Pornstars : Porn Actor “Suspended” From High School.


Two days ago, I started seeing the news reports about “Noel”. An 18 year old High School Senior, who as articles have read, “Expelled for being adult film star” “Suspended gay student from straight bullying” ect. and then some as I dug headline after headline deeper into this outraged rabbit hole that spawned from a reddit thread from /r/gaybro, that has now since been taken down.


Now I like most went instantly to my closest and dug out my soapbox, my activist gear and was ready to march for war. Boy was I glad I didn’t, but what makes me so different than you caring and outraged readers out there?

Well, I! unlike 90% of OUTRAGED people actually LIVE in Brevard County Florida, and am a graduate from their Public School System. Cocoa is less than 20 miles from me and lucky enough for me, a 20 year history of living here comes in handy when you’ve got 3 facebooks and friends who work everywhere. I have a first hand account from teachers at Cocoa High that report all of this “reported” information and is false and/or over embellished. Now one of my sources is so dear to me I know gay rights is a massive hot button issue and there is no job they would lie for against gay progress.

“Noel” aka Robert Marucci, is a self identified straight man and is a 18 year old GAY for PAY actor, for Sean Cody. Now while I don’t care about his sexual orientation, the rest of the world seems to, so lets get it right. But then again, any guy who can bottom for Sean Cody actor’s isn’t “straight” to me, but to rally the gay bandwagons on the word of reddit and online rumors taken out of context, just goes to show the powder keg we live in down in Sunny Florida. Add the obvious plethora of misinformation readily available for students and their parents and it’s a PR nightmare waiting to happen, as we just learned.

10 years ago I found myself in the middle of a struggle JUST like Robert. My principal, a DOCTOR who is now a sitting member of our school board, flat out refused the forming of the counties FIRST Gay Straight Alliance in his school. It took a year long fight in a redittless world along with the ACLU at the front door to FORCE his hand in making it happen. Brevard, like much of the south is an abstinence only county, but what does this have to do with Robert?

As reported to me by reliable in school sources I have confirmed these things.


  • Robert, the student in question isn’t gay. It was a gay-for-pay scenario. (Not that that really matters) but this was an example of bullying, which against ANYONE GLBT or ally alike is a travesty of our modern era. Bullying in schools is wrong. Doesn’t matter who. But if him being “GAY” is what matters to the media, him with his own words never identifying himself as homosexual means more to me.

  • He wasn’t suspended for doing porn or for being gay or anything that the media has gotten ahold of.

  • There were reported threats made about bringing a weapon to school.

  • He was suspended while the investigation was going on

  • He was told that if it was found that he wasn’t a threat he would be able to return to school.

  • He was never expelled.

  • He returns to school tomorrow.

Now in Brevard we have a no tolerance for any kind of violent comment. Much like ANY school board in the nation. Now did Robert make these comments? Or was a comment made by one of his haters and that caused the suspensions. I still don’t know and I imagine most never will. What I do know is that once an accusation like that has been made, all parties involved have to take a suspension while an investigation occurs.

My source goes on to explain “You know me well enough to know that if this were an issue of this kid’s rights being violated, I would be all over it. I can’t say any more, but I can assure you that in no way, did the school violate his rights or expel him for doing gay porn.”


What a legal aged student does off campus isn’t something Brevard worries itself over. There to my knowledge has never been a persecuted student, gay or otherwise. But socially in an environment when surrounded by immature people most underage, being a porn actor, again gay or otherwise is going to raise a scandal. This was all executed poorly and not taken care of properly because of one thing. Education.


Sexual education in our country is a joke, even more so here in the bible belt and deep south. We LITERALLY share a county with an active KKK group. Progress has never been high up on the list of our public education systems, but another faculty source had this to say,


“Honestly, I can tell you that my principal and the rest of the admin did a really good job of counseling him about it when it was discovered. (Robert) Had guidance and admin checking up with him to make sure he wasn’t getting any flack from kids, and went over how important it was that it stay out of the hands of the underage kids. There was some definite miscommunication and I think his mother and some of her friends blew it all out of proportion.”


Now in no way am I gonna aim this at him, his family and his supporters. But the school board isn’t the one to blame. Time are tough, the oldest profession, be it on screen or off has always been a viable solution when things get bad and Robert helped provide for his family in a way that he was consenting and comfortable with knowing full well that it could always get out. But again this is not ONE parties fault.


Brevard School Board lacks any training and scripture for anything like this. They are broke, closing schools and have a hard time at keeping up with social changes. And on the other hand we have a very active and bored underage population here in Brevard with access to many social media sites that don’t require a lot fact checking. All the blogs I seemed to have read and news articles all lean heavy towards accounts from Robert and his friends. The school and the County have had little, to no time to prepare a statement let alone a defense for the size of attack they are facing. I went to their poor Facebook account and read all the people bashing them and even a tweet about how “rude” the staff was on the phone. They take care of over 1200 students and a beehive was just dropped on their switchboard, I’d be kinda short with people too. Are they handling it well? No, no they aren’t, not at all. But again this is because of a lack of information, enlightenment and training.

Okay so that’s what’s been said and what’s been done. So lets accurately summarize as the news loves to do.


18 year old Gay for Pay actor, Robert/Noel is discovered by peers as an adult actor and a scandal is born. Instantly the student starts gaining gossip and interest and as a result the word “Gun” and “School” are mentioned too close together for the administrations liking and he was suspended while everything was under investigated. In the mean time, students took to rioting and staging walkouts in support of a “gay” student. He has been allowed to go back to school and I’m sure with the proper amount of effort he can and will graduate with his class.

Now what can you do with all this pent up rage and energy for wanting CHANGE NOW! Well please don’t stop calling the school board. But start calling for a new reason. The students were as just to blame as this as the School Board. And education is something we need. This is bigger than Robert, bigger than me and even bigger than Matthew Shepard. This is about educating future generations about things that have become sexual taboos in everyday society.

Start petitioning Brevard for better Sexual Education and to no longer teach Abstinence only. Brevard is state leader in teenage pregnancy as well as new STD infection in young adults and a terrifying infection rate of HIV. This county is in crisis and needs reformatting socially and health wise and our younger generations lead the charge. If you’re gonna call, or email. Do it for the right reason, an actual fix for the problem, not a martyr and a quick patch.


While I’m sure this has been traumatic on him, this is no picnic for the school, the staff and the Board. I will myself be at the school board meeting in just a few hours to speak about this very issue. On a day VERY important to us Floridians as we have officially started legal proceedings to make Gay Marriage Florida’s next step.

Drake aka BloggerBear

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  1. Native NYker

    Wow! if you are a product of that public school system this twinks extra curricular activities is the least of the worries. You cannot form a proper sentence structure! Even the best copy-editor would be challenged at making your post read well.

  2. sjohnson

    lots of babble and re-babble…too much for a story that should have stuck with the facts only. anyway—straight? HA—for pay or not he still family.

  3. Seazbiguy

    Native NYker – you should be one to talk about someone’s posting regarding sentence structure, etc. Learn some capitalization and what possessive apostrophes are used for.

    Good article, and it’s amazing what one can learn when reading beyond the headlines.

  4. headsupguy

    No, Bil … I’m going to have to side with Native NYker on this one. I got about halfway through the post and decided I just didn’t care enough about this gay-for-pay kid to continue translating from gibberish to English.

    It appears that Brevard County’s public schools are on par with most public schools in the U.S. No wonder we can’t compete with modern industrial nations around the world. Our young adults can’t read or write their own language, much less, understand foreign languages. The good news is … you don’t have to have high literacy skills to do porn.

    To be clear, I’m not criticizing the blogger. He’s doing the best he can with what he was given. I’m criticizing the school system that allowed Drake to reach the end of his matriculation without an acceptable mastery of English grammar and spelling.

    It is unconscionable that school administrators are paid obscene salaries while teachers continue to be overworked and underpaid and parents are saddled with ever increasing expenses for supplies each year on top of the higher taxes they pay for their public school systems. The product of this travesty is graduates who are woefully unprepared to continue their education or enter a competitive workplace. THAT is the crime … not pickin’ on a porn boy.

  5. Jule

    Well he does make great points, but he should probably proof read for grammatical errors before posting. Now pertaining to “Noel”. Lol. Is he really a gay for pay actor? He seems to be rather enjoying it and quite good at it.

  6. Revenant

    Maybe he shouldn’t be doing porn at 18 while still in high school. And the term “gay for pay” is just an excuse for guys who cant deal with their sexuality.

  7. Tim

    When I was in high school the girls who “put out” too often got flack. I can’t imagine if one actually did porn…

    Does SeanCody pay serious money? Getting a hot straight high school kid to bottom seems expensive, no?

  8. Synn

    He’s over 18, and didn’t break the law in any way, so this school was way out of line.

    Also, the kid’s fabulously well-endowed… what would you EXPECT him do, if he desperately needed money?! lol

  9. Jeffrey

    Thank You for posting this story/issue. I basically don’t pay much attention to any mainstream media, & if I do it is either NPR or the BBC. Likely, I would have missed this. I am particularly troubled by our financially starving educational system & strongly support public education, strong unions for teachers/administrators/staff. “Charter Schools” are a giant hoax to give away public ownership to the 1% . I know this veers from part of the situation above, but he’s legally 18 & therefore can make his own decisions.

    Aloha, -J

  10. tom

    I think we just saw evidence of what is wrong with the south, the adults cant handle sexuality and deny that children have emergent sexuality and will try thing. Nancy freaking reagan just say no policies are just feel good bull shit for adults without a grasp on reality. Texas has the highest birth rate amongst teens and guess what they believe in abstinence! Way to ruin the chances for the next generation by not dealing with reality.

    These same conservative morons do not believe in public assistance nor birth control nor abortion nor homosexuality but many had premarital sex and get divorces. Read the bible right before eating shell fish and cloven hooved animals are declared to be also to be an abomination against god is the part about pre marital and extra marital sex being the ultimate sin punishable by death by stoning being buried to the neck and the village to pelt with rocks till dead. oh yea and with the premarital sex and extra marital sex sinners is also mention of homosexuality as an equivocal sin. So pretty much everyone is damned by the fundamentalist writings from which also come sharia law, the beginning books are the same in all religions. The same way sharia law is ridiculous so to is the adhesion to the being against homosexuality, if you want to preach that is against god then someone call sarah palin and tell her that her daughter is a whore and there are religious laws on the books as to how to deal with the truculent child. It involves killing them chopping up the body and circulating the rotting flesh and telling people this is what will happen to them if they have an affair have sex before marriage or have homosexual sex. Its too bad the south is devoid of intellect while simultaneously being so corrupt.

  11. Hunter0500

    Congratulations to Robert for finding a job that taps his skills as a proclaimed “straight guy who does gay for pay.” He could well really be a “guy who actually likes to have sex with men and is lucky enough to get paid it while acting straight in life.”

    Or maybe he’ll come out with the shocking revelation that he enjoys sex with BOTH men and women and he’s really … bi. In which case he can pursue the paid side of both worlds.

  12. cranky

    I would highly encourage that the writer and/or editor (if there is one) take a second look at this article to do a little “clean-up.”

    This isn’t a petty issue of mere punctuation and capitalization; but of sentence structure and linear organization of the story.

    It’s quite difficult to get through without reading and then re-reading, trying to tease out exactly where this article is going.

    Looking forward to seeing a re-edited version.

  13. travis

    I work a mile from where he goes to school. Community is behind him, more ways than one. 😉 straight boys don’t guzzle cum the way he does. Props to him for fighting for his education.

  14. Ryan

    I’ve watched Robert’s SC scene with “Jordan”. I would imagine that he’s at least bisexual, because he was clearly enjoying himself…like…a lot. If he really is straight, then he’ll probably be buying his future wife a strap on. As for whatever went down at his school, amorphous “sources” really aren’t worth a damn beyond contributing to rumor. The important thing is that he is back in school. Perhaps he’ll entertain the idea of doing a few more scenes to fund college? The dude is gifted.

  15. BearOKC69

    Marucci’s mother, Melyssa Lieb, however, told reporters that she believes her son’s work in adult films is why school administrators suspended him.

    “She [Dr. Sullivan] flat out told me that my son was expelled not just suspended,” she reportedly stated. “He was expelled due to his explicit, adult, lifestyle career.”

    Maybe the laws have changed in Florida since I lived there and was in high school, but being “gay for pay” in a porn movie would be the equivalent of prostitution (having sex for money) and would be an illegal act that I would think most certainly would get a student (no matter what sexual orientation, male or female adult or not), with suspension at the least and most likely expulsion a result.

    As the old saying goes, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time”. In other words, there are consequences for our actions. Something this young man and his mother should maybe have considered.

  16. Keny Winchester

    It is so refreshing to read an article from someone that takes the time to actually learn the facts and report them correctly. I don’t watch the new’s for this very reason as even new’s programs sku their reporting to what the viewers and the network want to see or portray. I agree 100% with your comment about education. I came out in highschool myself and while that is the “thing” now a days in 1983 it wasn’t. I don’t judge the kid for what he did or the school for how they reacted its all one big mess that a little proper training and info could have avoided.

    Thank you for your facts

  17. Mitch

    I read an article where his mom knew what he was doing. She didn’t exactly say do it but she didn’t stop him either and not say she was proud if what he did she did say she was proud that he stepped up to be the man if the family when she couldn’t. This kid did not wake up one day and do porn. His family was having serious money trouble and at 18 there was notch he could do that paid better the minimum wage. As for the school they over reacted but in a political point they can’t look like they support it so the suspension was just for show. Years ago a porn carrier ended any other opportunities and was full if drug use spiraling into oblivion. That is not the case now days. Although porn may restrict your future employment option it is not really scene as a bad thing anymore as long as you can do your job most people could care less.

  18. nothatinnocent

    and no one said he did bareback?, I am surprised the lack of condom use has not come into this conversation, interesting

  19. nothatinnocent

    I watched his Cody promos, these guys are NOT straight, just another production company offering ‘straight’ performers so that the ‘fantasy’ is fulfilled, how stupid are the watchers believing that, bareback is the norm now?

  20. nothatinnocent

    He could have picked a ‘normal’ career path, I don’t understand the ‘hot guys’ only choice is porn. Engineering internship just doesn’t cut it these days

  21. Grammar Police

    I was intrigued with the first-hand insights offered by the original poster. Regrettably, the composition of this missive made my face melt. It needs translation.

  22. Rob

    So is it just me or do others find it disturbing that a high school student is doing porn….. I know he is 18 and legal but still he’s in high school. When I was that age my biggest problem was finding a girl to take me gay ass to the senior prom…. Of course that was before the invention of electricity…. I guess times have changed. Oh yeah I saw his porn and he’s about as straight as Lombard st in sf.

  23. becker2000

    Is this what gay people have come to? Do you guys have absolutely no sense of decency or morality left in you at all? This is a HIGH SCHOOL student! It doesn’t matter if he is 18 years old, but NO high school student should be engaging in porn (and jsut because high school studens are having sex doesn’t make it ok either). Forget age limits and what the law says is legal. It’s amazing how you guys terrorize and criticize and take to the courts against laws that don’t allow gay marriages or allow gay descrimination, but yet you cozy up to and praise the law when it allows for any and all kinds of morally bankrupt and indescriminate and indescent behavior outside of age restrictions. Gays it seem have absolutely no moral compass whatsoever, and is proving everyone else right in their assessment about us. 18 or not, he is a school boy, and this can not be consider acceptable or right. I suspect this young man didn’t care either, becuase he must have known that in today’s technological world, that his escapade into porn would be seen in his home town.

  24. Harry

    I have presente4 over 500 workshops …gay 101. I am stunned at the number of readers with the red pen in hand insulting the person presenting a real issue in our community. The school system has better things to do then worry about the str8 kid with a dick up his ass. If you were hung up on grammer , you missed the entire point about the level of judgement we as gay people feel entitled to spew. It makes us as bad as the anti gay people.

  25. einathens

    He’s back at school today after a 4day suspension. How long until the book deal and documentary?
    And shall we bet that his scene fee just went up?

  26. derrick

    I did my first porn at 18, it s his choice. Kids from school never found out til ten yr reunion. Porn paid for my college and now I m in a great job and nobody knows my past except my husbear. If they did nobody seems to care.

  27. nvillejay

    The comments here make at least one thing perfectly clear: there is every bit as much hate (self-hate, maybe?) and self-righteousness in the Gay Community as anywhere else – and when you add that to the requisite Gay ‘bitchyness,’ it’s just even uglier. And as for all those who wrote to complain about grammar and syntax in the original post, but whose own writing is at LEAST as flawed… puhleeze…

  28. dan

    Well it was reported that this kid just turned 18 last week, so the pervs at sean Cody filmed an under aged kid. I have a problem with that, sorry.

  29. Rickey Self

    Well here they go again!They bring up about Florida being in the Bible Belt.Now if these people had read the Bible they wouldn’t be using it to judge people because God’s Word is not Judgement.But if they tell the truth it’s about the sex between two men or two women.But there is no way that the Government Federal or State Should tell any one what their morals or morality should be nor who they should love.Alabama is so behind they are still using back yard tolets because they are full of SHIT..Leave this young man alone.

  30. Mike

    I don’t doubt he did porn for the money. Why else would anyone do it? Sure, it’s a great choice for an exhibitionist, but otherwise who would do it? After seeing him in “action” he doesn’t seem to be a naïve kid. He might say he’s straight, but he is VERY good at getting it on with a guy. Unless Sean Cody models get extensive training in gay sex, this guy is a great performer. BIG tool, great body, happy easy going personality, and takes to bottoming like it’s a day at the beach. I’m sure Sean Cody or another studio will offer him a career in gay porn, he is certainly eager and seems to love performing on camera.

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