Photography : Sexy Mike For C-IN2, By Rick Day


Mike Stalker is C-IN2 spring 2014 model for the underwear company’s campaign. The stunning ripped man was shot by my favorite photographer, Rick Day. Expect to feel these side effects while watching the images of the campaign :

  • Penis erection that can be painful if you look at the images for a long period.
  • Weakness and shortness of breath
  • Intense and irregular heartbeat

If you wish to look as hot as Mike, click here to get you C-IN2 underwear. They just arrived, they’re just out of the manufacture and you can already get them at a special Valentine’s Day price!

Let me know how you like the campaign and if you like the new collection?!


(More pictures after the jump)

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  1. PhdNRimming

    Maybe if Freshpair and the other “gay” fashion outlets sold products and offered underwear and apparel to customers in sizes other than ‘Johnny Rapid short,’ ‘Kirk Cummings scrawny,’ and ‘Blade Woods twinky-small,’ this article might be worth reading. If you are like me, you prefer to see your man al natural anyway.

  2. Steve

    Don’t know about the other guys, but I would not pay $20.00 for a pair of underwear. I get mine at K-mart. Most men I now don’t look like this. Why don’t these outlets show what the average man wears.

    Dave, just one question. Do all the men you date look like this?

    • blog

      Steve, fashion always sells dream. Of course they will use hot models…
      If they use fat models, they won’t sell as much.
      It’s all about packaging, design, trends etc…
      Yes I hookup with hot guys…muscular and ripped yes, because when I have sex that’s what I get turned on by.
      Date is different. I sometimes date versatile or average guys, cause it’s about the connection, the love.

  3. Hunter0500

    February 12, 2014 at 14:16
    Maybe if Freshpair and the other “gay” fashion outlets sold products and offered underwear … ”

    that wasn’t for guys who get off by a having their egos stoked by spending $20 or $30 or $more on ONE clump of scant materials to hold their ass, cock and balls (materials that they’re only going to piss, cum and {at worst) crap on), this article might be worth reading. A 10-25% discount? Oh boy! Oh boy!

    So about the latest Chevy 4×4. Chevy is pandering now to gay guys. How about news on the latest in Chevy trucks sometime?

  4. robo

    Well he’s not really my type, and I don’t need him to convince me to buy underwear. Besides Im so tired of the idea of “sexy” having to be equated with a chiseled body and muscles which very few people have. Yes I am muscular myself and very athletic so i’m not trying to sound like a hypocrite but I actually do prefer guys with more “average” bodies.

    Furthermore I’m a professional photo retoucher so I really do understand how fake the photography for fashion marketing world can be. I spend all day Photoshopping female models making them go from looking “good” to “superb” all for the sake of selling clothes. I know exactly how this guy probably looks in real life. Something similar to the photo but not as chiseled.

    Im constantly surrounded by friends who are just in awe of muscular bodies like the one on this box and to that I say … he’s probably a really boring fuck. Guys like him act like they don’t have to do anything in bed.

  5. Charlie

    OK Dave. Send me 10 pairs as long as you guarantee that I will look like Mike when wearing them 🙂
    He sure is hotttttt. You live a boring life with all of these hot studs surrounding you.

    • blog

      Charlie, you need to buy them…and oh, you need to go to the gym to look like this.
      It won’t happen if you eat mcdonalds every day 😛
      Dave xo

  6. Christopher

    Dave, what about a picture of YOU modeling them?

    Do you pay ridiculous prices for a piece of cotton cloth and some lycra? WOW. I must be in the wrong profession (medical practitioner)!!!

    After all, I have a picture on here.

    BTW, he looks just “like any other model”, got lucky just like I did with genetics……

    • blog

      Christopher, I posted many pics of me here wearing undies.
      And 20-30$ for me is nothing for underwear. Sometimes I pay 50$ if they are very confortable and hold my balls well while I play volleyball!
      Each people have their priorities….
      When I hookup I always feel better wearing hot underwear. But that’s me.

  7. steve

    Do you mean if you are on a date you wear everyday underwear? If you decide to have sex, do you go home and change or take an extra pair with you. Sounds like you are prejudice to the average person?

  8. Dale

    Dave,the pictures are the low key lighting,and all the textures.our control of light is masterful. I much prefer this look.very sensual.
    Of course the models are handsome.This is about business. so why all the complaining??I photograph handsome men all the time. most of them are very nice. as for photoshop!!Of course i use it.done well with a light touch it adds to the final manipulation is as old as film itself.the great studio photographers of the 20’s through the 40’s erased imperfections ,by hand,on the actual negative!

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