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Hi guys, I hope you are all having an amazing week so far, I’m still in St-Martin enjoying my vacations!

Today I wanted to ask you if you like hairy pecs? I was browsing some of your profiles and seems like many guys like hairy pecs. Why is that? Is it the epitome of masculinity to have hairy pecs? Do you pet your fuck buddy’s hairy chest when you meet him?

Let me know the reasons, I want to know.

I adore a muscle hairy chest. When I fuck with guys that are both muscular and hairy, I can totally touch their hairy pecs for 10 minutes without doing anything else. Makes me crazy horny. I’m kinda smooth so for me hairy pecs are so hot and something I will never have, that I would love to have. Looks so manly and rugged…love it

Let me know your thoughts!



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  1. J

    Hairy is a complement, not the end all.

    Robin Williams is hairy–doesn’t mean I want to get with him.

    So, hairy + in shape = hot.

    Hairy + obese = not hot.

  2. Bob

    I love hairy pecs. hairy pecs, legs, arms, and ass. About the only thing that needs to have less hair is his balls and head (the one on his should). I still have every bit of my pec hair and planning on keeping it. If wanted to play with a man that is completely smooth, I might as well play with a women.

  3. tommyyboyy12

    Hairy chests are so fuckin hot… hairy muscle chests…I could cum just on the thought of that… I’m gay which means I’m into men… when I have sex with a man I want a MAN and, yes hairy chests are manly…makes me think the guy knows what he’s doing cuz he must be mature enough to have that pelt :). I’m 21 and have a little bit of chest hair but I have always admired my dad who could braid his chest hairs… I’m sure I’ll get there some day 😉

  4. rustydog2101

    Yeah…nothing better than a hairy chest…weak in the knees when I get to be with a guy who has one. I too am smooth and wish I had some fur…but that’s the card genetics dealt me.

  5. Jason

    I love a guy with hair pecs! I love rubbing my figures threw it. It’s such a turn on. Also like rubbing and grabbing the pec hair while I’m on my back 😉

  6. DC guy

    I LOVE hairy chests. Always have, since I was a little kid. Growing up, two doors down from us lived a cop’s son, he was 19 and had this massively furry chest and very well developed pecs. He would always cut the grass or wash his car without a shirt on. I’d sit upstairs in my bedroom and watch him out the windows for hours.


    Oh yes! I love a hairy man far more than a smooth one. They are so fuckin’ sexy! Being hairy myself, I find that I will look up celebrity pics online to see if they have any chest hair at all.

    Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, James Mason, Ewan McGregor, Vincent Spano, damned right. The guy who plays Harker on Dracula is my latest obsession. Hot, hot, hot!

  8. Teo

    I absolutely love hairy men. I’ll admit it was an acquired taste because I am smooth and didn’t like the idea of hair on a man when I was younger. Perhaps it was the mainstream media making me believe a hairless man was sexier. However after sampling both worlds, now I am just completely turned on by a hairy beast man on top of me. I wouldn’t want it any other way. My boyfriend is smooth as well but luckily understands my preference so I am able to bring in a hairy muscle bear in our bed every once in a while. It’s one of my sweet indulgences. The feel of in against my skin or on my face, the taste as I kiss his chest and lick on his nipples, nothing could be better.

  9. Cowboy9905

    Love em. Absolutely love them. Shows the masculine side along with a hard thick cock that is ready and very willing to give me a good old fashioned fucking!


    I like it because i find hair sexy as hell.. I don’t care that much for a man that shaves or just isn’t hairy.. But either you like it or you don’t its just a personal choice.

  11. Steve

    I just think its so sexy and masculine when a guy has hairy pecs, stomach, etc. it’s just sexy. Period. And I totally agree that I could just stroke through that chest hair for a while and be totally satisfied…and it gets me horny too!

  12. DononFtMyers

    I.think, sumliminally, we associate it.with.hypermasculinity. I.really don’t know.but.put.a man with hairy pecs in my bed.and you’!

  13. Parker

    A HAIRY man is HOT as hell. I love to feel my guys chest rub up against mine or feel his chest snuggle up to me on a cold winters night. Woof. The feel of a furry man is a total turn on.

  14. PecFlicker

    Mine are hairy but I keep it trimmed down a little. How hairy? Pierce Brosnan with his shirt off in the Thomas Crowne Affair. My ex got me into applying conditioner to my chest in the shower to keep it soft. I always thought that was odd but it works to soften the ends if you’ve just finished buzzing it down. Interesting part is, I like smooth chests. We almost always want what we don’t have.

  15. fyreaway

    For me I think a big part of it is that I have a hairy chest too. So when I see it on another guy it’s just something I find to be similar and therefore attractive. However, I manage mine so I like hair up to a limit. like the guy in the pic is perfect

  16. Kevin L. Spielman

    I also LOVE hairy pecs!Some people prefer smooth-well I’m not one of them!Love a hairy chest and also could caress it for hour’s!I also like to rim a hairy ass!I am somewhat hairy myself.But hairy guy’s are masculine,and a must as far as I am concerned!Kevin,Hagerstown,Md.

  17. Eddie

    Having hairy pecs is just manly. Shows that your natural and enjoy being hairy. Shaving ones chest is just saying to me that you want to look younger where as unshaven men are proud to be men naturally, if that makes sense.

  18. Daniel

    Love hairy chest and pecs here. Something about it just drives me crazy. Its hot also when you can suck on their nipples through that hairy chest.

  19. Brian

    Agree Dave. Love a thick covered chest. The more hair the better. I like to run my fingers and tongue thru a thick pelt. Makes a man so hot in my book. Love to cum on a furry chest and then lick it off. MMM getting hard now…..

  20. Jose Perez

    I livve to be with a man who has hairy chest and pompis. When you poet that body yopu feel something special, specially after you finish having sex. You stay by your man side and rub his entire bodu and the feeling is amassing, I love man with big tities and suck them all the time.

  21. versvancouver

    I totally adore a hairy chest on a man, that just makes me melt! I have a furry chest too, nice hairy pecs, and love a man with nice hairy pecs, and those nice nips that just drives you crazy to suck on!! Oh man…don’t care about much else if he has a nice hairy chest, of course hairy legs and ass makes me hard too, and love to get my tongue in there, and drive him wild!! Hairy guys just rock, its so masculine and manly, and i love the way they smell and feel. smooth guys just don’t do it for me. Have a great time on your vacation!!!

  22. Brad

    I too am attracted to chest/body hair. It’s not a requirement though; if a guy is naturally smooth (my own body hair is faint), I can work with that. What I HATE though are guys who shave their chests just to achieve that twink look. Ugh, work with what you’ve got!

  23. PJ

    I like guys with a hairy chest and abdomen. I love the line of hair that runs from a guys chest to his crotch.

    The guy I sm seeing now is a hairy beast both chest and back, legs etc. I am basically smooth with just some fair on nips and abdomen so it is very different for me to be with him.

    Chest hair is great just like smooth or smooth or light hair is just as sexy. I go for winning smiles, bright eyes and communication skills!

  24. Jace

    Certainly hot! I would rub and lick hairy pecs all night! I love the feel of it brushing my back or my chest while my guy is fucking me!

  25. Jeff

    Love a man with a furry chest, and eraser nips. Nothing hotter than burying my face there and only coming up for air when I feel hands on both sides of my head!

  26. BJ

    Hair on a chest, especially on the pecs, is the ultimate in masculine sexuality! It is a constant reminder that you are flesh to flesh with another man, at one time just a forbidden fantasy. The sight of furry nips, belly, and treasure trail drives me crazy!!

  27. Mark

    OMG,,, I totally LOVE a hairy man. The more hair the better. Chest, back, abs, pits, stomach, pubes and ass. LOVE to lick every inch of that hair,,, no matter where it is. And if the man is hot and sweaty,,, OMG,, even better.

  28. Genie

    Yes! I prefer hairy chest & abs. Bears, cubs, otters, & colts will always be sexy to me. It’s a fantasy fetish that has always turned me on. I love rubbing my hands on a hairy body especially while cuddling. I love the way a hairy chest feels rubbing against mine.

  29. timhry69dude

    remember back when I was in college, got cruised by the bi married housing dean in the library restroom and he said to be discrete meet him in the traffic office restroom basement as he said he had a few hours to kill and there was no traffic down there… so I met him over there, he was sitting in a middle stall with the door open, his suit coat hung up but his nice pressed dress shirt unbuttoned showing off his short muscular hairy body and his dress pants down to his ankles stroking his thick hairy cock and balls and as I entered, I dropped my pants and he grabbed me by the ass to suck and lick my cock and then I unbuttoned my shirt as he sucked my hairy nips and I stroked his cock .. we took our time and it was best time ever sucking and stroking till we cum

  30. Cositachula

    I rrcently started dsting a hairy chested guy,all I can say is that. for me he is most definately the epitome of masculinty, strong legs, nice bubble butt, tatted arms, stache,goat tee, and Italian,couldn’t
    ask for more.

  31. Gene

    I agree with everyone else. A hairy chested men is a huge turn-on for me. I’m moderatly hairy, but was always envious of those handsome hairy guys. I find myself noticing arm hair etc, and try to decide if they may be hairy or not. Hairy chest…..yes! Yes! Nothing sexier!

  32. Cositachula

    Have been dating a guy with hairy pecs, ass , pits, legs
    arms, WOW! the feeling of him during lovemaking is Frikken
    Hot, now that is the epitome of masculine, Oh did I mention
    Italian, with a nice cock to go with it, MMM!

  33. Dave

    I find hairy chest, legs, and arms very sexy. But addressing some of the lame comments above, having no hair doesn’t make them any less of a man and certainly not a woman.

  34. Mitch

    Hair is okay but it all depends my genetics gave a full pelt of hair at 13 and it just kept growing. I prefer hairless with a baby smooth crotch but u don’t discriminate. My thing is that my chats hair grows so fast I can a shave it for guy the want be smooth and in 2 weeks I’m back to Sasquatch. Lol hair has land me a few fucks but it has also scared away a few.

    From a hygiene stand point I have to take 2-3 showers a day

  35. Matteo

    Always thought that a hairy chest was the sexiest part on a man since I can remember. Forget all the rest. A hairy chest makes me so excited and when in a sauna, I always go for the furry chested men!!!

  36. Ruover41

    Hair pecs bearing down on me, my legs a over my head. Can’t get any better. Close to it is a hairy chiseled chest looking up at me while I do the honors!

  37. J.D.

    As a rule (not a hardened rule, but a rule nonetheless…>) humans want what they don’t have. I want nice straight hair on my head, but my hair is wavy. As on my chest, I have a somewhat hairy chest, but I like smooth chests. Some hair or the nice smooth hair that lays against a chest is nice too…mine is just furry! The advantage a man with a hairy chest has, is he can shave and become smooth….a smooth-chested man cannot get hairy!

  38. Jake

    If a man is naturally smooth then ok. He most likely will have his pubes and a little hair on his ass. Still he is natural with all his male attributes. A hairy guy is a big turn on for me. Not the ape look alike but a hairy chest with treasure trail down to his crotch is hot. A real bear is great too, not the obese fat a’s who call themselves bears. You know the type, thick built muscular and masculine.
    If a guy presents himself as “Smooth shaved” “Smooth shaved, you be too.” then I’d just as soon fuck the ol lady instead.

  39. str82thetop

    Smooth or hairy? For some of us, BOTH can be sexy….for me it comes down to, if a guy has smooth pecs, then I want his whole body smooth. If he’s got hairy pecs, I want the rest of him hairy, too! A man with furless pecs and a hairy stomach and legs is like getting it on with a post-menopausal woman! I was married. I’m now gay…..give me a man ANYday! Or EVERYday!

  40. Issac

    While it’s not a requirement, hairy pecs (within reason) are certainly hot. Unfortunately genetics screwed me over in the hair department since i have more hair down there than ny chest but oh well i guess

  41. Tom

    I think hair on a man is so masculine and erotic. I love the private parts to be hairy as I like a really nice full pubic bush and I love to rim and worship a nice hairy ass. Shaved balls are OK though 🙂

  42. Hunter0500

    Hairy pecs, just like any single attribute, don’t make or break the man. He’s “hot” because of who he is a man, not because of how he’s packaged.

  43. Fxvllywi

    Nope,I don’t like hairy pecs. I’m smooth and prefer men that are smooth. Frankly, pecs are not exactly the focus of my interest!!!

  44. Christopher

    Hairy muscular pex here and enjoy same in other guys.

    We must be in a “minority on here” as the majority of profiles I read tend to look for:

    “Young, smooth, thin to skinny, Asian or Latino (more like “Latina”),

    which to ME? Sounds like a “woman with a dick” which is EXACTLY what some of the guys on here ARE looking for, which excludes the “59 or so that answered here”.

  45. southernboisb

    For me, ya gotta be smooth all over – better if natural. I don’t eve like long hair on the head – ponytails just look plain dumb in my eyes.

  46. Keivn

    I have a hairy chest and absolutely LOVE a hairy chested man. Hands down hairy gets priority. Not that there is nothing wrong with smooth guys, just a personal preference.

  47. Bruce

    Men with hairy chests have sensitive nipples. I love it when I can fuck a guy and chew his nipples and blow his socks off…
    I have a hairy chest and it holds true for me, too.

  48. Fairprince

    I am fuzzy you guys can check my profile out on a4a I would love to have a lover these days I am so ready to settle but no one seems to want to here in the Caribbean it’s hard
    Well sweetbamc a fuzzy bottom guy here lol love the pics you post here pure turn on I am so oral when it comes to smooth guys though

  49. E

    I do love me some hair on the chest or torso area. Even better when they keep it nice and trimmed or not overgrown like a forest.
    I think it gives a bit of sexiness to a guy. So yeah it’s a turn on for me.

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