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I’ve been dating this guy for about 6 months now and everything is great.  It’s amazing how much we are learning about each other. 

We were flipping through the channels one night when Lockup came on.  We watched for a couple minutes and he looked at me and said he use to watch the show and fantasize about being locked up with a hot inmate.  I said something like “hot” and didn’t think anything else about it.

A couple days later I got a message asking when we were going to play out the Lockup scene.  I was kind of turned on and said whenever he was ready.  He said he was just joking but I knew it was planted in his mind.

Couple issues with this.  First being: acting.  You have to decide who is who and you have to stick to character in order for this to work.  Second is the sex act, you aren’t here to do the same thing you always do!!  No kissing for 10, sucking dick for 15, eating ass for 3 and fucking for 12.  The purpose of role playing is to be someone else for a while. Try something new.

In this scene I don’t think the inmate on the top bunk( ME) would be interested in eating ass or kissing,  it’s all about my dick getting sucked and sticking it in his ass, HARD.  Now with anything, limits need to be respected but stopping and starting doesn’t do much for anyone.  Give it a few goes and you might like it.  Make sure you are on the same page.  If he is thinking puppies and popsicles and you are thinking chains and masks, things might get confusing.

Make sure your relationship is at a good place and you have a healthy sex life.  Fantasy is great and role playing can be a lot of fun, once in a while.  Don’t let it be your primary way of having sex,  sure we all might think about other people when we are having sex but we don’t have to think about being locked up with them, every time.

Thoughts?  Comments?

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  1. muzyqman

    Good article. I enjoyed it. In acting out fantasies, just like indulging in any kink, you have to set boundaries and safe words before you start. You can’t know if “stop” or “no” really means “stop” or “no” or if it is part of the fantasy. And boundaries and safe words allow you to enjoy the fantasy without worrying that going to far will result in the safe word and the end of the fantasy.

  2. Mac

    I love to role play! A had a buddy and we would do a spa message scene. I will lay on the table and he would work on my body. After 15 of a rub down he would get hard and I will myself get hard. It was so hot! I love love love to role play

  3. Hunter0500

    Whatever consenting adults (what-the-hell-EVER) want to do is between them and ONLY them. As long as they (oh hell, and any other parties they may wish to invite and agree to participate) are clearly onboard with it, is THEIR thing.

    NOT ours to oggle or get all jazzed up over.

    Boring, weird, creepy, “down-right-nasty” as they may seem, it’s p-r-i-v-a-t-e?

  4. einathens

    Roleplay can be a great addition to the sexlife of partners who know each other well.
    Probably not wise on a first date, though. The deeper you get into each other’s heads, hidden desires and most secret, dark fantasies, the hotter the sex gets but the greater the risk of psychological or emotional issues coming to the surface. Those are usually not best shared with new acquaintances.

  5. madamoiselle latrina

    I role played the French prostitute last night and my man gave me a tip afterwards. he said not to play a French prostitute anymore because he likes his tricks showered and shaved. go figure.

  6. Tim

    Who says you can’t role play with tricks?
    I’ve done it several times and it was HOT. Didn’t tie them up or anything, just some hard fucking…

  7. Dylan

    I love role play! Met a guy on here awhile back. He loved it as well. We became great friends on here but never met up. Like you he anted a scene in my head of exactly what he wanted. Very descriptive. I knew where he lived and with the help of two friends (both gay) they helped me fulfill my online friends deepest fantasy. When I planned this I gave him safe words to stop (Mississippi) and a safe word at the start. I told him to never forget these words and remember them when he heard then just incase I enacted on his request. He blew it off as a joke “yeah right, you’d never!” He said. Well I literally stalked him as he was a very strict runner. And took the same route ever morning and evening. My friend also a runner kinda followed him for me and we went to work planning this caper. He suggested we use our other friends dad’s van and park it on a corner where he’d catch the light and he’d be running behind him and shove him in through the side door. We all laughed at this idea. Then we got serious over it. We threw two mattresses in a the Chester Van and practiced this. It worked perfectly. I was in the back with a ski mask on and the driver was not visible. It’s game day. My online friend wanted to know what a rape victim felt like and being abused by several guys. He talked about it all the time. May 18th (his birthday) rolls around and after much practice it was game time. My friend was two corners behind him wearing sweats and hoodie up around his head. He caught up to him at the proposed corner and the light happened to be in our favor. They were both jogging in place and the on line guy nodded at my friend who paid no attention to him. The van pulled up and door opened. There I was waiting in the ski mask. My friend tossed on line guy in to the door and jumped in and pulled on a mask. I closed the door and wrestled him to the floor and we both grabbed him and tied him up. Gagged him (but he could still kinda speak)and I spoke one word “hippopotamus” as we took off his clothes and my friend parked in a park and came around back. We took turns fucking him and using him. He couldn’t make a sound or scream. It was so intense. He had no idea what was happening. We were so pumped up on what if this went wrong how much jail time could we get. We used him more than once. When we were done, I was taking off his gag and told him to relax as we dressed him. I whispered in his ear “happy birthday, hippopotamus” kissed him deeply and he kissed me back opened the van door and drove off. Leaving him in the park on his running route to finish his run. He was so scared and trembling he didn’t know which way was up. 30 min later I got an email from him, “now I know what it feels like!” That was so intense. Best birthday gift I have ever received.” I know you are all saying no way did this wouldn’t believe it if I read it as well. It happened. Me and on line guy became real good friends after this. Role play is intense as you’d like to make it.

  8. Roger

    Role playing is fine, but now that I am 52, my sex life seems to be completely over!!! The gay life is for guys mostly under 35!! It should be called the “sad” life for there is absolutely NO LOVE in it, just sexual lust!! It is by far the most shallow empty life style on the planet!!! I am out of it and I WILL NEVER attempt to go back to it!!

  9. darryl

    Role playing can be fun if you both are really prepared to follow through with the roles you’ve decided to play. I’ve done a few that still excite me when I think of how much fun they were to carry out. It’s not for everyone, but if you are in the mood, go for it.

  10. Dylan

    Thanks Handson007.

    I do have a lot scenes / role playing are def one of my favorite things to do with a guy. I think it keeps thing interesting and makes the mind wander.

    A few weeks ago I met a guy again on here. He was a top and so am I. He was is so amazingly cute and his eyes could cut steel. We chatted back and forth and found out we are both Doms and both Masc. He didn’t look too Masc from his pics. But was I wrong. I figured I’d go over play the part of the sub, call him sir, deep throat his cock and he’d love it and ask me back for more. He set up the scene, he was in to spanking as well and I’d come over and he’d spank me for not sucking his cock the right way. When I met him his looks could kill. He was absolutely one of the hottest guys I’d ever seen. I couldn’t believe I was standing in his door way. We went to the bedroom and he started right in as the Dom. I’m thinking oh this is cute, I’ve done this with a bunch of guys. I wanted that cock. He made me take it out and grabbed the back of my head. I was loving it. The next thing I know I’m bent over the bed and he is smacking me on the ass! I’m not talking “hey,nice game smacks” I’m talking wind up, I’m leaving prints on your as for a week kinda thing. I wanted to be true to my word and take what he could give me. Fuck was I wrong!!! I’m usually the Dom and very much Masc. I never expected what I was about to receive. He pushed me back to the floor and fed me his cock again. I was like wheeew, this I can handle. Next thing I know I was back on the bed. I was grabbing the comforter and begging him to stop. I took many deep breaths. He rubbed my ass so ever so gentle I between beatings and it felt amazing, so warm. He knew exactly what he was doing. As that warm hand caressed my ass I was able to relax and wham!!! He leave another 5 or so hand prints. This went on for a good 30 min. I realized this guy was not playing around. Not like some of the guys I’ve met on here. As I said I’m a total top and never been fucked. He was in the middle of beating my ass and whispered I’m gonna fuck you. I said um we chatted about this and I told you I was a top,”whammmm!” I took a real hard one. He said,” I want to fuck you, I’m getting a condom.” Don’t look at me as He grabbed one from the dresser. He slapped me a few more times then was pushing in on me. I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t believe this was about to happen. I didn’t want to get fucked but I have now become the sub for him. He went in slow and coached me all the way. He told me to breathe and relax, something I’ve told lots of guys I’ve fucked. But now I was on the other end. He was in me. I couldn’t believe it. I just lost my virginity and I wasn’t even thinking about it. I was expecting a banner at the bottom of the new or a plane towing a banner to tell the world but no, He pressed deeper and now I knew what every bottom I have ever fucked was looking for. He hit that spot. Damn!!!! My cock could not have gotten any harder. He was in me and pushing deep. He started really fucking me and I was like a fucking newb. I asked him to slow down and he didn’t. He kept pumping me. We shifted positions and he pulled out and asked “you ok?” I said,”yeah I think so?” And thought wow that was an eternity. We switched positions and I was laying on the bed. He got back on to my surprise and stuffed his cock back I me. I was totally under his control. He drove me hard and deep. He pulled me in close by the arms as he pressed on my g spot. He let out a moan and I knew what that meant. I knew he was getting off. He pumped harder and faster then before. It felt amazing. I didn’t want it to end. I was so surprised I took it. I once had a guy who was sucking my cock stick his finger in my ass up to the first buckle, I was like that ain’t for me. I never thought in a million years I’d ever bottom. I never thought I’d like it. “Don’t knock it until you try it!” I went there thinking oh a lil slap, call him master, suck his cock and I’ll be out of there. It was the greatest sexual experience of my life. He really did break this masc guy and I can’t wait to see him again. This opened a new door for me. I have not stopped thinking about it. When I told my friends they were wide mouthed in disbelief. It was so random and completely unexpected. I’d relive every second of that moment if I could.

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