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With the olympics in Sochi and all the hot male athletes that we see online and on TV, I think I have to do a “fantasy” post about them, right?

Have you ever fantasize about having fun with a sport athlete? Have you ever had fun with one?

Every time I watch hockey, I can’t help myself but think about it. I remember when I was a teenager, I was playing hockey and one night, I had a dream where I was sucking Chris Chelios’s dick loll. When I think about it now, it’s a bit absurd, but eh, I was a kid.

For me, the ultimate fantasy would be to get gangbanged in a hockey locker room after a game. I know it will never happen but it’s kinda hot to dream about it. Hot sweaty sex!

Have you ever had sex after a game? In the locker room? With other players?

My friends at MEN sent me these images of a hot hockey player (Jaxton Wheeler) getting throat and ass and I really have to share them with you!

Feel free to watch the video here as well! Have fun!


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  1. Michael

    I have had the same fantasy, getting gangbanged in the locker room by a football team. Or becoming the cell block slut where the inmates will take turns fucking me in the shower room. Then I am forced to hold their cum inside me until the next day where I am fucked again by the cell block inmates. The cum will eventually start oozing out of my ass. Talk about self lubricating! WOW! My ass is twitching just thinking about this!

  2. Daniel

    I have some hot fantasies about getting gangbanged by a bunch of hot horny guys in a locker room or shower area, especially if they’re really hung (8+”). My ass feels like it just begs for it everytime I think about it.

  3. Donald

    MMMMM hockey bois! I have a hot story for all you men who love hockey bois! A few years ago while in college, I had the right kind of access to an entire suite of Hockey players in my dorm. The 8 hockey players were cocky, rude and had big egos! But these fellas were HOT! Well, over a break one Thanksgiving a buddy of mine and I helped ourselves to their suite. We had hot sweaty sex all over their suite, in their bathroom shower, and even better – their beds! We busted our loads on their pillows and then rummaged through their stuff and helped ourselves to many pairs of their underwear! My cock and hole twitched every time I saw them after that break – and I smiled knowing that they had no idea what happened in their beds while they were home!!! My only regret is that we didn’t take pictures!

  4. oldstoner

    I have always been an ice hockey player fan. I looked at the Sochi web site last night at the hockey teams and imagined a buffet or perhaps a ride-all-day ticket :).

  5. TrizzyTroy

    Well Ive had my own wild weekend with a track star. He was running in the legendary Penn Relays. Sleek, toned and tight, his body was like bronzed metal smooth n sculpted. He showed me his metals and actually competed in the global Junior Olympics. His down to earth personality made me have my first crush in over ten years. To be as sweet n genuine as he is sexually pleasing was 1 in a million. The sex was multi-orgasmic (literally) the emotional connection was mind blowing. Especially bcuz there is a 12 yr difference btwn us. From that wknd til now we still refer to that as our “practice honeymoon” its been 3 yrs & I look foward to our wknd again this Summer

  6. jim

    I have always had a fantasy of lying on a locker room bench with a bunch of guys, an sport, standing around me taking turns fucking my ass and my mouth then all of them showering me with their cum

  7. John

    I always want to have sex with a gymnast. Just to see how flexable they are would get me fucking hard. Until I met this one guy. He was Hispanic and what was he? A gymnast in high school. When we had sex, my god he was as flexable as fuck. The sex was great.

  8. Hunter0500

    It’s sooooo hot to imagine being used during repeated rounds of unsafe sex by a room full of random straight guys who were passing you around like a shared Fleshlight.

  9. Brian

    I always had the fantasy of being used as a Frat initiation bottom boy. All the pledges (athletic frat) had to cum in both of my holes at least once. Most of the time the fantasy was the whole Frat using me, over and over till I just was an open hole dripping with lube. I still can come with this dream.

  10. Stephen

    Oh yeah. My greatest fantasy has always been & will remain to be to suck off an entire football team in the locker. Football has the biggest rosters & of course all the bbc. I would love to have it filmed as well so if anyone can arrange this let me know…lol, but seriously!

  11. MIke in CT

    Well here is my story,,,, a few weeks back i posted a ad on craigslist, not to sound cocky lol but i also posted a few cock pics simply because i have a beautiful cock.. I got quiet a few replies ,but one specially caught my attention…after some emailing back and forth , he agreed on coming over my i had seen in the picture beforehand,, this guy was gorgeous.He was very shy , but more nervous then anything else.. i asked him why was he so nervous,, and that’s when he told me the real reason,apparently he has never been with a dude before , but he said he has caught himself watching gay porn and enjoying it. he loved my cock pics and wanted to try something out,, but, the story gets better ,, the real reason that he is so apprehensive is not only the fact that all this is new to him…its the fact that he is the Quarterback at a major university football team and cannot have anyone find out,, he said he would be going pro soon…his body is amazing ,he has such a sexy ass and a gorgeous cock too,,,, we went slow with some 69,then he wanted to try and get fuck ,, that went well but he started complaining that it was getting painful lol.. so we finished of back on 69…..he said he would contact me when he comes down from school….. so all i can do now , is wait!

  12. jonnynct

    What Gay man hasn’t fascinated about the locker room/jock theme?! All that masculinity, sweat, smells, comradery – HOT!!! Gets me hard every time when I think of it.

  13. putin-tini

    lol… my sex fantasy is that video where the gay couple that gets bit up in that protest video end up getting raped by the rugby team. They hold one down and make his lover watch as he is gang bred and beaten.

  14. ottersub

    I will say i still have that locker fantasy and in high school expirienced it. I was a diver and got gangbanged by 4the swimmers on time my sophmore year. Wish i could do that again

  15. John

    Hockey players have great asses and killer legs…….I was one back in the 70’s and it was always my goal to skate as hard as I could to keep things in shape.

    I was also a swimmer…and swimming locker rooms were a source of hot speedo fun back in my day. Sadly those days are far behind me now but I still remember my first time with an older guy in the locker room before practice started and the load he left on my speedo for me to show off when I went back out to the pool.

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