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DOM_GOD likes men who love themselves as well as others. He is a single young sexy black man looking for fun friends. As far as fun, he is dibbling and dabbling in everything, he loves everyone equally, a universal man! He likes all types of music he is an outgoing go-getter! He has a very good sense of humor, likes goofing around when not handling business, but get serious minded and realist when handling said business.

He loves good food, great wineries/wine, loves partying, kicking back relaxing. He is a Family man, who takes people’s situations seriously. He is educated and hard working, knows what he want and he go for it!

Like him? Check him out, send him a note! Maybe you’d like to know what his username means? 😛

If you too would like to be featured, send a message with username, what you like, what you’re looking for etc. to blog at

Have a great day guys!


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  1. Jimmy

    are you kidding me?..Member of the week,I disagree 100%..With a screen name like that who is he trying to impress,Everyone or himself or both..geez worst pick so far

  2. robo42

    yawwwwnn, yes he’s attractive, but when does “Dom” have to equate trying to look hard and mean? and good pix don’t require abstract lighting, bless his 21-year-old heart. to me he looks like another queen who once you get him in bed he’s probably a sub bottom (nothing wrong with that, just sayin). and who knows if thats even his dick pic. im not a hater, i just can’t stand those kind of self inflated profiles … a GOD ? ok

  3. Dom_God

    To All Who Posted Positively, Thank You. I Saved Space On My Profile To Place One Of My Most Recent Poems, Being That The Blog Had Info About Me In A Nutshell. I Hope You All Enjoyed It. To The Negative Comments, I Apologize That You Didn’t Get…Open Your Mind, Come Back And Read The Poem, Then You Will See How Many Things You Could Draw From That, You Will Find Brilliance In Said Poem, Or Maybe You Had Your Life Handed To You, So You Are Stuck On Material, I Don’t Owe You An Impression. Anyone With A Positive, Down To Earth, Mature Mind Frame And Attitude Are More Than Welcome To Chat! Thanks Again For Everything.

  4. Anthony

    To those who comment on his looks or his screen name, most of you aren’t any better expecting some Adonis from a4a…quit having impossible expectations because you really won’t be 100% happy…and looks aren’t what’s important in any relationship…the personality is. So let’s be less close minded and more willing to accept everyone as who they are like we constantly fight for all over the world!

  5. Hunter0500

    If he’s the kind of guy you’re looking for he’s great and you’ll go all gooey over this “Member of the Week.” If he’s not the kind of guy you’re looking for, he’s not anything to get all gooey over.

    I myself am not “exceptional”. Most guys, in fact, aren’t “exceptional,” but many are still are great additions to your life. I have let my core group of buds know I’m glad I know them. They have reciprocated.

    Not sure what made Dom_God “Member of the Week.” He says he’s a fun, young, urban, Black businessman. Not sure about the name; need more info on that. But in general, he’s says he’s all well and good. What qualifies a guy for “Member of the Week”.

  6. Gagagaboy

    Why criticize this guy for obtaining Adam4Adam’s member of the week? Are you all that small? It’s not as if Obama’s going to knock at your door and award member of the week with the Nobel Prize!
    If people invested as much positive energy into peace and equality than they did spewing negative energy into an internet bashing, bitterness and pettiness wouldn’t be common in our community.

  7. zapa3

    These negative comments is exactly why I don’t have anything to do with the gay community. 90% of the gay community is nothing but selfish, judgemental, hateful, pricks. If we don’t look a certain way we don’t fit in. This is why I don’t go to amy pride events. Because we aren’t a community struggling to get our rights, we’re cliques. There is nothing community about the gay community. It’s sad and pathetic. This is why gay youth are terrified to come out, the face scrutiny from straights AND gays. And that makes me sick. I’m 20 years old and I’m completely proud of who I am. But I’m not proud of my “community”. Whenever we stop hating on everyone and stop being little snobs, I may have more respect for our community. But as for right now, ya’ll can have the community. And I’ll have my straight marine buddies.

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