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Recently I brought one of my friend for dinner and he admitted that he hires escorts to have sex. He is not the most beautiful guy, but he is charming and very intelligent. He can surely find someone but he confessed that he hates to “search” for someone. He wants what he wants and now! He likes tall muscle guys and usually, those are hard to get.

Have you ever hired someone? I mean I’m pretty sure if you are horny and want the hottest guy, hiring a hot guy is easy and simple. But it can be very pricey. He told me that he paid 500$ just for few hours. For me, this option is totally out of my thoughts… too expensive just for a cock. I rather use that 500 for something else!

Let me know if it’s something that you are considering, if you used that service in the past or if it is totally not your thing to hire a guy for sex.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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  1. Ruben

    An escort is another name for a prostitute, so I don’t think so. Also, I want to have sex with someone who is doing it because they are also into me and not just doing it for the money.

  2. Sam

    I am 50 years old, a little overweight, but very nice guy. I have hired few escorts in my day even though I have partner and in open relationship. I like younger males and most are not interested in older guys. I think it is self-esteem issue as well.

  3. Cuwnicu

    Pay for sex…NO..most of the turn on is the hunt at least for me…and these guy that do that can’t find a love either. There just on the better end of the deal…

  4. Gay Tony

    If you gotta pay for an escort, then you’ve got problems. Gay men are so damn horny, there is someone for everyone. Even fat guys have plenty of “chubby chasers” at their disposal.

    Problem is, many areas are “mostly bottoms” therefor the competition amongst bottoms is fierce. This goes for most liberal-dominated cities, especially DC, Boston and SF. You’ve basically got to be a quasi-Abercrombie model to get laid as a bottom in those cities. And muscle bears, for get it. They’re always 100% bottoms. If you like muscle bears, you’d better be a top.

    Other than that, I feel escorts need to find real jobs. What happens after they hit age 30, are considered too old to be paid for and start to lose their looks and build? They’ve wasted their 20s from networking and gathering sustainable job skills. No wonder there’s so much welfare and entitlement amongst the gay community.

  5. cowboicody

    hired a young escort, once. Nice 9 incher, he got to my house and admitted that I was his first trick, and that he was living in a house in palm springs that took 50% of his income as rent.
    we did our thing once, I paid him and I thought that was the end. The next day he called, I did not agree to have sex but told him he could come over if he wanted to, I was unable to pay more. He came, we talked he moved in with me the next day, we were a great happy couple for 5 years. Then he tried Meth, he got hooked, we broke up and now, the last I heard he was in Jail in New York,the famous Rikers island.

    I never hired another guy for sex

  6. Doug

    I have used escorts several times when in Europe especially. I am an older chubby guy that like younger twinky and or muscle guy next door type men and those are not usually attracted to me. I have used a few in the USA but again when you like certain types the best way to be assured of getting what you want is to use an escort. It’s about the same as getting a massage with a happy ending.

  7. gs999

    Not my thing at all, tho I have done it (once… a massage that turned erotic, so I paid him a bit more!). The ‘thrill of the chase’ is part of meeting someone, if you take that out, it’s just… not interesting.

    I’m an average/overweight guy, and tho some tell me I’m ‘hot’… it’s tough meeting guys I like (I tend not to like guys who are like me, but a great personality can change that).

  8. StillBoredInPA

    Why do I continue to read these blog posts? Way to start the new year off in such an arrogant way, Dave. Have you always been this way? I believe writing these posts has given you some feeling of power. You certainly come across as you are better than everyone else. It’s so sad. This is the future generation of gays, I suppose.

  9. Jule

    I once tried being an escort (once) lol. Afterwards, I felt dirty; obviously not for me and never did it again. I once thought about getting an escort as well, but hell, like the author, it’s pricey way too much just for a quick hook up session with someone you’ll probably never again anyway. It’s totally not worth it, even if you do have the money.

  10. Chip

    I have hired escorts before – with mixed results.

    I used to travel a LOT, and my only free time to play around was during the week. There wasn’t a lot of action available during the week (as we all know — not that there is none, its just MUCH less), so I took to hiring professionals for the job.

    Sometimes I hired porn stars, thinking they’d be “better” (they’re professionals, no?) But like the others (non-porn stars), it was hit or miss (I remember this big-dicked twink named Tommy – porn name – who was a TOTAL dud in real life… sexually AND personality wise! Not sure if he just wasn’t into me, or what… but when I got home and watched his videos over again, I realized that it was usually his partner doing all the work — this guy, for real, was just bad in bed. Kudos to the directors and editors that made him a porn star!)

    The point is that some guys “escort” because they love sex, and some do so purely for the money… but each one has his own story and abilities that go way beyond the pics and/or “bios” that you see on the escort sites.

    While I haven’t hired an escort in about 2 years now, I wouldn’t hesitate to do so if I was particularly horny and couldn’t find a playmate otherwise!

  11. marc

    I hire an escort a few times a year but have a $200 limit. Being older it gets tough to fimd a decent guy who just wants to get off and college guys need the cash so it is more like we are helping each other.

  12. Dennis

    Yes I have engaged the service of escorts. Never paid more then $200 per hour. My experiences with an escort has always been very positive. They know how to treat a client and the ones that I have dealt with have always given the impression that they enjoyed the meeting. An escort in most cases is attractive, well hung….why go to a bar and sit there for hours only to leave alone….I have a very strong sex drive and when I get the urge it needs to be satisfied.An escort always does that for me. One escort that I knew while living in Chicago was my fuck buddy for 18 years and although I paid him he sometimes wsa the one who called me to set up a meeting…

  13. Peteyboy

    I’ve used the escort section on Adam4Adam several times and I,m a good looking guy with a decent body and pretty big dick. Some of those guys on their are just smoking hot and its tough to find a guy like that at the drop of a hat.I think i,ts worth it but i wouldn’t pay 500 bucks. The most i’ve paid is 200.

  14. Kirt28202

    I’ve seen some escorts in the Charlotte room, and they would have to pay me to have sex with them. I’ve not seen any escorts that looks good enough to pay for sex. If someone does pay for sex, then they have way too much money on their hands. How about helping a homeless person with that money,a hungry child or animal. Think about it.

  15. chester

    I was drunk one night lonely and horny as all hell. A twink little cutie pie offered to fuck me for a gift of 100 roses. My dumb ass told him to come over and id let him use my credit card to go to the store and buy roses. He opted for cash and was really sweet about my naivety. We ended up being in a quasi relationship “mutually beneficial” and had a great time. I think its a completely acceptable practice and as long as both parties are consenting adults.

  16. Romoni D'Aubigne

    $500? $500?! Hell, he better go down to where the trade boys are & get him one for $20 for ten minutes. That’s what I do when I’m horny & can’t get with my usual slam pieces.

  17. Le Cocque

    There is just too much dick and ass out there to pay for it. I have gotten offers for money to get sucked and I have accepted once, but I get enough offers to keep me busy.

  18. Nick

    I don’t have $500 to blow on an escort. If I had money like that laying around, I probably would! It does get annoying having to browse around trying to find a man for some physical companionship. I used to have a masseuse who would ride my dick during the “massage”… So that might be the same thing, haha.

  19. kg

    I thought about it a couple of times. I mean if I see a really hot porn looking guy. Just a fantasy that can come true. But then think about the money, and well it can be spent elsewhere. But still I do think about it.

  20. Emanuel12

    No way, would I pay any guy for sex, or this type of money. Think it’s foolish to pay for something he wants to do from the start. No matter how sexy, hot, hung, not worth the price. If he’s an average guy, then in time, it’ll come if it was meant to be….my thing is, why pay for him to nut, making him enjoy the moment even more, knowing his tool is getting him through life. Would never see myself doing this for any guy. To each his own. Best thing for them all (escorts) to do, get a real job. What they call “highway robbery” some wants you to pay for traveling, then their fee. Not that serious at all.

  21. Marco

    I am 45, decent looking. Pretty average white guy. Have a really good job that I travel for constantly. When I need sex I use escorts. It’s much easier and less time consuming. Spending $100 for a fuck with a guy I find attractive is no different than taking a guy out to dinner then trying to fuck him after.

  22. Kevin L. Spielman

    I personally have paid for sex numerous time’s,and most likely will continue,and am an average/above average looking guy!

  23. Jon

    Im in my middle 50’s & good looking. I have had alot of young guys in their 20’s & 30’s want to hook up with me, that I meet on this site. But some of them want to be paid!!! Sorry, I have never yet paid for sex & Im not about too begin!!!! And that’s what I reply back to those guys. I never have a problem of finding a hot, good looking guy to have sex with & majority of them come back for more!! And it’s FREE!!!! lol I suppose Im old fashioned, if you want money….then go get a real damn job & work for it!!! lol I just honestly think its so stupid to pay for sex!!!! Not for me!!!

  24. Bill D.

    Sex for hire? Absolutely NOT!! Yes sometimes it can be difficult finding a guy but I do not and never will pay for it.

    First of all, that is prostitution, which in my state, is illegal.
    Secondly, it’s just empty. I mean, if I hook with a guy, it might be a one time thing and we never see each other again but at least I know there is SOME sort of attraction there.
    If you are paying for it, of COURSE the guy is going to be “into you”.

    No if I can’t find a guy my Astroglide and pictures of Daniel Radcliffe will do quite nicely thank you.

  25. Mark

    I live in a university community. You can score hot curious guys, but he’s right they take a lot of work. I’ve “hired” guys as well. You can score a hot guy in a college town for $100. IT’s awesome! I love it, they’re usually on the straight side and love their big cocks worked and their bodies worshipped. And they’re out to please. I have no problems with it. I, too, find tall muscle guys (even to hire) hard to find.

  26. GoodnightPoon

    It’s not my thing to regularly hire escorts but I did once years ago. I’m a mixed Dominican – masculine version of Zoe Saldana- with a fantasy of having an eastern euro bf or lover. Not many of them here in L.A. and they generally ignore me. So when I found a Ukrainian escort passing through -a handsome, tall,toned, massively hung young student- I hit him up for his incall rate of $220. He was charming, funny, intelligent with a baby between his legs – not baby dick but 10.5 inches of thick bulbous cock! Oy! We had a great time and when I mentioned that we had gone over the agreed time he just smiled, shrugged his shoulders and kept at it. An escort friend of mine, an ex-porn actor, recently educated me about sex work in L.A. $500 for 2hrs isn’t much more expensive than the average incall rates; many are around $200/hr. Depends if it was an outcall or overnight rate. A guy in SF charges $1000 for overnight. And if the escort is very good looking they may not post rates but negotiate based on the client’s looks and desires. A sexy client would get a much better rate with some perks whereas someone like your friend might pay through the nose for a few hours.

  27. DamienDemon

    I did it shortly after i turned 18. it was fun the first couple times, the guys were pretty clean cut and CLEAN. paid well and was some good sex. after a while and hooking up with some other escorts for joint stuff, it got shady quick and i stopped doing it.

  28. Chris Damour

    $500 is a lot of money for that, I’ve never done it and I’m not planning on doing it. Sometimes you don’t have to search for hours to get what you want 🙂

  29. Kevin

    I hire escorts all the time and thoroughly enjoy the service that a good escort provides. To me, it’s like going for a massage. Sex is a physical need and I can hire the hottest guys around with no commitments. Try it sometime, you may be pleasantly surprised!

  30. heythere250

    I have been looking for an erotic massage. I figure at least you are getting a massage for your $100 or so. YOu have to make sure that happy ending is not an extra add on……

  31. jason

    Hello guys ,
    yes I hired a few escorts in the past , they all turned out to be the same , dick cannot get hard , but they want your money .. I don’t mind pay a escort if the dick is hard ,and he can fuck .. those escorts on A4A are the worse .. there should be a section where we can review them . most of them just want your money then call you client . are they crazy … by the way what are they doing with the money , look at some of there picture , teeth are dirty, they look tacky , escort should be well dressed well groomed and be able to function.

  32. cocksuckertucson

    I paid my neighbor’s “straight” son to have sex with me….only $40 for the hottest roughest hour and a half of my life.

  33. Bermie

    Don’t mind it and done it, way i look at is I pay for porn so why not just pay for the real thing. Granted $500 is a bit much but depending on what they are doing for you might be worth it.

  34. Truthy

    As for hiring for sex, perhaps the money would be better spent in therapy resolving self-esteem issues that prevent you from meeting guys you can actually have a relationship with. Otherwise, you’re just chasing dreams of a centerfold…and that price only gets higher the older you get.

  35. Chris

    I have been paid before and by pretty attractive guys. Some have only wanted to spoon and have that physical connection. Most were really well off guys who just didn’t have the time.

  36. Mitch

    I have paid for it. Not escorts but guys online. They are cheaper and they always host. considering I usually have to pay 60 for hotel room when meeting a free friend the cost is a wash. Sometimes cheaper. I do have some hot fuck buddies one even did a porno. But they don’t have they same sex drive. I have always wonders if an escort would be more fun but 200-300 an hour I’m not sure I could justify it unless I was dripping with money. But then I’d just hire a house boy. I guess it is okay some think its wrong if you are helping each other out why not. My best experience was with a cool guy who at the end he gave me the money back because he enjoyed it.
    Also you can get exactly what physical attributes u dream about. Like one guy here has the smallest frame and a tiny but his but us a bubble but a looks good but it tiny because if his size toned yet skinny. I enjoy it because I have a thick dick he is really tight and it is hard to see how my dick fits in that space. But it makes my dick look really thick. I guess if I had the money I might higher a guy a lot. Of course if I had that kind if money I would live on my own and probable become a sugar daddy.

    I guess I have nothing against it and to each his own if I had that kind if body I’d probable sell it too and do porn like most of them do.

  37. Pancho

    $ 500 for a few hours of a good TOP are worth it. It’s worth it ONLY if the top hired can PERFORM for several hours.

    Bottoms are easy to find.

    As far as paying for it–Run the numbers. It’s cheaper than having to pay for a live in boyfriend and limiting yourself to just him.

    Here’s the analysis
    Rent boys: $ 500 each x 2 weekends per month = $ 1,000 @ month. (Factor the value of your time in as well. You also save the hours of time searching for non-flakes)
    My time is worth money as well.

    Now compare the cost for a Live in boyfriend assuming 50% of monthly costs:
    Rent: $ 500, Utilities: $ 150,Cell phone: $ 50, Groceries: $ 200, Car: $ 200, Eating out: $ 200, Entertainment: $ 200, Flowers, gifts,etc., etc. Now factor in the hours of Drama, fights and emotional bullshit that goes with having a “boyfriend”.(My time is money as well, I don’t want to waste it with drama).

    That’s my 2 cents worth. No fuzzy math =)

  38. David

    I agree with your friend. The “hunt” is fine, if you have a lot of spare time. But, if you have limited time but don’t want to compromise in terms of what you find sexually satisfying, escorts can sometimes provide a viable solution to satisfy what you are looking for.

    The problem: Not all escorts are created equal. Some are good and some are downright terrible. The other problem is that it is very difficult to predict what you are going to get. You can’t even rely on price as a strong factor, because some guys inflate in their own heads what they are worth in the market place. Some guys think that they should garner top dollar because of the mere fact that they said so. Well, read the reviews on the sites and then go find the other reviews. Negative reviews ALWAYS have a grain of truth somewhere buried in all that hostility.

    And for god sakes, remember that the affection you feel from the escort is part of the service. It is not real. It is bought and paid for. Please remember that. Don’t make the mistake of believing it is real. It will lead you to do some VERY dumb things that could cost you a lot of money, if you are lucky. The unlucky ones end up losing much more than their money and pride.

  39. thom

    I’m considering an escort because not only do I resent the hours that can be spent cruisiing… but I often do not get
    what I need, which is a kink kurious guy to play with.
    I find that they tend to list 200 per 2 shours and most will

  40. Justin

    It’s rare, but I’ve paid for sex on occasion. Usually if I’m looking for a very specific experience. I’d of course prefer finding a non-paid situation that is mutually enjoyable, but sometimes if I’m feeling particularly fetish it’s far easier to find someone professional.

    On the flip side, I’ve occasionally been offered payment by people looking for a very specific type that I fall into. I see nothing wrong with the occasional fulfillment of each other’s wishes. However, I can see how sexual addiction and the hiring of escorts has led to some people’s financial ruin.

    Same issues apply as the casual hookup. The more you agree upon ahead of time, the fewer surprises in person.

  41. naughty boy

    i have been blessed in life with both looks and brains. sometimes im a very naughty boy and i feel like using my powers for evil so i find the hottest escort i can find and chat with him until about 15-20 mins later when he is beggin to meet up lol. its shallow but its really rewarding lol. its like gettin free food it tastes soooooo much better lol. the only down side to it is i am very picky when it comes to who i let inside me so i rarely have sex and many of these guys are fucking huge and i end up broken for a few days hahaha. totally worth it though. hawaii’s gay scene is terrible and the escorts are the hottest guys but i could never date one so it kinda sux. o well its a fun thing to do until i find my tall hung stud to keep me occupied 😉


  42. 65andIlikeit

    I have been at times in my younger life a professional masseur.
    I always gave the person who hired me the best that I could when I encountered his body.
    If I saw pre-cum I would ask if they would want to complete the erotic nature that pre-cum comes with.
    It always tripped me out in a good way when they responded ” Oh that would be nice”
    As I like to touch the human body and know if I have a connection sexually wise from the touch, it is a rare event.
    So if I could afford it I would like to hire a lets say guide.
    Sometime getting familiar can allow for more Oh I get the erotic place your at, and just have a good time no strings attached.
    but that takes a day or two. I was told once that I get bored easy so you had better keep it interesting.
    First time I realized the person was telling me that money would keep the boredom away!
    Peace, love and do not start anything that is important until early spring.
    Remember, winter culls the weak. Please do not get culled! LOL

  43. Chris

    I can’t afford regular dating so I don’t use it. Plus I feel like you can hook up with someone for free if you open your mind.

  44. Joe

    With busy schedules, relationships are not easy…why not. It is like an open relationship. So when you want it go for it. Busy execs do it all the time. Imagine someone who is so into you even for afew hours…if I could afford Gucci I’d buy it…why not Gucci with a cock. Enjoy guys…enjoy

  45. cj

    I’ve hired a Masseuse from A4A while on travel in the DC area. Dude was a really attractive bodybuilder type and very professional. He brought his own massage table to my hotel room, as well as music and aroma therapy items. It was a really nice experience and I’d do it again, as long as I have that type of disposable income. In the meantime, I’ll just use Groupon for those discounted massage services on the open market! lol.

    I would not be interested in just paying for sex. I like a full body, nude massage, by an EXPERIENCED, certified masseuse. If they offer “happy ending” that’s great too, but not a must-have. Most of the guys on A4A advertise as “Masseur” but are not really such. They just come over and rub your body and, of course, get a good nut in (btw: nothing wrong with that).

    The way I weed out the true professionals is to ask my first question: “do you bring your own massage table?” Don’t get me wrong, a dude don’t necessarily need a table to make the experience good for some, it’s just my preference to have that extra-added touch of actual professionalism.

  46. Latinlust69

    My ex and I used to order in often as he was not a club kind of guy. Some were hot and some were ok. I think the best was this tall thin blond called dollarone. Great looking with a hot cock and ass! My ex eat his butt for hours and later the escort fucked us both. He was a really nice guy too. We did have a couple regulars who have us a discount (one didn’t charge when he hot to fuck me rather than just bottoming)
    There is one around I’d pay for if my budget would allow

  47. JCee

    Much like you I can definitely think of other ways of putting that kind of money to use. Besides, half of the excitement when looking or cruising for sex is the quest itself. Take that aspect away and it makes for truly meaningless sex – at least for me.

  48. Asssets

    There is too much free dick out here, but then again: New outfit, car wash, haircut, gas in car, dinner, movie tickets, after dinner drink and then a small token of remembrance!!!



    i’ve used escorts before. great sex, no games or annoying egos and you get what you want without putting forth all the effort that goes into getting fucked. Anyways, i was somewhat nervous about it and worried what others might say about it but had sex with this really hot black and puerto rican guy with a mammoth cock, he made me cum 6 times and i didn’t have to touch my dick. so… escorts yay, especially if you’re like me (not traditionally handsome, low patience when it comes to getting sex from people, and money burn).

  50. Danny

    I have hired escorts, pretty much just to see what it was all about. I don’t have any problem finding attractive men online,but there is something to be said about a sure and timely thing. oddly enough the with first one I hired, we didn’t even have sex. I’m not one to push and quite frankly was just doing “research”. we ended up having a photo shoot. I have props it was just where things went,I was not disappointed I had fun.

  51. dominique

    I can’t do it.
    Everyone has they’re own reasons, for me I don’t ever want to reach that point there’s someone for everyone out there. I hate to admit but yes I’ve been single way longer than I want to. It is what it is a lot of those guys are attractive but when the sex is done, and the escort leaved. Your still left all alone again.

  52. Michael

    It’s nice to look at them .. But I think it’s not worth for a high price to pay cause its not gonna go the way I want have sex 🙂

  53. Alfonzo Jones

    I don’t understand how it works. Hiring an escort just seems unnatural. But have I thought about it, yes. If I could afford to blow $500.00 dollars on a hot boy..I probably would. But I find it hard to believe that I would enjoy myself to the fullest extent. To think in the back of my mind that they are only here because I paid them. And if that’s the case how in the hell do they get it up? That’s true talent and skill and a blessing. Because if your not attracted to me enough to do it without being paid, what is money going to do. Just my thoughts. Lol.

  54. marc

    First guy who ever fucked me was a South American go-go dancer. When I saw his gorgeous body and enormous cock onstage, I knew he was the one I wanted to put his cock in my hole first. I paid him and it was worth ever dollar of the $200 total to have that 10-in her ram my tight virgin hole.

  55. Ryan

    I have friends of varying ages who have paid for sex, regardless of even their income. For those dishing out five hundred to thousands of dollars, it seems like it’s more about wanting something specific out of a sexual experience, rather than paying out of desperation. I couldn’t imagine myself ever paying, since I don’t have any particular desires that I couldn’t possibly fulfill by going to a bar and meeting someone cool. To each his own.

  56. jeff

    I will not pay for just sex but drinks, maybe dinner but will never pay someone just to have sex, I still have a right hand. lol

  57. Jason

    When I can afford it, I hire escorts. Even trained one. I also hire erotic massages but I’m usually disappointed in both the sex and the massage. I then started giving massage for pay and provide a hell of a massage with at least a simple happy ending (hj) but sometimes much more. Some of my regulars tell me they love both that I provide, but they also like the human touch that is so lacking in men’s lives.I do this in my off time and the money helps make ends meet easier. If and when a client comes over just for sex, that is there last visit.

  58. M J

    Escorts are simply proof that humans are pathetic now, were pathetic in the past, and will continue to be pathetic in the future. Nuff said.

  59. Jim

    Yes. I’m no hottie and there is no way in hell I’d be able to get good looking lads like that without paying. They were beautiful lads and they were wonderful experiences for me.

  60. Smusport

    I’ve been both a dancer and an escort. I’ve hired a few escorts but nothing over $60 as they just needed help. I still get younger guys to suck me or get fucked by me but just felt like helping out the college kids.

  61. kingleo

    I’ve both paid and been paid for sex. I work strange hours and my job is a night job at a prestigious hospital so social life is zero especially since I just moved to a new city. I have never paid over 100 bucks but I’ve received 250 and all he wanted was company. I sexed him because in the end he was a nice guy just weird (that’s coming from a thirty year old who likes pheneas and ferb the cartoon). We are still friends. But if I wasn’t sex I will pay for it there is a limit. My cap is 150 after that we better be partners.

  62. Jebb

    Just to note, there’s a lot of dishonesty out there. Men who play games with your mind just to get their hands on you. Have you met one of these guys before? All of the dinners, courting, nice cards, etc., just to turn into an extended hit and run. Wouldn’t you rather they simply hire an escort rather than go through all of the unnecessary games and deceptions needed instead of going through all of the trouble of treating you like a whore?

    Maybe a lot of the guys posting on here are missing the point. Most, not all, but most men who hire escorts are usually attractive, successful, professional, clean, well mannered men who may be married, closeted or in an open relationship. These guys have the excessive cash to order what they want, when they want it. Their free time is usually very limited and they either don’t have the time or desire to scour sites or go out to bars. If they are closeted or need to stay discreet, then going out is not an option.

    Like everything else, finding the right man for the right job may take time -or not. So, when a connection is made, both parties mutually work towards keeping an ongoing, steady thing. An escort who knows what he’s doing is sexually responsive, sober, clean, well dressed/groomed, smart, gracious, accommodating, punctual, respectful and procures a safe environment in all ways possible.

    $500 for 2 hours of hot play is only $250/hr which is pretty common for an outcall rate. I say play safe, know what you want, communicate, be respectful and tip really, really well, whatever the escorts rate is. You’ll get a guaranteed hot repeat session time and time again.

  63. ajbbincubus

    I honestly don’t think I would be willing to pay to have sex with someone. If I would.. it would personally make me feel really low. I can’t get it so I have to pay for it and I don’t think it’s worth it. I’m in my thirties and man.. I’m not the same anymore. I don’t want to have sex every time I turn around, getting more focused on having a bf, rather then trying to get into someone’s pants, but then again, this is just merely my own opinion.

  64. Dave

    I found an escort I hire 4-5x a year. He has an 11inch dick and I’m always amazed I can take him all the way. Partnered here, but 11″ is a damn treat.

  65. Justin

    The only service I’ve every considered using and I will if I ever get a decent income is a trainer. There’s a really hot guy in my area who trains guys to bulk them up and I’m really thin and want an Athletic or Swimmer’s type of build. But it’s really hard for me to get that b/c of medications I take (for seizures). So yeah, as soon as I get a decent paying job I’ll be contacting him. I even told him that I would do that and asked him if I could add him to my friend list just so I could remember who he was. I only asked him if I could add because some guys don’t like it when you add them for no simple reason. Thoughts?

  66. Zeke

    I work as an escort proud of what I do I think guys judge having sex for money as a bad thing Im a young college student living on my own paying for school rent books and food 9dollars wouldn’t support my life style. I look at escorting in a helping way I honestly feel like I’m making someone dreams come true of being with a hot hung black young guy call me weird call me crazy but don’t call me wrong !! And giving the fact I’m in school for human services escorting fits my career of choice wanna know more ? I’m writting a book

  67. Zeke

    Also believe it or not young guys pay lol iv been paid by a 17 year old it has nothing to do with age but everything to do with making your dreams come true and we all we pay for something we really want !

  68. TrizzyTroy

    Ive been on both sides of the equation. Escort n client, the difference is when u do either out of necessity it takes away a certain level of respect n emotion n becomes just the empty physical act. I actually liked the men that paid me for my time n companionship the few times I did it. But we met on a very rare n professional level n trust me there was sum rules n limitations set b4 I even considered it. N the perks were awesome n made for great memories. On the other side I would NEVER EVEN IF I HAD IT TO BURN pay another man $500 for sex!!! There r to many tight n right bodies running around that will do any n everything I want for ALOT LESS!!! Again Ive known some hella sexxy dudes that fell on hard times, just got outta jail, college curious, drunk on the dl etc that just needed a ‘ cpl dollars ‘ n were willing to ‘ earn ‘ it. And to all these men with $$$ n low self esteem, overweight, unpretty issues TAKE THAT $$$ AND INVEST IN YOURSELVES!!! Confidence n Pride are a priceless commodity, fix yourself to your own liking you’d b surprised n who likes u back!

  69. Tony

    One: $500 is a lot of money.

    Two: I’m willing to pay for a serviceI will not get at home. Relationship or otherwise.

    Three: The comments here are further if a stereotype where gay people are ironically the most closed-minded, superficial, arrogant and judgmental people of all.

  70. Shane Paul

    I agree with BoredinPA. As if we do not have enough judgement in the world much less within our own community. I was say that this idea for a blog is as thoughtless as and as potentially damaging as That Steaming Pile of Excrement oh yea The A List. And what is with all you older gens fixated on transferring the hetero relationship morals into modern homo relationships. This could be paraphilia for some. I just get really frustrated with how little we as a community promote one another as individuals. If neither party is being coerced or abused or raped or robbed, that is the end of whether or not it is ok. no where you should begin telling other people how your approach to life and relationships and self-fulfillment is the right one.

  71. wamoo

    I live near a large state university. At the beginning of each semester and right after school is out in the summer, there are numerous ads on Craigslist for FWB for help with books, tuition, rent, and in the summer for odd jobs. I have had some of the greatest cock from these young studs. All of them have been prime beef (black and white), and nobody has been older than 22, when they graduate, get a job, and move away. To have sex from these guys at my age and pay for it knowing I am helping them and they are satisfying my cravings is fantastic. I will gladly pay, and over the years, I’ve spent about $20,000 on college cock. (I keep a record on how much I spend). Just a heads up if you live near a big university….there is cock out there if you are willing to pay like me.

  72. lqqkingnow

    Hey all you guys that don’t want to pay I don’t blame you I wouldn’t pay either. So as an alternative hit me up I’m free and available. Lets have a fun time lol

  73. jay11970

    I have always been open minded and escort friendly. In my younger days,with little money and lots of extra time, it was the thrill of the chase. Fast forward 20-30 years, not so much. Now that I’m older with little time or interest in the CHASE game, and a lot more disposible money, I find escorts a lot easier. However, there is a down side to the “professional” escort verses “street” trade. If street trade can’t proform you’re out $20.00 bucks and wasted time. An under proforming professional can set you back a lot more. My experience with professional escorts, proformance wise, is about 50/50. Those with the over the top ADs and pics tend to be fake(Can’t proform, bottoms pretending to be tops, fake pics, drug users, etc). The good escorts often turn into friendly regular sessions(without all the drama or games)and benefits both parties. Even though I am escort friendly I do have my limits. $500.00 should be out of the question for anybody. Like others, I would love for A4A to have rating system for those advertising services(Escorts, houseboys, massues, painters, etc)to reduce fakes. All in all, if you’re open minded and have the extra funds escorts can be fun and benefitual for both.

  74. Dave

    I don’t think it is for anyone to judge other people and their decisions. Love is hard to find. Sex, even for gay men, can be hard to find. I, myself, have been surprised how hard sex is to find in the gay community. Or being gay in the not so obvious gay community. I say, what gets you through, or makes you happy – is your business. It’s not for anyone else to tell you how to live or what is right or wrong.

    I’m a former hetero, whose first experience was with an escort. It wasn’t a sexual encounter, but more of an exploration – to see if this was and who I should be. It helped me immensely, the escort was polite, and I’ve never hired one since. But being hetero how to go about meeting a gay man – so this was a way to explore and decide my path.

    I need no one’s permission or acceptance for the action. It was my doing and my choice. As it should be for anyone.

  75. Alan

    I do not know about you, but I am never that dam horny, that I would pay for sex, let alone 500.00 dollars, God me two hands, they are to eat with and jerk off. I can not imagine paying for sex. I would rather do, with out.

  76. Hunter0500

    If I ever arrive at a point where I have to pay someone to get up close and personal with me, it’d signal that I had reached the lowest of lows. How disconnected, self-centered, selfish, uncaring, unrespected, unsocial … and who knows how many other words … does someone have to be to not be able to maintain ongoing relationships with other men? What kind of person is a guy who can’t counduct himself so that he has friends with benefits? To me, it’d be the emptiest of a life.

    Now, if it works for a guy (for reasons at this point that would take a LOT of explaining for me to even begin to understand), fine. His choice; his life.

  77. Keep on Living

    I love how these guys on here think they are above spending money for
    sexual pleasure. One guy even had the nerve to berate “Fat Guys” as if they were at the bottom of the barrel (rude). Fact is, no matter how hot
    you think you are, there is always someone younger and much hotter. We get older, and for gay men on particular, age is NOT our friend. So for those of you claiming you will NEVER pay for sex, I say keep on living. Sooner or later, in one way or another, you will pay if you want that hot sexy
    piece of cock or ass you were USED to getting when you yourself were hot. Keep on living cause life is a funny thing. LMAO!!!

  78. Kent

    Firstly, let’s be more honest about what we’re discussing: male prostitution. I’m pretty much a Libertarian, so I have no particular moral outrage against it. That said, I personally find the idea a real turn-off. I agree with one of the comments above: It’s a matter of pride and/or self esteem–I don’t want a sexual partner who is only into me for money. Maybe I’ll feel differently when I’m older. Beyond this, I’ve noticed that most of the escorts/prostitutes on this site (here in NE Ohio) tend to be lazy men who were born with big dicks.

    Bottom line: I tend to laugh at the “escorts” and walk the other way.

  79. MyrtleBeachguy

    @Stillboredinpa,i totally agree with you,Dave is completely self-serving,and yea his blogs can sometimes be pretty ridiculous,but i will say since this is gay website,i suppose the choices for topics are kind of limited.So anyway,with the escort thing,if i was wealthy i would totally hire an escort,but most ppl cant afford them.I personally dont need to pay for sex,id say to anyone,hire a good masseuse instead,cuz the cost is a big difference,in SC ppls income usually is pretty low,so id never pay more than 60 an hr for a massage,ive seen big city types come here and want to charge like 150 for a massage,its so stupid, i mean ppl are desperate for money nowadays,so u can always shop for a bargain

  80. Jayden

    Wow, good blog. Sure to set of a firestorm of opinions across the spectrum I’m sure, and all opinions are valid I hope everyone realizes

    I’ve been blessed with looks so that getting sex is never an issue. Would I hire and escort? Sure, I did one time, first exploring my gay side. Wanting someone w/ the right looks that i really loved, who was professional and treated me great. Provided for a safe first experience, so that door was opened properly. Why I know i like both sexes now, & am happily bisexual.

    Is it wrong? Objectively, no. Why? It’s a service, to fulfill needs, or wants, or play out a role w/ a fantasy guy you may never have the chance to be with otherwise. IT’s a business.

    Of course, it depends how you view sex morally where opinions are free & fair and all are valid. Just, I find it kind of amusing , it seems to tbe the hypermasculine attitudes that deeem it “wrong”….. for all the wrong reasons. I’d prefer some religious nutjob who at least is consistent and has the coviction to say what they mean, and mean what they say

  81. DJ

    I think where it comes in useful is when you have a specific/unusual fetish that you want to fulfill. For me, that’s ABDL play. Hard to find Dom guys into that – I do occasionally, and it’s great when it works – but the few that are out there are usually not my type. So – would I hire a babysitter if he was a hot guy? Yeah, probably would.

    Separately, I did have a houseboy for a little while. That was hot and fun. 😉

  82. AJ

    I see no issues with hiring an escort. I’ve done so a various stages of my life. For me, it is usually an arrangement. In the past, I’ve had a pretty hectic life with work and school. During that time, I did not have the time to nurture a relationship, so I was willing to enter into a business agreement. Here is what I found out, the cheaper the business agreement, the lower quality guy, drugs, drama, etc. In this case, you get what you pay for. For the $500 range, you get a well read guy who can hold and contribute to a conversation. It’s a boyfriend experience. The other option is getting a massage with a happy ending. It satisfies the sex aspect but eliminates the personal touch. I am currently in a relationship with no escorts for hire.

  83. Kayne


    Seriously I feel like if there is a man who values what another man has enough to show his appreciation by paying him for the privilege? And there is a man willing to make his living by accepting such appreciation –

    Why does anyone care?

    I have been a stripper and escort. a lot of the time SEX is not involved in the first place. Most dudes want to talk and feel special. Some dude want to get what they can’t get at home from their wives… Some want to protect their “family image” and release the tension – Some are not socially adept enough to cultivate a relationship…

    Some just pay you to go away after… Who can say WHY a Ma man pays for a sex worker? who even cares.

    in the end it is supply and demand

    i for one support it

    I wish someone wanted to pay me right now to do something I love so much

  84. Prlovestud

    I know for a fact that an escort get paid really well now do I think is right to pay a guy to have sex ….. Not…. But hey some people get turn on by that so I respect them as well…

    In my island like manny places in USA talking about Puerto Rico is the same way if you are a chubby you are alone if you dont have muscles dont expect one to look at you and if you are a full blown queen well it just not gonna happend unless you are a full bottom and ready too get used like a rag doll… Many men here dont know the difference between versatiles and bottoms and tops they inly see you as a tight hole ready to Fu$/(“… Wich on some cases depends on you of cours keeps on narrowing down your options and only leaves you with regular type of guys who just like to party and have sex with mostly what ever they can get… So yeah thats what i think!!!

  85. Dylan

    Im a professional escort. Not a prostitute. I’ve yet to have sex with a client. I’m arm candy if you will. I have both male and female clients. And depending on the experience the cost can differ.

  86. Simply-Touched

    I am an escort. Escorting is not as easy as most people think, most think “ah your so hot you shouldn’t have any problems.” Escorting is a very mentally taxing job, let’s be clear I am referring to escort not prostitutes there is a difference. Have you ever had an encounter where you chat online and see the pics you get horned up and ask the guy to come over, when he arrives isn’t near as attractive as in the pics? You’re horned up but things just rant going to work, well as an escort tough shit you have to please your client either way. Dealing with the public- gays who “could never be around someone lthat has sex for money” and others who judge can be vey brutal. Finding a life partner can be hard and once you get one marketing sure they don’t become hardend aginst you is tough. TESTING most sexually active gay men either don’t get tested or only when it starts to burn, as an escort testing is an absolute in an escorts life, I’m tested 8-12 times a year.
    Escort vs. prostitute- it seems that many link these two jobs as being one however most of the time there is a difference. A prostitute is a creator of opportunity, they may have different rates depending on what acts they perform or age and weight of the client and are normally doing it because they had no other choice to make money and survive. A prostitute is also normally cheaper in price offering only sexual services. An escort for starters has made this job a career, not doing it because we’ve been forced to do it due to surcomstances but because we love to entertain, travel and meet new people. Escorts have two rates, one is hourly and one is overnight, no mcdonalds menu of rates and services. Escorts tend to have a lot more to offer than just sex we can hold up our end of a conversation and know how to act in public. Escorts tend to cost more average rates have changed over the years and depends on the city but overnights tend to run from 1250-3000 and up and hourly 250-400. This is just observation and personal research. I have been an escort for over 5 years now and did 6 months of research into the job before ever taking on my first john. I went to school for massage and took etiquette classes, I have learned to cook and sew and how to Houseboi as a true house servant. Qualified in massage, business management, accounting, and advertising. I use these skills daily to put myself out there. I am a4a screen name Simply-Touched

  87. Nick

    I’ve never hired one and really don’t plan to. I escorted once myself and it wasn’t the greatest experience either. What bothers me the most is in most profiles people are looking for “generous” but it doesn’t state that in their profile. If you’re looking for pay to play put it in your profile and don’t waste the person who’s looking for non pay to play’s time. Its very agitating.

  88. Dave

    When I was young, I always said that I would never pay for sex. I was decent looking and often could find what I was looking for.

    Flash-forward a few decades later, and contrary to what some on here proclaim, when you are over 50 and heavy, you can’t find anyone. Even the guys who are like you are looking for younger and thinner.

    I have hired escorts for a long time. I have had several long term arrangements with a couple of guys. One was early 20’s, very buff, and very into satisfying all of my needs. The other was mid-30’s, again very buff, mostly straight-oriented. We became very good friends.

    I avoid the “traveling escorts” who roll into town for a few days and hustle as many guys as they can. Usually they look nothing like their A4A photos and they have no vested interest in performing because there won’t be a repeat appointment.

    No, I have never paid $500 for an escort. It has been my experience that the ones who charge the highest rates almost never live up to expectations because they know they won’t get a second booking out of a customer. My best experiences have never been with the advertising “pros.” They have been with the “struggling college types” who are looking for a sugar-daddy type.

    For me, walking into a bar and trying to score with a 20’s college type just is not going to work. This does work. And I have had some incredible sexual experiences. And I’ve met some really nice guys….guys you would never expect to become involved in this type of arrangement. Yes, there have been a few bad experiences, but live and learn.

    I realize this is not for everyone. It works for me. Don’t judge until you walk in my shoes. I’m way too young to not have a sex life and I’m not content with settling for less than I want.

  89. Kyle

    As soon as I turned 18 I started stripping. I have always done sports and weight training and I have always had a great body. As I was doing a lap dance a guy told me I could make double for college if I escorted with a body like mine. I never went to him, but I did start with a company. I did a photo shoot and I got appointments every weekend. Women were more desperate for cock. Most of the old or chubby guys were just lonly guys. I always took protection and I did screw some of them. Some just wanted sex if they only stayed home. Some wanted a beautiful guy like me to just look good with them at work parties or reunions. I did it for two years in college and stopped for a serious relationship. It was school, gym, and nice shit those two and a half years. I stripped the rest of college and now I am a cardiologist

  90. Gigolo

    Started out at Stripping. So, I find alot of action at clubs. I work hard and love the offers. We all get screwed. So its nice to help guys out. Sex is like the gym. Practice and take protection.

  91. Kevin

    No. It would be humiliating for me. The thought of someone rolling their eyes inside their mind is awful. The closest I came was an erotic massage by a super hot fellow and clearly he was not into me. Did it 2 times and did not go back. I don’t see his ads anymore so I suppose he couldn’t get into it either.

  92. Gary

    Pay for sex?….LOL!….It’s far too easy for me to get it….I turn it down several times on a daily basis….and I am a stocky, 50+, top, bear….I’ve been offered money, but turn it down too.

  93. wickedconfessions

    Im always looking for studs to fuck my face slow and deep and drop a nice big load of cum in my mouth. I’ve been paying for sex since my mid 20s. I was always hot, cute and great body. I’m older now, of course — but still look good. I paid simply to avoid all the bullshit of dating and getting to know a person. I’ve done that and then it turns out we are both lesbians looking for a real man (LOL). If I pay I can state exactly what I want. If they can deliver well it was mostly a BLAST. I have had liars and duds as well. I could write a book on my experiences. They have been all across the board. To me its nothing more than paying for entertainment. As long as it is between consenting adults I’m always game. You can call it a vice if you want. Like eating, drinking, working too much, drugs, money… For me, its been more like living in the moment. I’m looking for someone “to do” right now!!! 100 for half hour kneel, suck and swallow jobs!!!!!

  94. Ricky

    I feel that I should not have to spend my hard earned money that I put my blood, sweat & toil on some quick fling. It seems that EVERY GUY in St. Louis, especially darker complexioned gentlemen, are ALWAYS wanting to get paid for their dick. I do not care how good you are in bed, if I have to pay, I am not interested. I also hate it when they try & catch an attitude when I tell them that I am not interested. It may take me a minute to find a dick to suck, but I will NEVER pay for it.

  95. Dave

    Used to do it a lot. Started age 23 in Rio de Janeiro with some gorgeous sauna boys and then it became a kink for 10 years. Money never been a problem. I look great too. Have had some of the most amazing guys on this planet and had a total blast. Did it all super hung, adonis, machofucker it’s a great way to fulfill all your dark fantasies without having to put up with dickheads and guys who start fucking you around when they realise you’re into them. You can do it whenever you want with who you want! Also was doing the guys who were not really professionals but just on the market for a little while to sort out financial problems: they are the horniest!!
    That said I’m not doing it anymore as my super horny days are over and I’m looking for substance in my life.

  96. Tom

    I once had this younger college guy come over , smoking hot, great cock. He was low on gas so I threw him 20$ for gas. Is that an escort? lol

  97. jeff

    Mattressjock charged $200 for an unlimited amount of time massage. He was effing brilliant. After a hot shower and two hours my whole body was relaxed and I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed his cock and he got rock hard. He was a total muscle bear and penetrated me with his thick tool. Damn, he could fuck. Afterwards, he told me he felt kinda guilty about taking the money so he gave it back. While he was in the bathroom, I put it in his duffle bag. He had such a heart of gold that I kinda fell in love with him.

  98. Rickio Anderson

    I’m 25, 5’9″ 135 lbs, and about a 9.” to 10″ dick, and I’ve paid some guys before to let me be with them. In Indianapolis in the city I live in, many younger guys aren’t into black men, especially with ones that are positive like me. The guys that I can get with sexually are some at the bottom or the barrel, or addicted to drugs etc. I sometimes offer money to at least play with some sane, drug free guys. I guess everybody has their own method of picking up guys. Being told no because of your skin tone and status becomes old really fast.

  99. KB

    I’m 23, 6’0″, 216 pounds, and a really nice guy. I’m black, and I hardly get hit on because of my skin color. I’ve always had self-esteem issues (working on getting better as we speak). Although I don’t agree with the escort deal, I do understand it. Someone wants to be loved. Maybe your friend has never experienced real attention. I wish him well, and I hope he finds someone who will like him for him.

  100. Joe

    I had a great experience hiring a guy for sex. I have no problems meeting guys and I’m Neg. and only play safe. I have hot sex with some but it seems like everyone has such specific likes it’s difficult to find a guy who likes the same thing and is you’re ideal guy. The look, body, and likes all the things I like sexually. So, I thought well I have the money and it might be fun once in my life so i did. I searched and searched until I found a guy I really liked physically. We talked on line then he even agreed to talk on the phone( that was one of my requirements if he wouldn’t talk on the phone I wasn’t going to meet). Maybe I was lucky because not only did the guy do everything I liked but he was a really nice guy, very genuine and had no problems playing safe and told me he only plays safe, is hiv- also and is tested every three months. Well he really..really.. Really got into it!! It was F-ing awesome!! I paid him $1200 for the night.. about 6 hours but was there a little longer.
    I am not planning to do it again but I’m sure glad I did.
    I really don’t get all the judgmental self-righteous people out there. It’s just sex guys.

  101. Phillip

    I’ve hired escorts a couple of times… Mostly way back when I had “disposable income”… I think there’s nothing wrong with paying for it: you’re hiring a special service, and paying for a fantasy. That’s what I did: hired my favorite porn star, flew him to where I was working, took him to a great dinner and a concert, then we spent the night fucking our brains out! Much fun had by all.

    I probably wouldn’t do that today (like I said, disposable income), though I can think of a couple of guys who would certainly qualify as “hireable”. I think of hiring an escort as paying for a service you want…. just like you pay for a vacation, a car, a massage, etc…

  102. Gayofman5

    Keep open minded, people
    We are adults we buy we sell we live
    Whatever u call it massage prostitute home decorator, we are people with needs and some of us can meet that needs. Simple like that.
    So u can buy porno magazines and videos but cannot buy real person?
    What’s the logic?

  103. Fratboy92

    I am one its only because im a college kid it need of day to day funds i also do not do it everyday 500 dollars is a bit crazy for the hour but its all in what the client wants. If the person wants to pay that much than let them i also have very few guys that i deal with so thats another plus and i get tested every five months just because. I dont think its nasty or unclean its just a side hustle that i do

  104. southernboisb

    Gay Tony
    January 4, 2014 at 15:36

    If you gotta pay for an escort, then you’ve got problems. Gay men are so damn horny, there is someone for everyone. Even fat guys have plenty of “chubby chasers” at their disposal.

    Problem is, many areas are “mostly bottoms” therefor the competition amongst bottoms is fierce. This goes for most liberal-dominated cities, especially DC, Boston and SF. You’ve basically got to be a quasi-Abercrombie model to get laid as a bottom in those cities. And muscle bears, for get it. They’re always 100% bottoms. If you like muscle bears, you’d better be a top.”

    I don’t even know where to begin with this. All my life I’ve heard Atlanta was full of bottoms & no tops. I was born/raised in S. Ga. & then moved to Atlanta. EVERYTIME I search for bottoms here (on A4A or other sites) – all I see are nothing but tops. Kind of hard to get things to work out when I’m a total top myself.

    Now, with the escorts I’ve seen on here (A4A) – 99.9% are tops. Those that are versatile or bottoms aren’t ones that would catch my eye.

    So, long story short – I’m kind of stuck because I can’t find any non-escorts NOR can I find any escorts.

  105. BBFunBoi

    I’ll happily admit that I get paid for sex and I’m not at all ashamed about doing it. I’ve always had a good jock body and guys have always admired my ass. I’m also into a lot of kink with very few (almost no) limits and it’s hard for a lot of guys to find someone who’s willing to do certain things. I tend to do more parties as a bottom and really enjoy the attention I get as a hot bottom being used by a group of hot tops. And the money for groups and parties is enough that I don’t have to work otherwise – and can put money away for the future. I have an ivy league degree and won’t have trouble getting a job once I don’t want to do this anymore so I’m not worried about the future.

  106. Fairprince

    Yes it’s not easy out there , I have tried the escort service in that I was one for a group of guys on a very regular basis ,got into it as I was curious , being Latino looking etc big turn on for many , but it was very demanding calls at all hours ,cars pick ups ,hotels , it was a busy time especially when visitors arrived .I tried to get out of it the money was nothing the fear everything one becomes addicted to it for the fun side
    I did a great deal of listening to my clients in bed after sex and before they would ask me to stay the entire night when they started confiding in me , many were married partnered and needed the ear of another guy
    Would I get back into it ,maybe but it would need to pay much better , would I pay for an escort? did that but no thrill there and I prefer to link up for no pay I don’t need to pay for sex

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