Gay Stuff : Totally Anonymous Sex Or More?

Let’s say you are on A4A on a Saturday night looking for Mr. Rightnow.  Someone catches your eye so you exchange details and you head over to his place. You guys exchange a couple text messages on your way over and all is good.

You walk in and start chatting and he asks you if you want something to drink, water is fine you say and you guys continue your conversation.  45 minutes goes by and you realize there isn’t going to be anything sexual happening tonight.  You wrap up the conversation and say you need to head out.

I was talking with a friend of mine about this situation and his first response was “Fuck, not one of those guys that wants to chat”  I asked him what he meant by that.

He explained that when he hooks up he prefers guys to come over and get down to business right away with little or no chit chat.  He said they usually talk afterwards or the guys just leaves.  Fair enough.  I was always different when I was hooking up on line.  Not sure if it was nervousness or what it was but I had to talk to the guy before we had sex.  Sometimes I had sex and sometimes I didn’t.

So my question to you today is this:  when you hook up with someone do you prefer the get in, get it done and get out or do you mind a little chit chat?

Thoughts? Comments?

g skorich

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  1. Bibeaufortguy

    Most of the time, if it is a first visit, I like to talk some before getting down to business. If we have met several times, nothing wrong with getting naked as soon as the guy gets in the house and maybe talking afterwards.I have found out if the guy is straight, he will want to get down to business and then leave as soon as it is done.

  2. James

    If I’m horny enough and get online to try to find Mr. Right now, when I get to his house, I guess a little, and I do mean just a little chit chat is ok, but all I really want is to get his clothes off and my face between his legs. I think chat after good sex is ok, but before? Nah, I’d rather just get down to it…

  3. bobby

    who needs the chit chat get right into it on these sites its about the sex to me if I wanted a conversation I would have a boyfriend

  4. bigcockhungry

    In most cases I prefer to hold chit-chat to a minimum just enough to find out how the guy likes to receive head. I love slow and shallow at first and a bit faster and deeper till I have the whole length in my throat till he cumms. Then I milk his cock till he can’t stand it anymore.

  5. Eric

    I usually like to chat a little as it seems to help calm either of down if one of us is a little nervous. Once a little more comfortable, then its time to get to it and then we can talk more afterwards.

  6. Lou

    Most of the time I can tell thru chatting & exchanging pics if there’s gonna be sex with the guys I hookup with. But there have been times that I have a feeling there’s not gonna be sex, not just because of chit chat, but it’s a vibe I get when finally meeting in person. Then there are times when I meet up and it’s like me and the other guy just know we want to get down to business, and that is hot 😛 I don’t mind chit chat as long as its short and sweet and then we get to have fun. But if you’re not up for chatting and just horny to get right to the sex, then you should tell each other that upfront so you don’t waste each other’s time. Having said that, you wanna hookup? 😉

  7. Frank

    The chit chat I like best is” let me help you out of those clothes”. When I hook up I’m already stoked so chatting just slows things down. We usually talk after we get done. I have had times when there was some talking first but it was just enough to get him relaxed. When I get greeted at the door by a nude guy with a boner I’m happy to get started.

  8. goldenloverinmym

    it depends if we want a blo n go or more in advance,myself I like to have a drink and check out the vibe and go from there.but if its good we get down then afterwards like to hang out and play more.Dean

  9. Dave

    Some gay men are quite pathetic when it comes to sex. It only makes sense to want to chat to someone you might get intimate with! The serial hook-up guys are usually the guys who do drugs, get depressed and end up committing suicide…Enough said.

  10. assman58702

    Either way is good with me, but I would prefer to clarify that specifically beforehand. Maybe chat a bit inline, etx., before going to his place to get it on. But thats just me

  11. cmat21

    Yeah, I try not to do the enormously typical gay thing and hook up with people I don’t know. Sex is easy so what’s the fun in that?

  12. ModHatter

    I’m a no nonsense guy. When I meet someone new, I explain what I’m looking for. (Which for me means, I prefer to get together to watch a DVD or do something social. I can be out of my pants in five seconds, but I would rather visit an actual bath house than use the internet as a bath house.) I don’t want to find out in person a half hour later something I could have found out in a minute just by having a little conversation online first.

    If a guy just wants to hook up, I have sex toys at home that do a better job than most real men. If a guy doesn’t want to talk, he doesn’t really want me.

  13. 636dude

    i like intro chat…then get down to business…if there is chat afterwards then you find out if other person is for the next time booty calls

  14. Eric

    It’s nice to make some connection with a fuck partner, talking after is appropriate for that, but really all I’m interested in when I first meet a guy is ripping clothes off and get right to fucking. I don’t mind exchanging few words first, but no way do I need to have a long conversation about anything. It’s a buzz kill, unless we’re talking nasty and making each other turned on. I kinda like anonymous scenes because there’s no talking, just body language and moaning. That’s what makes the sex even hotter.

  15. Mitch

    I’m not into chit chat. I always make sure before I go over that sex is going to happen either by flat out stating or asking if they are a top or bttm. I’m not oppose to a little flirting but it needs to be done will progressing to a nude state. There should either be some heavy petting or dick sucking within 5-10 min. It doesn’t need to be rushed sex should be enjoyed and not thought of at the 100meter dash. But I want 99% of time spent at guys to involve sex. Sexual chat is fine but for me if we there something nonsexual distracting me I get fully limp and can’t perform. I want to think of the place as a sex only zone and chit chat ruins that for me.

  16. einathens

    Depends on the guy and the situation. Ya gotta read their profile for contextual clues. If all they list are stats and positions, don’t expect a gabfest. If their profile attempts to show the man beneath the underwear, you can anticipate some convo.

    Some men want to be recognized as full, complex human beings. Some guys get off on just being meatpuppets smacking naughtybits together. If you do enough instant hookups you’ll learn which is which.

    I always insist on seeing a facepic before meeting. If they don’t match it’s a non-starter.

  17. James

    Back in the day when people hooked up face to face, there where times that you’d meet some one and just get right down to the sex. But there where other times when you’d meet some one and you’d go somewhere and talk before, or even instead. I miss the talking part! The sex is fun, but I think the talking help you really connect. I think I’d miss the talking more than I’d miss the sex.

  18. Stephen

    I prefer to get right down to business. the chat that has initiated the get together is usually predicated on me sucking his dick…that’s what i do & i do it well…i like a top that just likes to lie back & let me worship his cock…i’m always up for talk afterwards…sometimes…

  19. g

    long as the talking doesn’t get off subject or the person wants to listen, or else, talking with just destroy the vibe, or after sex some guys pass out to sleep, it be so good. I fucked a guy, in the ass, and I felt our bodies oils uniting, and it was a urforia feeling where I didn’t want to cum, I wanted to make it last, so I pumped for like 5 more min. and then came. it was the shit. I been trying to top and everytime, I be so tight back there cause I had surgery, some guys need magnum condoms, (but wont go by them, so this dude didn’t want to fuck anymore, he just wanted head, but I was upset and I did not want to give him anymore head, I just talked a little and then left. (he said he was showering but his pubic hair was not soapy fresh, and his apartment was a shit hole, dirty, (college student) the maetenance need to fix his door nob. but anywayz, I hid the fact that I was upset that he wouldn’t fuck me today, because I have not been fucked in 3 years, I had a colorectal surgery and just getting back in the mix. we got to be careful when we meet someone anonymous and don’t have any pics, but say when you get there he is fine sexy, or he can prove he is sexy before you meet. always watch for weird signs and signals, and be prepared to get in your car and leave. I met a dude who wanted to have sex in the dark, and that was cool, but he said “you wanna see me?” I said yeah, and then he said he just moved their and that his lights have not been cut on yet, then after that, he wanted to fuck without lube or lotion or anything and I didn’t want my walls split, so he wouldn’t fuck me slow and let me get used to it, so I got my fucking clothes on and split out of there! rude ass muthafuckas! I could go on and on but I will end there. I need to be fucked, hopefully tomorrow cause I am working on something, my friends are going out of town….

  20. Vince

    I’m a man that doesn’t want cuddling, chit chat, or other stuff when a dude comes to service my meat. He should come in, strip down, and get to work getting me off. That’s why he is there. Now once He has satisfied my wants/needs then I don’t mind a little chit chat as he is dressing to leave. If I wanted to lie in bed and chat I’d bang a chick.

  21. Seacandy71

    I like yo talk for at least 15 minutes. It can help build up sexual tension this making the sex much better. Too many times I’ve met guys online and when I get to their house they are taking off my shirt and shouting their tongues down my throat not five seconds after I walked in the door. Only one time was the sex terrific…the other times it was awkward and the guy usually turned out to be rather selfish in bed. Sex is better when there’s tension built up.

  22. Seven

    Save all the banter and dialogue for a dating type scenario. If you’re just looking for a hookup then I’d say you and the person should have already gotten the small talk out of the way beforehand, i.e, online or via text. For myself, once I arrive at his place I’m ready to get down to business and be on my way. If there is genuine chemistry then we could chat more afterward and possibly go another round. Maybe become regular friends with benefits.

  23. John1987

    I usually do all of my chit chat with text messages while I’m getting ready to get fucked. When I get to the house, I like to get to business

  24. darryl

    What has happened to today’s society. It seems that no body wants to have a simple conversation. It’s like all the humanity has been taken out of the art of seduction. So i take it when people do this, they just show up, have sex, then out the door you go without even getting to know the person you just stuck your lips, or cock in or on. It seems kinda empty if you ask me. When i’am with a Man i want to be able to say i at least knew what color his eyes were or if he has a brain to match his hot ass. Have we gotten so impersonal that the next thing you know guys will text while having sex. No thanks.

  25. sjohnson

    well, if looking online for sex then it’s sex NOT talk!! either no interest there or you totally turned him off and was his way of saying ‘not interested’….do the deed and move on to the next

  26. David

    I tend to meet them at the door – buck naked. If that doesn’t scare them off – a little chit chat won’t hurt anything – either.

  27. Hillie

    I still need to gauge whomever is in my house before any clothes come off. I need to talk a lil to make sure his head is screwed on.

  28. Mike

    Walk in and immediately start with heavy making out– no chit chat. Push your buddy against a wall with deep tongue kissing. Hold his face in your hands and continue the onslaught of deep passionate kissing. This will tell you everything you need to know about whether you should stay or go. If there is nothing there — excuse yourself and leave.

  29. unihikid

    ok so i still go to arcades,and talking helps “want to watch a movie?”..if hes coming over to my pad then ill talk a little and ask “are you a good kisser”, but as a lot of you said the pre-meeting-online thing is a good way to tell.I talked with a guy for 3 yrs,and got to know him pretty well,when we met it was perfect,now he lives 50 miles away and im not saying you should wait that long to meet a guy but see what you want from him,if hes a quality guy then yeah talk it up,if hes just a fuck then no….hell a guy i met off an app site doesnt speak any english and when he comes over we say hi and get naked…the older i get the more i want to know about the person,unless im just looking to get off.

  30. Michael Cruz from El Centro

    When I am looking for someone to hook up with, I am extremely horny by then. I have already decided what I would like to do because I ma listening to my cravings and desires. I would hope that my partner would have done the same thing because if I wanted to chat I could head to Starbucks or a club. Usually, I let the person with whom I am talking to know what I am hoping to experience. I am always listening to what my partner is saying because I don’t what to miss something that he would like for me to do with him. All just put it this way, I love it when I go to another man’s place for casual sex and he is nude. That always lets me know where he is at and I do my best to catch up.

  31. Bill2

    Hate the suck and go variety. Like the kiss and stay and linger session. If no kissing then I am not inclined to hang around very long. And if I get him off and then we part without me getting off??? Want passion with a guy and I don’t care what happens, I want to enjoy it as long as I can.

  32. Mark B

    Thank God, I’m Deaf.


    Sorry to ‘hear’ what you, hearing guys have to endure.


    Thanks for making my Friday night.

  33. Mark

    I don’t need to chat the first time. But with a “regular” I like 5 or 10 minutes of chat afterwards.

    Have one guy I met on here wonders why I never come over to see him anymore.

    It is because after he sucked me off, we started chatting as I put on my shoes. Then he said, “Sorry, I have to eat dinner, can’t talk.”

    Shit, It took me 45 min to get to his place. If he can’t spare 5-10 min for someone he has seen at least 20 times. Fuck him.

  34. Tim

    For me most of the “prequalifying” will take place prior to any meeting via online/email. I sorta like to know if someone with his dick in me has careless attitudes about sex, life, drugs, etc. WE are our own first line of defense in self-preservation.

  35. Bama Joseph

    It truly does depend on the situation. I like to have a little verbal stimulation to ease the nerves but I have also found that it my turn the other guy off. But frankly, I cum better after having talked a little and at least know more about the lie he’s telling, and the possibility of turning a fuck session into a FWB situation. I mean really, who wants to just keep screwing around with strangers. I’m not looking for a committed relationship but having those regular 5 or so in a rotation should be able to meet needs. I also like to lay there and chat a little afterwards while resting up for the next go around.

  36. Greg

    I don’t use adam for hooking up. I use it as a way to meet guys who might potentially become fuck buddies or boyfriends. Men who get together anonymously for sex and don’t want to talk might as well be dogs fucking in an alleyway.

  37. o-__-0

    We’re all in need of something, be it immediate intimacy, an encounter upon, which to reminisce or to fulfill fantasies & unrequited crap…blah, blah, blah.
    Sometimes ya just need the “D” or “A” to release tension, and perhaps the person you’re “getting it in” with piques your interest beyond whatever superficial reason that got you in bed with the guy in the first place…then u might wanna converse a bit. Other times, you might be thinking ” Damn, this dude is a dumb fuck/married/ taken/uninteresting (insert negative adjective) BUT I’m horny as fuck”….so, there’s not much need in conversing there.
    Long story short, it’s all about the atmosphere; the pretenses under ,which, you’ve met and what you’re mutually open to experiencing together.

  38. AJ

    Those of you who refuse to chat…I feel sorry for you. I don’t talk for hours on end when a hookup comes over, but you can learn so fucking much if you take even just five minutes to be a good host. Offer a drink, offer to set the mood (lights down, up or off) and things will heat up.

    If it’s wham-bam, thank you Sam…yeah, you got off, but odds are you’ll never see that one again.

  39. Gary

    Caught my bf having anonymous sex from someone of a4a. He said it was just a bj. Just a bj? Do all gay guys cheat. Maybe I should to get him back. Should I forgive him?

  40. Nick

    For me it depends. I sometimes chat for a couple min then get down to it and then chat after too or just get down to it. There are several factors but if the sex is good I definitely want to chat a few min but not waste his time but if its bad or not working out, cum n go especially if it’s bad and cock size doesn’t measure up to what he says it is.

  41. Melvin

    First I will not go to anyone house I do not know, because of personnal safety “101” A littld chit chat is good while you undress., or after your finished

  42. hardbentcock

    I’ve been playing on the Bi side for a few years and it always amazed me that when I meet someone how quickly we get to it. With my female partners its talk snuggle fuck. As for which way I like better its a toss up. Some guys I just want in and out fast and others I would like to chat some.

  43. jstbrsn

    It depends on the guy. If we have chatted a couple of times online, I want to get in getter done and go. If not I like to chat and get a feeling of what he is into and go from there.

  44. proceed w/ caution

    Be careful what you talk about. Next thing you’ve discovered is that you’re related; your families know each other; the guy is your coworker’s husband or son… Some guys are lonely & just want to chat — that’s what chatrooms are for.

  45. mr anonymous

    I almost hate to admit it,but i prefer to not chat,i dont care about your name,leave when youre done,when i hook up.i think ive become desensitized because of it,but generally it works really well if youre honest about it beforehand…im kind of a sex addict if im out of town or something,i could be down chattin or somethin..but where i live..ppl are really i just hit it and quit it,lol

  46. Man2212

    I would prefer that the person comes to my place, most do not want to have conversation, just get busy, I like to offer them the chance to clean up before jetting, some take the time and others hit the door. It has been difficult to get a kat to commit that they will even meet, I do not understand what some of the guys are thinking about, maybe just the chat before is what they want to get themselves off!! The life as those of us who have been on this side
    has gotten very crazy, far more bottoms then tops.

  47. Hunter0500

    What is up with inviting a total stranger to your place or ever being willing to go to his? That’s the problem issue here. If you’re going to meet a guy without having gotten to know him through several chats and a first meeting in a public place, there’s no whining when you don’t somehow by magic get what you want or expected during that premature encounter. And no whiningg when you find yourself robbed or assaulted. No licking your wounds when you later find yourself facing a “Seriodiscordal” life. The whole concept of “You guys exchange a couple text messages on your way over and all is good” is flawed because you have failed to check out the “all”.

    And certain gay guys just can’t understand why they just can’t seem to find a decent guy, why all the men they meet suck, why they’re living a life alone. If you put very very little into finding the right guy, you’ll get very very little longterm out of that effort.

  48. ajbbincubus

    When I was younger and barely discovering myself and learning about myself anonymous sex was fine with me cause I didn’t want to be tied down. But now as I’m in my thirties, I’m looking to settling down. Don’t get me wrong, still like having fun every now and then, but more looking to go on dates and getting to know people. Just my two cents here. 😀

  49. jay11970

    Other than a quick “hello” or “what’s up” no chatting is needed. Straight to the point. Sometimes chatting can be a turn off, especailly if the guy says something you don’t agree with(Political views, too much personal info., etc). I have had occuations when everything is great until they open their mouth to chat. I like getting down to business first and lite chat later. Plus theres something “hot” about just getting naked and doing the thing without conversation. Chatting is only good if you desire something more than a quick hook-up.

  50. sly evans

    I actually prefer both….because if I’m really liking the dude,then I like chit chatting….it’s part of foreplay and intimacy with me…

  51. Greg

    I don’t use adam for hookups. I use it to meet guys for possible friends with benefits or boyfriends. Men who have anonymous sex and are averse to talking might as well be dogs screwing in an alleyway.

  52. mikey

    texting before us all the conversation I want, I open the door grab his dick, lead him to the bedroom, we undress, I suck on his dick and balls bend over and take his load, let him wash up even though I was “ready” , dress and maybe a few minutes of conversation, maybe even exchange names and phone number its a hookup I don’t need a chatty Cathy.

  53. Keith

    Nice to meet you, start sucking face and get it on. After we both cum, we can chat a bit. In my opinion, that’s what hookups are all about.

  54. Ryan

    I went to gay club the first Friday I was 18. I met this really hot guy that looked to be in his late 20s. He asked to go to my place and I said I couldn’t because I was still at home, just became a senior in highschool. He took me to his TrailBlazer and we got in the back. It was night and the windows were tinted. He took my shirt off and kissed down my pecs and abs. He went down, rimmed, fingered, took his shirt off andunzipped his pants. Very fit, hairy, but buzzed and Trimmed. He lifted my legs and just kept thrusting as I staired at his body and hurt. He pulled out, cam on my dick and abs and got dressed. I never knew his name.

  55. Mick

    I like getting naked right away and laying down on the bed, cuddling and chatting/whispering face to face while exploring each others’ penises, asses, tits etc,. I enjoy feeling another guy’s penis and testicles, grinding on my penis and ball sac. We whisper face to face, kiss and simulate making love . I enjoy this scenario: having hot passionate sex until we both ejaculate our semen all over each other.

  56. Max

    Talking kills the mood. I’m a cum dump bottom and I expect tops to cum over, find me on my knees (or a different previously specified position), and then the top fucks me, cums in me, and leaves. If he brings a friend, I’m down for having both holes filled or sometimes DP.

    I’m not in it for hosting a cocktail hour. That’s for friends.

  57. Dick

    i like a greeting followed by the sound of a zipper. Not really hooking up to chat, just some good sex. If its really good, we can do it again sometime

  58. Spunky_Daddy

    Chat is fine here with me. But let’s do it online so I can get a feel for what he wants to do. When I’ve gotten to where we’re going to meet, nerves are always really kicking into high gear.

    I don’t mind the small talk for about 5 minutes. But when I start touching his hand, shoulder, chest, it’s only a matter of time before I’m gonna be crawling all over him, kissing his mouth or neck and working to get our clothes off!

    He needs to know ahead of time that when we meet, something is going to happen. He’s going to get sucked, eaten out then fucked good. And if we want to flip, perfect!

    But I surely don’t want to waste his time or mine by talking and completely killing the spirit of why we’re there to meet: RED HOT ACTION!

  59. Silence unless you call me a slut...

    Talk is fine if it is “Dirty Talk”. I like it when they walk in the door and I am already on my knees waiting. I leave the door open and he walks right in. He might ask if I’m the faggot who is going to suck a load out his ballsack and EAT IT. I just flap my tongue at him and he drops his pants and I go to town with a hot chow down. I could even be blindfolded so there is no eye contact at all.

    That being said, I do enjoy smiling at and hugging my prey after he has splashed his cum up against my tonsils. I love to hug and squeeze a person for some odd reason. As for after chat —– “let me now when your balls are loaded again stud”. Smile and wave 🙂

  60. Sexytime

    Prefer not to chat. Chatting actually makes me more nervous. And if it is a hookup I’m not really having sex with you anyway. I’m having sex with the idea of you and I don’t want chatting ruin that ideal.

  61. John

    A little bit of Chit Chat is ok when you meet at a guys house, as long you are discussing mutual sexual interests and maybe talking Dirty to set the mood more, after a short talk its time to get to Business. Afterwards talking for a while is good if you are basking in the After Glow !! Maybe then you are ready for a repeat performance.

  62. Jose

    I went down the list of responsesand was waiting tosee if one or two people had a similar point of viewas mine before responding. Chit chat is small talk, conversation however is something I like to engage in. Im 35and have found my approach andM.O on adam has shifted fromyears past. Getting laid is easy butholding a conversation and actuallycapturing that persons interest in who you are as a humanbeing is more difficult. In my opinion Chit Chat is for simple minds, sexwithout monogamy is for even more simple mind and conversationis for the more sopgisticated mind.Good luck.

  63. cubie31

    If im heading over to his house, im there with a hard on. a little talk, but i like to really get him off. Maybr talk more after, just in case he wants me again.

  64. goodzilla

    I was on this site and I was lonely because it was Valentine’s Day. I took my self out for dinner. I was so sad that I alone for the 14. I got hit up for sex by a 59 year old blackman. I didn’t want to be alone so I met him at his hotel. OMG he fucked me like he was 23 years old. He fucked me not once but two times. My ass so sore.

  65. Brian

    I like to get down to business. Chat online first, get their what they are into. Prefer to host a hot dude who walks in, finds me naked and blindfolded, and he takes what he wants and goes.

  66. Greg

    I was in a shoe store in Montreal. This guy caught my eye. He left the store and lingered outside. When I left the store, he moved down the street, but kept looking back to make sure that I noticed him. I followed him down the block to a college building. He went in, and I followed. He went down a flight of stairs, and I finally caught up with him. I said hello in English, he said hello in French, but then he turned and left. I then noticed that he had been leading me to a public bathroom. It was years later that I learned that for guys who are seeking anonymous sex, speaking is a deal killer. He wanted to have sex with me, but my speaking ruined the scene. I am not interested in anonymous sex, and having a conversation with a guy is a way to judge the physical chemistry and personality compatibility.

  67. Sean

    I have found that the amount of talk varies depending on the men involved. For me, I like a few minutes of chat to measure compatibility and to make sure that the guy is not a nut! Plus, for me, if I don’t like you at least a little, I am certainly not going to fuck you!

  68. Joey

    One time a guy I met online came over to my place. I found him really hot and was actually touchy/feely, whch I thought was going to be the prelude for sex. But he also seemed really interested in getting to know me, so we ended up talking in my place for almost five hours. So unfortunately, we did not get to sex. I thought he wanted to get to know me first, so ok, maybe it was all good.

    WRONG! He would not give me the time of day since then. I’d extended invtations to meet again (with the intent of actually doing more than just talk) several times. Nothing. Oh well…

  69. Kevin Lew

    Get down to business and chat later. What if he has a body like Tarzan and a voice like Jane? What if he opens his mouth and a purse falls out? Chatting first can be a buzz kill.

  70. imimpressed

    If I’m in the mood for a hookup, I expect a man to arrive, get naked and get down to it. I would have exhausted my chit chat in setting up the date. Nothing else to say.

  71. muzyqman

    I am very much in favor of strings and am looking for the right man who also wants strings attached. But I have no problem with NSA with the right man as long as you both have the same idea of what the evening is about. I just don’t want to fall for someone who is only looking for his next orgasm.

  72. paul

    im totally turned on by n.s.a no name sex i had a guy come over i met online he was taking turns pounding my ass and mouth he said he had a few guys that had wanted to hook up with him so i said sure bring them over two guys stopped by within 30 minutes of one another while my guests cock was going in and out of my asshole the new guy took his pants down i grabbed his cock and pulled it towards my mouth and began sucking on him he grew quickly in my mouth i sucked him until he pulled away and started to cum i grabbed his cock and sucked him dry another guy came over after that his cock base was so thick it was hurting my jaw to keep sucking on it so i didnt end up finishing him off but my original guest was treated to my asshole and mouth the next day or so.

  73. Fairprince

    Hmm I a bottom , so I chat online and on cell
    I get naked one time when I go to the guy sex is what I want I want cock and I will get the guy hard then talk later if we want if not I am out of his face to another dude
    Ever in trinidad let me know guys

  74. Chip

    The whole concept of this discussion is broken on 2 fronts:
    1) Not every “hookup” — even on A4A — is the same.
    “Sometimes you feel like just a fuck, sometimes you don’t.”
    It doesn’t have to be (hell, it ISN’T) always the same!
    2) If you’re logging into A4A for conversation, you’re essentially fishing for sea-bass in a fresh-water lake.

    Also, IMHO, logging into A4A looking for “husband material” is like walking into a straight bar on “ladies night” looking for a DTF: he may be out there, but he will be very well camouflaged.

    In my experience, telling someone from A4A “let’s chat first” is an “encoded message” that says: “I don’t think you’re hot enough for me to commit to sex – so let’s meet and see if I’m wrong”.

  75. MtnBknFun

    I am with friend. I prefer to get right down to business, and maybe we can talk after sex, but normally I like to talk through message exchange or via text before, but it’s not required..

  76. Plzmehard

    I do all the research through emails. When it’s time to meet, I am already naked on all fours waiting. Come on let me take it in and drain it. Afterwards we can exchange words, or he can just pull pants up and walk away. Even better!

  77. ,ethu

    The SMDT I imposed is ruining ,y psyche. With the hairy asses, sure. And if so,done doesn’t like them they can just make it medically inclined. Fuck this. Uhaheh

  78. Ganymedez

    That has happened to me a couple of times where I’ll show up some place and the dude and I will be connecting on another level, talking about our favorite Broadway musicals. Hours go by in a flash because time flies when you’re having fun and then it dawns on us that we should probably start having sex but OMG, look-at-the-time, gotta-go— It’s been fun, bye– – That’s the graceful way to bow out when you realize you haven’t had sex because you just weren’t into each other’s physicality but think they’d make a great buddy. I much prefer that than to get someplace for a three way and be asked to leave in a text message after you had already done a cap of G.

  79. GenerousGuys

    When I am using pro-ad services on A4A , I always insist that I meet the professional in a public place. For me it’s about verifying who they are and having a chance to set expectations. I recently learned that a particular pro-ad member was very good at concealing his true motives. When Johnny_Knox (not real name) and I entered his apartment, we continued to chat and things felt good. Before leaving, I was hit the side of the head with a pointed object and all the money from my wallet was stolen. I was allowed to leave with an empty wallet. I had cuts to my eye and forehead. I couldn’t call the police because I paid for a service that is considered unlawful. I did admit myself to the ER. I have blocked this pro-ad member, but he is still an active member on the pro-ad page. I am concerned for others who may experience the same abuse. What can I do?

  80. Goredeck

    I make it very clear in my profile that I am looking for sex. Not chit chat, just sex. Don’t get me wrong. I like to chat a bit before we meet. I want to be sure that when we do meet there is no question as to what we both want. One day I was very horny and decided to spend the day naked. I called a regular buddy of mine to come over. When he got to my house I took him to my bedroom, got him naked and started sucking his dick. When he was ready he put me on my belly and gave me one hell of a fuck. When we were done he cleaned up and we were chit chatting as he was about to leave. He got turned on seeing me naked as we talked that he bent me over and fucked me again. That was a good day.

  81. solid truth

    I’ve done both but the truth is that getting together for me is about the connection and not just getting off. I’m the one who usually hosts and I want a conversation to make sure he’s not an asshole and that there could be some type of relationship, whether a fwb or a bf. Also, smart is sexy to me so I view intelligent conversation as foreplay.

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