side part 3

Fashion : Haircuts For Spring (Yes Spring Is Coming)

side part 3

Slicked back hair with shaved sides and an undercut back has dominated the runways and magazines since last year. The trend is still going strong, especially for men with wavy, curly, and thick hair that benefit from significant pruning. This clean cut yet edgy look isn’t going anywhere but has constant variations depending on personal style.


slick complete 1


Next up, we are getting an update for the shaved sides of the undercut this spring. Rather than shaving the sides clean and leaving just the top long, this update requires shaving the hair afew inches from the hair line all around. It can be a dramatic contrast or a gentler fade into the hairline. This is a clean cut look that can be paired with any hairstyle of your choice. It also grows out easily when you’re ready to make a change.


fade upload

Not a shiny high top pompadour, but the tousled, perfectly imperfect balanced spot in between. It’s the quick style for a guy to quickly sweep the bangs off his forehead and to have his hair arrange itself into a photo-ready coif. The classic side parting is a definite winner for the business world that brings out the gentlemen in every guy, a timeless style that keeps the aging stars like George Clooney and David Beckham looking ever young. It is sure to make the younger personalities like Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake appeal to cool guys!

justin side part

These are the current trending haircuts you can go for during the hot season. All styles doesn’t suit everyone so be sure to choose the one that suits you best and are comfortable with.
Do you like any?
Will you consider these haircuts for spring?

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  1. Halo

    These are all terrible, in my opinion. From photo #1 I knew I’d find a picture of Justin Timberlake…can’t stand the guy. =/

  2. Hunter0500

    If you’re young, urban, trendy (fashion-wise), most-likely smooth (shaved, lucky if you’re natural), etc., Spring Haircuts is for you!!!!! (insert smiley face with an EXTRA grin).

    If you’re not, you realize it’s the end of January, most of the nation is NOT in “Spring!!!” (insert smiley face with and EXTRA grin) and your hair “is what it is.” You could give an acre of bovine fertilizer about what to do with your hair. You’re a guy; your hair “is what it is” so spending money on product and “a super cut” would only make people look at you and say “what is he thinking?” along with assisting in the annual income of a stylist. Just get a cut and be who you are. Many people who know you and respect you are really good with that.

    But if you are young, urban, trendy (fashion-wise), most-likely smooth (shaved, lucky if you’re natural), etc. … knock yourself out! Enjoy! Be “happening!”

  3. Edson

    I had an undercut all last summer, I buzzed it all off and now it’s back. I had ruined my hair using a flat iron however i’m embracing my waves this time around

  4. Balding Since 23

    Boy, I sure do wish I could get any of these haircuts. What do guys do to look stylish that have about a half a head of hair left and don’t want to shave or comb-over? It’s easy if you have a full head of hair like the guys in the pics above…

  5. eric

    But what if you’re not a faggy 22yo?

    Those pictures don’t say ‘fashion’ to me.
    They scream ‘fashion victim.’

    Always remember that fashion is for those who have no style.

    I am cursed to have a full head of thick, curly dark chestnut hair. Over the past 40 years I’ve had it bowl cut, caesared, flattopped, mohawked, grown elbow length, crewcutted.

    Finally, I followed the advice in bruce labruce’s hairporn opus ‘no skin off my ass’ and shaved it all off.
    Like the man said, “it’s the only haircut that makes sense.”

  6. Chris Frankie

    I’m a hair stylist, so viewing the newest trends is always entertaining to me… most styles are usually platform styles and takes year before accepted by the public. What I ‘do’ have a problem with is that it seems most gay men, (and I live in the corn(ie) belt region of Ohio tend to want to look like a skin head… cutting their so short, as if to blend in… they look stupid and unapproachable… but it’s their hair… sad, if they didn’t have hair, they’d pray for it… there’s nothing wrong with being bald, it can be sexy… but when you’re given a beautiful head of hair, why, just why would you want to look like a degenerate… just like a shave cock… you’re not looking appealing… you look diseased, even trying to look like a kid, (tweeky)… even tweek’s hair crotch hair… your crotch doesn’t look any bigger, and your head doesn’t look any better… and you definately don’t look any smarter having a bald, or shaved head…

  7. Ezra

    I hate that gays think that in order to be “masculine” we have to not care about our appearance. As in Hunter0500s case: He made his whole post about “masculine” men vs twinks. Some of us are men who take pride in our appearance. I’m a man with natural body hair. Thick ass, thighs, calves and still know that I like to get my haircut and what clothes I should be buying this spring.

    Get over yourself. You don’t have to be a slob to be masculine.

    • blog

      Ezra: thank you very much 🙂
      Finally someone positive about it !
      Some guys here definitely think that being masculine means smelling from the crack, pits and having a 10 inches full bush around their cock.

  8. headsupguy

    Just what I need … a hairstyle that requires me to spend hundreds on product, hours in front of the mirror, and makes me look like a 1930s dandy when I’m done. What else ya got?

  9. Charlie

    I think I am too old for this. Not into any of those hair cuts and certainly not into shaving your head. Give me a normal hair cut or a long hair stud that just lets it all hang out.

  10. Hunter0500

    Ezra said “You don’t have to be a slob to be masculine.”

    A good, clean regular haricut with no product in no way makes a guy a slob.

    Sucking up to the latest fleeting fashion trends and spending countless dollars on styling and product doesn’t make a guy masculine or anything more than he is at his core.

    Gay guys also come in molds far from the trendy, superficial brand pushed by the urban crouwd. Many of them are regular guys of character not superficiality. That’s an advance that the brand holders are resistant to for some reason. It’s the brand holders who should just get over themselves.

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