Pornstars : Mike Dozer Was Arrested!


Porn star Mike Dozer was arrested recently for having sex with someone underage. He was arrested on charges of statutory rape, involuntary deviant sexual intercourse, and aggravated indecent assault for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old boy he met online

Now we all know that all sites and apps require us to enter a birth date and we have to agree that we are over a certain age so we can join.  Obviously this kid lied. 

I was out this weekend with my boyfriend and a friend of his.  This friend recently met a guy on line and he joined us for a drink.  All was good until we decided to head to a different bar.  As we were walking to the door I said for everyone to get their ID’s out.  The new guy looks and said he left his ID at home.  Hmmmm, who does that.

We went back to the last place and ordered another drink.  I was talking to my BF and asked him if he thought the guy was over 21.  He didn’t think so either. 

Moral of the story.  Questions you need to ask when you hook up on line:

  1.  Top or bottom
  2. Yours or Mine
  3. Were you born a man
  4. Can I see your ID

Its not the sites responsibility to verify someone’s age.  If you like them young,  protect yourself and ask for ID. 

I was not your average teenage.  I was out in the bars at 16 years old thinking I knew how the world worked.  I grew up real fast but I always think back to those guys I was sleeping with.  They had to know I was underage.

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g skorich

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  1. HW

    Umm…if he even looks close to 14 how can one possibly be interested? People equate homosexuality to pedophilia and now we see why. Come on…grow up! This guy is obviously in his 40 or 50s so why in hell would he be the least bit interested in someone hat could possibly even be close to 14???

  2. Dalerto

    Well he’s now a registered sex offender. That will make him think twice about looking for someone online and not asking questions when he sees a 14 yo kid in person.

  3. darryl

    I tend to search out guys close to my age, just for that reason. Some guys look a lot older then they are. So if you have any doubt trust and verify. You don’t need to be arrested for having sex with someone underage.

  4. Matthew McCrady

    When I was a teenager there was no internet or websites to meet other gay guys. All I had to go on was what I observed, heard on TV, or learned by listening to all the derogatory jokes and comments about how the faggots were having sex in public bathrooms or in the woods or trails at the neighborhood parks!! But me being a very early bloomer and was raised by my mom and her lesbian lover in Santa Fe, NM, I came out at the age of 12!! At that point I had already had my first steady boyfriend for almost 2 years. I loved the thrill of public sex and even more I immediately found Latino uncut cock was so hot as were the older, muscular, stinky masculine men that these beautiful uncut cocks were attached to!! Not once did I ever lie about my age cause not one of them ever asked me!! I also never was worried about them getting arrested for having sex with me!! About 5 years ago, age 34, it hit me suddenly that all of those men were child molesters and were totally perverse!! So it’s the responsibility of both parties involved to protect themselves by asking certain questions regarding identity, making sure a 3rd party is aware of where/when the date occurs, and to always be alert and aware of your surroundings!! If anything goes wrong, you can only blame yourself, I met a man online when I was drunk and drove to his house where he got me more drunk then started getting loud demanding me to get naked, I tried to run out the front door but it was locked with a key so I ran out the back but couldn’t find the gate in the fence quick enough, he grabbed me hit me with something and knocked me out cold!! I woke up at dawn and realized I’d been beaten and raped, he was nowhere I could see and I was able to make it to my truck and I drove home!! I couldn’t call the cops or tell my partner what had happened, the cops would have said I asked for it, I was drunk decided to go to a strangers house to have gay sex with and he just got kinky and roughed me up a bit!! My partner would have been furious cause I was cheating, so there was only me to blame!! So if a person isn’t smart enough to cover all the bases, then they’re the ones that have to reap the consequences. You do the crime, you pay the time!! Peace

  5. Jimy

    WOW, This could happen to the best of us, I met a guy online from Nashville, he told me that he was 21 and was in college, we talk for weeks until he said that he had to get off the computer because his mommy was coming home, That hit a nerve for me, what college man said MOMMY, I then ask the question how old are you, he said that he was really 16 of age, all communication cut.

  6. gs999

    As the saying goes: Caveat Emptor (buyer beware). If you even think the guy may be underage, then ask for his ID. I get chased occasionally by the youngsters (I’m 50+) and usually I run away quickly, but some of them are just too yummy to resist. I tell them I’m gonna ask for their ID if we meet. If they don’t like that, then I decline to meet them.

  7. Britney Fucking Spears

    Yet again… Rather than putting someone’s business on blast, why don’t you just cover underaged children lying about their age. I’m sure that Mike Dozer is already embarrassed by this, now you’re just spreading the news that isn’t really anybody’s business but his. I thought the “Blog” was more constructive rather than destructive of someone’s credibility. Real good job.

  8. Shaun

    Ok firstly I LOVE the questions to ask particularly were you born a man.. hahaha!

    But the problem with #4 asking for ID. I’m sorry but if someone asked me, I’d say “HELL NO!” because I wouldn’t want any stalker-izations happening if it didn’t work out, etc.

    Seriously though, it’s not the sites responsibility to verify age HOWEVER, I think it’s wrong if someone meets someone else and they were misled. Some of the responsibility HAS to be placed on the liar. Can I get an ‘Amen’?

  9. Clay

    Don’t put your freedom in someone else’s hands…period! No matter how precocious a kid is, they are still just a kid. And the law does not recognize “innocent mistakes” when it comes to that. The burden is on the adult, as well it should be. When in doubt, check ID, or get the fuck out.

  10. VaEfron12

    This article is the most despicable thing I have read in a long time. A grown man commits a felony, sexual abuse and assault against a child and instead of mustering a shred of moral outrage you state – “obviously the kid lied”. Wow.

  11. james7890

    Why do guys have to lie, seriously why do they have to lie about their age, as long as they are 18 or older its 100% perfectly legal, its bull shit these teenagers need to stop lieing about their age, and these guys who actually are 18 or older legally need to be for real and man up and prove their age by showing a real i.d. so that away it does not fuck up someone else’s life for good. this is bull shit.

  12. jock4parTyfun

    What? a porno actor caught doing something sleazy? That’s ridiculous! How could someone like that do something gross?

  13. Matt

    I am 30 and am attracted to guys my age and older. Thankfully, I don’t usually have to worry about this scenario. Most of the guys I hook up with are older, hence, they typically have s&p or grey hair.

  14. Tancredo

    The story has some dark spots that I would like to know by following the case. I started having sex very young but never crossed to my mind tag people older than me as pedophiles because

  15. Tancredo

    Continuing my story…. I wanted to have sex…experiment it…and didn’t look with who. Now as an adult (a part time porn performer) I am more conscious with who and definitely would investigate a little bit about the person (especially younger than me)before engage into something.

  16. Alex

    It’s a lot worse than indicated in the article here… charged with multiple felonies and reckless endangerment because he allegedly may not have disclosed his HIV status, giving him poppers and having sent and received explicit photos with the boy.

  17. Kenn

    It is too bad that someone misspoke or grossly exaggerated facts. The actor is not in his 40s or 50s. I was surprised to read that he is 33.
    I find the activities that the child did to be the worst acts, but unfortunately minors apparently never do wrong so he will be able to blame someone else for his own entrapment. (Because yes, I believe he lied intentionally)
    The meeting took place at the boy’s home. Where were the parents? Why weren’t his parents taking a more interested role in his computer usage? Oh, its not their fault either.
    I do not get attracted to young guys either, but I know it happens to some.
    According to the story I linked it brings up the issue of HIV as well which I think certainly clouds the issues but we are missing key pieces of information- like knowing what was in the kids profile. Personally I do not support his views on condomless sex; especially in lieu of his HIV status, but alone that is not a crime. If the boy (while lying) said he too was positive then I hope the issue of Mike (aka Chris) being positive is cancelled out and not allowed to be discussed again. If the profile says he is negative then I hope the issue gets more attention.
    So far I have seen mostly derogatory comments against the porn star but the blame is 50/50. The boy needs to face consequences too and not learn that it is OK to blame someone else for his bad decisions.

  18. Bob

    I am having a hard time believing he had no idea the kid was just 14. Nor have I ever seen a 14 year old that looked more then 16. If a 14 year old wants sex, they should always seek out kids their own age. I did. If I have to ask their age before having sex with them, they are too young.

  19. Rod

    Thanks to the blog author for this entry. It is one of the most even, fair-minded I have seen on the topic….to say nothing of how well it is written.

    The case of Mike Dozer is a very disturbing and sad one on many levels; but it offers a few important lessons ~ some of which the blog author very wisely points out in the original post.

    None of us knows the particulars of this case. The fact remains that through lack of good judgment (at best) or willful disregard for appropriate/responsible adult behavior, a fairly charismatic and talented guy has for all intents and purposes ruined his life and allegedly harmed another individual.

    I would like to believe that Mike Dozer is not a pedophile and that he may have encountered someone whom he thought was “of age” and allowed himself to get involved in a situation that resulted in the allegations for which he is now in prison.

    Mind you, this is not meant as a justification for the alleged actions; but more a way of holding out some hope that he did not do the morally bad things for which he is accused.

    Here’s also hoping that his friends (in the industry or otherwise) are rallying around him now …and if need be calling him to task and giving him support and good advice.

  20. Big_Boned

    So, you questioned your friend’s friend’s friend’s age and failure to bring ID, and said plainly that you and your bf didn’t think he was 21, but took him BACK to a bar that served him MORE alcohol. Then what happened?
    It’s not as bad as fucking a little boy, is it?

  21. JD

    A 14 year old is 14 year old, and if you can’t tell he’s 14; the way he acts, talks, thinks, looks etc than you have an IQ of 2 digits and that means below average intelligence. He likes young guys or I mean boys, and now he’s going to get it good in prison. Since it happened in the USA that means a long time. In Canada, house arrest. And inmates in general population don’t like pedo’s.

  22. Stewie_Griffon

    I would imagine some of the blame would have to fall on the kid lying about his age. I had met a guy anonymously about a year ago, who happened to be a cop. At the time, I did not know he was a cop & informed him he I was 35 prior to meeting him.

    After our encounter, we stayed in touch & got to know each other better. He had mentioned he was cautious about hooking up w/ me because he mentioned I looked young for my age. I still get carded to buy ‘Mature’ rated video games at the age of 35. I had asked, “What if I were under the age of 18, would you have been in trouble?”. According to him, he would not have been in trouble because I had mentioned I was 35 within our chats. I would imagine if the kid lied, it would be on him, but the other party still needs to cover their bases.

  23. Peter

    Asking for i.d. is a great way to protect yourself (but beware of fake i.d.’s too). I always looked way younger than my age and was CONSTANTLY hit on by much older men! I remember being 24 and carded when I bought a lottery ticket! (The legal age was 18)

  24. BlueSteele1978

    The real questions are did he know about the boy’s age beforehand, did he tell the boy he was positive, and did he have unprotected sex?

  25. Allotoffun

    There is absolutely no room for this behavior, I agree that he may not be totally in the wrong but give me a break 14, you got suspect something???
    There needs to be a better way to keep these kids from getting on these sites…. It’s just wrong… Yeah a young ass is temping but we got have some morals and constraints when it comes to things Like this, it’s too bad for both parties….

  26. Jim

    Seriously? 14! I cannot understand how the 14 year old plays the bad guy in this scenario. Sure he lied but the 40 plus year old porn star has to know better.

    There is no way that someone mistakes 14 for someone of age. If he did, he is exceedingly stupid. More likely, he did not care. Either way, it also should not be much of a shock that people lie on this site. If you like them young and are dumb enough not to be sure of his age before starting, then you deserve to get arrested. Laws protecting children are there for a reason and this sounds like one of those situations.

  27. dannydbrah

    Demetrian, I thought the same damn thing. Which left me wondering, why wouldn’t you ask a guy’s HIV status rather than if he were born a man?

  28. Bil Sloup

    When I was 14 I had already experienced sex…it was with a 19 year old I did everything I could to win him over..I begged him to hang with me and never did tell my secret…

  29. James Frank

    I am working very diligently to pass a law to make any minor under 18 “to be againts the law to be on adult internet sites and date sites and chat rooms. That will also include any social media sites including Facebook and Twitter that are some of the major cause for kids to be exposed to adult and themed and sexual conversations. It’s time we turn the tables around and make the parents responsible for allowing this to happen as well.

  30. cranky

    there are very few facts and details regarding the situation so im not going to be so quick to judge.
    when i was 14 (in 1976) i was willingly having sex with adult men old enough to be my father and actively seeking them out and pursuing them; in absence of guys my own age;, not due to any “daddy fetish”.

    Were these guys using poor judgement? Yes, probably. But it wasn’t rape; despite the legal reality that i know minors cannot give legal consent.

    Let me tell you, i looked even younger than i actually was.
    I was very lucky, but none of these guys ever took advantage of me or forced themselves on me; though most of then could have probably done so. Some even said they were uncomfortable and told me i needed to wait till i got older.
    I was no dumb kid; not even remotely naive; i was very aware of what i was doing and the risks involved; and i liked it.
    And with access to online media and very frequent access to porn, i can help but thinking more about it

  31. Nick302

    Well i know this guy personaly and ill say he is very rude and nasty to people one of his Ex BF told me about this when it happen…he told me that he did not care that the boy was 14 he was going to have sex with him anyway…its crazy and i read the news article comfiming what he had said….its very sad…….and if you google his porn name you will find more info on this or even put his real name chris steele you will read the Delaware new paper that he is in

  32. salvadorian boy 23

    This is why im into older guys. When someone younger trys to hook up with me i say im not interesting or not say anything.

  33. Tclem0426

    I agree with 3 of your 4 questions to ask when talking to someone.

    1) top of bottom (of course this is important when thinking of a sexual partner;

    2) yours or mine (I want to know who’s place this will occur);

    3) were you born a man (I do not agree that this is vital. If you are interested in someone, it shouldn’t matter of they are transgendered. I’ve been in a romantic and committed relationship with a transman and he was absolutely wonderful. Honestly, the relationship he and I had was better than any relationship I ever had with a bio-male. Transmen make the most committed, honest, loving, and amazing partners. Tone totally honest, I’d rather be with a transman than a bio-male. Bio-males tend to be dishonest, untrustworthy, cheating, lying pigs); and

    4) can I see your ID? (While this may be useful to the untrained eye, underage people are getting better and better these days with creating fake identification cards. Most of them are looking like real state/government issue. I don’t condone statutory rape or sexual misconduct with someone who is underage, but nowadays it is so hard to know of someone is being honest when they say they are over 18. This goes for both men and women. Guys and gals are both looking older and older at younger ages)

    I just wanted to voice my opinion. While I do not support this man or condone what he did, that CHILD should be ashamed of himself as well. I think he needs to be arrested as well for entrapment and deviant sexual misconduct as well.

  34. truckertravis

    These underage hoes need to be punished as well…if a 14 year is looking for sex and GETS it…then he deserves the ADULT punishment n register as a sexual predator as well…

  35. Deedan45

    The fault is his when he meet the boy there were signs he looked yoni probably talked young and acted young he was just soo horny to think about that now he will have to deal with this for the rest of his life

  36. Mark200

    I agree, I have been with guys that are 25 and look 15, then I have met guys that are 14 or 15, and look 22 or older. So, one never knows? But, as far as looking at I.D’s that’s not always fail safe either, because of all the fake ones that are floating around out there. I guess the bottom is, we are all taking chances, be it age, hiv status, std status, on, and on. But, Hell life is a gamble all the way through it! So, just use common sense! But have fun while you can!

  37. Dave

    Very worthy piece of news indeed. If the offender hadn’t been a porn star i’m pretty sure this blog wouldn’t have reported it. Anyway, those that need to grow up are the 30+ who are chasing teens…and if you are being chased by a 20 something do what i do just ignore them. They’re not god’s great gift as they think they are and you are certainly always asking for trouble. It’s hard enough to find a 30-40 mature gay man so what do you expect of a teen?? Seriously some people here need to get a grip.

  38. freeza

    First I’m pretty young. So if I have to ask to see ID I won’t trust it. If I see his ID I’m looking for under 21 if he is I wouldn’t do it. But hell I knew a kid personally who was 17 years old and had an ID saying he was 23. There’s no way to escape so I just don’t have sex with guys my age. Over 30 not past 45.

  39. That guy

    People there are tons if underage people who look older my best friends little brother is 15 and he looks late 20’s when he grows his facial hair the kid even got a fake ID soooo it’s not like it’s that hard to be tricked or set up. That’s saying if he was non aware

  40. deepimpact757

    I dont care how mature a person appears to be physically and/or mentally, you can tells persons age, especially a teenager. This guy wanted a twink and the twink wanted to fuck a daddy

  41. mark patterson

    PERFECT VIDEO FOR HIM,ahh,you know a 14yr old damn it,any suspicions,ask him for proof,how did they catch this?police,what?,entrapment,idoubt it.HERE IS THE VIDEO,WANT TO SEE.”SEX PERVERSION THERAPY”,in a court,he’s ordered to three days disciplinary action. the first day,guards strip,ankle strap,and haul him up like ken Norton in “drum”,he’s paddled to blisters,and a “pimentade” is used ,a mix equal parts, salt,vinegar,turpentine(for stick),lemon juice,and RED HOT PEPPERS,all pureed into a thick salve (for healing),this was done in slave days,whipping outlawed,paddled the bare bucks and “pimentaded” bare blistered raw butts.SECOND DAY

  42. mark patterson

    second day,he’s tied over a thin table,ankles,wrists tied,men fuck mercilessly his ass and he is “victim” as a line of hung men 20+wait to bust his ass.THIRD DAY,he’s laid on table,shackled,belted,thick wire under cockhead,base,and both balls,a thick 6inch/inch wide electrode pole into of men,then boys,any arousal of younger men,guard cranks electric telephone generator.if he doesn’t get off on younger,he gets still,several grilling minutes,misted saline grounds him,as he broils good

  43. Ryan

    If Dozer wasn’t aware of the kid’s actual age before they met, it’s obvious he would have figured it out once they did. 14? Come on. A 16 year old could pull 18 off…but 14 to 18 is a ridiculous stretch. Who cares if the kid lied about his age online? Dozer is disgusting for following through and deserves to be locked away.

  44. Seaguy

    I don’t think the kid is a totally innocent young gay boy who was merely using the app and lying his age to do so so he could talk to others and come out.

    Where are his parents do they allow ththeir son to whore around on jack’d?

    But Dozer showed a complete lapse of judgement when he fucked the kid bareback without disclosing his status first. Everyone knows that kind of shit is illegal done to adults, much more so too minors.

    Prison would be rough because they don’t treat child molesters nice at the big house.

  45. Seaguy

    Britney every other gay porn blog has the story so chill. Maybe you could write to Dozer in jail asking for his side if your so concerned.

  46. einathens

    How did all of this come to light?

    Is the kid also being charged? Solicitation comes to mind, and I believe that lying about being underage in order to gain access to adult sites carries a perjury charge. If there was an attempt at extortion or the kid posted pictures of their encounters, there are multiple charges possible.

    Is the site where they met being investigated as well?

  47. Lifegboi

    So I have to differ with those questions being asked. Why would it matter if the person was born a male or not? He has a dick now right? Let’s replace that with a more IMPORTANT question that everyone should ask like “What’s your HIV status and STD/STI status?”

  48. maurice mabiriizi

    hope the baibe enjoyed i wish i was the one in his muscular hands that would have been life saving to me, please facebook with me my id is mabiriizi maurice

  49. Charlie

    I love a good twink some days so when I had a kid chat and set up a meet I got there and knew he was full of bs. He finally said he was 15 and I flew out of there. I would think that Mike would of guessed what he was getting in to and run as fast as he could. I have asked for ID before and walked if any question even though my little head was saying stay. Always better to be safe rather than sorry.

  50. JP

    What happened to innocent until proven guilty. You already have him guilty before you know all the facts. Society is so fucked now adays. If you were in his situation would you want your personal business put out so everyone can see??? You should have just stuck on the underage part of the story, it would have been a better article.

  51. JOEY

    A guy might, might beable to pass for 18, but just talking to someone that young you can tell how wet behind the ears the kid is. It just shows how much of a perv people can be and let there hard dick override there judgement. Live and Learn the Hard Way!

  52. PhatImpulse7

    I remember when I was 14, I was 6’2 with a full goatee. It’s not always easy nowadays to guess someone’s age and to complicate the issue, fake I’d’s are also easy to obtain. I’m happy I’m into older men.

  53. Hoosierrod

    Any kid out here looking for sex is NOT an innocent, pure-as-the driven-snow child. I wish we could put more responsibility on the minor’s shoulders. Can you rape the willing?

  54. Columbus Ohio

    Some guys now have fake ID’s and you can still get in trouble lucky for me I like older men so this has not been an issue for me.

  55. g skorich

    @ Demetrian – i never heard of this word transphobic until last week. #3 was not written in hatred or intended to cause pain. its a reality these days. while i support a persons journey finding their true gendered self i myself like the real thing when it comes to sexual relations. if someone identifies themselves as transgendered then they were obviously a different gender at one point.

    @ All – i’m not trying to reduce anyones responsibility for what they have done. mr. dozer knew the kid was underage and regardless of if this kid pursued him or not , should have left it alone. the kid also has some responsibility and should be charged for misrepresentation. how many guys has he done this too?

  56. Kevin

    I’m sorry but I’m just jealous of the kid he fucked.. I mean really.. We almost hooked up thru twitter but I guess I wasn’t hung enough for him.. It sucks but it was consensual.. And if he really didn’t know then it’s kinda just a shitty situation, I’m also biased tho.. At 14 I was sleeping with older men so ya idt it’s a big deal

  57. kdeezy

    i see all you ppl bashing this guy for fuckin a 14 year old. how about bashing the 14 year old for seeking out older men, causing them to be put in jail and ruining their lives just for a sex. the kid is as guilty as the adult. no 2 ways about ot the kid likes older men, the man likes younger guys. stop worrying about everyone else and worry about ya fuckin SELF! too much of that shit is goin on these days. i was a very early bloomer myself. i started having sex at 12. 1st time i had sex with an older man i was 13 and he was 47. i wouldnt change it and i would def do it again. unless he raped tor molested the kid in some soret of sexually criminal way i dont see twhat the problem is, its just sex. mind ya business ppl.

  58. marc

    The age of consent in the USA should be lowered. We are still this Puritanical, prudish, teens-shouldn’t-have-sex society. Half the teens in this country are already having sex and will continue to do so, regardless of the law. Just who is society “protecting” when all this sex is done in secret and “illegally”?

    • blog

      marc : 14 years old is kinda weird don’t you think?
      I’m very open but a 34 years old man should not fuck a 14 years old man, it’s common sense.

  59. Kuruption

    I have a straight cousin going thru the same thing. When all was said and done, the grandmother of the girl admitted that it wasn’t the first time the girl did this yet, the DA is trying to get him to be registered as a sex offender even though the fact that the girl lied was brought out in court and summarily all charges insofar as statutory rape should have been dropped. The penal system states that he can only be registered as a sex offender if he’s guilty, yet the DA refuses to drop the charges.

    My cousin’s ordeal, the topic of this story and the comments of some of the readers highlights a bigger problem. Some see it and admit it. Others want to blame and dismiss it.

    The problem is that too many older dudes are looking for young dudes for sex (whether this is to recapture youth or whatever can be hotly debated) and too many young dudes are looking for older dudes to take care of them and many will do so by any means necessary.

    I cannot help but wonder if the unknown parts of this story ended up being a kid who recognized dude from his movies, went after him then revealed he was underage and demanded money or he’d tell. I’ve heard a few young dudes say this is how they make money, especially among the married men.

    I agree with most of the responses, however, if you hook up with someone to fuck then use your common sense and if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Problem is, too many gay men act like they’ve never had sex before in their lives and are way too thirsty for it to think rationally.

    I’ve encountered a few young dudes (underage) in my time and something inside me said something was wrong. So I chilled and then just out of the blue I’d ask, “How old are you?” or maybe I’d ask where they worked or the like. I will not say it’s 100% but asking a question randomly and suddenly generates an immediate response. Folk who are lying have to think of an answer and tend to hesitate where the truth is more spontaneous of a reply. Of course, there are those who are so wrapped up in their lies they are harder to fool. Again, listen to yourself.

    I will leave you with something I heard on Animal Planet:

    “Of all animals, only humans do not listen to their inside voice.”

  60. Anthony

    Now I like a young ass but 14 is ridiculous. Even though kids today look grown as hell you can still tell a 14 year old ass from an 18 year old. He knew what he was doing now lock his ass up for being so stupid.

  61. Kike

    so if a guy says he is 18 and I know he doesn’t look 18 but way younger, I will fuck with him? I would have to be blind to have sex with someone who obviously looks young.

  62. Angel

    I’ve never met a 14 year old that could pass for 18. And if it so happened there were one it would still be VERY obvious that they are young, and one should therefore ask for age verification. The fact is that both the older man and the boy were using each other for sex, they were exploiting each other, which happens all the time. So neither is totally absolved form fault. However, as an adult, it’s the older man’s responsibility to do the right thing and not just think with his cock. He should have known better. So he deserves just punishment under the law. Creep!

  63. Nu_Airbourne

    I met a guy at an event once. Told me he was 18 and I promptly told him that, due to his young age, I wasn’t interested. Eventually, I decided to give him a chance since he was legal. I made a joke to him that I gave him a chance because at least he “wasn’t 17”. Then came the “… well, I really am 17”.

    I called things off immediately and tossed away anything sexual (which wasn’t much since it usually takes a guy 10years my senior to get me stiff). Where I live, it isn’t illegal once the kid is 16 and consents, but it’s still a kid and is still gross.

    If you’re unsure of his age, card him.

  64. Nu_Airbourne

    For those mentioning the outrageously off “homosexuality = pedophilia” argument, the same thing happens to heterosexuals. It’s called jailbait: when a person looks physically older (and pretends to be) than what they actually are.

    I deal with this constantly. I get hit on by these young guys that assume I’m younger than they are when in reality I’m almost always a decade older (the kids do look around my age but once they open their mouths, it gives away their age). This is why I don’t mess with anyone who looks under 30ish (nothing sexier than a man in his prime).

    As I mentioned in my above post, CARD! Just be sure. when I was 21, guys used to card me before dates to be sure I wasn’t trying to screw with them. Better to be safe than sorry.

    I don’t know the details, but this pornstar seems to have thought he was sleeping with someone older than 14. Kids lie. I wanted sex with my teachers as a kid (of course, it was just a dormant fantasy and not something I would’ve ever acted out).

  65. Mike

    If you want young guys, go to europe, the legal age is 16 in most countries. Here in the states, stick with checking ID or just go with no one under 21. I stick with guys no younger than 21, just to stay safe .

  66. Synn

    “Rather than putting someone’s business on blast, why don’t you just cover underaged children lying about their age. ”

    Easy. Because only one of the above is a crime… and it’s not the kids’ part.

  67. Dylan

    Wow this one is close to home. I was cruising in a gay video store (you have to be 18yo to enter) there were about 15ppl hanging out that night. In walks this kid. He looked like he was 12yo and that’s not my thing. But this kid was so fuckin’ hot! Every guy in the place wanted him but guys started talking about Chris Hanson jumping out of a booth and wouldn’t touch this kid with a ten foot pole. The kid figured someone would surly hook up with him because of his looks. He came to my both a few times and I told him sorry I just can’t. He walked away pissed. He grabbed the booth on the other side of the smoky clearing window. When I pushed the button and cleared the window he was completely naked. The hottest ass i have ever seen and he was hung almost to his knee. I stared for a while as he motioned me to his booth and I just shook my head. He turned around and went in to his pocket, grabbed his license and slapped it up against the glass. He was 25yo. I was rock hard doing math. I quickly zipped up and joined him in his booth. 4-5 guys tried to stop me on the way over. I just kept going. It was some of the most amazing sexual I have ever had. When he left and I came out it was like a lynch mob waiting. I said,”settle down boys he was old enough!” The owner of the place is a retired cop, he looked at the I’d. He said yeah, he’s cool and here all the time.” The guys were pissed they didn’t tap that. All you got to do is ask in life. Best piece of ass I have ever had.

  68. mike

    another mentally ill sicko glorified by the gay community because he had the right physical appearance. these stories are a comforting slap of reality.

  69. Furry nutz

    When I was 16 i passed easily for 21. In my junior year at high school i had facial hair and my chest n stomach had the happy trail. Pretty thick too. But i wasnt into anyone over 20 at that time. There were a few situations where an older guy would blow me.

  70. Dan

    Come on? You mean to tell me the red flags did not go up when he met this guy? Is he blind? As a survivor of child sexual abuse, I can’t have pity for this man. He deserves everything he has coming to him. The only good thing to come out of this situation is now he will be labeled as a sex offender and not be allowed to go to any sex sites or possibly even own a computer. I am just waiting to find out what they find on his computer.

  71. Roadtown

    Serves him right because there is no way he didn’t have a clue that this dude was too young. The Lil dude is not 16 or 18 where he can stand a chance to pass. 14 is quite Youthfull!!!! That’s why many people affiliate homosexuality With pedophilia and look he just gave them a reason to.

  72. Jeff

    Since ids can be fake all one can do is ask and hope that if it turns out to be fake at least you asked before you took them home. Ans if you are worried then do not play with them.

  73. Donald Shackleford

    Gosh what a mess.
    I had sex with a guy who was 16 did not know it for years.

    He told me a few years ago when we reconnected after quite a few years. I just about died.

    He knew what he wanted but if i had known about his age i would have said no.

  74. JR

    I have been on both sides of the coin on this one. I have always looked younger than my age and When I was 15 up to 18 I played with a lot of guys older than me. They knew my age. I never thought I was doing anything wrong. Now in my 30’s I have seen a bunch of college guys and some of them look like they are still in highschool. I check ID before we do anything. I had one that looked so young and even after the ID check and sex I went back and looked at the ID again just to make sure. I wonder about fake ID’s? I agree I want a man that looks like a man not a young boy.

  75. vien

    So what if the kid lied about his age? Teens do that all the time. How do we know that he even did that?

    Maybe Mark Dozer is into young dudes because it cant be hard to spot a 14 y.o. There are always signs even if the kid looks bigger than average. Mark deserves to go to jail for the abusive and selfish act. Maybe this isn’t the first time he’s done this…preying on teen boys.

  76. mtnbiker85

    This is no different than a straight man having sex with a 14 yr old girl who said she was older. It shocks me and frightens me that so many people on here are defending this guy. It is the adults responsibility to ensure that the person they are going to have sex with is of legal age to do so. The reason why the kid is not being held responsible for anything is because he is a kid. If he was old enough to be held accountable for lying, he could argue that he is then old enough to give consent. This is based on if the legal system feels a person is old enough to understand the consequences of their actions. According to the law a 14 yr old is not old enough to understand the consequences of sex, which is why it is illegal for them to do so with someone who is old enough to understand the consequences.

  77. Mmmmmmmmmmwsteen

    I can relate to this story so much. Relating to the side of the boy. I’ve been having sex since I was 14, I lost my virginity by meeting a older guy online just like the boy in the story. Mostly till the age of 16 I had sex with men all that I meet online. Lying about my age. Do I know if the guys really know if I was illegal? Yes and no. Some guys would just ask and be fine that I was illegal. Some had no clue. One day I had a guy over who was 35 and I told him I was 19 we haven’t done much sexual act,. Just kiss. My parents came home early and caught us. I regret that day so much. The man did not get in trouble because he didn’t know my age but he still got fired and a bad rep in town. If any thing all I can say it’s not completely 50/50. That kid knew what he was doing. He doesn’t need to be punished but to seek mental help. As for Mark Dozer wrong place wrong time, he may knew what he was getting into maybe not but he still made a bad and wrong mistake.

  78. Titantop

    I met a Dr. Here in town over a year ago he was in his 40’s I’m in my late 20’s we went to dinner then to his place and ended up having sex after sex he disclosed to me that he prefers guys younger than me, insulted I left but we kept contact through text fast forward a few months he’s now in jail for soliciting a minor grow up dudes leave underage kids alone let them grow up and wait until they are of age your only satisfying your own perverted thirst at their expense

  79. Lou

    People usually associate homosexuality with pedophilia, I can honestly say they are right when things like that happened. I don’t care how fast a kid like that grows, how much beard and mustache he has, how deep his voice can be, how well can he reflect on a subject (being a genius or not) they are plenty of indications that will tell you this is an underage person. be on the internet is one thing but go all the way to meet the person and still pursue after you met him is a different story. To me, it is a death wish.

  80. etc.

    One may have differing opinions on bareback sex, as Mike Dozer performs.

    But with a kid? Who us just too young, too uneducated for understanding the risk? I don’t think so.

  81. bboii

    I found this stupid why would he get arrested if the kid wanted it…… well I started to be active like around 14 bun never looked for sex because I was aware of problems like this I have a thing for older men so when I started to look at age 20 I always went for older guys of course I get hit up on little teens know tellin me there virgins n freaks sending me pics but I always ignore

  82. kinkyok

    I was fourteen years old, seven years ago. I looked pretty damn mature, grew facial and body hair and it didn’t help I had stretch marks from the ass that was growing in. I got a lot of attention from men who might have either been pedophiles,blinded by the booty, or legitimately didn’t know I was jailbait. To be honest I wanted to get fucked by some of these older men knowing they wanted some and that they wouldn’t ask how old I was because I looked at least 17. I am just as much as fault for lying and tempting a man as he is for consciously choosing to smash.

  83. Michael

    Jesse Star is in his twenties, but can easily pass for a kid in his mid teens. If a guy tells you he is old enough to fuck legally, how are you to know? What is the legal standard here?

  84. Maurice

    Years ago I met a guy in a local park who was absolutely gorgeous. I was lonely, so I took him home and had sex that night with him. After he fell asleep, I did an id check of his wallet. Not only had he given me the wrong age, but he gave me an entirely different name. I replaced his wallet and woke him up and got him out asap. Trust noone until you can verify!!!!

  85. someguy

    i’d still fuck him, the porn star not the kid. hell when i was 14 i actively lied about my age and fucked around with older dudes cause i wanted to get fucked by a real man and not boring ass high school boys who couldn’t hold their nut. Loved fucking older men when i was underage. this sucks for all parties involved, hope he can make his way back to porn sometime soon.

  86. Delaware Guy

    I cant believe so many of you are defending this guy. We have laws like this to protect our young people. I keep hearing how are we to know if they are of age if look older maybe some have not heard of an ID. If they say lost it or not on them dont do it. grow up people time we protect the innocent yes I said innocent children. Bars ask for IDs to drink and if get caught serving under age they pay the price. I know Chris Steele AKA Mike Dozer we met when he was just 19 he was living a pretty shady life then got into a relationship with a older couple in their 40’s . I had hoped he would grow up and learn from his mistakes but he didnt he had a big dick and chose to use that as his way to get whatever he wanted in life. I cut ties with him a couple years after we met, because I knew things would not end well for him there are way too many good looking gay men around now that use their looks and bodys to exist they are not living . So people stop bashing the kid he is just being a kid tying to grow up too fast. Its up to us as adults to protect them. I find so often when I read things like this I am ashamed to be a gay male

  87. Isiahsin

    Why all you are protected this 14 year old boy this boy what he was doing the boy was lying his age. When the boy told mike his true age mike panic and run Delaware guy Dont ashamed to be a gay male. the same thing happens to heterosexuals

  88. A Guy with an Insightful Opinion

    I work at a public school and I see kids every day who cannot be more than 14 years old sporting a full beard and massive manly bodies. Kids mature faster these days than we did.
    I can see no reason why the actor should be penalized if he was lied to. Granted, it’s not the website’s or the app’s responsibility to verify age, but the kid deliberately lied and misrepresented himself. No one wants to present his/her ID to a stranger, for purposes stated above. How can the older be held responsible because the younger didn’t want to show ID?
    How can the older be held responsible for believing a lie when there was no evidence to prove it a lie and every indication that it was truth?
    The older person was victimized by this youth. I say this because the youth put himself in this position, knowing what would happen to himself. He willfully drug the older into the situation on false pretenses which have now labeled him a pedophile and a pervert. This kid’s lie will now follow Mike Dozer to his grave. It is an extremely unfair system.

  89. Rod

    Hello DelawareGuy.

    Thanks for your post. It is disheartening to hear that assessment of Mike.

    You do offer some important wisdom. Mike’s alleged actions are repulsive. Hopefully this occurrence will cause him to “wake up” and think about his life choices.

    And as for your feeling “ashamed to be a gay man” because of some of the the unproductive comments made by some on this post. Please don’t let the ignorance of a few cause you to internalize or take on any shame. The world is full of people who do not actor speak with kindness or intelligence ~ be they gay, straight, black, white, physically challenged or not. It’s important that we strive to let graciousness and wisdom be heard as well.

    This is going to be an unpopular sentiment but I feel a great deal of pity for Mike Dozer (Chris Steele) as well as for the alleged victim. Not knowing any of the facts in the case, I will say that at face value it seems that both parties acted out of a place of poor judgment. Regardless of the alleged victims actions t, there is something to be said for wise adult behaviour.

    This very sad situation may be able to serve as a cautionary tale for all of us learning about it to seek to be more self aware so that whatever challenges we face or personal demons ~ loneliness, insecurity, addiction, etc ~ do not cause us to lose control or a sense of what is good for our lives.

    Without passing judgment, it may that Dozer’s inability to do this led him into a circumstance that ~ I would like to believe ~ he did not intend and the result is that he has done damage to his own life and that of another person.

    Without intending ~ because of his celebrity as an attractive and charismatic actor ~ Mike Dozer has given the world a hard lesson ~ for which he may pay the price.

  90. ames

    Until I see the text messages and/or emails between the two of them where Mike Dozer explicitly says, “I don’t care if you’re 14, I want to fuck you” I’m not going to pass judgment on what may or may not have happened. Reading through some of these comments, I think many readers have missed the fact that not one detail about the sexual act has been publicized. It may have been a hand job for all we know. It may have been just a blow job. It might have been anal sex WITH a condom. There’s nothing in any of the reports that says Mike Dozer fucked the kid bareback (or that he coerced the kid in any way), and yet I see that repeated over and over again, along with “There’s no way he didn’t know the kid was 14!” I challenge you to go to a JV football game at any junior high around the country and look at the players, who will be about 14-15 years old. Tell me how old they ‘look’. I’m not saying Mike Dozer should get off with no punishment- he committed a crime. But until there is evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that he *specifically* went looking for an underage partner, and/or forced the kid into doing something that the kid didn’t want to do, then I don’t think Mike Dozer is a sexual predator and I don’t think he should be registered as a sex offender. However- when the facts emerge, they may tell a different story. Let’s wait until then to call Mike Dozer a disgusting human being, shall we?

  91. rob rickey

    I just had to comment as i am an attorney in massachusetts and unfortunately if mr. dozer did have sex or had the intent to have sex with a minor he is, in legal parlance, “strictly liable” for the crime–that is, guilty of statutory rape (sexual act or intent to do such an act with a minor who is under the age of consent or 18 years of age). And with all such strict liability crimes, no defenses are permitted by the defendant; meaning that no matter what he believed or what he was told by the minor as to the minor’s age, any sexual contact or attempt to engage in such conduct alone is all that is required to make him guilty of statutory rape or the attempt. So if you are ever unsure of the person’s age before engaging in sexual intercourse, the safest bet to avoid any civil or criminal liability is just not to go there and move on to someone you know is of age to have sex with. its just not worth it considering the severe penalties imposed on those who do and get caught. its a stigma that will haunt you forever.

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