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Matthew McConaughey speech at yesterday’s Oscars got different opinions from all over the world.  Us Weekly called it a  “touching” speech (really?) while Time called it “confounding” and “semi-bizarre”.

I’ll personally say that I’m a bit disappointed that McConaughey didn’t mention HIV/AIDS once in his speech. Given that he won for the “Best Actor” award in his role playing a person with AIDS in “Dallas Buyers Club,” you’d think maybe he could have paused his self-indulgent, self-congratulatory, self-obessed speech to mention — as did Jared Leto, who also won an Oscar playing a person with AIDS in “Dallas Buyers Club” — the “36 million people who have lost the battle to AIDS.”

What do you guys think?

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  1. Mark

    McConaughey seemed like he was higher than a kite. He couldn’t even stand still for a second and his eyes looked wild. Keri’s speech seemed heartfelt.

  2. Neville

    A lot more people die every day in motor accidents ,
    I am shook that no one mention that why whine about
    every supposed slight

  3. zachory

    Why are you being so mean spirited in your article, cant you be happy that the movie was even made and supported by millions of viewers? I’m from Austin, Texas and Mathew has been very supportive and proactive of HIV/AIDS in Texas. So what he doesn’t dwell on it in his speech maybe its because Leto pretty much said it all earlier in the evening , no need to keep repeating it over and over. We are intelligent we get it, besides he went to great lengths to portray his character as close to realty as possible.

  4. greg

    Excellent speech. Quirky? Yep. Inspiring though. He credits three things for his successes in life: 1. Spirituality 2. Family 3. Trying to make himself a better man. Wasn’t this award for his job as an actor? Then it makes sense that he mention what drives him in life. From all that I’ve seen, he sacrificed quite a bit for this role, including his own health. I think he is entitled to acknowledging what drove him to give the performance that won him an Oscar. I’ve already read a few comments off people who were shocked that he mentioned God. It’s almost like “God” and “family” have become taboo concepts. I think you need to get over yourself. He is self-indulgent? I mean, didn’t he win an award for his performance?

  5. joey

    People are to cirtical, when nominated and given a trophy for your work, most of them are talking endlessly on the fly. Just imagine how there minds are realling in the moment, so of course I am sure today he wished he had mentioned someone else or changed up his speach some, so try and not get to “butt hurt” over such a small detail, after a large portion of people on this site do not practice safe sex. So it apparently isn’t a major priority in people minds that is putting others at risk.

  6. Nu_Airbourne

    Jared Leto and a second person (a woman; makeup artist) already did it last night. Why do it a third time? His performance is what got him the Oscar, not necessarily the material.

  7. Darrell

    Matthew McConaughey has always been an enigma to me, both on screen and off. His obsession with his sculpted body and who was it he used to jog and work out or hang out with, another male actor? That always struck my curiosity. Self-absorbed, self-congratulatory and self-indulgent…that seems to be him. I feel like the Emperor in “Star Wars”: “And now I sense you have some very strong gay tendancies, Lord McConaughey?” He seems to be so obsessed with HIMSELF, which I truly hate to proclaim but I think to be true, is a lot of gay mens’ disposition. I work out a lot and have for many years, and I am convinced that those guys who huff and puff and threaten to blow your house down in the gym are all hiding a big, ole secret underneath all that muscle; in fact, I have said to my partner many times that I think all guys who get so obsessed with their bodies to that extent are gay, either covertly or overtly. I find McConaughey’s personality repellent for some reason, which, again, is a sign that he is hiding something, as most closeted men are obnoxious because they cannot come forward and be what they are.

  8. Purebalance

    Being preachy for the sake of being preachy…same old story from A4A bloggers nothing to see here. Instead of getting mad at perceived injustices that aren’t there how bout you instead go out and do something worthwhile because his not mentioning HIV is just as bad as you mentioning how he said nothing and you’re doing nothing but be a thorn in people’s side

  9. mike

    Im sure that winning an Oscar is a very overwhelming moment for the few that will ever win one. The brain is full of excitement, nerves are at their end and the last thing you want to do is forget to thanks someone important in your life. So, unless you have won an Oscar yourself and know what its like to walk up on that stage and address a theater full of your peers, I don’t think you can say what a winner should or shouldn’t of said in their acceptance speech.

  10. alejandro

    I totally agree with everything you say. He tried being humble…but his speech was far from it. I have never been a big fan of his…much less now!

  11. Francis

    As pleasant as he is to look at….He is a total self adsorbed idiot! This is not the first time I have heard him try to make sense when he speaks unscribted. Now that he has been accpeted as an actor ( his words, for winning an Oscar)perhaps he can grow some real balls and get the real picture?S
    See Lupita Nyong’s…first time out …and a “real actor” out of the gate! Not to mention a lady with her head screwed on!

  12. JD

    Thanking first the director and costars and then thanking God who is very import in his life (I know, that’s hard for most gay people to understand), his late father, his mother, wife and family along with his hero was a “self-indulgent, self-congratulatory, self-obsessed speech”? Im not sure what speech you were watching.

  13. Joe

    The behavior exhibited by McConaughy underscores why I have never enjoyed his acting…or was it smiling. When he speaks of god he should ask how to curb a very destructive ego…like Gibson and Cruise…eventually…

  14. dakotaDan

    SOME FAGS just cannot be happy with progress. The very fact that Matthew played the part, won the award and Thanked God for the talent and courage to play the part served himself quite well.

    I was diagnosed in 1987, and have lived a very healthy normal life after going through every drug trial that was offered, I did my part to help the HIV/AIDS crisis make treatment strides, I really doubt that we need anybody waving the poor me flag any longer. People that contract HIV/AIDS today, with few exceptions do it on purpose. There CANNOT be a person alive in the USA today that does not know how to prevent getting HIV.

    So, quit bitching because a man of honor did not feel the need to go through HIV prevention course in the middle of an awards ceremony.

    Congrats to the Movie “Dallas Buyers Club” and to Matthey.

  15. Reece

    They are actors paid to play a role… Why do they owe acknowledgements for their work? I don’t get it… Explain this to me as if I am 6 years old

  16. Todd

    It was an incredible speech & a win that he soooo deserved! He played the true story of a man suffering from this horrible disease..isn’t that enough? We all knew the story or at least got the story once you saw the movie!!! I say ” just leave it alone”!!! He won!!! That’s really what should be the important part of the story …don’t you think?

  17. blog

    Did I say I hated the movie?
    No I loved it and love Jean-Marc Vallee he is from Montreal and very talented!
    I loved Matthew in his role.
    But I would have loved him to talk about the situation, that’s all.
    Why some of you are throwing stones at me ? lol
    Anyways, that’s my opinion, and I’ll stick to it, whatever you think:)

  18. biguy

    i think the overwhelming opinion speaks for itself… feel entitled much?? He won an award, for his acting, for making the viewer believe the story he was telling, and he deserved it. focus instead on how many people are going to watch that movie, and hear that story now.

  19. sjohnson

    typical hollywood narcissistic attitudes only want the accolades that go with acting…to hell with what it actually should stand for…blah blah blah

  20. Halo

    I can’t believe you were looking and nitpicking for a shout-out for the LGBT community and the battle with HIV/AIDs from this speech, as if Matthew didn’t devote enough attention to the theme with his Academy Award winning role and sacrificing his time and his health for a role that had all to do with that subject? He’s a well-known actor and didn’t need to play the role in the first place, and as the previous posters have said, he was no more snobbish than any of his peers who won that night, AND it was already mentioned numerously beforehand. As if he owes us anything more, nothing is ever good enough?

  21. greg

    Because you are trying to create a controversy out of nothing. If you enjoyed the movie and enjoyed his performance, and if you thought it served to illuminate the character’s struggle with HIV, then did you write a blog urging people to watch the movie? Why mar it with non-sense? If anything, you’ll alienate people who haven’t seen it yet from wanting to watch it.

  22. FT

    I honestly don’t care what a celebrity has to say. I have better things to do than ponder a speech that absolutely has no bearing on my life.

    Good on him for winning.

  23. BearOKC69

    Others DID speak so I don’t think it is a relevant point, besides, let the work speak for itself. It IS an awards show for the best of the best in any particular category. Not always, but at times, it is a turn-off when it becomes a series of agenda/soapbox/platform opportunities. On the other hand it can also be incredibly self-absorbed. What I like is when sincerity comes through and they are real people too.

  24. lars64

    so much has been said that it seems pointless except that 1/ the person on which his character is drawn was actually bisexual and not straight… 2/ the plight of people living with HIV/AIDS during the Reagan era should not be forgotten as the dick-of-a-president failed miserably to address the issues surrounding so may citizens and residents of the US during most of his watch… and that He… mr. Mc could have said something about the character he portrayed to the millions of people watching, and that we as human beings have an obligation to never forget the struggles so many men and women experienced… he could take it beyond “entertainment” which is what most movies seem to be… there i said.

  25. Warren

    I find it interesting that the perspective that some have taken here responding to this topic is that Matthew is self-obsessed or self-indulgent. In retrospect, I believe he would have mentioned HIV/AIDS, however God and his family were in the forefront of his mind and are a huge part of choosing to do certain projects. I would imagine that the sacrifices he made to take on this independent film with a very little budget bore its own personal sacrifices, which speak of the dedication to story its need to be brought to the screen. The work and the project will live on and it will speak for itself long after a 90 second moment at the point of acceptance of an award for his work on the project. Jared Leto made a beautiful statement about the LGBT community and for it to be said at all is enough for me. I think if he didn’t have a care about the HIV/AIDS community or the LGBT community, he wouldn’t have signed on and fought so hard for this project. Let’s step back and not judge so harshly. Take the opportunity to appreciate the work and let that speak for itself.

  26. Darryl McCants

    I haven’t seen the movie yet, I will very soon. I thought his speech was a tad bit overblown with the god thing. So I was waiting for something more. Jerod’s speech was more heart felt, I could see in his eyes that he meant every word he said. I was touched how he mentioned the millions of people effected, and those who have died from HIV AIDS. We must not forget, and in time a cure will be discovered. Let’s not spend too much time on what was said, let’s focus on what we all can do in our daily lives to hold on to hope.

  27. Dan

    His preparation and performance speak to the seriousness of his commitment to the role he played so well. Why question his sincerity or humility in accepting recognition for it?

  28. einathens

    Far more pressing things bothered me about the ceremony:

    I know kim novak has cancer. Has she also had a stroke? Trying to decipher her was like listening to marlee matlin recite ‘jabberwocky.’

    Why don’t they cut the design and editing awards and show the lifetime achievement awards?

    Am I the only one who misses the debby allen dance numbers?

    How did liza minnelli climb down from her belltower?

  29. Hunter0500

    HIV/AIDS affects all people, regardless of sexual orientation. It’s not surprising that the promoters of the narrowly-defined Gay Brand here would fill an actor’s award speech with drama about how it’s not all about them.

    And they wonder why they’re still waiting to be awarded respect and acceptance. That wait has nothing to do with orientation; it’s all about the arrogant self-absorbed individuals they continue to be. Even with acceptance of gays becoming more and more the norm in families, workplaces, churches, etc., these individuals do everything thay can to keep division, hatred, and biggotry alive, never acknowledging the advances society has made because doing so would end the need for their “cause”. The problem for these individuals now is … society just isn’t accepting of arrogant, self-absorbed asses.

  30. Brad

    Ingratitude is detectible, even when you use smooth words to try to make it seem otherwise. That’s what this is all about, the obvious ingratitude that was apparent beneath the words he chose. “I didn’t see one mistep in any of your performances.” – he said that about his fellow actors in the film. Really!?!? I think this has become an issue because he might as well have gone up there and said, “well of course I won this Oscar, God thinks I’m the shit, and of course you do, too.” That’s what I got from his speech.

  31. aceit

    WTF? I was going to post my opinion but after reading the first 5 or 6 on here, I will just say I concur. He did what he did in a BIG way to bring to light the issues with HIV, in the movie. Now you are bitching because he gets up in front of a billion people and doesn’t present like the others? Get over it bro.

  32. Baron

    I listened to Matthew’s speech and there was nothing wrong with it. He thanked in which I personally admire and thanked his family and some of the cast and crew for helping him get that prestigious honor. The way I looked at it is Matthew had a goal and was ready and willing to wake up each day, go to work and be receptive to the acting roles at hand and perform it to the best of his abilities no matter the character and the story line. That is it. There is only so much time you have for giving speeches meaning he said what was important to him and personally I learned something from his speech. There already have been comments, remarks, compliments about the movie and character; therefore, it was not necessary to emphasize the gay lifestyle, AIDS, HIV status, if he chooses not to. My hope is that there will be more of an awareness and more funding will be generated to find a cure and more celebrities can help us do so now and in the future. Why criticize Matthew for what he did not say to your liking where we can be educating our people, young and young at heart, about safe sex and aids prevention and preventing sexually transmitted diseases so that we don’t have the aids epidemic in the first place. Let lift up each other instead of tearing each other down. Matthew and Jared Leto did their jobs now let’s do our jobs in educating and preventing the deadly disease.

  33. cripps

    I’ve called him McCrapahey for years. I don’t think I was wrong. What self indulgent crap. “My hero is myself in 10 yrs” Really?

  34. Unzipped

    Really? Why do we even need to debate this? The “gay” movie did very well and yet some are still not happy. Look at the big picture people. Butbi suppose gay is the new black, right?

  35. Kcnboro

    I agree with Darrell. I’ve always got a gay vibe from him. There was an incident a few years ago where he and actor Cole Hausar(sp?) were naked smoking weed and playing bongo drums when the cops arrived. I watched him interact with Chef Guy Fierri and he couldn’t keep his hands off the chef rubbing and patting his stomach and back more than necessary. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. And this one is a flame waiting to ignite.

  36. elkmad1

    The speech was fine very fitting for Oscars it was a movie he thanked every one and if you forgot Jared Leto made the memory speech for the victims who have fallen from AIDS , So having Matt say it again would have made it repetitious

  37. Maurice

    Are you angry because he did not come out running and screaming”I am Gay ,too”? Awareness is what this fight is all about. I was impressed with both actors and I think they handled their acceptance speeches eloquently.

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