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I often times enjoy vacationing alone and will go to the beach in Southern California. I particularly like Laguna Beach.  It was in June that I went for 5 days. There is a small older beach front hotel/motel where I would
stay. Mornings were spent walking on the beach and afternoons exploring the area and the shops.

But first, as an introduction to this story, you should know that I am a massage addict. I love massages and have a therapist in my hometown who comes to me about every 3 weeks for a 90 minute session.  His is a clinical massage and although the towel draping my crotch usually falls off, there has never been any sexual contact.  I would like for there to be but it simply has not happened.

Anyway, on this trip to Laguna, I decided to seek out a massage and asked the owner of the motel for a referral.  He asked if I preferred male or female and I told him a male would be better. The guy gave me a couple of cards for therapists in the area. I selected one and called to set up an appointment. He had openings in his schedule for that evening and I booked 9 pm at his studio in the hills above the beach. I skipped dinner as Idon’t like to eat before a massage and got ready. Took a long hot shower (I am fanatic about cleanliness) and dressed in sweats for my trip to the Jack the massage guy. It took a while but I finally found his home. I parked and knocked on the door to the studio that had a separate entrance. He answered the door wearing a tank top, gym shorts and flip flops. I would guess his age around 35 or so. Jack was the typical California beach guy….tanned, blondish hair, and a phenomenal body. I was immediately turned on by him and worried that I would become aroused during the course of the massage. Actually I was hoping we would both get aroused. That is out of my control and all I could to was to keep my mind focused on other things.

We began with a brief interview about health history, injuries and specific areas of concern. All of that was unremarkable and I told him I liked a firm deep tissue massage with softer elements for relaxation.  He said that would be fine and told me to disrobe and lie face down on the table with my face inthe cradle. Jack also wanted to know my preference regarding draping. Did I want a full sheet, simple towel across my mid section or none at all?
Well, there was no way I was going to let this Adonis massage me without draping and I opted for the towel.  He said most of his clients prefer that. Jack dimmed the lights, started the music and told me he would return in a bit after warming the massage oil.

It seemed like I lay for an eternity before he knocked on the door and asked if I was ready. Of course I was and told him to come on in. We exchanged a bit of banter about his work and living in Laguna.

The massage began with him working my neck and shoulders as he stood over me from the head of the table. Through the hole in cradle, I could see he had taken his flip flops off and was bare foot. His golden tanned muscular and moderately hairy legs were there for me to enjoy looking at. I gazed up in the cradle and could see the opening of his shorts leg, but not much else. Picture me face down, my ass is covered with a small face towel, my arms extended back alongside my body with the palms up. From the neck and shoulders he moved on to my back. He stood alongside the table for this part of the massage. I could feel the warmth of his body as he stood near my upper arm. Just feeling the presence of his body but it was really not an actual touch. It was time for low back and upper glutes. Jack asked if I wanted my glutes massaged and I of course said yes. He kneaded my glutes as he spread my legs apart so he could get into the area just above my thighs. When he went there, my body tensed a bit and he must have sensed it. He asked if I was ok with him working that muscle group. I told him to go ahead and that I was in his hands. Now my arms were still alongside my body with palms up as Jack worked his way down to my thighs. I felt as if his crotch brushed the side of my hand. Was that accidental or intentional? I recoiled a bit when it did. As he worked clockwise around my body he came up to my left side to work on those glutes. This time it was more than an accidental brush against my hand and I felt a hardness in his crotch. I did not recoil and  his posture did not change and he remained there with his crotch pushed up against my hand. By now my cock was hard and I had rearranged myself so my penis would extend downward.  I know he could see it.

In the next instant he raises up on his toes a bit and plants his hard penis in my open hand. Could this really be happening? I was in ecstasy. I closed my hand around his penis. No words were spoken, it was all body language. He moved on up and his crotch no longer sat in my palm. Still face down he worked from over my head doing a gentle scalp massage. I could see through the hole in the cradle that his hard penis was down along his shorts leg and the tip extending slightly and exposed. He apparently had no underwear or jock on. I dropped my arms and reached over head and rubbed his thighs, inching my way up to touch his penis. He asked if I would mind if he got comfortable and remove his shorts. I said that would be great. Unknown to me somewhere along the way he had already shed his tank top.

Jack worked his way to the end of the table and got on his knees as he straddled my body. I could feel his penis against my legs.  He slid his entire body up and down across mine with his penis acting as a massage tool. I know I was dripping precum on his sheets. He climbed off and told me it was time to flip over.  As I did it was apparent my erect penis would look like a flag pole. I have yet to tell you about his member. All I can say is WOW….cut, thick, at least 7+ shaved and HARD. I could not take my hands or eyes off of it.

The rest starts to blur, but I do know he climbed back on top of me, lubed his penis and slid it between my thighs and under my balls as if faux fucking me. He gently pumped up and down as I felt his hard member rubbing against my ball sac.  He got back up on his knees and slid down to the end of the table so that his mouth was in perfect alignment with my penis. He proceeded to make love to my penis with his mouth and hands. It was all I could do to hold back cumming. When it was time to pop, he got back on his knees and we were penis to penis. With both hands he stroked our cocks together until I shot my load. He then dismounted and stood along side me so I could massage
his balls and using my cum for lube, he jacked off on my chest. I was spent. He was spent. He sat alongside me on the table playing with my flaccid cock and teasing my nipples. We talked a while before he asked if I wanted to
shower and if I wanted us to shower together. There is no way I would not jump at that offer. We got into his big multi nozzled shower. During the course of the shower we both got hard again and this time jacked one another. He rinsed me off and toweled me dry.

I got dressed and went back to my motel and slept like a log.  Next morning I thanked the motel owner for the referral. He grinned and told me, that no one had ever been disappointed with Jack’s work.


I simply smiled back.

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  1. robie

    Cool… I was inexperience to m2m sex when I was younger. Thought deep tissue massage was doing stuff anal region of body with sex toys. I was miraculously dumb

  2. Donald

    In 2006 I had my first massage, went to someone in the paper when he started he asked me if I wanted a towel or sheet I asked him what people do he said natural so I did it. I got hard when he was working on my lower back he took care of that then he worked on the front got hard again never had I cum twice in hour. When we finished he asked if there was any other area I wanted worked on I told him my ass he said that will be the next session

  3. Ray

    WOW I have never had a massage but after reading this I think I will look into it. Not sure what I should ask for but I guess I will play it by ear. LOVE YOUR STORY and THANKS

  4. Tony

    I have only had one massage that was sexual, but the guy was married so he only could do just so much without passing the lover relationship line. He said he never came because that was his lovers only, oh well, so I never got to even cum, it went limp when he said he could go no further. I really want one that starts like normal and when I am nude laying face down and he gets up on the table and starts doing feet to neck massages and every time he gets near my asshole with his dick he slips a little in at a time, before long he has entered completely and we got into a serious fucking, and we both cum, him in my ass and I on the sheet below me.

  5. Lee

    All sounds good; in Siesta Key now enjoying one day 88 degrees sunny beach and now today it is 40 degrees but getting better Thursday, back to 80 degrees. Ah I remember negril beach at the great resort hedonism fun place and so many good memories.

    Hope everyone is keeping warm.. vacations, I love them

  6. Pete

    Love a good massage,,I have only had 1 involving sex,,he started with my neck and shoulders,down my back and then my ass and the next thing I knew he slipped his cock in me and well,,,so much for the massage.. 😉

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