe it’s because I get annoyed when guys with tight holes complain that they can’t take my dick, which isn’t the biggest thing in the world but it’s a good sized dick. Well, then when I’m introduced to an open hole I’m like hell yeah let me dive in!! Haha. Soooo hot.

  27. John in Phoenix

    I love a gaping hole. Love to eat it, fuck it, and stretch it some more. Love having my hole used until it gapes too.

  28. Chris

    I think it looks cool – but not sure I would want one.

    I like it nice and tight down there! I want my bottom boy to fit my cock like a glove.

  29. aplayx2

    I definitely enjoy a gapping hole. Although a beautiful puckered asshole is a great thing as well when assuming the top role. When bottoming, I’m definitely a size queen, so the feeling of having my hole stretched open is a great feeling. When I gape,I know that I’m totally relaxed and it makes me feel like a total anal slut to my top. At this point, my ass is now ready and willing for whatever may enter it next.

  30. g456

    I love a gaped hole. I have gaped a few with my 8 x 6 BBC. I gaped one so wide, I had to rim it, it was so open. A real turn on for me…..

  31. Danny

    This is coming from a versatile guy…when I top, I prefer to open up a guy’s hole by eating it (friggin’ LOVE eating a hot hole), loosening it up just a little until it’s ready for my thick 9″ uncut meat….I like to pound & beat it up, make it sloppy & wet.
    Now when I bottom, I don’t like guys using their fingers or toys. I prefer you to eat my tight rosebud of a hole then stretch it out with your thick cock. Funny (& hot to some) thing is…when a dude removes his cock from my ass, it’ll tighten back up. How weird is that?? O_o

  32. JR

    Versatile here and I like a tight pink hole thank you very much. I have had a lot of dick in my hole and I still have guys say I am virgin tight. I had a debate at a sex party one time about open gapping holes and tight ones and we really went back and and forth on the subject. I like being able to clamp down hard on a dick and that can make some guys cum on the spot. I have had several 12.5’s and even took a 13.5 and two cocks and I still have a tight hole. I don’t like fucking a open gapping hole either. I know all about fisting and dildos but I still think about all the other cocks that have been their before me and that is a turn off. Kepping it tight here.

  33. darryl

    Gaping holes, let’s see i can enjoy it when i’am in the mood for some serious ass play. Watching it open wide then close like it’s taunting me to work it over with my cock, dildo, or fist. It’s also nice to see a nice tight hole begging to be loosened up. Feeling the walls slowly open telling me to come into my playroom, and enjoy yourself. Yeah!

  34. RockAFella

    I say it’s all about who it’s on. If it’s pinkish as opposed to red from excess mileage, has a clean, thin, unwrinkled border versus a thick wrinkly ‘lip’ from wear n tear, twitches with enjoyment from my hammering away relentlessly at it and then closes up to a tight smooth boy-hole when I’m done…….that’s hot to me. If it appears loose just looking at it, that’s NaStY! It should never look big enough to swallow the television remote control. I could never be interested in a guy if one of his fetishes is getting fisted or using ginormous dildos. I’m out.

  35. bottom2be1

    I am a total bottom and found that every guy I have been with has some love for a gaping hole. Now having said that my tops are well hung black men, and after they are done I have seen pics of what my hole looks like and i’m opened quite a bit. Every top I have been with loves to pull out of my ass and spread my cheeks and gaze at my gaping hole.

  36. Mew

    I am completely torn on this subject. I find them both extremely hot and yet I also think, sometimes, it’s just nasty. My main thing is that I myself, am a bottom. I seriously wanna do a huge case study as to why the idea is so titillating to so many. I love the feeling of my tight hole getting stretched from a good hard fuck, I feel some sort of amazing euphoria from it. But then I worry that the more I search for giant cocks to stretch me out to achieve that euphoria, it will stay that way…and I don’t want that, I wanna feel it being opened up every time. I just wish I could only ever-so-slightly loosen up so i can just slide a cock in and get to the good stuff. LOL

  37. Hunter0500

    Holes, gaping or not, no thanks. If that’s what guys are into, that’s their choice. Not an attraction for me. When they’re in profiles, that’s an early signal that there’s not a match.

  38. einathens

    I’ve noticed that 4 of my 5 last postings never made it on. 3 of those either disagreed with the blogger or took exception to the topic. Hmmmmmm.

    Kinda surprised my one line for this topic made it in. I wonder if this one will.

    • blog

      einathens : I post all comments except the ones that say bad things about other members, or the ones with emails or website addresses.

  39. 7days

    the gaping hole is just the GAPING! no resistance just a sloppy mess. if the whole is been had that much then it needs an anal rejuvenation!!! this is a colostomy bag waiting to would think as men you like some things on a grown man that look unmolested or abused..some people don’t care where they put their mouth or dick

  40. Andrew

    It really depends on how “gapping” it is. If it is like the pictures up top, where it opens up nicely, then yes, it is perfectly fine. But i draw the line at the guys who have such gapping holes, that it looks like their ass is hanging out from between their cheeks. I have seen pornos, and even home made ones of regular, everyday blokes, with assholes that hang out past their butt cheeks, fucking themselves with the biggest dildos and butt plugs they can find. Whilst they can be amusing to watch in moderation, I would never want my ass to be that loose, nor would I want to fuck an ass that loose.However, in saying that, as one with a tight ass, tight is not always right either. Tight enough may be good, but sometimes you can be too tight, and any dick can hurt then. So, I think that there needs to be moderation, rather than just one or the other.

  41. latinlust69

    It really depends. Some are hot, some not. I prefer to get my face in a tight. Butt and get a tight hole relaxed and loose. Some guys look really hot with a gaping hole that I can drill my tongue and cock into

  42. JD

    @soft & fluffy: if you can see your guys hole that big before a potential date, you know you picked the wrong one since he’s showing you his hole first, and the “date” probably isn’t the intention at that point.

  43. chet

    Its NOT hot at all in fact its disgusting ! Especially when you see ones where parts of the colon are hanging out. Un healthy totally plus these guys dont care or realize they will be in diapers soon as the muscle in the colon walls breakdown..if you have to jam a fist, arm, or anything larger than a nice cock there’s an issue. Why disfigure yourself for life and subject your health? Dosent sound logical.

  44. Gainsbourg

    Gaping holes are natural. I was able to gape my hole as a kid (that’s YEARS before I lost my virginity or participated in anal sex or stuck anything up in there). It comes with the relaxation of the muscles. IF you’re on all fours with your back arched and are totally relax, your hole will gape no matter what your sex, sexuality or sexual role.

    Many of you seem to be confusing gape with the goatse meme (which is an extreme/unnatural gape).

    Also, a penis can’t leave your hole “loose” unless you’re having anal every single night (if so, give it a few days); shits are bigger than many penis sizes.

  45. bonedog

    Stretched past it’s physical limits? Is that like a car with a top speed of 170mph that is pushed to 210mph? LOL!!!

  46. SETH

    Two words F%*&ing Gross!!! Anyone who likes a loose ass has something wrong with them.. Gaping holes to are like black holes in space, they suck everything in and nothing ever leaves.. Lol..

  47. thundernuts sa

    I like to stay tight for my man. NOTHING goes inside me except him. No toys, and definitely no arms! Nothing feels better than clamping down HARD on him as he withdraws from each thrust, then relaxing while accepting the next one. It always gets him rock hard.

    Besides incontinence must really suck.

  48. jmacdadi

    I am a top and I don’t find a beat up gaping hole hot at all! A hole that looks as if its been beaten into submission does not inspire me to want to dominate and conquer a bottom. I prefer a pretty, smooth, clinched tan or brown hole.

  49. KinkKire

    Cunts aren’t natural on men..
    They must be developed and created by the persistent desire of a hungry bottom pig and an even more hungry top with skill and a hand more strong-willed than the bottom’s perception of pain or change of mind.

  50. Mark B

    If you don’t like the gaping hole, stuff it with ice cubes. That closes it–real fast!

    Then it’s tight again.

    Simple as that.

    Works for me. And yes…I love ice!

  51. Sly Evans

    Hell, yeah!,,i love the tight holes so the Opener can open them up,and i love gaping holes to slide down in…Oh,Hell yeah!!!

  52. wammo

    I get stretched with my big black dildo first a few minutes before my trick arrives. Then, I can take the biggest BBC ever and still have control of my sphincter muscles and can calmp down hard on the shaft. I love full penetration and to hear black nuts slapping against my white ass. I can take one up to the nuts. There is no feeling quite like a BBC releasing deep inside of me. The moaning that comes with his release is a happy sound to me, also, not to mention being pressed hard against a sweaty, shiny black body.

  53. voyeur_noir


    I like the look of a gaping hole right after itโ€™s been fucked open. Itโ€™s a sign that the bottom just got a serious workout. If I’ve just been fucking some ass I donโ€™t mind seeing it opened โ€ฆ It is nice to start with closed hole. But Iโ€™m not as big a fan of them if they are like that without any prep work or having just been opened up by a thick cock.
    Unless itโ€™s your turn to fuck a bottom at an orgy or gang bang and the man ahead of you has left it open.

  54. ARE J

    As a bottom, i like my hole to be tight. I like feeling my man or partners hard throbbing cock. There are times when it does hurt, but with practice, patience and lube, my hole usually accomodates whoever is entering in a few minutes. Don’t get me started when I take a hit of poppers because that just absolutely throws me to go balls deep with one fell swoop…so invigorating…So right now gapes sound counter intutitive in what i prefer myself. But if my man wants to stretch it out, so be it…but he will have to be extra nice to it later by giving it lots of attention and kisses ๐Ÿ˜›

    On a side note: my partner and I recently video taped our session. He focused the shot solely penetrating me. After hearing the recording he noticed some noise that he never heard before. Upon closer inspection of the audio, it turned out that my ass was making a popping noise as his head pulls out of my ass. Hearing that sound over and over the recording made him hard, and me turned me on so much…So it pays to have a moderately tight hole… ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. goldenloverinmym

    I like to start with a snug pink or brown hole but I’ve had a few were so tight made my dick sore trying to get it in finally settled for a good bj.i’m only 6.5-7″ ex we used to go at it for hours on end when we were done we were both slightly gapped that’s the only way I want a gaped ass is after we did each other enough were we were totally relaxed and and ready for more hard meat my hole is the pink kind his was the sweet brown kind latino he was hung 7.5 uncut.he is still my fav so far in my life.he was not just a fuck he was the true LATIN LOVER.THAT WHAT MADE HIM SO SPECIAL.Dean

  56. robj2019

    To each his own. But, as a bottom, I love my hole nice and tight. My current lover really appreciates it, and, I can feel his cock a lot better. Yes, sometimes, its a bit painful when hes entering me, but, after I get used to him, its an incredible fuck for both of us

  57. Dunc

    Not appealing at all! Can be nice to see a little bit AFTER I’ve fucked someone, knowing I did it to them through a long passionate fuck. But, I don’t want to see that before I fuck someone, no way.

  58. Mike

    Nasty and mindless to even talk about…again promotes gays as sex pigs…instead of real live people. And like women that are stretched out…go get a cosmetic…RIDICULOUS !!

  59. Papa Bear

    To see a huge gaping hole like those means that it’s been used, misused and abused. As a vers/top, that’s such a turnoff. No, I much prefer a tight, pink hole that I can finger, eat out, stretch and do what is needed to get it ready for me to enter.
    I want him to be tight so there’s enough friction so we can both get off. But if he’s sloppy and loose, I’m just NOT interested in going further.
    Hot? Not for me!

  60. Tallleggy

    hey, it’s not just having, it’s getting there, luv being the first a younger dudes fisted…the innocent look is best, sort of taking them to the other side. So, like how do you make for a gaping hole? First i answer the door, in chaps or hot jeans that say “fuck me” on the rear, so they know my ass is theirs, they don’t have to ask, they take it where they want. Beds got lube, toys… they fuck me first, then work me open with a finger, then a dildoe, they then start to figure out they’re in control, total…s coo how they go from mild and innocent into letting their rough side get discovered and start playing hard, discovering the edge. then they’ll usually get worked up and fuck again, finally knowing it’s time, pulling out and exchanging their dick for a finger or two and they think that’s as far as they can go, until i take lube and put it on the wrist, nothing said, they slowly work it in to their wrist. when there, i tell them they have total control, which the do, going in further and way more agressive, playing it out rough, like they are totally in heat. when they are at their highest point of heat, i’ll say “fuck me” and they slide their fist out and fuck the roughest and hardest they have ever and blow a load like they never have (i’ve been told). sometimes they’ll slide their fist in again as i jerk off, feeling my orgasm from the inside. is it gaping this point, yep and feels so used and fantastic. both of us won…

  61. Aaron

    Wow! so many guys are different from me.I don’t like whorish profiles cuz I was raised rather conventionally.I fantasize but if you live your fantasy several times a week by being “whorish” you won’t be able to get any higher.I don’t judge people on their sexual motives .Sex is natural find what you need and be yourself-why judge.However when I see dick picks and ass pics in profiles I move on.Some guys are really hot but you may not enjoy conversing .I can’t believe the sight of this stuff doesn’t gross people out .I’m just that way.So what ,really.

  62. Buttblast

    I’m a 47 yr old bi male bottom and have been anally active since I was about 13 yrs old .
    I myself am a size queen but don’t discriminate if your not endowed . I noticed long ago that I can handle a large cock – toy or object and my hole gapes wide open in no time . Alot of guys find the vision of a hungry hole thats open wide for the taking very hot and sexual but others find it gross . It’s a matter of preference . I love taking selfies while having solo fun with my toys on my webcam . Whats even kinkier is I find myseld beating my cock to em also . If your into gaping hole bottom men ? Look up my screen name on adam4adam . Buttblast on long island ny.

  63. 1fukslut

    I love a loose gaping hole. Its the only hole i will fuck. I don’t like a tight hole strangling my cock.
    I want to slide right in and fuck a well used fuckhole.

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