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At this unique moment in history, when we are seeing such rapid progress in the fight for equality in the West, we cannot be blinded to appalling crimes against humanity elsewhere. Today in Russia, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) people are facing harassment, arrest and violence under a set of horrific new laws. For their sake, we must come together and start an uprising of love.

Models Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown ask for your help in this new video promoting global Pride Houses. A Pride House is a place for LGBT athletes, fans, and friends to meet and enjoy international sporting events. At the previous two Olympics, there was a Pride House in the host country. This year, Russia has forbidden the establishment of a Pride House in Sochi. In response, restaurants, bars, and clubs across the country are becoming Pride Houses in solidarity with LGBT Russians and donating $1 of every drink sold between 9pm and midnight on the night of the Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony to the Russia Freedom Fund.

Find participating venues here.

You can also download Uprising Of Love on iTunes, a song written and sang by Melissa Etheridge for the event. 100% of the proceeds will benefit the Russia Freedom Fund!

Check out the video and listen to a remix of the amazing song after the jump!






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  1. eric

    Wearing a tanktop and buying a drink is not political action, boys.

    The only impressive thing about that pride house video is how they managed to reinforce every negative stereotype about gay men in such a short amount of time. Four more minutes and I would’ve been tempted to throw them in the dungeon myself.
    And not in the good way.

  2. DDS

    This is Russia we’re talking about. With Putin in power, I don’t think LGBT has a chance. Why waste time for something that lasts 2weeks (Olympics)? It’s that country’s laws. We are not going to change that.

    Even though communism is no longer there, I do believe that Stalinistic atrocities still happen there. That is just my opinion.

    It’s like trying to bring Christianity or Judaism to Iran or Iraq. AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN.

  3. muzyqman

    I heard a piece on public radio yesterday that said many of the anti-gay laws that are happening in Europe and Africa enjoy the support, active help and financial contributions of the same religious groups that tried to prohibit same-sex marriage and failed here in the USA. They think if they can get enough other countries to actually criminalize homosexuality, up to and include the death penalty, it will force the American public to rethink its acceptance. With any luck at all, this will backfire in their faces, and they will lose followers because, as we all know, the Jesus they claim to follow never preached hate for any person or group. Interesting, huh?

  4. einathens

    It happens here too, muzy. Let’s not forget the mormon mobilization behind proposition 8 (for which they should have lost their tax exempt status) or westboro’s constitutionally protected speech that our soldiers die because god hates fags

  5. Tyson

    Seriously… another gay ad with a ”message” that has to utilize sex within it. Can there be a gay message ad without shirtless guys? i know it’s an INSANE concept to some. But, i think it can be done/

  6. Matthew

    Sochi is about SPORTS and politicizing it in this and every way just shows the arrogance of the LGBT Left. If it were a sexual olympics and gays and lesbians were left out, fine. Then pitch a two handed finger popping hissy. There are quite a few gays out there who are offended by the intolerance of the LGBT Left political machine that wants to bully everyone who does not agree with them into submission. Sochi is about sports…PERIOD!

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