Speak Out : A Drag Queen’s Powerful Speech Against Homophobia



Irish Drag Queen Panti Bliss took to the stage of Ireland’s national theatre, the Abbey, on February 1 to deliver a powerful speech explaining the effects of homophobia and the oppressive environment antigay attitudes can foster for LGBT people

“For the last three weeks, I have been lectured to by heterosexual people about what homophobia is and about who is allowed to identify it. Straight people have lined up… to tell me what homophobia is and to tell me what I am allowed to be oppressed by,” Bliss told the audience at the Abbey. “People who have never experienced homophobia in their lives… have told me that unless I am being thrown into prison or herded onto a cattle truck then it is not homophobia. And that feels oppressive.”

Even though Bliss’s speech is nearly 11 minutes, it’s worth watching in full as she outlines the oppression of heterosexual privilege.

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  1. Chad

    Very glad That I took the time to see this video. I may not be a Drag Queen or have such a platform nor the courage. But what she said hit home for me on so many LEVALS, may not have been an empty milk carton, but words do hurt. And unfortunately it stays with a person for life. I will be sharing this video.
    Thank you for posting
    All my best

  2. austinbilly

    I agree with Chad, never had something thrown at me except words, and they do hurt, and I do check myself at the crossing. How that hurts.

  3. will

    I think you had a great speech on all topics my hats off to you. For such a wonderful and out spoken speech on all of us who are out of the closet. Cong’s to you .

  4. jack

    I couldn’t have said it better……..
    Sjohnson, I bet u never stood that that crossing either.
    I too will be sharing this video !!

  5. Stan AKA Inga

    First as a gay man who does Drag I commend Panti for speaking out with such courage, grace and pride! I agree with Chad and thank him for his comments! Unfortunately, I feel sorry for Sjohnson who felt this was predictable and only for drama. Sjohnson must not have ever been called a fag or queer, or homo since Sjohnson would understand what it feels like, and as Panti says it feels oppressive! Maybe if more of us would have the courage as she has to speak out and be dramatic then there might be less homophobia around the world. Thank you Panti for your words and courage, and I will share your message with others!

  6. Tom

    It has been my experience, that when a drag queen is around, so is trouble.
    Being lecture by Drag Queen does not mean much to me, I will not waste time watching it.

  7. Hunter0500

    For certain, most people pass by Bliss without comment. Others, will comment, usually negatively. The question is: is the negative response because Bliss is gay? Or is it because of the manner of dress, makeup and hair? The later is all attention-getting, much like the attention a young male who is unshaven, dressed in leather and chains, exhibits “baggy pants syndrome”, has tatoos, and a generally grungy look brings upon himself. At times, too, these guys garner attention and less-than-positive responses.

    Bliss’ manner of dress and conduct stand out in public. And in doing so, they go beyond saying “I’m different.” They decree “I’m me. Live with it.” It’s no surprise there are some negative responses. It’s no surprise some people, who come up short when it comes to how to label what they see, throw negative gay terms. Undoubtedly, there are negative non-gay comments, as well. Neither of those, while being acceptable, should be unexpected. Bliss is a militant radical. And has a right to be so. But is the expectation that all of society must love and embrace the persona being broadcast, must swallow the “one way street” attitude, must step aside and let the Queen pass on “his/her” way, reasonable?

  8. TrizzyTroy

    Hey all the open minded, discriminated against, inclusive LGBT perrsons that have the intelligence to hear,relate and empathize with Bliss PLEASE stop acknowledging the close minded, closeted and self loathing dudes with their ignorant, shallow comments. As a blue collar, 40ish Black gay man if I can see where Bliss is coming from there is a common thread. I was never bullied, but I know friends who were, I was never harassed abt my sexuality until I was way past grown n thankfully strong enough to check it n get my respect, but I know young ppl that thought suicide was there only way out. Bliss wasnt just speaking over her own expierence but others she’s known. So for the ignorance out there that feel they r untouched by her speech, check your social circle sum1 you know CAN identify with her. Stand for those who cant, since u claim to b so uber strong!!

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