Stories : Running Out Of Gas

My name is Chase and I was on my way home from work one afternoon and I was running low on gas. I was almost at the gas station when my Camaro started sputtering and stalled, leaving me stranded in a ditch on the side of the road.

I got the gas can from the trunk and walked over to the gas station and filled it up and walked to the car. I filled the tank and went to start the engine. When I tried to get out of the ditch, the back tires started spinning. I tried everything I could to get out of the ditch but was unsuccessful.

There were some Latino men that saw my trouble and came over to help. After some time and effort, we were able to get my car unstuck.

I drove over to the gas station and finished filling the tank with gas. They men came over to chat while I filled the tank. My Spanish isn’t that great but there was one who spoke English. After a few moments of talking he told me that they were interested in getting to know me better. I didn’t need an explanation to know what he meant; I nodded and told them that I was on my way home and that they could follow me.

It wasn’t long before we made it home. I led the three men into my small apartment and asked if they wanted anything to drink. They declined and the one who spoke English approached me. Before I knew it, he had wrapped his arms around me and was kissing me. Startled for a second but quickly began enjoying the kiss.

I then felt some hands on my back and another set of hands around my groin area. I moaned slightly as the hands in front of me reached inside my pants and grabbed my throbbing cock. I started sliding my hands into the pants of the guy that was kissing me (whose name I later learned was Jose) and felt his endowment growing even more.

My cock was out of my pants and in the one of the Latino men’s mouth. I learned his name was Carlos and boy he was giving me some really good head. I hadn’t had someone suck me off like this in a long time.

The other guy (Miguel) was kissing my neck and started kissing his way towards my ass, where he started kissing and sucking on each cheek. I could feel a finger start playing with my hole ever so gently.

Jose stopped kissing me and traded places with Carlos. When he kissed me, I could taste the metal taste of a tongue ring, which was something new for me. We continued this for a moment or two before I led the men to my bedroom. We finished removing our clothes and continued kissing, and sucking each other off.

That is when I saw Jose grab a condom and some lube from his jean pocket and slide the condom over his uncut cock. I licked my lips and I anticipated this piece of meat sliding in and out of my ass. It had been awhile since I had been fucked and was eager for some good luvin’.

He applied some lube to his member and the spread some on my ass. He raised my legs and toyed with my ass until his Latin meat was all the way inside. He left there a moment before he started thrusting, causing waves of pain and pleasure to course through my body. Then Carlos straddled my face so I could suck his dick. I could see Miguel behind Jose as he was fucking me.

Just when I felt that I was going to explode, Jose pulled out and Miguel inserted his cock inside. Jose was well endowed but Miguel was much bigger, and I didn’t expect that. More waves of pleasure shot through as he started thrusting hard in me and I screamed with Carlos’s dick in my mouth.

Carlos got off me and moved to the other side of the bed where Jose was. Miguel flipped me from my back and threw me on to my knees and shoved himself back in.

I looked over to my right and saw Jose putting on a condom and start fucking Carlos doggy style. Miguel started moaning loudly and I could feel him tightening up. I knew that it would only be a few more moments before he burst.

He jerked out of me, removed the condom and flipped me over on my back again and let out a river of cum all over my chest and face.

Jose and Carlos stopped and stood around me and jerked off their amazing cocks until they shot their cum on my chest. I couldn’t hold mine any longer and let it rip. That was the best orgasm I had ever had and have yet to have one like that one. The three men lay with me on the bed while we talked and got to know one another.

Afterwards, the got up, got dressed and left. After locking the door after them, I thought about what had just happened and when I went to bed, I dreamt about the next time I would see them again…


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  1. James

    I really enjoyed this story although the use of the language and stress on “latino” made it seem borderline exoticization of latino men; which can be problematic in many ways. Also it is very important to check grammar and typos before publishing something on a public forum especially when focusing on a particular type of man. That can often be interpreted as disregard and the definition of men of color as solely sexual objects. Other than those 2 things I felt the story was very erotic and sexual.

  2. Todd45

    I’m not sure if I just didn’t enjoy the story because of your lack of imagination or because your lack if judgement on a murder scene gone wild or another episode of 48 hours…who in their right mind would take 3 strangers to their place & have crazy sex with them & take the chance of not getting their throats slashed…r u crazy???

  3. David

    James, you should really check your OWN grammar and punctuation “skills”, especially commas; however, who the f$%k cares? This just a porn story, which objectifies MEN, not necessarily those of color. (The author, probably white, is used as a sexual object).

  4. conquistador007

    The category says it all.. STORIES..
    This “story” sounds like it came from one of cheesy sexual novels..
    Seriously, who would or does this happen to in reality??

  5. Darrell

    I was thinking along the same lines as some of the other comments: first of all, I cannot see this many men being so bold and blatant as to offer themselves so damned quickly to a total stranger, especially in these times when gay bashing is still prevalent. Secondly, like another of the guys said, who in their right mind would take three strangers in their apartment and not risk being murdered, robbed, beaten….? The names changes from beginning to end shows this is just a piece of fiction…I was going to say “crap,” but didn’t.

  6. Atlanta

    I was waiting for the writer to say I was robbed by gun point or something like that… who lets 3 guys/strangers into there house for sex… wow… this is not hot its dangerous… sorry….

  7. Hunter0500

    The next chapter to this story is how the main character doesn’t show up for work the next morning. His employer checks with family members. He’s not answering his phone. The police are called. A team of two uniformed officers arrives at his home and can see through windows that it has been ransacked. They enter through the unlocked front door and begin a search. When they get to his bedroom, they find him bound, gagged, naked, and cum covered. He had tried during the night to wiggle off the bed, but only ended up face down, ass up, and wedged between the side of the bed and the wall.

    Everything of value has been stolen.

    Hours later, after statements have been taken, the evidence of the robbery and assault have been cataloged by the forensics team, the two officers get into their patrol car and leave. As they drive away they’re in agreement. The guy would have been doable, if he wasn’t such a total idiot for putting himself in the situation he did.

  8. Jason

    Thank you to everyone for the comments. I am the author of the the story and a that is exactly what this is, a story. The only thing to true to this story is that I actually did run out of gas on the way to work one morning in front of a gas station. That was the inspiration of the story. The rest was false. I love Latino men and that’s where they came into play during the story.

    I am glad that some of you enjoyed it, that’s what’s write for. And for the name issue, Dave always signs the name of the blog contributer at the bottom of the post.

    With love,

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