Watch This : Chevrolet Debuted New LGBT Commercials


Chevrolet debuted two new commercials during the telecast of Sochi’s opening ceremonies. Both ads are promoting the brand’s Traverse model and feature LGBT families. The automotive giant’s new campaign is called “The New Us”.

The message is amazingly positive :

“What it means to be a family hasn’t changed, what a family looks like, has. This is the new us.”

Check out both ads after the jump!



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  1. BearOKC69

    Totally irrelevant what your “family” looks like when buying a car. I am neither more or less willing to consider a product because it has a “gay”couple in it… often a fleeting indeterminate example like the recent Coke ad.

    This is along the lines of ABC’s Family Channel tag line of the past few years “a new kind of family”. Attempting to distance itself from the formerly CBN (televangelist Pat Robertson) founded/owned station. Even though they are required by the contracts to have the word “family” in the name and are required to air CBN’s “700 Club” at least 2 times a day.


  2. Hunter0500

    It shouldn’t come as any surprise that Chevy finds gay dollars just as profitable as straight dollars. Isn’t it liberating and energizing that Chevy can now openly admit that without fear of retribution?

    When I first saw the new commerical, the first thing that came to mind for me was that two guys I know (a couple) both own Toyota Tundras. I wonder what demographics say about “The LGBT Community’s #1 Pickup Truck.”

  3. Tony

    I love the commericals, although I a Ford man my patner jusst leased a Chevy. I applaud Chevy for their True Slogan The Look of the Family has changed and its time Middle America See it and Know it. Well Done Chevy!!!!!!

  4. M

    Something more for the reich-wingers to throw a hissy-fit on Faux-Noise channel over! Anything that pisses those people off is most worthy and welcome!

  5. TDogCA

    Whilst I’m not a big fan of Chevy/GM (except for the C7 ‘Vette), I think this is a great message. The LGBT community have made great strides in the last few years, but it wasn’t that long ago that a commercial like this would have killed b/c of anticipated backlash from conservatives.

    The fact that they’re drawing a line in the sand and advocating for equality is, IMO, a very positive step.

  6. Joe

    typical, older guy needing a younger illegal guy to get hard. Just like the young people like to be legal on here it is the same reason people on here like about their age and downsize it as well. This kid was obviously not even remotely close to his age

  7. Hunter0500

    “Something more for the reich-wingers to throw a hissy-fit on Faux-Noise channel over! Anything that pisses those people off is most worthy and welcome!”

    The notion, “M”, that all Republican/Conservative/Rights hate all gays and all Democratic/Liberal/Lefts love all gays is militant, dividing, and out of touch with reality. Gays now come in both Left and Right political flavors. For sure, a sign that equality has advanced, but for some reason just not something the holders of the “gay brand” want to acknowledge because it puts the “cause” out of business.

  8. carlos garcia

    my son is 18 years old and works at Ralphs he has a union job we’ve been looking for a car to buy him My spouse and me are also going to get a car and now we’re looking at your company.

    I been with david Manley law enforcement for the city of Oceanside for over 16 years I’ve been with him and I have his medical insurance.

    I’ve also saw this video to the mayor city council in city attorney and we all approve of it and think you’re moving in the right direction thank you

    we need a Lincoln for the 21st century. it’s not about black or white it’s about equality for all…

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