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Fashion : Underwear Trends For Spring

It might still be a bit chilly outside, but while you’re trudging through the cold, you need to start planning your spring wardrobe! And it starts by new underwear!!!  For Spring 2014, there are great trends for men’s undies and socks and some “must-haves” for the hot season !

1-Burst Of Blue

From deep navy to aquamarine, blue is the new black. It is the symbol of “cool” and it is very sexy. Laser cool prints at 2XIST, classic polka dots at Armani, or plain at Calvin Klein, there’s something for every style and occasion. Shop “Burst Of Blue” here!

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2-Electric Hue

High voltage, eyes catching hue, electric colours, the bolder, the better. From shocking pink to acid yellow or zesty green, bright pop colours is on top of the trends this season. Mixed with technical fabric, mesh and spandex, the 90s look is definitely back! Shop “Electric Hue” here!


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3-Graphic Prints

Bold and colourful prints that will put you in the spotlight is another big trend for spring. Camo, zigzags, plaid prints just to name a few, in bright colours and textures is the way to go. Very sexy! Shop “Graphic Prints” here!

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4-Step Out In Color

Put some spring in your step with bright colorful socks. Over is the time when men were “allowed” to wear only black, grey, navy or white socks. We also want bright pop colours, prints,  stripes and even fun designs. Shop “Step Out In Color” here!


Happy Socks Combed Cotton Faded Diamonds Crew FD01-025 Happy Socks Combed Cotton Zebra Crew ZE01 Papi Multi Stripe Crew Socks 739623


What do you think? Will you fall for these spring trends?

Let me know your thoughts!




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  1. Kyle

    I have a tendency to be a boxers guy or boxer briefs. White and love button fly. But you’re spot on for socks. Tired of white I’ve gone black for Bobbie socks and am looking into multi color crew socks to liven up boring pants. Good luck and thanks for this post!

  2. Danny

    Clothing & outerwear is one thing. Maybe socks. Underwear is something that I don’t show when I am WEARING clothing (as it should be). I’ll stick with my briefs, boxer briefs & freeballin’.

  3. muzyqman

    I think these underwear and socks are very attractive. I would wear many of them myself. However, I do not think there is a pair of underwear or socks anywhere on this planet that is worth $25 or more. Men make their decisions about whether or not to go home with me long before they see my underwear. If a guy doesn’t like my underwear, the simple solution is to get naked! Nobody has ever left my place before having sex because they didn’t like my underwear. So I’m still wearing the same Jockey briefs I’ve worn for more than 20 years. They cost $19.50 for a package of 3, which works out to $6.50/pair. And sock fashions now change so often that I can find great looking stuff on sale for $5-10/pair every few months. So I’ll stick with my Jockeys, thank you very much.

  4. Hunter0500

    If spending $25 on cloth for his crotch gives a certain guy a boost he needs to feel good about himself, then this stuff is perfect for him.

    If I found some of what’s being advertised when I unwrapped a guy it’d be “game over” because I’d be laughing too hard about how silly, and how far from hot” this line of underwear looks.

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