Stories : The Younger Man – Part One

Trent hit me up online a few weeks ago and has been aggressively pursuing me until I finally agreed—against my better judgment—to invite him over tonight. Don’t get me wrong: I have no complaint about a sexy, muscular jock wanting to climb into my bed; but I’m a little wary about our difference in age. I just celebrated my forty-seventh birthday last week, making me 24 years older than Trent.


He shows up at my door with a hint of a smirk on his scruffy face, his hazel eyes dancing as he introduces himself. At 5’10” he is only a few inches shorter than me but his lean, athletic body makes me feel like a giant in comparison. He pats me on the arm like an old friend and glances around my living room before finally looking up at me. This boy is fucking beautiful, yet oddly masculine for someone so young.


We look into each other for what feels like an hour before I gently wrap my hand around the back of his neck and lean in for a kiss. The connection is intense and immediate – it’s just one of those tricks of chemistry that can never be faked – and I know he feels as well. He clutches my arms as I pull him closer until I am nearly lifting him off the ground by the back of his neck. I finally pull away to catch my breath and guide him down the hall and into my bed.



I find myself lost in wonderment as he strips down to his underwear: His compact muscles are speckled with trimmed brown fur and he is smiling at me as though trying to figure me out. I move to join him without a word.


He tugs on me as I am pulling my t-shirt over my head and I topple down on him with a grunt and a laugh. “I’ll crush you if you’re not careful,” I say as I run my fingers through his wavy brown hair.


Trent smiles with mischief. “You can do whatever you want.” I pin him down and lightly chew on his lower lip before tracing my tongue down his long, pale neck. He’s squirming around, trying without success to pull my pants off with his feet, but I’m not ready to release him just yet. I take my time tasting his neck, his shoulder, his chest. His skin is soft and smells a little like cinnamon. He inhales sharply as soon as I reach his left nipple and I can feel his cock throbbing against my abs, so I continue teasing him as he attempts to wrestle his way free. He eventually gives up his struggle with an exaggerated sigh. “You’re too strong.”


I release one of his arms and rub his cock through his underwear. “You clearly hate that.”


“I love it, but I want to touch you.”


I let go of his other arm and roll over on my back, allowing him to climb on top of me. He tries to pin my arms down, which is so fucking adorable I allow it. “And what exactly would you do if you could pin me down?”


He gives me that little smirk again and proceeds to pull my pants and boxers off without a word. His face hovers over my cock and he glances up for confirmation as though the pre-cum oozing out of my engorged cock isn’t evidence enough of what I want. He licks the shaft, causing my cock to bounce, then wraps his lips around the head and swallows me until I can feel the stubble of his chin against my balls.


“Holy fuck,” I moan as my eyes roll back and my hands wrap around his skull. His mouth is electric, his moans drive me insane as he chokes and gags, and I have to resist my building need to skull-fuck a load down his throat. Instead, I tug on his hair and draw his mouth up to mine so that he is straddling me. He kisses me with hunger and rubs his bare ass against my cock. I didn’t even notice he had removed his underwear.


He glances at my nightstand and I feel I am reading his mind. My smile makes him laugh as I reach into my nightstand drawer and hand him condoms, lube and a towel. I rub his hard little chest and marvel at the excitement in his eyes as he pulls a condom over my cock and lubes it up like a pro, lacking the uncertainty and awkwardness I had at his age. He leans forward and kisses me again while reaching back and guiding my cock toward his ass. His face twitches when we make contact and he pushes against me, shuddering with the pressure. He gasps when my head pushes into his vice of an ass, sweat beading on his forehead.


I hold back from thrusting deep inside him and allow him to slowly work his way down my shaft until my balls are pressing against his quivering ass cheeks. Only after his pained expression melts into a wink of confidence do I begin to slowly pump his hole. He takes each thrust with a soft grunt, his hands clutching my pecs and his eyes locked to mine. I clutch his ass as though I am going to tear it in two and force myself deep inside him with each thrust.


His eyes go wild and he tries to pull himself away from me. “You’re going to make me cum like this, Daddy.”


I wince at being called Daddy, but just a bit. He looks so fucking amazing at this moment he can get away with calling me anything he wants. “Not yet,” I say, rolling him over on his back without breaking our connection. I maneuver onto my knees so that his legs are wrapped around my waist and take a moment to appreciate the view. Trent has a nice fat cock that presses hard against his body as young cocks often do. I wrap my hand around it and pull it towards me until he gasps, then clutch it like a handle as I continue fucking him. I stop when he gets too close to shooting, allowing him to catch his breath before resuming my attack on his ass. I bring him close, over and over, until he begins beating my chest with his fists and begs me to let him cum.


“I can’t take any more,” he pleads. “You’re killing me.”


I’m in love with the desperation of his voice and want to prolong this moment as long as possible, though the thought of setting this boy off is excruciating. I pull him towards me by his cock and pound his ass until his legs tighten around me and his mouth opens in a silent scream. His entire body tenses as he shoots a sudden, massive load all over his chest and abs and his silence is finally broken by a desperate gasp as though he had been held underwater and is finally able to breathe again.


I watch him slowly come back from wherever his intense orgasm has taken him, his body beginning to relax as a look of awareness returns to his eyes. “Wow,” is all I can think of saying, which makes him chuckle. I use the towel to wipe up his load which is pooling between the hard ridges of his abs and slowly, slowly pull out of him. I want nothing more than to roll him over and continue fucking his beautiful ass, but decide to let him rest a few minutes. I pull the condom off and toss it on the floor behind me, roll Trent on his side and wrap myself around him. He pushes into me with a sigh and moans with pleasure as I trace my finger tips along his shoulder and neck.


“I want more,” he says with a raspy voice.


“Damn right, pup.”


Trent pulls my arm around him and is lightly snoring within minutes.



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  1. Bob

    I have slept with younger men before. As a matter of fact I lost my anal virginity to a young man that was at least 20 younger then me. While I did enjoy it, I had a hard time with his constant bother. I have found men near my age know what to do and can figure out what I like. Just my opinion


  2. Marc

    I am currently dating a guy who is 28 years younger than me and the sex is wonderful. He is old enough to know what he wants as well as what I want. IT’S AWESOME!

  3. Rob

    Do you know what I like best about young guys? I keep getting older and yet, they stay the same age.

    (Apologies to Matthew McConaughey)

  4. Godzilla

    Man all I do is hit up the young ones. I had sex with a boy who was 22 and he he told me I was and old man at 45 years old. I told him that I would do things to him he never had done before. I was f**king him real good. I was hitting his butt so hard he beg me to stop. My friend came by my hotel and he said that he heard me pounding him hard. Now I have two new ones I’m going to hit up. One of them is 19 years old with two jobs the other one is 22 and he wants a Blackman who willing to take control of him. Man do I love the young ones. The man I’m really in love with is 45. He may have to live with me getting some young butt.

  5. aniceday

    aniceday had a very nice yesterday. sitting, talking,listening, and playing with a handsome mature man, is a wonderful thing, but usually people alwsys only focus on playing . I just realize now its to hard to totally enjoy a nice, passionate, clear sex, too many, many, interruptions and too many distructs. Hopefully, trust, and hermoney could be down the earth again.

  6. Hunter0500

    One of the better story pieces on here in a while. Believable, responsible, safe. A little too quick on getting to anal, but overall a good piece.

    More often than not, however, age isn’t the factor that makes an experience hot. It’s how well the two guys fit together (literally and figuratively).

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