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Hey guys, I’m back from NYC, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Today I want to ask tops and versatile guys, do you like hairy asses?

For us bottom, it is sometimes difficult, because some tops ask us to be smooth-fully-shaven-ready to get fucked, some guys ask us to have a natural full-bush-ass, some guys want us to be natural, but clean and not tooooo hairy down there. It’s hard for us to know what gets you going. Because keep in mind that if we shave, it takes time for the hair to grow back and as horny bottoms, we want to satisfy the more cocks possible so……

Let us know what is the best for you guys!


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  1. Jason Biggs

    smooth who wants hairy ass? who knows how many dingleberries are lying in there and its like licking an armpit or their head eww

  2. Chip

    LOL – that’s like asking what kind of ice-cream you like… everyone is going to have their own tastes.

    I’m mostly a top (though I do like to flip on occasion), and I keep my ass and balls shaved (although I only shave once every few weeks). In the case of my ass, it is a cleanliness issue — hairy asses are harder to clean properly!

    With regards to how I like my bottoms, the less hair the better. But that doesn’t mean I won’t fuck a hairy ass on a hot dude! But either way, it MUST be clean!

    Perhaps a better question: just how grossed out do other tops get when your bottom “leaks” — even just a little?

  3. jackn

    man, i love a furry ass. i have fucked a few guys that are too furry with the back hair and thats not for me but nothing like a bubble butt dude with a furry ass up to his waist line. i fucken love when a guys hairy ass hair gets lubed and clings to my cock as i go in and out. its a great visual for me that makes me bust a nut. ;-“)

  4. Keyoten

    I love a guy with a clean hairy ass. To me that really get me going. Love to stick my tongue in it just before I place my dick. So guy don’t like guys with hairy ass because of hygiene. A natural hairy guy gets me every time.
    Bring on the HAIRY ASS my way. I will take GREAT care of it..

  5. mitch

    If it’s a naturally furry butt that’s great,if it’s naturally smooth butt that’s great. Natural is the key word for me as long as it is clean and fuckable I love them all

  6. Eddie

    I’m not always a top, but aesthetically, I prefer a nice hairless ass, either naturally bare or shaven. Although, a little fuzz on the ass is fine with me, and on a hunky enough guy, a hairy ass isn’t too bad: it’s actually kind of hot.

  7. HungBlkTop4Fun

    Someone FINALLY asked. For me, it’s a no-brainer… I’m a gay man who happens to like MEN and that means BODY HAIR. No matter how hot a guy is, if he shaves his hole, I’m truly disappointed.
    I’m a top (not even a little vers) and TOTALLY love body hair on a guy. I don’t know where this latest fascination started (I blame the porn industry), put the practice of guys shaving of their body hair has gotten to be a bit much for me. Again… I like men and what current practice of guys shave their chests, pubes and asses to look like a bunch of pre pubescent boys has gone too far.
    When I’ve got my face buried in a man’s hairy ass, I swear its like Viagra… SO STOP SHAVING, GUYS.
    I’m fully in favor of a new program for gay men to reclaim their masculinity AND their body hair. Who’s with me?

  8. Soft & Fluffy

    Is this going to be another thread where commentors are going to be labeled as discriminatory for expressing their personal likes ?

    In my case I like a nice smooth ass even though mine is a wee bit fuzzy . But I’d never ,ever , demand that someone shave theirs for me , or anybody.

  9. Cmat21

    Dave, YOU may personally want to please as many dicks as possible, and a lot of other bottoms may wanna fuck so many that they think about the tinest thing that could get them less action. Personally…I don’t give a fuck. I shave and do it because I like that smooth feeling. If a guy has a problem with it, too bad. I’m not doing it to please him because if he’s that easily turned off, we will not work out. I prefer the quality over the quantity. Wish more people did instead of being sluts and making all gay men look like perverted sluts. …Just saying.

  10. CHRIS

    Pretty sure I’ll be in the minority here butt (ha!) I prefer smooth to moderately hairy…trimmed if you’re a gorilla. I want to eat your ass not your ass hair. The but in the pic above is hot but his hole is a little too hairy for my taste. However, I’d be more than happy to take the clippers to him as a little foreplay. 🙂


    As an Esthetician I wax alot off ass. Even hairy bears will sometimes have me leave everything natural but wax just the hole.

    My personal preference on guys is waxing the buttcheeks, asshole and taint(back of balls) and the balls. it looks clean and tastes clean.
    Happy Hunting boys

  12. Damian

    From someone that eats a lot off ass my preference is smooth, I can handle a little hair but not when there is suck much that’s all you taste.

  13. DarylDixon

    Definitely NOT hot. I don’t mind hair anywhere else on a man but never a hairy ass. As a character said on “Will and Grace”: I like a clean work space.

  14. Täíä

    A lot of guys(Doms, Tops, Vers-Tops and Vers) like for a bottom to be shaven, there are some who like hairy though. I’m a bottom and I shave every now and then, but I ask my top, if I ever hook, if they’re ok with it. It’s just a matter of preference of body characteristics.

  15. Garry

    I’m a totally vers guy and I think a hairy ass is such a turn on for me. I just don’t care for the shaved smooth thing especially if the guy is hairy else where. Let me part it with my tongue and use it to floss with after enjoying a hot ass.

  16. Keith

    Man and hairy are synonymous. Being clean is a given and my tongue wants to explore the jungle before it explores the cave! Hairy is the best!

  17. Christopher

    As a man with an extremely hairy blond ass, I find that guys that I’m attracted to love my furry ass.

    When I read a few comments about “naturally hairy” (WTF?) Of course it’s ‘naturally hairy’, I don’t “Rogaine” my ass to GET hair to grow there, it’s just present there L O L….

    “Naturally Hairy”. Kinda oxymoronic like “Jumbo Shrimp” ;))

  18. jay11970

    I love smooth but I can accept a little hair around the hole. Don’t like licking hair or having to move it out of the way before I can get to the hole.


    I love looking at both hairy and smooth. Im a chub i love rimming a nice clean ass it gets me turned on big time. I’m going to San Antonio soon i hope i find a nice ass to rim. Im BIG ASS is smooth. Lol

  20. george

    i love to eat ass ….and it has to be shave for me to eat i love my hairy ass .. and my hairy trim body ….and my ass loves a hot toung in there

  21. Mark B

    I like mine it be clean-hairy ass. Anytime I go on a date or to the bath house, I always get cleaned up before going because one never knows where the night may go…. 😉

    BTW–The one problem I see with shaving the ass is the sensitivity of nicking one’s self, plus once shaven, when the hairs are growing back, one can possibly develop an ingrown hair……….

    Now that would be a pain-in-the-ass. (No pun intended! LOL!)

  22. tibor

    I’m kinda conflicted. Love a furry ass on a top, not so much on a bottom. Having said that I will take hairy over shaven any day! Absolutely hate the shaved prepubescent look that is so ubiquitous these days.

  23. 2My

    I enjoy a beefy furry butt, but there is no right or wrong here, just differences of preferences. And seriously- a hot ass is a hot ass regardless if it meets my furry preference or not…

  24. Ed

    Everyone has their own preferences. The reverse is also true about tops – do bottoms like them hairy, natural trimmed or shaved?
    Personally, as long as things are clean I don’t care. I have liked all types. Again as long as clean and is decent.

  25. Hunter0500

    Whether a guy’s ass is hairy or not has to rank down there with the LAST HAIRY SHIT I’m going to consider about a guy. Quality guys have NO control over what hair they have. If THIS is a go/no go consideration for you YOU are the asshole here.

    Until gay guys in general decide that finding men of quality for short-term or long-term fun or the coveted … relationship … does NOT hinge on single superficial attributes, many many of them will continue to whine that …

    there are no decent guys out there.

    Who’s the asshole here?

  26. jACKSON

    i gotta say that i love me some body hair. in regards to cleanliness, it really depends on the texture of the hair- just like the hair on out heads (for those of us that have it). different textures requires different procedures and/or products.

  27. Hairyassedstud

    Personally, i dont shave my ass. Trim my nuts, buzz my cock but after the balls end to the ass crack….furry as fuck! I’m very clean though. The consensus has been for me not to shave. Most prefer my thick brown pubes. Even a guy eating my hole out prefers the hair. Each to their own. I know when I have topped, i really get off on a hairy dude as opposed to prepubescent.

  28. Thatbootysmell

    The hairier the better!!! I hate when guys shave
    any part of their body. We are men! So enjoy the body hair,
    its totally hot! I very much get turned on by
    hairy men with scents too!!!

  29. FreeRangeRadikal

    Smooth. I prefer naturally smooth, but shaven works, too. Both my husband and our boytoy are naturally smooth, I’m naturally smooth, and most of our playmates are naturally smooth, but a few shave.

    That said, it’s very much a personal preference. We all groom – hair, teeth, nails – so shaving our nether regions is just one more thing to groom. Some choose to, some choose not to, and that’s what variety is all about. 🙂

  30. gs999

    Whatever is naturally there is what I like, as long as it’s clean.

    The fact that a guy would shave his ass because of what someone else might think I find laughable.

    I wish guys would get past this ‘smooth is sexy’. For me, NATURAL is sexy, whether you’re hairy, smooth, or somewhere in-between. Stubble is a total turn-off.

  31. JuicyFur

    My hairy ass is so hot I love it , so ripe and juicy flavor saver, check me out! I love a hairy asss Soooooo much! Viva Las Vegas!


  32. versvancouver

    man give me a hairy ass any day! smooth just doesn’t trip my trigger. As a vers guy my ass is kinda furry and i love it, and i love watching my cock sliding in an outta a furry hole, huge turn on for me! I do like it to be clean thats for sure, but nuttin better than a hot masc furry ass for me. thats just as hot as a nice furry chest which is my first fav on a guy. Keepem hairy guys! U rock!!

  33. Ducker

    You know it is a gay website when someone says: I prefer a waxed ass, and little to no hair as possible. I bet all these people talking about body hair removal are the same high maintenances who swear they are masculine in their Adam4Adam profile. A real man is NEVER going to go in for an ass waxing. Or contort himself like an acrobat in front of his bathroom mirror with clippers trying to trim where the sun don’t shine. I’m gay is because I like men and everything manly, so if somebody practices body hair removal, it is an instant turnoff. Not to mention how unappealing it is to feel stubble, or to get stabbed with tiny little blunt cut hairs. This is the gay culture’s big mistake…the need to feel plastic perfection 24.7 just in case they stumble into a porno movie that’s shooting in their backyard.

  34. CHRIS

    @HungBlkTop4Fun…I think you have a warped view off what “masculinity” is. Why does every gay man need to be masculine anyway. Body hair in no way equals masculinity or being a man. We’re all different. Enjoy it.

  35. Mike T

    I see more skin irritations with guys with those shaved asses than anything else and I don’t really know why.
    I don’t mind a hairy ass its really a sexual turn on for me a hairy guy in general….love asking guys to show me their brown eye hmmm. But, will suggest to guys that are hairy be mindful on their hygiene. I suggest maybe to those guys that sweat a lot use baking soda in that crack, use an enema and if you’re going to hook up wash your ass before meeting up. I don’t mind rimming a hairy ass but some guys that claim they are bottoms are dropping the ball on personal hygiene….sex becomes welcome to my funking shit hole.

  36. Mike

    As a versatile bottom, I personally enjoy shaving my ass and balls. I love the way it feels, but if I hook up with a guy that lets me know they like a little bit of hair down there then I will let it grow some, thats when I am bottoming. But if I am topping, I love a smooth bottom when it comes to going face deep in that ass, but as far as fucking, I could care less, a hot man hole is a hot man hole 🙂

  37. Matt

    I like everything natural, so naturally hairy or naturally smooth are both cool. I’m not into shaved at all. My biggest turnoff is shaved bush in fact. I can barely even stand to look at it.

  38. Thom

    I love to fuck and eat a hairy ass. If you’re hairy back there, Do Not Shave. If I wanted a mouth full of stubble, I’d suck on your chin. Don’t shave your pubes either. Not everyone wants to be with a pre-pubesent boi. Some of us still prefer men.

  39. ranger83

    love my boys to have a hairy or furry ass an leggs an crotch i want it to have the all natural boy or man smell in it when i eat it that BUTT smell makes me hard

  40. Fairprince

    Aw I have a hairy ass and guys love it some gave a love for smooth and that’s to be respected I love to bottom for real men who will fuck me deep hard and long
    Ever in trinidad touch base

  41. Derelle W Franklin

    Ok, I’m a bottom and I have a hairy ass. The guys that I hooked up don’t even care if I have a hairy ass or not, mainly they just want to fuck and cum in it. I do shave occasionally, and the reason why I do it occasionally is because it really is time consuming for me and plus it be hurting sometimes.

  42. CJ

    Bottom here but i love to eat a CLEAN Ass. like Natural ass hairy or smooth. guys don’t realize that when they shave & it starts growing back the stubble makes it rough to lick it. 😛

  43. cybeardad

    Hairy asses are the only kind I eat…they are hot!! I don’t know about everyone else, but I prefer a few errant hairs in my mouth to getting my lips and tongue razor burned from the stubble that inevitably appears on the “shavers”…and I have never liked smoothe men much anyway. My preference is: “The hairier, the better !”

  44. kayne

    I am gonna say it. the only place i don’t want hair on a man is his back. legs, chest, pits arms crotch and especially his ass is hot and fucking tasty. Keeps the scent in and keeps me hard

    but a guy with a smooth ass is good if he knows how to sweat.

  45. Gem

    I love a hairy man a nice furry ass is great. as for cleanliness, being hairy is not an excuse for not being clean. I love to burry my face in a nice ass. But smooth or hairy it has to be fresh and clean. So take a hot soapy shower and call me

  46. Tom

    I have a hairy ass. Shaved it once for my first bf. He decided he liked it better furry. This was good. It had itched like hell after I had shaved it! Never shaved since. Personally, I love a guy with a furry hole. Turns me on big time.

  47. Jay

    What matters is that an ass be clean! Love to lick and eat a super fresh and clean hole. If it’s hairy BONUS !! Love to grab a pair of hairy fuzzy cheeks spread them and see that sweet hairy love hole.

  48. Hunter0500

    So based on a read of the responses here to your query “as horny bottoms, we want to satisfy the more cocks possible so … Let us know what is the best for you guys!”, the time you spend primping, preaning and shaving your ass is not a plus for the audience you’re trying to make impression on.

    All you need do the first time you meet a guy is start off with a shower. The superficial concern for hair in your ass is not a deal breaker.

  49. Andy

    As a hairy bottom guy, I shave my face and that’s it. I’ve never had a guy tell me to shave anywhere down there and a number of them complimented me on my hairiness. I don’t expect a guy to rim me as I’m not willing to rim another guy regardless.

  50. Steve

    YES! Stop shaving please! Hairy asses are hot! Just make sure you clean thoroughly down there and I’ll eat it out all day. Hairy asses feel better when fucking, it doesn’t get all sticky from the sweat so quickly. Leave your ass hairy and your dick neatly trimmed (not shaved, and not so short that it’s stubble). Hella hot.

  51. marty cum drinker

    I love hairy asses and balls. L really like it when it is all hot and sweaty with the sweat running down the inside of the legs. I just want to kick it up so I can taste the man scent. I love to lick the guy in the photograph all over his ass including those beautiful globes or as I say melons. I love to lick that sweet spot behind the balls to the ass it drives them mad.
    I also love hair all over a beautiful body like the guy above I just want to cuddle up next to him and put my head between his legs. I love to swallow cum the more the merrier it taste bitter sweet to me.So if there is anyone in Bel Air Md who would like to chat on line that would be great or anybody else. My name is Marty Trawinski email is

  52. jeer_Clear

    Totally hot. I’d rather have a hairy guy than a completely bald one. Though it is nice to have a little trimming here and there.

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