Stories : Road Assistance

It was three in the morning. There wasn’t a soul in sight as I drove down the highway. My sister’s party had run a lot longer than any of us had wanted. By the time I got out of the door I was practically running for my car. There was still a twenty minute drive left before I would be back home, crawling into my bed. At least, that would have been the plan if my tire hadn’t blown out.

Pulling over, I searched the backseat for a flashlight. Not that I knew what I was doing. There was a spare tire in the trunk, but I had never put the time into learning to how fix one. I had always hoped that if something like this happened, I could just flag someone down to help me. No luck of that happening, now; not in the middle of East Bumfuck Nowhere. My cell phone wasn’t even getting reception.

Half-an hour passed before I spotted two headlights coming towards me. Finally. I prayed that they would stop and help me. The other part of me hoped they weren’t traveling axe murderers. With how my luck had played out so far, I wasn’t keeping my hopes up. I had no weapons or physical ability to use in order to keep myself safe.

The fear subsided as the police cruiser came into sight and pulled over behind my car. Two officers stepped out and made their way over to me. Both of them were tall and it was clear they spent a lot of time at the gym. I was sure the two of them combine could probably push my car home—but I didn’t want to ask. They were each in their mid-twenties.

“What’s the trouble, sir?” The officer that had been driving flashed a light in my face.

I pointed towards the blown out tire. It spoke for itself.

“Guessing you don’t know how to change a tire.” The second officer chimed in.

“If I did, I wouldn’t still be here.” That response was a bit sharper than I had intended. It was late and I had been sitting in the dark, in the middle of nowhere. It wasn’t like I had a reason to be chipper. But, then again, I didn’t think these guys enjoyed strange men on the side of the road giving them attitude.

I caught the first officer looking me up and down. I only had on a white T-shirt and a pair of khaki shorts that clung to my legs like a second skin.

“Well, maybe we can help you out. But first we’re going to have to check you out and make sure you aren’t carrying any weapons. Can’t be too safe.”

The second officer came up and gestured for me to lean up against my car. Before I could turn completely, I caught a glimpse of his badge. Officer Carnes. His hands were strong and much larger than my own. They worked their way from my torso, down to my waist. He cupped my ass and worked his way in between my legs. The search felt like it took a little longer than it should have.

“I think he has something in his shorts, Matt.” He said the first officer.

What? I didn’t have anything. There was obviously some sort of mistake.

Matt pursed his lips together and thought a moment before he spoke. “What are you hiding in your shorts, sir?”

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing.”

“We’ll see about that.” Officer Carnes reach around and undid the button to my shorts. Matt had come to his aid and made sure I didn’t move. My shorts fell to my ankles. The warm summer air hit my ass. My pulse quickened. And the fact that I didn’t have on underwear helped prove that I wasn’t hiding anything; but that didn’t stop them from continuing their search.

Grunting, officer Carnes’ hand slid between my ass cheeks. “Hiding anything in here?”

What? No. I am not hiding anything. I am definitely not hiding anything up my ass. I have no idea what you are talking about.”

The officer’s finger began probing my asshole. I knew they weren’t going to find anything, but part of me wanted them to keep looking. I’d be lying if I said the muscular officer’s finger didn’t feel good as it probed me.

“Bend over the car and spread your legs further apart.” Carnes dictated orders and Matt assisted in making sure I obeyed. His hand was on my upper back, holding me firmly against the hood of my car.

Officer Carnes had my ass thoroughly spread. His flashlight aimed right at my hairy hole. I didn’t have much hair on my body. Most of it was on my crotch and ass. Very little made it onto my chest.

“Think there is anything in there, Greg?” The voice boomed from above.

“No. There isn’t anything in there—yet.”

My eyes widened as much as they could as my face was pressed against the hood.

I could hear the sound of a zipper coming undone. Matt spoke into my ear. “Relax, buddy.”

Officer Carnes—Greg—spat onto my hole and began rubbing his cock against it. It felt massive but I couldn’t turn around to look. Part of me knew I should try to resist, but the head of his cock pushed inside me and my hole opened up the rest slid in slowly. All I could was exhale.

They could tell I wasn’t going to resist. That I even enjoyed what was going on. Matt turned my head towards him and slipped his thick cock out of his pants. The head of hit cock was wet with precum as he rubbed it against my lips.

“Open your mouth and suck on my cock.”

I did as I was told. The taste of his meat flooded my mouth. As I sucked, I could hear him say something on his radio.

The entirety of his cock was in my mouth as his partner rammed my ass so hard that it shook my car. He had a tight grasp on my shirt and was using it to force himself inside me even deeper. After about ten minutes, they switched places. Matt turned me on my back and laid me on the hood before spitting on his cock and pushing it in.

It was time for me to suck on Greg’s cock. His was bigger than Matt’s and I could barely get all of it in my mouth. He pushed and I tried my best not to gag on it as it slid down my throat.

In the distance I could hear another car approaching. They pulled over in front of my car. Another police cruiser. Three more officers exited the vehicle and circled around us. Each one looking at each on as they unzipped there pants. One of them was Hispanic, from what I could see, and his horse cock flopped out of his pants. It was tan and uncut. He wrapped his hands around it and started stroking it. Getting it hard.

One of the new guys—a tall muscle man with the name O’Malley written on his badge—walked up and took the place of Greg, who had just pulled out. The newest cock pushed inside me. It wasn’t long but it was thick as hell. I could feel my hole stretching even further than it had before. The officer pumped his thick cock in and out of me for five minutes before blowing his load all over my ass and back.

After that, the Hispanic office laid underneath me and made me take his cock. Then another cock shoved its way inside of me. I tried not to scream as two cocks stretched my impossibly tight hole. This wasn’t enough for them and soon my mouth was filled with cock once again. This officer face fucked me until he blew a massive amount of his seed down my throat.

The double cocks in my ass fucked until both offices blew their loads up my ass. When they pulled out, a river of cum flowed out onto the hood of my car. Those that hadn’t cum yet loomed over me and stroked until my entire body was covered in spunk.

One of the first officers, Matt, went off and got a towel and threw it on top of me. He told me to clean off while two of the others fixed my tired. When I had finished cleaning off the cum from my body, and put my clothes back on, they had finished. The second cruiser pulled off and I was again left with Matt and Greg.

The whole experience was surreal. Before the last officers left, I was given strict orders to keep what happened to myself. They knew I wouldn’t say anything. Who would believe me? Besides, if I did that, there would be no chance of it happening again. I gave them my address and told them to swing by one night.

As we both drove off I remembered thinking about how mad I had been that my tire blew out.

Now, I was glad that it had.


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  1. Hunter0500

    Stories : Road Assistance
    Category: Fantasy : Jack-off material : Stories

    Uh. Yeh.

    Too far away from reality to even begin to think about this story playing out. This loser waited half an hour without evem looking into saving his ass? What crap ass cellphone service did he have that nowadays gives him no phone? Did he think to look for an owner’s manual in the car that would tell him what to do?? No graphic by the spare tire or jack that would walk him through it? We actually license people like him to drive? And police officers that would actually put their careers on the line for “fun” with him? Game over.

  2. random Tom

    Just in case people forgot what today;it is MLK birthday. So why are we putting up a story about a gay whore getting fucked by many cops. But not only that, also getting fucked raw. This story should of been publish another day. Today should of been the topic of equality. Like gays adopting kids, or gays donating blood. Also a gay interracial couple being able to walk down the street without them being criticized. For one day lets give MLK some respect. He’s the man that helped with equality. Lets start thinking with our brains instead of our cocks.

  3. Chris

    people…people…calm down. whether it’s realistic, excellent, or even politically forward…calm down and enjoy this post and the site for what it is…a place for gays to hookup and get their rocks off. it’s fantasy. calm down and go jack off somewhere

    • blog

      Dan thank you! Some people only come here to complain about everything posted lol I’m used to it and it’s always the same guys, i see their IP address even though they change “nickname” lol

  4. goldenloverinmym

    i’v never been lucky enough 2 get fucked like this story.when ever I see cops its bad news 4 me past record is always brought up n those bad deeds always end up with me in cuffs in the back of the car while they search me n my car then for sum bs I go to the station b 4 i’m released next morn.without so much as a sorry for the mixup or anything.theres the door get out.I HATE cops!!!!! DDDD

  5. JR

    Nice Story. I have played with many Policemen before. You would be surprised how many are under cover. Most I have had sex with will not do anything in their uniform. I have only had 3 times where they have been in uniform. The first pulled me over out in the country for not stopping all the way at a stop sign. I was close to my home and he gave me a warning and on his break he came over and sucked his cock while he still have has pants on. The second and the third were the same guy. He anwered a ad I ran and he was in the partol car and had all the gear and handsome. He too only took off his hat and pulled down his pants and I sucked him ad then he fucked me over the side of my bed. The next time he came over he brought his younger trainee partner and I got the feeling that the younger guy sucked him off. I sucked the trainee and the first guy fucked me and after he came the young guy fucked me too. He was sweet and got down and sucked my load out. I have played with both officers two more times. It can and does happen.

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