Contest : And The Winner Is…



After 24 hours of voting, it’s clear…the winner is ….. (drumrolllllllll) :  Collegerubber

I didn’t even count the votes I think it was pretty clear right? Everybody loved him! Such a sexy smile….and a nice bush too:P

Collegerubber will get the Supporter Access for 1 year, which will allow him to upload more photos in his profile, get more emails, bigger track list etc…

Congratulations to Collegerubber and thanks to everyone who participated by sending their pics!

The message with this contest guys, check your balls, it will prevent testicular cancer!

Oh and thanks for the comments on my #CockInASock picture too, greatly appreciated!


(If anyone of you guys want to get the Supporter Access like Collegerubber, click here!)


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  1. gs999

    Cute guy, more ‘real’ than most of the ones on Twitter. Nice to see a guy who doesn’t feel the need to trim his bush.

  2. Hunter0500

    March 30, 2014 at 20:04
    gary : by detecting early, it prevents

    How is something that’s detected prevented? If it’s detected it already exists. Of course, early treatment greatly increases the chances that treatment will result in a positive outcome. It could be said then that early detection helps prevent (but does not guarantee) a negative outcome.

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