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Coca-Cola broke new ground on Sunday night when it aired the first Super Bowl ad featuring a family led by a gay couple. The ad, entitled “It’s Beautiful,” features a very moving rendition of “America the Beautiful” sung in different languages as the camera pans through diverse racial and ethnic communities.

“The only thing more beautiful than this country are the people who live here,” reads a statement on the commercial’s YouTube page.

I personally feel that Coke is trying to keep us as costumers because we all know that many people in the LGBT community are angry at Coke for being a major sponsor of the Winter Olympics in Sochi even though Russia enforces anti-gay laws.

What do you think of the commercial?

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  1. green

    I think they are just stating that they support all walks of life. Coca cola always support the olympics and I think that its much bigger than the gay issue but more of a relationship between the US and Russia

  2. Crooked Dick

    I enjoyed the commercial but disagree that any language other than English and one not used American Sign Language should have been the only 2 used.

  3. Jeff

    As long as Coca-Cola sponsors events in which participants can be arrested for expressing who they are and ultimately supports an anachronistic regime that proliferates and encourages violence to our community, they are not on our side.

  4. Tancredo

    Very good commercial! It reminded me as a kid watching their commercial with the song “I Want to Teach the World to Sing”.

  5. Jeff

    While I did not watch the ad being mad at coke for what happens I a different country is a matter. If Russia does not like gays then do not go to Russia. coke is a US supporter of our teams that happen to be in Russia stop hating a company unless they are doing something in the US that hurts your cause.

  6. Shawn

    I think it’s cool. In my opinion no outright focus on anyone. The normal viewer would not know there were gay people on it.
    But it does show how diverse we have become.

  7. Dan

    Good commercial. I find it funny some people don’t know the difference between “America The Beautiful” and the “Star Spangled Banner”. Furthermore, it’s so sad that they do not understand the Constitution-Freedom of Speech and Expression. People can wave any country’s flag, sing the anthem in any language or speak what ever language they want in this country.
    The writer of “America The Beautiful” was a lesbian that left the Republican party.
    Keep on celebrating diversity/multi-culturalism and keep making the bigots hate this beautiful world we live in.

  8. zack

    Thats it? Thats all we get? A 2 second blip of guys holding hands. I think coca cola needs to try a bit harder. Maybe they can start by not pumping millions of dollars into a homophobic country.

  9. Robert

    My favorite commerial of the afternoon….Definitely a plus for COKE…..I personally feel outcry from all over is the only solution to the discrimination in Russia…While the sponsors are there for the athletes I see this ad as a way for Coke to say they dont condone Russian policy…

  10. Jackson

    I completely support the U.S. participating in Sochi and everyone who sponsors the effort. Engagement is how things get changed, not isolationism. Does nobody remember the whole Jesse Owens thing? (Not that I was alive… though almost.) Gals and guys: all the strides the Gay community has made recently have been about ENGAGING, not walking out when someone doesn’t like us.

  11. WitRidic

    I thought it was a beautiful. I don’t know why people get so butt-devastated that a song about America’s being sung in other languages; I find it flattering. They love where they are so much that they’re bringing the song into their language and culture.
    I’m not going to make a big deal about the appearance of a homosexual couple in the commercial because people are people regardless of their sexual orientation; it wouldn’t have been gay-unfriendly if those few seconds were cut out, right?

  12. Matt

    We are in America… speak, sing, sign,etc. English.
    I like Coke-Cola vs pepsi but they need to just market to the area they are in and stop pandering to every person and every culture. Not every one like each other and we don’t have too that is part of life, we have wusified the country and are wanting everyone to be included… WHY?

  13. BearOKC69

    Pissed at Coke for being a major corporate sponsor of the Olympics? Seriously? Guess you are pissed at all the other corporate sponsors too?

    Take a look, you have long list of places & products you are going to have to boycott etc.

    You shouldn’t be against corporations that are sponsoring our athletes and the ideal of the Olympics…setting aside cultural, political, racial etc, to celebrate the striving to excel in sport. The anger is misplaced. Be angry at the Russian government.

  14. BearOKC69

    The multi-languages doesn’t bother me in this instance, as America is a nation on immigrants from around the world.

    Where were the gay guys? How do you know they were gay? Did I miss a gay flag somewhere? 2 guys kissing, having sex?



  16. e

    It was a split second who is to say what the statement was that they tried to say…I saw more chemistry with the 2 Jewish guys. This is not significant enough for me to see it for more than it is…a pop company trying to sell drinks

  17. einathens

    If you’re looking for gay-specific niche advertising, parsing out superbowl commercials is a waste of your time.

    I think it’s as it should be that the gay couple is given no more focus than any other group. You can’t say that we’re just like everybody else and then complain if you’re not given special attention.

    Remember the interracial couple and their bi-racial child in the cheerios commercial and the shitstorm in a saucer it caused last year? I understand that they made another appearance this year. Haven’t heard a word about it.
    And that’s as it should be.

  18. Jim

    Coke Like most other companies will not take a stand. They say whatever their audience wants to hear. When in Russia or other HATE Based countries hey are careful not to offend. When at gay pride events they are careful not to offend. If they wanted to take a stand for gay rights they would have an ad that featured a gay couple not just slip them into the back ground so discreetly that they have to be pointed out

  19. Tony

    I understand that Russia is backwards and that their laws against us are absolutely insane. BUT what we seem to be ignoring in the Sochi issue is that boycotting the olympics because the host country sucks is extremely unfair to our athletes (many of them gay.) They spend their entire lives trining for their moment to shine and we want to take it away from them because Russia is mean. That’s not what the olympics are about.

  20. Greg

    Its sad the languages sung are bringing such hate. People always forget America is not only the states. We have Puerto Rico (which speaks Spanish) and Guam (which speaks Chamorro). Not to mention the many Native Reservations which have their respective languages. What about all our fellow Louisianians speaking Cajun Creol?

  21. Hunter0500

    I was raised to beleive that as an immigrant you came to America to become “an American.” Your heritage was to be respected and celebrated but the expectation was you worked hard, learned English, got an education, gpt a job, bought a home, created a family, contributed to a great country called “America,” etc. You added to the fabric that made the country great. As my ancestors from several countries all did over 200 years.

    You did not come to create your own country within America and that Americans would pay for you for your lifetime. The concept of “Press 1 for English” was unknown.

    As an American, you had rights but also, very importantly, responsibilites. You were part of the melting pot, not an immovable chunk within it.

    The commercial was saddening. It does not say “be an American”. It says “be someone else”. It says “be me” not “be We” (as in “We the people…”) The commercial promotes division, not harmony.

    Good for Coca-Cola for slipping in a few seconds for gays. For some reason, those minutes seemed disjointed, out of place and out of context. But, hey, it was a commercial. Its purpose was create commerce. Since Coca-Cola was tyring to motivate citizens of countries all over the world to buy its products, why not hit up the gays, too?

  22. john

    I must of missed the gay friendly part, if you blinked you missed it, and it really don’t scream gay friendly so its two guy fist bumping, sorry just don’t scream gay friendly

  23. okzebra

    I like this, especially the two conservative/orthodox jewish men apparently living together. Maybe, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem can learn from that. I didn’t like the non-English though. That’s a part, a critical part, of what binds us together because Lord knows we’re surely very, very different and more so each day in a good way.

  24. muzyqman

    Regardless of the reasons CocaCola designed, approved and ran this advertisement, I don’t consider it “gay friendly.” I consider it “gay inclusive.” And I think it’s much better for a company like this to include us rather than just being friendly. They didn’t just pay us “lip service” – they INCLUDED us! This is a major step forward.

  25. YoungbloodG

    Nice commercial… It would be easy to miss the same-sex couple and their children towards the end, or not really notice that the family was headed by 2 guys… Perhaps that was the point?
    Kind of cool hearing “America, the Beautiful” sung in different languages… Might have been a nice touch to have the last “sea to shining sea” phrase sung by everyone in unison.
    Just my 2 cents.

  26. Mike

    Coca Cola tries to make it up for us…. but for years Coca Cola supported financially and politically the Apartheid in South Africa. We should not forget that. Viva Pepsi-Cola.

  27. headsupguy

    The ad, itself, is visually beautiful, except for the poor lighting of the gay couple. Props to the vocalist who managed to sing the song in several languages, but I think that was a poor choice by the producers. Jamming ill-fitting lyrics in other languages onto the melody had a jarring effect. The song could have been sung with its original lyrics and audiences would still have gotten the harmonious diversity message.

    Being mad at Coke for buying advertising time on the Super Bowl and sponsoring U.S. Olympic teams and television coverage is misplaced anger, in my opinion. Coca Cola is more than a soft drink brand; it’s an institution. No matter where Coke’s logos appear around the globe, the company has a positive image that is immediately associated with the United States. Coke has built that positive image by spending billions to market its brand.

    Coke’s marketing expenditure does not in any way support oppressive governments, so give them credit for making some affirmative choices. Most huge corporations avoid referencing any controversial topics in their marketing. Coke could have taken the “safe” approach by not showing a gay couple in their ad. But they took the risk, and they deserve respect for that.

  28. Chip

    Some of the comments left here just go to prove the point:
    You clearly do not have to be a Fox News pin-head to be a bigoted, ethno-centric (which is ironic, because only the NATIVE AMERICANS are ethnically “American”), and geo-politically naive moron. (And I don’t use the term moron as hyperbole — look up the actual definition! This is a “playground” mentality!)

    However, on the positive side, should Fox ever weaken their anti-gay stand, some of the posters here should be well positioned to get work there!

    My ancestors (I’m Irish) came over in the mid-1700’s and helped to found this country (including actually fighting in the Revolutionary War)… only to see the country they CREATED turn their backs on them in the mid 1800’s because they were, indeed, Irish. (“Irish Need Not Apply” ring any historical bells?… Sadly, probably not — Google it!)

    The only difference between America then (when most of YOUR ancestors came over), and America now is the country of origin of the immigrants. Their languages are different, their cultures are different, and their religions are different. DAMN THEM for not “becoming American” before they got here!

    Of the 100 most populous countries of the world, we are the 76th most densely populated (about 83 people per sq-mi). Don’t tell me we don’t have room for more immigrants! If we DOUBLED our population, our “ranking” would fall to just #60 (in the neighborhood of Bulgaria & Tunesia).

    Get over yourselves. “I got here first” is not an ADULT (nor intelligent) response to the immigrants of today. And if OUR ancestors had insisted on the common refrain today of “forget your old ways and learn to be an American”, then we wouldn’t have Thanksgiving, there would be no Easter Bunny, nor would Santa be visiting our homes on Christmas morning… these are all “Americanized” traditions of other cultures, brought here by (wait for it)…. IMMIGRANTS!

    Go figure…

    The GOOD NEWS for us all is that by the 2040’s (about 25 years from now) the WHITES will no longer be the majority in the US population. Who will be? There WON’T be a majority race in America any more! Can’t wait to hear the screams of white America when the majority of the members of the US House and Senate are not white men!

  29. Tim

    For you America haters on here who are so very excited that our country is being demographically altered … Be careful what you ask for! Europe has been a relatively liberal society since the Reformation. Many of the new immigrants come from much more socially conservative and authoritarian backgrounds.

  30. steve

    If the blink-and-you-missed-them-were-those-guys-supposed-to-be-gay- image is meant to alleviate Coke’s guilt over association with the deaths of scores of gays Russians over the coming weeks, newsflash: it won’t.

  31. Dan

    I’m half Native American. Our people were raped by the White man. Now the White man wants everyone else to ASSimilate his way of life ? Every human on this planet and especially this country has a right to maintain their culture and identity. For those of you that are pro English only, remember what some people say, “This is a Christian nation and is not made for gays”. If you take freedoms from other people, be prepared to have yours taken away as well.
    You can also look around and throw out customs and traditions from other countries. The cowboy culture comes from Jalisco , Mexico. Corn was also invented(yes invented) by the Natives in Mexico.the modern guitar was invented in Spain. Surfing and tattoos come from Polynesia. Fireworks and martial arts come from China.Basically everything that is non-Native Amerindian is alien/foreign to this country.
    Please educate yourselves and stop your reverse hatred and intolerance. There is still a battle against hatred towards gays and adding fuel to the bigots that oppose foreign languages in this country is a shot in your own foot.

  32. Ray

    I think it’s funny that a few posters here talk about “speaking English”. You do know that Americans don’t speak proper English, right?

  33. Chip

    Ray has a good point… perhaps the “Keep America for the Americans” crowd should start pushing for a new language category… “American English”… it’s already in many software settings.

    Eventually, we could shorten it to just “American”, and in a few decades, we could pretend that England never played any role in the development of the language, and the whole technical world would speak “American” (not that nasty old has-been, English).

    Sound far-fetched? It’s not nearly as far-fetched as any rational person would hope… Our “American” culture (which would more aptly be called “Mutt culture”) is full of self-aggrandizing revisionist history folk (like the “our country was founded on Christian principles” bullshit: Europe was fully, 100% Christian in the 1700 & 1800s… our ancestors weren’t fleeing persecution because they were God-fearing, well behaved Christians… they were fleeing persecution because they were religious FREAKS and OUTCASTS! Back then, immigrants were coming to a HARD, DIFFICULT LIFE — far from the “economic immigrants” of today, these people (my ancestors) were DESPERATE and were truly taking a HUGE gamble!)

    Despite what Fox News would have you believe, the constitution absolutely DOES intend for you to have freedom FROM religion… Granted, from the founder’s perspectives, that meant essentially “freedom from OTHER PEOPLE’S religion”, but the concept remains.

    As for Tim’s comment, all I can say is that in the late 1800’s we were supposed to be afraid that the Chinese would overrun us. In the mid-1800’s it was the Irish. In the early 1900’s, and again in the 1980’s it was the Japanese (in the latter case, they were buying up all of America!)… and now it’s the Latins and Muslims (a disparate people’s if ever there were!)… but it’s still unfounded, FUD (fear, uncertainty & doubt) spread by intellectually narrow-minded people afraid of change.

    Fortunately, as we’ve seen with Gay Rights over the past few years, change happens whether the elite, or powerful, or even the pin-head masses want it to or not. Change is inevitable. You can prepare for it and hitch a ride, or you can oppose it and get run over. Either way, change happens.

  34. Kike

    wow, I see how ignorance is everywhere. “I speak American” what is that? I didn’t know some fools speak American.

    I don’t speak American but I speak English, Spanish and Italian.

    😉 Of course I liked this commercial

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