Watch This : Lucas Proposes To David


Lucas and David are the stars of the latest made-to-go-viral wedding proposal. Every time I see one of these I cry, I can’t help it!

Check out this fantastic video where Lucas invites all of David’s friends to celebrate his birthday. But at the end, it was also a surprise for the friends who obviously didn’t know Lucas was gonna propose to David.

Congratulations to the two young men!


(Video after the jump)


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  1. Todd

    This was cute & touching but sorry…I’m not trying to be negative but they r both too young & too cute to stay with one guy…this relationship will not last!!!! Sorry guys!!!! I

  2. dave

    Congrats guys, that made me cry, I hope someday I will get to meet the happy couple, Heres to you, may you have many years to laugh,live and love togethere,,,,,,

  3. Adam

    Congrats to you both πŸ˜‰

    Watching this, I started to choke up

    I wish you both the very best as you start your future together as partners

  4. Kirk Waltsvon

    Dave, you cried over these two ugly cunts??? lol…..You really are a sad, nigger-loving pussy…..much like your goddamn mama.

    • blog

      Kirk, why are u reading this blog?
      You comments are always negative and I usually delete them, but this time I wanted the whole A4A community to see how vulgar you are.
      Please stop sending comments like these as I will ban you from the blog next time.

  5. michael J.

    as a 50 year old man who has not had a decent relationship in many years that was great! reminds me of my first love! yes! the tears are flowing! times have changed & I wish them the best!



  6. Robby

    I’m kinda over this whole public spectacle of proposing in public with filming the event on you tube….. Why does this younger generation feel the need to photograph and video record and post everything?

  7. TrizzyTroy

    OK OK OK!! Im a sucker for love, CONGRATS!! Pls remember to b married in your hearts 1st n on paper 2nd. Take it from sum1 who had a civil union in New York in 95, its not abt equal rights n marches n protests. Those ppl arent in your bedroom, dinner table or bathroom. Blessings n happiness to the couple

  8. tanner leach

    I love that, it touched my heart it some many ways. Straight, gay what every we are. We all should hope to find a love like that.

  9. muzyqman

    I have seen at least 50 of these things – flash mobs that end with public proposals, or public proposals at parties, football games, Home Depot, etc. I am totally over them. I believe a proposal is a very intimate moment and should NEVER be done in a public setting. I think public proposals are an attempt to make sure the intended says “yes” when the proposer is not totally confident of the answer. Now, when I see these things, I root for the recipient of the proposal to say “NO!” and walk away.

  10. Rasheed

    I am a sucker for a grand gesture and while there may be some hesitance or nervousness on behalf of the intended… Going through the amount of work and planning to pull of these kinds of spectacles goes a long way to show that this person is very much committed to you. Taking weeks to plan a proposal also allows weeks to talk yourself out of it. I wish them the best and hope I get to plan a big tacky spectacle like this for someone.

  11. Tim P

    Hi Guys. You don’t know me. My name is Tim, live here in Manhattan. I just watched your proposal to marry video and it was truly one of a kind. But even though, it was authentic, heartfelt, genuine, innocent, choreographed, tasteful, and most of all personal and original. Your soon to be hubby sure scored aperfect 10 in my book. I just want you two to be true and for real to each other. Always honest at all cost. Always communicate, communicate, communicate even if it leads to an argument. That’s how you workout the kinks and mistakes. Never hide anything and always be transparent to each other. Always share everything, for the good or the bad. And lastly, from a stranger who doesn’t know you, I would like to tie you the best wishes and a merry wonderful fruitful life together. May you have a good life together. Once again, Congratulations for all of us gay men, queens, twinks, bears, muscle guys, preppies, executive and leisurely types of every race and ethnic backgrounds here from the greatest city in the world that never ever sleeps, from all of your fellow gay and lesbian friends you never knew you had…… CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH! From New York City with LOVE!!!! Tim P

  12. C & T

    Hi Guys, I wanted to say Congrats. love the proposal. it made me cry. wanted to also say that love is hard to find. and to make last so hold on to it for ever. my partner and I have been together more than 18 years now. we are finally able to legally get married in the state of Minnesota. we are hoping to get married this year. cant wait.

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