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Have you ever been in a relation with a sugar daddy or a sugar baby? Are you yourself a sugar daddy or a sugar baby?

Sugar baby : A young male who is financially pampered/cared for by a sugar daddy in exchange for companionship (i.e. sexual favors).

Are you a sugar daddy?

Sugar daddy : A man who provides money or other favors in exchange for sexual relations.

In the U.S. (mainly in the big cities) more and more young gay guys are willing to date for money and many of them take this decision in order to pay for school. ย Searching online for suitors or wealthy benefactors who, in exchange for companionship, sex, or both, might help with the bills.

The willingness to date for money is not limited to young gay men struggling to pay off school debt. An increasing number of young straight women students have also taken to the web in the past several years searching for wealthy benefactors. While young gay men exchanging sex for money certainly predated the financial collapse, recent events have pushed some students to consider engaging in risky behavior that in more robust economic times, might have been unthinkable.

In an online dating survey, the average gay sugar daddy is now 39 years old, has an annual income of approximately $215,482.39, and has a net worth of over $6 million.ย New York City easily nabbed the top spot for sugar daddy/sugar son relationship followed by Chicago and Los Angeles, in second and third place respectively.

What do you think about this guys? If you are a young guy, is it something you would be willing to do? And what about you, older guys? Would you date or have a relation with a younger guy in exchange for money?

Let me know your thoughts!


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  1. Dave

    I would gladly become someone’s sugar baby. I still look the part. Just because I’m fifty years old now, shouldn’t mean anything. And I have the experience that a kid fresh out of high school doesn’t. I also have much better taste in music, which is something most sugar daddies don’t consider until it’s too late. Oh, they see a young, acne scarred face, and they rush into something without thinking about it. Then, late at night, they are awakened by the dischordant strains of J. Jasie Smack P.I.G. echoing through the apartment. The horror!

  2. Mitch

    I’m kind if old to be a sugar baby but also to young to be a sugar daddy. If I was younger and fit the profile I would consider it because not having money sucks. As I get older the younger guys are harder to find and I like me an 18yo from time-to-time so I’d be a sugar daddy.

  3. John

    I use to say I would never pay for sex. But as I get older and it’s” harder to turn the trick” so to speak, I’m a little more open to the idea. Though I really don’t have the money to support a sugar baby like I use to

  4. Michael

    I have been a Sugar Daddy for many years and I have always enjoyed it. I have had several long-term arrangements with younger guys. And none of them were just about only sex either. I became good friends with these guys. I enjoyed taking them out to dinner, on vacations, or just hanging out at my place. A Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationship is as much about companionship as it is about sex. If I were looking only for sex, it would be less expensive to rent a guy for an hour. I never really found that fulfilling, so moving to a Sugar Daddy situation was a natural move for me. In this type of arrangement, I feel that both of us are getting what we need and enjoying each other’s company. I have always been very selective about who I choose in going into this type of arrangement. It has to be someone I like and who I want to spend time with outside of the bed. And it has to be someone who doesn’t have a string of other Sugar Daddys waiting for him.

    I am in my late 50’s and heavyset. This way I get to be with the type of guy that I am most attracted to, help him out with his situation, and have really good sex on a regular basis. I realize that there are detractors out there. I used to be one when I was younger. I used to swear that I would never pay. But when I got older, I began looking at it quite differently.

    It’s not for everyone and you do have to exercise good judgment.

  5. Dax

    I have often thought about looking for a Sugar Daddy in my area. Not a man to LIVE with, but definitely spend time together doing anything and everything. Someone that would help me with my bills, and possibly help me afford some better things. I think it would benefit us both.

  6. WitRidic

    I feel like the whole sugar daddy/sugar baby thing is just long-term prostitution. I personally don’t agree with it and, at 25, I wouldn’t date or have relations with an older guy for money. If you truly like someone, money shouldn’t be needed, right?

  7. Wild West

    I have a younger partner, and yes i help him out with his money while he is in school. He enjoys Older Men, and myself i enjoy his company, conversation, and sex. But take in mind, its not all SEX! He is very energetic and seems to want to do more than usual male of my age range (46). He is a Very Attractive Puerto Rican (27), that i met last year while working in Puerto Rico. I feel very comfortable with him, and any where we go. If you have any other questions, just let me know! Have a Great Weekend!

  8. Pres

    I really think that this I two steps from prostitution, not that I think that is immoral or wrong. But, when you are selling your body, time and telling this other person what are most likely lies, you might want to reconsider your lifestyle. I think people have the right to love anyone they want, but this isn’t love, this is exchanging money for sex. To both sides of the argument the older man is usually lonely, socially isolated and has minimal contact with the gay community (IE: bars, prides, fundraisers, gay friends). The younger male has issues with self-esteem (including how he looks, is perceived by others, and his overall ability to influence his own fate), his parents have been unsupportive and he might just be out for the money. This is never a good thing and leads both people into a relationship based on favors and deceit wherein both are inevitably hurt and feel like they were used. I’m not saying being in love with older or younger people is bad but when money is the main catalyst for that love nothing that happens is real. If you ask me both of these men need three things
    1. To get some contact with gay people and get a real footing in the community so they can meet more available people.
    2. Try to deal with the personal issues that make a long-lasting relationship difficult.
    3. Look for partners that are equals and can provide a connection and common goals. (When was the last time a 20 year old and a 40 year old had the same goals realistically?)
    This whole idea is demeaning in my personal opinion, I’m in my 20’s and would never sell my body to some guy in exchange for money or some stuff. If I need that stuff I go buy it myself and do the work for it, like a regular person. And, when I’m older I certainly will not pay for a younger guy, at that point I will be looking forward to relationships with guys that I can have more in common with than a vapid 20 year old, not looking back and trying to buy men that I wish I had the courage to sleep with when I was hot and young.

  9. Daddy

    Yes, I have done sugar daddy relationships. I thought that the money would make it easier, but I think it complicates things. When you pay someone to have sex with you, you are pretty much guaranteeing that you are getting someone who doesn’t really enjoy you or like it.

  10. FreeRangeRadikal

    Consider companionship a free-market, supply-and-demand commodity. If both parties enter into the agreement willingly, then whose business is it to tell them that they can’t, or shouldn’t?

    The gay community has long been the refuge of those on whom society has attempted to impose “morality” or its own sense of what it considers right and wrong. That usually ends badly for us. You have no further to look than in sub-Saharan Africa right now, or Russia, or any other theocratic extremism, and you’ll find gays on the bleeding edge of the imposition of the wills of others. People are dying because of it.

    So, if neither party is being hurt, if they’re both profiting from the venture in some way, and if no infringement on the rights or welfare of others is incurred, what’s the problem, or is this just an attempt to make one?

  11. Adam

    Hum? How can a young guy fake an orgasm like a young woman can? And do it for money too. Sounds like prostitution to me but who am I to judge? I’ve known women who have “worked” their way through college by turning tricks. Isn’t this the same thing? As long as all parties have full disclosure, then what’s the harm in doing it?

  12. Allen

    I was in a 4 year relationship with a younger guy. I was 38 and he was 18 when we met the first time. However the age difference, we truly loved and helped each other. I was his dad, lover, brother and friend all rolled into one. My young partner was in not in the relationship with me for money. I taught him as if he was my own son and educated him what is responsibility. Our relationship ended when he turned 21 years of age. I never held him prisoner or possessed him like an object like is some dad and son relationships. I only hope he has taken with him of everything I have taught him to be a responsible young adult. As of recent he has made contact with me again and he is now dating a 27 y/o. Unfortunately , the new boyfriend does not seem very stable and has problems with the alcohol. I do miss my young boyfriend and I still love him very dearly. If we were to get back together again. We would have to adjust with each other. We shall see how things turn out for us both in the near future..

  13. muzyqman

    I think if “Sugar Daddy” is a wealthy older man who would support a younger man, then a “Sugar Baby” should be a wealthy younger man (trust fund baby?) willing to support an older man. I generally call it a “sugar chicken!”

  14. Sean

    I’m 36 and hell no I don’t pay for relations …i don’t have too if I give/get money in exchange for “companionship” …I’d rather be alone.

  15. Jeff

    No and since i do not fit into the survey numbers i never will pay for sex it will not happen if a young gay needs help with bill and is happy doing this then who am i to say he is wrong, i am looking for more than just sex however i want a man to stay with me for not just for how much i can pay.

  16. Srah212

    Hell yea I would do it! Me being 21 and paying for college myself could use the money. I don’t see it as a bad thing. Everyone needs a little help now and then.

  17. dtl

    I am 23, and would be all for a relationship of this stature. I work two jobs and still barely make bills. If an order gentleman wants to pay me for my company, why not!


    Speaking from experience rich men generally will not tell you right off the bat that they are millionaire’s/multimillionaire’s (although one man did so when I was 18 – I think he wanted to “reel me in” so to speak LOL). I have no problem with Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy relationships, you just have to be aware that rich men WILL NOT tell you that they’re really doing it as a pre-marriage type of thing. Men with money want to see if they can trust you before marriage, because obviously if they can’t it will have massive implications (divorce, disease, fraud). I’ve found that ‘Old Money’ (I don’t know about ‘New Money’) wants to see if they can trust you with large amounts of money, management of assets, and overall well-being of estate (hence pre-marriage). Although, one thing I can say Old Money, and New Money are doing is getting prenuptial agreements (“prenup”) (on advice from their lawyers).

    Again, I have nothing against these types of relationships as I have dated several millionaires/multimillionaires myself. I just feel like they should call it what it is PRE-MARRIAGE. Discretion is the name if the game with these men. The last thing they want to do is to settle down and get taken to the cleaners. They will test your wits, try to break you, and challenge you, but in the end it’s all worth it (especially if you love him). Although I gravitated towards men lower down the socioeconomic ladder (to put it nicely), because they have nothing to loose, and are generally more easygoing.

    I do however miss those $2,000 weekly payments into my bank account.

  19. JR

    I have done this. Be a sugarbaby and it is not always what you think. Having someone pay the bills and take care of everything is nice, but his working all the time and not being around, watching you and spying on you so you don’t cheat or steal from him and the worst pimping you out to his other rich men friends is not good. I have had all that happen. I went out with one of my sugardaddies friends because he ask me and the other guy tried to force himself on me. I don’t like being under someone else’s thumb and they control everything is always the best. Think about it before you do something like this young men?

  20. SingleGuy88 on A4A hit me up!

    I want Sugar Daddy, anyone out there need a Sugar baby?! Hit me up, really I’ve always wanted to be a Sugar baby ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Mikhail

    I myself have toyed with the idea of becoming a sugar baby. Im sure its not all its cracked up to be sometimes but I would only do so if there was chemistry. Its the same for sex in general with me I have to have some kind of connection with the person to have sex with them. But like I said thats just my point of view.

  22. TRTiger

    I’m a 52 year old Sugar Daddy. I love younger guys and am currently spoiling a 29 year old on a weekly basis. He provides me with shopping lists and I buy him whatever he wants – underwear, cologne, gift cards and also pay his cell phone bill and give him cash. He comes over and we have sex, he takes his gifts and leaves. He is bisexual and a really sweet guy. He always tells me he’s “gotta pay the bills.” I work 70 hours a week so don’t have time for a relationship. This arrangement works out great for both of us. I get a hot latino with a nice ass and 8″ uncut cock to suck & swallow and he gets some financial help and gifts to keep him happy.

  23. fasteddy

    Ya know, I really don’t see a lot of difference Sugar relationships and the traditional marriage here in the U.S. for the first couple of centuries we were in existence. Love often grew out of familiarity rather than romance. As the economic options for women were very limited out side of teaching or sewing factories, most women relied on their husbands for survival, as do Sugar Babies, who do so to prosper rather than just survive, like women used to. As long as both are up front and honest of what is expected of each other and it is freely agreed to, who gives a shit.

  24. eminent

    I don’t mind having a sugar daddy but the relationship shouldn’t be totally based on money and sex there should be some amount of LOVE in it.

  25. LD

    I’m sure it’s great for some situations but it’s not a winning situation for either side.

    The sugar daddy is just being used for money, and if the sugar baby is put in the will, or gets a wedding ring on his finger in certain states, then the sugar daddy risks being murdered for his money too. Who wants someone that’s just using you for your money?!? I’d rather pay a hustler or jack off and be done with it.

    The sugar baby doesn’t ever get rich, and is not free, and it’s always someone else’s money. The sugar baby can’t buy what he wants, do what he wants, or develop his own life really. Unless a sugar baby is desperate this is not a good situation to be in. It’s usually a better life to be independent and living paycheck to paycheck IMO.

  26. Will

    While what you write about is likely true, I have been told a few times now that potential sugar babies look for single older guys who have a decent job and their own place, not so limited to rich guys.

  27. JOEY

    No matter what cute name you place on it, it is still prostitution. Which has been around since the start of time, and looks like it is still going strong today.

  28. dan

    NO. That’s so pathetic. I would rather work and make something of myself than leech of someone for their money. I sure wouldn’t pay anyone to have sex with me either. I’m attractive so I don’t need to buy anyone. Leave all this to the desperate, talentless and physically unattractive.


    I am a hot young light ski suger baby looking to move frm Indiana to somewhere else the right sugerdaddy will help email me

  30. Simba (Sexxyeyes on A4A)

    I was in a relationship with a sugar daddy for 4yrs until I moved.we still keep on constant contact although I have moved. Although our relationship did start out as jus a business proposal it became more as time went on. I wouldn’t mind having one again. I relocated because of him and when I moved again he helped me move. I miss him but I did it for my career and he understands. So if you are looking for a seasoned sugar baby I’m here.

  31. Loren

    As an older gay, I have long had the impression that a sugar baby was one that would take care of me ๐Ÿ™‚ . Not actually into the sugar relationship of sex and money being a commodity. However, are we kidding ourselves, isn’t that the basis of many heterosexual relationships today?

  32. Sugar baby/little brother

    I would love to meet someone who could help me out financially. Times are hard and at 25 I’m not making the money I wish I could. I’m in NYC

  33. steffan darrlington

    I am 21 from guyana in south america,attending school and plus renting an apartment ,its really hard for me to pay bills and most less get a proper meal a day sometimes I stay without eating. Guyana here don’t really have those guys who are angel touche to help guys like me who in need, there many things to be considered when being a sugar baby ,cos I reallu would love one so I can have my school bills paid and not worry I have to drop out cos I can’t pay rent or that.but its the talk after u may received. I see many post and some reflects the danger n sad face feeling I don’t want face,cos talking bad if I/wE ask for help ,its like its bad to ask for ths, but understand persons who say NO if u needed help and had no where to turn n that guy/sugar daddy offers to helpo u out ur jam just to spend a night wit u, wouldn’t u accept it???? . I always thinked thinking before actions n saying things was right n I am, do that before flogging a comment. If I to ever get that sugar daddy god thank u,
    I na know if we can add n be friends here anyone to just link n chat I’m on bbm 2a56e99f and whatsapp +5926889489 stefan

  34. MIKE A

    I always was into having sex with older guys , I grew up fast all my friends were older and yes Iwas the youngest one in the crowd , But i held my own in conversation and insight .
    Gay For pay ? no really , Yes i didnt pay the rent and often didndt pay for the food or bills around the house , But it want my house , I was a guest . The relationship wasn’t about making the bills . I like younger guys too now that i am older , but i like older guys as well and if they are sexy that a plus . I say 39 is way to young to be a sugar daddy . If they want to ge paid , come back in 30 years .at 69 and earn that cash .

  35. Seven

    I will preface my response by stating that while I know exchanging sex for monetary gain is not something to which one should aspire, but I won’t deny that I have given it thought, especially with all the financial hardship I’ve had in my young adult life. A time not too long ago, if my memory serves me right, towards the end of 2010 I’d met an older guy, which I tend to prefer, simply because they are better lovers, not because of what they have or how much they earn. Anyway, I met this guy, he turned out to be not what I expected, he mislead me because he wasn’t up front about the fact that he had a physical disability that rendered him wheelchair bound, which I didn’t find out until we’d actually met face to face. I was purely shocked, but I engaged him despite the fact he had no legs. He was very nice guy from day one, he wasn’t very attractive, a heavy smoker, made a living in the carnival industry and what he got for his disability; he was just an average joe, blue collar, older white male who drove a dusty white dodge minivan. As time progressed over the course of about year and a half he and I developed a genuine friendship, of course he wanted more, but I was reluctant b/c I didn’t reciprocate those same feelings. He fell in love in with me, I didn’t kiss him, anymore; all he ever wanted to do was make me happy, you name it, blow jobs as much as I wanted, he took me on shopping sprees, paid my cell phone bill, bought me my very first laptop, took me out to dinner, often I never had to pay for anything, he rented hotel rooms for us, the whole nine, but I felt that buying my affection was the only way he felt he could’ve been with a guy like me. It certainly was a cake walk, he was somewhat possessive and very needy, although I checked him about that often, b/c I wasn’t one to be controlled or manipulated, but it goes to show there’s always a price to pay when you have someone else footing the bill for your lifestyle. I had even tried to find ways to get away from him; I left town, changed my number, ignored his emails, everything I could because I wanted to forget about him, but he didn’t let up, so eventually I emailed him and we reconnected a few months later he passed away from a heart attack while he was out of town for his job. He had planned to fly me up to GA to visit him the same week. I really missed him and still do, but after his unfortunate death, I did feel a weight was lifted because I no longer felt the pressure that came with being his friend.

  36. steffan darrlington

    I would love to have a sugar daddy with my bills I’m having as a single , on my own kid, I’m going school n payying rent n class fees on a part time job money and all the lame ass guys in guyana want do is make excuses,if I get the chance I prefer marry my sugar ,cos I don’t want lose or change. Daddy if I get him

  37. Prodigy

    I once was a sugar baby and it was definitely an experience. I enjoyed his company and I forgot about the “title.” As time went on it developed into an relationship, but things got bad when it was time to do things without him. I have always been attracted to older men and when this unnamed gentlemen came along I didn’t know he was as wealthy as he was. To make this short I dont like the sugar daddy/sugar baby terminology. If your not attracted to them dont be with them. I’m not knocking anyones hussle but remember you’ll be a sugar daddy one day..

  38. Jay

    I would most definitely be a sugar baby!
    It’s almost ironic I found this blog at this time because just recently I have been really considering looking for a sugar daddy. I think it’s nice to be able to feel taken care of and pampered in return for a few favors. I’d definitely want to get to the know the sugar daddy and make sure the intentions are very well defined so no lines are crossed and just make sure both of us are gonna be benefiting.
    I don’t think I’m desperate just because I’d like a sugar daddy. I work extremely hard and I’m very focused in all of my college things, but having that little extra money would be nice and take off a lot of stress! Especially with the cost of college nowadays…
    As long both are getting what they want and are mutually benefiting, I think such arrangements sound fun!

  39. toyboi21

    Nothing wrong with a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship in my experience. Used to have one when I was 20 (he was 37) we enjoyed each others company & trusted each other so it was never really just about the sex & money like some might think. Eventually he was required to move overseas because of a new job, & even offered to pay for everything for me to move & live with him, but I had a future to think about & we ended up going our separate ways. Overall it was a great experience & I’d be open to do it again.

  40. Fairprince

    If I had to live life over I would be a sugar baby , I prefer older guys and hey I am now older lol not much into younger guys yes they do work a hungry bottom well In My case very well ,

  41. Tyler

    I had a “sugar daddy” for 11yrs. Met him when I was 17 and he 53. He is a successful business man in my home town. Started off as a guy I would j/o for to get money, but has turned into a 2nd dad. He has been to my water polo/swimming events in high school and college, seen me graduate high school, graduate college, join the army, and seen me off to tours in Afghanistan & Iraq. I’ve never had sex with him only j/o, let him give me a bj or let him watch me have sex. I get a monthly spending allowance and a new car every 3 yrs.

  42. Not really knowing

    I really dont think of my relationship that way but I guess I have to look at the facts. Do I pay for everything. Yeah but I kind of insist on it because it makes me feel like the man. Does he have a job no but he keeps himself occupied.
    Do I feel like a sugar daddy. yeah I guess sometimes when he asks me for things. Are my credit cards maxed out. yes they are. I guess the real question is do I think that he wouldnt be around if I didnt buy him things. Im to afraid to ask that question. I think Im in love but Ive been hurt so many times before and I believe that he loves me when hes with me. I can see it. but I dont always feel it. The truth is I have a lot of doubts and I know reasons are valid. I compare myself to his past realationships. And I dont get to meet anyone he knows and he doesnt want to meet anyone I know or my family so that I think is biggest doubt I have because if he loved me and was proud to be with me than he wouldnt feel the need to go out to the bars with his friends and he would be proud to introduce me as his man. Thats not the case and I think that is what hurts the most. I dont feel important or special. Otherwise he would want me to be by his side all in the good times as not just the bad.

  43. Angel

    Really? Since I turned 40 I will say that the whole sugar daddy thing really makes no sense. I was once a teen and in my twenties and I will say I was always independent with my life and that was with two drug abusing parents. I never looked to a man to pay my bills and blow him for it. Now that I’m 40 I certainly don’t need a sugar baby to make me feel good about myself. My money and Armani are all mine!

  44. Hunter0500

    Sugarbaby/daddy relationships are fine if they work for the parties involved. They are sex and companionship for hire. They are quick money for the seller and quick physical relationships wrapped with an emotional bow for the buyer. For the seller, too, there can sometimes be the illusion of an emotional connection. In reality, once the flow of money or goods is terminated, the business relationship ceases and the relationship itself disolves for all parties involved.

    As long as individuals are comfortable with selling themselves (sex or a pseudo emotional relationships) for money or goods, and as long as there are buyers who understand the nature of the transactions, sugarbaby/daddy relationships are just another color swatch in human interaction.

  45. JKH1982

    I was considered a sugar baby, I guess, when I was 19 with an older gentleman who was in his 60’s. Someone posted something about low self-esteem, and yes, I do believe this. Like anyone in the service industry, there is some sort of yearning that this fills. For me, yes it was nice to not have to worry about rent, bills, or food, and the allowance was definitely nice for a broke college student but through our 2 year relationship we never had sex. Of course there was touching, etc., but I made sure he knew my strict boundaries, so this was more of a companionship thing. I was severely depressed looking for any outlet, and this arrangement worked out.

    As I grow older, and have the financial means, I would definitely help someone out if there was a need.

  46. Peter

    I guess that is what happens when you go against the norm. Those in gay relationships are seeking balance as much as those in straight relationships – someone has to submissive whether physically or mentally. They’re just a mimic of male-female relationships.

  47. jim wal

    i help out most my partners,, they usually call me or contact me to see if they can come back, saying they had a great time,, dinner,, drinks,, movie,, sex usually becomes a secondary thing,, but sessions are usually a def thing that happens,, usually without the confineds of being awarkward thing.. sorry bout my spelling,, lol.. but you know what I mean,, in the country here in Alabama, lots of people need some kind of help.. grocerys for family sometimes is all that’s needed,, I help even if sex isn’t apart of the situation.. lets get real,, been going on since the beginning of mankind.. both male and female.

  48. Texas Coach

    I am an older guy and don’t have too much trouble finding younger guys for sex and friendship. I haven’t really been a sugar daddy but can be generous to help a guy out. I do get an occasional massage if the masseur looks like my type. What kind of dating sites are there where sugar daddies/sons find each other? I’d like to check them out. Thanks

  49. origamilove

    I’m 23, and I only date older men and not for their money. The last guy I dated was 44, and broke. He was living paycheck to paycheck but that never mattered. I broke up with him for his crazy political views that were really hateful towards certain groups of people.

    But anyway I have never been a sugar baby and nor do I want that. I work a part time job and I make enough to pay what I need and save some. I’ve always been independent. I want to build stability for myself and that’s only something i can create for myself.

    The current guy I’m dating is from Europe and is here working in the horse show.. He obviously has money but I won’t ever ask him for a cent. I know that right now in life I’m making less than what I was a year ago but my life is changing and i feel myself moving in the right direction. So I’m extremely positive and can do for myself.

  50. robert

    I was a sugar/daddy and loved it when we met he was 18 and I was 54. The relationship lasted 10 years, once when I was laid off from work and between jobs (corporate america)he went out and found a job and brought his pay check to me. During our time I taught him how to balance a check book live on a budget manage his money the closer I got to retirement the more my interest changed our relationship developed into a father/son and now I am father in law to his boyfriend is very rewarding. Wouldnt trade the time we had together as lovers and the time we have no. Am now looking for another sugar baby.

  51. jay11970

    Personally, I see nothing wrong with these situations(sugar daddy/baby or escorts)as long as it between consenting adults. If you have the money to pay, go for it. Most of the sterotypes surrounding this “arrangment”, on both sides, are often flat out wrong or exaggerated. Traditional dating or “looking” can be time consuming and often lacking what you really want. Having a sugar baby, or even escort, saves time and cuts to the chase as both parties know what is expected from their time together. Suprisingly, these situations start out about money, but most times grow into something more for both sides. In the end, if you can afford to be a sugar daddy and see/know someone willing to do it(be a sugar baby), go for it. If you are hot enough for someone to pay to be with you, and you want/need the money, go for it. That’s my opinion!!!

  52. princepuppycock

    Hey world, happy new year to all the mature masculine men in the world that we desire… I am only 26 now and I to where a sugar baby.. and I loved my partner dearly… not for the money but who they where.. what we need to remember, is that everything under the sun don’t last Forever….

  53. thatsexychico

    I’d love a sugar daddy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    i love older mean anyways, so sex with a little advantage is always good!

    in Florida, any takers? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  54. mason

    19 university of penn pre-med abroad college student from England. 19, 6’1,166 muscles, ABS, 9inches thick&cut, total top, mixed(blk/wht /middle eastern)….always open to adventure

  55. Power Toro

    I’m 41 and I refused to pay for sex. Especially, from a young guy. I’m so happy I’m not into young guys. They basically give me the creeps! Living in Southern California helps as well. There are so many guys here of all ages that are always ready to play. Even the so called “married” ones……

  56. DC

    As Ive seen there are a few points I agree with. I wouldn’t sleep/continue to do so with someone just for money. I am however typically more attracted to older men. I am 20 and the average age of guys ive considered being with is about 31 or 32. So someone 39, if they are attractive and have lots of money, if you wanna pamper the fuck outta me go for it ๐Ÿ™‚ I dont however expect to quit my job, I can just spend my money on myself or get my sugar daddy something great ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. jay

    ill be 26 this year… ive been seeing my man for about 4 years and hes 52 now so you do the math… i can say that he is well off, definitely doing better than me financially… would i consider him a sugar daddy? ehhh i dont know… he does buy me gifts on special ocassions and pays whenever go out but then again so do i… money has never really been an issue… i know he has it, but i think its more his dick size than his wallet thats really got me… that, and that hes the best guy ever!!! still waiting for him to say the L word back… and now im juss rambling on….

  58. brian

    I would definitely do this. I am currently enrolled in college and paying out of state tuition. I already like getting fucked by older guys, why not get paid to do it?

  59. Alec

    I was a SB When I was 17 to a partnered cpl. Wow 22 yrs ago. For me the experience was great for many years. Went grocery shopping, mall, events, antique shows even opened an antique business together. For me it was more of a companions yes the sex was great. They taught me a lot and I grew to love them both equality, as I see the world a bit differently and how love can blossom grow and be shared. Both are long departed now for 10 years,but would do it all over again under the right circumstances.

  60. Chip

    All these generalities about how pathetic sugar-daddies and supported-sons are in the writers’ eye simply prove that discrimination and unfounded bias is not limited to the straight community.

    You can no more say that all sugar-daddies are lonely and ego-maniacal (or that all supported-sons are ego-deficient pseudo-prostitutes) than you could say that all homosexuals are sex-crazed lunatics only a heart-beat away from turning to pedophilia. Sure, you can find an example here and there of a lonely old rich guy who uses his excess funds to buy himself a companion, and the relationship is all about money and deceit… but there are also plenty of examples where dads & sons get together in a mutually beneficial, mutually agreeable situation.

    Do some of these relationships go bad? Sure — but remember the old marriage statistic from the 1990’s: 50% of all marriages end in divorce… the other 50% end in death.

    I’m far from rich, but I’ve supported younger men on multiple occasions with housing and even job assistance. Sometimes sex was involved, sometimes not. I helped one young man get his college degree (financially and academically – through tutoring). While he lived with me and went to college, we had sex. Now, years later, we’re still friends and I was invited to his wedding last year. (A same-sex wedding).

    I’m helping another young man even now find housing and a job. We’ve known each other since he was in a relationship with another friend a few years ago, but they’re no longer a couple and we’re having casual sex while he’s with me. Neither one of us is thinking this will lead to a “relationship”, and my helping him out is not (and never would have been) based upon a promise of sex. But while we’re 2 horny dudes under one roof, well… boys will be boys! ๐Ÿ™‚

    My point is that we (as homosexuals)don’t like to be generalized by others “not like us”, and we shouldn’t do it to others — especially in our own community — who simply aren’t quite like us. EVERY relationship (in the broadest terms — to include friendship) is unique in an of itself. If its working for those involved, let them be. If it is not, then help them change what isn’t working (including moving on away from the relationship).

  61. Gay Tony

    It’s prostitution, plain and simple.

    And the average sugar daddy age is 39?! Damn. It’s easy to still be hot and hunky at 39. These must be some butt ugly obese 39 year olds.

    The average sugar daddy income is over $200k?!? What you’re telling me is that NYC is filled with butt fugly obese rich guys who think they can just buy love to compensate their being otherwise undesirable.

    And, I’ve hooked up with plenty of sugar babies on those , while their sugar daddies are at work. They do NOT enjoy the sex with their gents, it’s just work. Sometimes they wanna have axe with someone they’re actually attracted to, and that’s where I come in. The sex is always great because these younger guys are always bent up by faking it so many times for the gent that the real thing causes them to let loose.

  62. Heith

    I was always short on cash when in college and I know a guy in his 40s who always fixed my car. He helped with my car and sometimes books. It started by me in his garage and I could not pay to fix the transmission in my Celica. He looked at me and said he took any compensation when looking me down. I asked what he meant and rubbed his hand up my shirt over my abs and pecs. I am bi and he wasn’t ugly. I said okay and he took my shirt off and his. He was a slim guy and he kissed and pushed me down to go down on him. It was about 5 minutes of sucking and then he blew. It was kind of hot for me and from that point on I would put out for him in his garage. He always helped me when needed. It was either a sugar thing or a 50/50 thing.

  63. Avi

    I’m 25, and I’ve been solicited by older men for money on Grindr before. These guys weren’t attractive, but the idea of being a sugar baby is intriguing.

    Honestly, I would feel bad taking advantage of a guy like that. I’ve slept around with some older men, and it was hot. I wouldn’t be opposed to the idea of having a sugar daddy, but I could only do it with a guy who I find attractive and interesting, i.e., someone I wouldn’t mind as a fuck buddy or FWB.

    I wouldn’t be able to do it unless he recognized the situation and wanted it. I’m sure there are guys out there that find the idea of being a sugar daddy hot, and don’t mind doting on someone if they have the extra income.

    I would prefer the same kind of relationship, but with a sugar daddy that has connections and someone who could be a mentor. I’m a young law student, and it’d be great to have a guy that’d help me set myself up. I’d love to have nice things, but it’d be all the better if I earned it myself.

    I have no respect for guys who actively seek a sugar daddy solely because they want a guy to buy them nice things, not respecting the guy at all. That’s just cruel prostitution.

  64. LD

    To all the posters saying they want to be a sugar baby, The sugar baby thing is a fantasy that doesn’t have much basis in reality. I am talking about the live-in kind, I’m not talking about some part-time sugar baby that gets to have their own personal life, good luck finding that. I mean the live in kind. You don’t get to have a personal life much if you’re a live-in sugar baby. In 99% of cases you’re not allowed to have a boyfriend, date, or have sex with other people. If you do you have to sneak around. You are throwing away your chances of real happiness or meeting a real life partner for a little temporary security.

    I was in something similar to a sugar baby situation just for a few months and it sounded like it would be good, but it’s much worse than you expect it to be. Once you’re in the situation in most cases you will do whatever it takes to get out of it, fast. I say “usually” because every sugar daddy and every sugar baby are individuals. Everyone is so different. No two humans are going to have the same experiences, compatibility or chemistry together.

    What you really want and are fantasizing about is a sugar daddy who’s a billionaire (millionaires are cheapskates usually, unless it’s hundreds of millions+) that you like, that is older but still hot, that you’re attracted to, who you enjoy being around and maybe even fall in love with as a life partner.

    Sorry to break it to you, but that shit ain’t gonna happen. I mean it’s within the realm of possibility but would require astronomical luck and being in the right place at the right time. You’d have a better chance of money and happiness focusing on making your own fortune, than finding someone Else’s to live off of.

    Unless you work full-time and make your own money, in reality your sugar baby situation would most likely be more along the lines of something like this: You’re with a guy who’s worth millions. He might pay for college for you if you’re lucky. He won’t help you to get rich yourself, you are more like the hired help or a personal assistant / prostitute to him. In other words he just wants to use you for whatever he wants you for, including sex and companionship, but doesn’t want you to have anything of your own, and won’t share any secrets with you on investing your money, or help you to become wealthier yourself. He like you being dependent on him and his money.

    He won’t pay you a salary or anything, probably nothing. You won’t earn anything to save. You will have a free room in the big nice house, you will get free food. He will pay for all your clothes, and let you drive one of his cars. He WON”T buy YOU a car in YOUR NAME. Everything will be his and under his control. If you want money for anything you will have to ask him for it, like a teenager asking their father for money.

    And on top of all that, your sugar daddy is ugly, 56 years old, 50 pounds overweight and totally flabby, with all kinds of nasty flab hanging off his gut.

    That’s how it usually is. It’s almost always not what it’s cracked up to be. Good luck finding the billionaire who’s in love with you, it’ll be a needle in a football field of haystacks.

  65. LD

    Oh yea, I forgot to add, when you buy clothes for yourself and other things with his money you will have to give all the receipts to him for everything spent. The reason you’re told, is that all the receipts will be used for writing off taxes.

    You’ll also get to eat in decent restaurants all the time, I should add that for fairness. That’s it.

  66. Roadtown

    I once went into a relationship and be for I knew it I was a sugar baby. I loved being spoiled but he was a bit too controlling and that was not the reason why I went into a relationship with him. I jail generally love older guys. Looking to meet me a sugar daddy though. Not the type to be asking for stuff but the money could help. And trust me loving an older guy is no problem for me. So he will be well

  67. gajohnso

    Are you still considered to be a sugar daddy when you are 8 years younger than the person you are supporting? In my last relationship, I was 25 and he was 33, and I owned the house, I was paying the bills and buying the food, and he was struggling to get by financially. Eventually the money difference became a problem, and we broke up and he moved out. Would I have been considered a sugar daddy given the age reversal? That label makes shudder.

  68. ADLE

    I am in relationship with one who is older than me 30year old but. If you look at us you might think that is sugar daddy/baby but we are not( we love and care for each other without any require other supported.

  69. matt

    Ive always wanted a suger daddy, but i couldnt use someone for their own money; Although, i would love to go places ive never been like hollywood, miami or where ever ccelebs anfd rich folks are.

  70. Caleb Tres

    Pretty pathetic when an seasoned adult seeks out someone their junior for companionship. It’s about control and objectification, these young men need the bumps in life to build their self-esteem and to make them independent. The older gentleman need to pair up with their contemporaries and reminisce on their youth vs preying on these children.

  71. Just a sugar baby

    Somehow, I always end up being a sugar baby without ever trying to be one. I met a nice handsome older guy, (BC I LOVE older men- 35+) for sex mostly, but they end up wanting to make sure I come back so they start offering and throwing gifts money and such my way. Ever since I was 16 yrs old… Now I’m 25, I look like an ‘innocent naive handsome 20yr old boy” and older men love that shit. Soooo I work the innocent role, and out roles the dough and men gifting me just so I return to them. Multiple sugar daddies.

    Although I have NEVER asked for anything, somehow, gas is always in my car, new Jordan’s on my feet, clothes, trips.. Etc. and I work too. I just never ask for anything, they just give and offer. I can easily make $500 in like a week just hanging out. Now I can’t wait to be older, BC I want to be a sugar daddy’ for some boy one day. I have it in me now, just that I’m still too young for it.

  72. More than ONCE

    I met a guy to service me.. I saw him and thought to myself that it would only be a one time thing. By the time we were done, and I was about to leave, he made and offer that got me thinking, and I couldn’t refuse. $$$ in exchange my what’s in my pants… And I mean good $$$$!!! Here’s where the offer came in, he’s a white male, attracted to Latino guy, me, and what got him to offer this to me? The fact that I have a natural dick, UNCUT. that’s where the $$$ wAs at for me. I said no, he told me to this about it. He gave me an amount each time I stop by and hung out a bit and he serviced me, but also added that I can stop by, how many times I wanted in the week or day itself, it’s added up. And the bjs were rather good too. Made me cum every time. Sugar baby?. Or just a prostitute?? I dunno but I get it offered all the time.

  73. Chad

    I’m a sugar baby! Enjoy older men and love to take care of us, although I prefer things to be 50/50, but I’m always willing to make sure he’s good with anything he needs!

  74. VincentPhilippines

    Well, I have a daddy. Okay let’s say he’s a sugar daddy because he provides everything. But it has a limitation wherein we can’t be possibly called partners because h has a family and kids. He is attracted to me because in me he finds the things that he looks for and same in me, he is the greatest daddy I ever have so far… It’s not all about the money he provides but the role of being my master in bed.Since I am a bottom and a slave, he’s loving it! And we’ve been for five years now.

  75. Dad Michel looking for rich sugar baby

    I m an 58 old European man and will change the role offering my life experience and sexual desires to a young rich sugar baby who could help me to live better and more confortable in my old years…

    Let’s change the roles and come together !

  76. Twistnfate on A4A

    I have wondered what that’s like; to be a sugar baby or a sugar daddy.
    Honestly I’d be into it but I doubt it would be just bout cash n sex I hope I’d like to know I could call him my friend or even more if that connection was there. Sugar dads message me on a4a I’d love to here some of the stories you have.

  77. Joizy

    I used to say I’d never pay for sex. I used to charge. I had one regular client who was in his late 60’s. He wasn’t really my type, but I did enjoy sex with him because he enjoyed it so much. I was a college student, and real poor. He bought me a bike when mine was stolen (my only form of transport), be bought me a TV because I didn’t have one. I used some of the money I earned to have photographs printed because I was studying photography. Now I’m 55. I am attracted to younger men, and I see that I can provide the same financial stability that some older men provided me when I was young. As long as it’s consensual, as long as it’s mutual, what’s the problem? Straight men marry women they order from a catalog. Why are gay men suddenly so uptight?

  78. Chris

    I am 69 and have had my share of these type relationships. I don’t think that people necessarily opt for the same but as time marches on and because the gay community is totally obsessed with both beauty & youth is an evil one can hardly escape. Let’s face it we all want to be loved and needed. When its missing from our lives, we go on a mission to find it. Sometimes it turns out disastrous. Other times it can be “Cute”. I have had both, with few regrets. But again, caution is the name of the game. I love a cute,young, tight “thang” but it’s costly !! They are not banging on my door looking for this old queen. Do what you gotta do children. Life is short, be happy. Oh and don’t judge. Life will happen to you if you live long enough. LOL

  79. KiingSlayz

    Ive actually looked for sugar daddies but had no luck. I mean im a chubby guy and have been told that sugar daddies dont really like that so i gave up… Hopefully i come across one that proves me wrong but idk

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