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Hey guys !

Since we opened A4A over 10 years ago, some of you have been asking us for A4A products with logo, t-shirts, hoodies and more…

For all of you, we created the A4A apparel store!

Many designs have been put on the market last year and some new ones we added recently. Some of them are “logo” items but we also have cool items like the “Chest T-shirt” or the “Versatile Muscle Tee” (Top and Bottom also available…)

The prices are very reasonnable and the quality is very good as well!

New designs will be shown on this blog, on our facebook page and on twitter as soon as they come out!

Please tell us which one is your favorite and happy shopping!

(Click here to access the apparel store)


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  1. Patrick

    I think some briefs that say adam4adam on the front and has lines that guys we hookup with from the site can sign on the back would be so hot!

  2. Mitch

    Assuming for the moment that your out and proud. I can’t see wearing the shirt. Being out is one thing but wearing the shirt says condoms in right lubes in the left and bedrooms down the hall open to all. I personal would not wear unless I was going to a gay bar. It is more tasteful then saying grab you ankles or if you a bttm saying taking deposits.

  3. einathens

    I have never understood why anyone would pay to turn themself into a living billboard for a company. They should be paying you for advertising them.

    I love porn company merch. I’ll gladly utilize any of it any of them wish to provide me.

    Wearing a treasure island media tee can be a great conversation starter in a bar. Saves time and confusion. But it’s still a somewhat coded reference.
    Wearing a ‘cocksucking bottom slut’ tee while waking down the street can still get you beaten or kiled.

  4. stephen

    i’d like to see some t-shirts that say “cocksucker” & some that have pics/drawings of beautiful cocks. i wouldn’t wear them to the mall, but i certainly would anytime i went out for fun…that’s exactly what i’m looking for when i go out!

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