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MEN.COM just released a new scene and it features the amazing Colt Rivers’ first sex scene as Colt Rivers after making a name for himself as the power bottom Ryan at Sean Cody.

Check out this hot scene here and let me know your thoughts ! You can also view the sweaty pictures of the hot man after the jump below while he is getting fucked by Tommy Defendi.


Colt-Rivers-Tommy-Defendi-Gay-Porn-Sex-1 Colt-Rivers-Tommy-Defendi-Gay-Porn-Sex-2 Colt-Rivers-Tommy-Defendi-Gay-Porn-Sex-3

Colt-Rivers-Tommy-Defendi-Gay-Porn-Sex-Valentine-For-Rent Colt-Rivers-Tommy-Defendi-Gay-Porn-Sex-9 Colt-Rivers-Tommy-Defendi-Gay-Porn-Sex-8 Colt-Rivers-Tommy-Defendi-Gay-Porn-Sex-7 Colt-Rivers-Tommy-Defendi-Gay-Porn-Sex-6 Colt-Rivers-Tommy-Defendi-Gay-Porn-Sex-5 Colt-Rivers-Tommy-Defendi-Gay-Porn-Sex-4

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  1. tim

    Cute is cute but power bottoms are a dime a doz. and not worth brothering with.Bottoms are a dime a doz. and not worth the time.The sex is too one way and I have found bottoms so poor in bed that I stopped hooking up with bottoms in the early 70s and every time I made the mistake of hooking up with a bottom it was a big disappointment.So he may be cute but I would not hook up with him even if paid to do so.T

  2. muzyqman

    So he’s still a power bottom? He just changed his name? Was he trying to get away from a bad reputation or did Sean Cody “own” the name so he couldn’t use it except in their vids? Otherwise, why the name change?

  3. marc

    I always get a kick out of the term `power bottom.` Yeah, it takes so much for a guy to power up his ass to receive a cock. Bottoms, get over yourselves.

  4. Christopher

    Straying from the main topic: That top? Tom Defendi? WOW, he’s HOT!!!

    I didn’t notice the bottom as much as I did HIM! ;))

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