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Hey guys, I hope you had a great weekend!

Some of you probably don’t know, but not only Adam4Adam has an iOS app (iPhone, iPad) and Android app, but we also have the Mobile version of our website!

Adam4Adam Mobile offers all the options our desktop version offers AND your sexy photos are not censored.

As you know Apple and Android market dont authorize nudity AT ALL! Not even underwear or pubic hair or anything sexual.

That’s why our customer support who authorizes your photos has to be very punctilious! If a sexy photo is reported to Apple or Android market, our App could be forbidden for download.

All that to say that if you want to see all the xxx hot pictures from all members, you can use Adam4Adam Mobile at using your web browser on your phone. You can even create an icon for it by clicking the arrow in the middle of your iPhone screen when you are on and then click “Add To Home Screen”  so you can quickly access the website. (See below for pictures)

-To download the iOS App, click here using your phone!

-To dowload the Android App, click here using your phone!

-To access Adam4Adam Mobile, Click here using your phone! (

Happy male hunting!


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  1. Nick

    You may want to look into packaging your Google Play app in a different version of WebKit because it’s so buggy now that it becomes completely unusable after 30seconds-5min (I have tried it on many Android versions/vendors with all the same results). I suggest using Dolphin and utilizing its PhoneGap extension to make mobile technologies (e.g. notifications to Android directly) accessible to the application. Also, by doing this you could offer a “side-loadable” version of the application which would enable nudity, but while still providing polled-message notifications (or push notifications).

    It’s quite clear that you don’t have the resources, people, or both to bring ideas like this to fruition, so if you’re interested in more ideas, please let me know.

  2. christopher

    I’ve always used the adam4adam app. I tell other guys that are having trouble viewing my photos not to use the apps designated for their phones

  3. Hunter0500

    “punctilious” Going to have to look that one up. It’ll probably explain the number of profiles with primary photos of an open anus, full erection, or shoulder to knee frontal nudity.

  4. Guy

    However, do YOU know, that the android app does not work at all on most jellybean and all KitKat devices and, at least on the nexus 5, gives a string of 50 blank error messages instead of loading… Obviously you have a string of code off somewhere. So while we would love to use the app for the notifications…

  5. Tom

    Why is the instant message (instant conversations) missing from your website now? I have sent email request to find out what happened or was this added to only paid members? Noone from adam4adam will answer this. It was asked above already and you have not answered. Not everyone uses this as a mobile app, some of us still can afford to have both mobile and desktop versions.

  6. Zrizt

    How come doesn’t show nudity anymore? Since it’s not an app it should be able to. I mean, it used to at least.

  7. addicktd2

    Push Notifications no longer work. This app is useless without Push Notifications.

    Please fix as soon as possible.


  8. Passnger57

    I second zritzt’s concern, nudity in the safari accessed radar used to be visible in iOS, hasn’t been for a long time now.

  9. Clarence

    I am using a computer to try set up a profile with A4A. Why can’t I post nude pictures. I don’t have a phone with internet on it. I only use a computer for internet and to post pictures. Where is radar mobile? This sucks…

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