SPERRFRIST 11.12.13 6.00Uhr GQ Mundpropaganda

Watch This : Straight Celebs Kiss To Fight Homophobia

SPERRFRIST 11.12.13 6.00Uhr GQ Mundpropaganda


The German version of men’s magazine GQ launched this amazing campaign against homophobia this month. An upcoming edition features a photo essay of straight male, German celebs kissing.

#Mundpropaganda campaign was made in the hope of clearly stating the magazine’s stance against intolerance and discrimination of homosexuality. Editors had 13 German celebrities to kiss in front of the lens (for our pleasure)

Rappers Moses Pelham and Thomas D got involved, as well as Olympic beach volleyball champion Julius Brink. The result was fantastic and the photos are very tender. This campaign intended to stand also in solidarity with what currently makes the headlines in Russia.

“The intolerance that homosexuals are still fighting against is shocking,” said Editor-in-Chief José Redondo-Vega. “With #Mundpropaganda  we wanted to give a clear sign in favour of a free society.”

I think you will agree that this is a fantastic idea right? GQ readers are mainly straight men, so it is amazing that they will all get to see that cover. I wish GQ USA would do the same!

Check out the “making of” after the jump, you’ll see that some guys really went for the big kiss:)

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  1. Luis

    This was a great idea! We need to keep fighting for gay rights. We can accomplish great things if we all work in the same page. Love the video.

  2. Someone

    hmmmm……something doesn’t feel right though….one thing is to accept sexuality but this can easily be misinterpreted as a promotion to be promiscuous….

  3. Julian

    Some people will never get it (Obviously) and that is o.k.. However, to comment on something one knows nothing about is….., (Whats the definition in the dictionary?). Ah, I got it; Ignorant.

    Great Huge Concept.


  4. you may call me SIR

    i was straight until i had my first kiss with a man and then i turned gay faster than clark kent puts on his jock strap ;c you know the one with his bubble butt sticking out. child puleeez… aint nothing like kissing a straight man…well unless its two straight men and moi.
    used to be straight but i suck dick now.

  5. eric

    “GQ readers are mostly straight men…”

    Since when?

    GQ is gateway porn. It leads to International Male, beginning a downward spiral that can only eventually lead to furtively purchaesed Handjobs and trolling alleys for discarded issues of Honcho and Drummer.

  6. ometto

    The words each man speaks is the only thing worth hearing or reading in this video, for me. The fact that the men are kissing and laughing about what they are doing doesn’t feel right to me. It what they are saying to the world viewers that’s good. We have enough folks making fun of our love and our affection that showing them all giggling over it didn’t work for me.
    One man even felt a need to say that it was OK and that the other man was a good kisser, but that he still likes his wife better. There’s a hint of homophobia in those words. Think about it…

    • blog

      scott, I’m pretty sure some american celebs would do it. Think about Brad Pitt for example or Ben Cohen (not a amercan but world renowned)…
      They would totally do it.
      Brad donated undress of thousands for marriage equality, and Ben is doing a lot for the gay community.
      There is some great dudes out there…

  7. Hunter0500

    The absurd videos keep coming. This one is freakin’ hogwash. NO totally straight guy is going to kiss another guy. There’s a spectrum to sexuality. Guys truly at the straight end won’t go near it. The advertisement of “Straight German guys kissing” is crap. These guys may have lived as straights (as gay guys have for decades) and they may never have done anything with a guy, but they’re NOT 100% straights if they’ve agreed to be part of the promotion. Every guy even in the video would set off even the least sensitive gaydar. Good for them if this video gave the opportunity to finally explore their gaydom.

    • blog

      Hunter0500 : really? I have few very open minded loving straight friend that would totally do that because they know that gay people are cool and they love us for being who we are. We are in 2013 by the way, some straight men actually love us, believe it or not:)

    • blog

      JD, yes I use the word amazing all the time…and?
      And you? Are you always that negative all the time? I’ve never seen a positive comment from you on this blog…
      Are u angry at life? Put a smile on your face 🙂

  8. BearOKC69

    Because someone prefers his wife over a guy that he kissed shows a “hint of homophobia”. WTF? Its his wife for crying out loud (and I bet if he said he liked the guy better he would be in deep trouble with his wife.

    So if guy prefers his white husband over a particular person who happens to be of another race, that would make the person racist? Of course not.

  9. p

    Well before gays, black and white, keep complaining about gay right, the community needs to stop with the segregation amongst each other.

  10. Bill D.

    How does showing straight guys kissing other straight guys refute homophobia?
    It’s one thing if they are actors in a film (Brokeback Mountain, Latter Days, etc.) Those are actors playing a role-that’s what they do. You get to identify with the characters.

    THAT to me speaks much louder on helping to ease homophobia.

  11. Talker

    @ometto you’re missing the point. The guys laughing and saying their wives are better isn’t homophobia it’s just how they handle kissing other men. Homophobia would be rearing back in disgust and spitting getting aggravated and displaying anger. Imagine what it would be like with gay men kissing women. The giggling and making sure they let people know they are gay would be there as well. Be happy that straight people are starting to represent us so passionately. With out them we wouldn’t have made as much progress as we have now.

  12. L Brave

    Only people with common $cents$ can accumulate wisdom and notary not by making a dollar by indecent exposure but by accumulating the $cents$ from those who fight with their insecurities and time to make no $cents$ of what their fighting for!

  13. German-literate American

    Aside from the fact that this is a very moving and brilliant idea, I have a conversational proficiency in German and a fair understanding of the German culture (fair enough for an American anyway). I watched the video, and the dialog between these straight men about issues surrounding homophobia had me damn near crying. If only more American men would step up and make a statement like this… I think we would have a very different social climate regarding gay rights.

  14. darryl

    What this is trying to say is that straight men are willing to put themselves out there to support the LGTP community. Sure it’s a little tongue and cheek, but don’t loose the important message. You can see from some of the Men that they don’t have an issue kissing another Man. You can’t fake that, so let’s take our hats off to them for being there for us.

  15. Deutscher

    @ometto: Would you be calling it “heterophobia” if a gay man kissed a woman passionately and said that he preferred his husband?

  16. Purebalance

    I love how this guy resorts to attacks when someone offers a different opinion which is semi based on fact.

    GQ is marketed as a straight magazine, but the majority of purchase is by gay consumers. Fact not opinion. Stop claiming it’s a straight magazine when there are far less straight men buying it.

    Also this post like many many others on a4a is the typical “look at me I’m gay and care about issues YAY!” when you only want the impression of caring.

  17. Keith

    I think it is a wonderful concept and statement that these men, straight men, were willing to put themselves out for our community. So somebody giggle, or said his wife is a better kisser. I would giggle if I had to kiss a total stranger until I was comfortable with them, especially when there are a dozen or more people watching, and of course for a straight guy his wife WOULD be a better kisser because that’s what HE prefers. Why can’t we as a group just say Thank you, we appreciate your support instead of criticizing their effort. Really men? There is a difference between STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE to me. Ignorance is not knowing better, Stupidity IS knowing better, but not caring. ‘Nuff said for me.

  18. Dan

    good effort i suppose but i don’t see this having any impact. as you could see, it was awkward. it would be more genuine if they were kissing a pet.

  19. Hunter0500

    “Hunter0500 : really? I have few very open minded loving straight friend that would totally do that because they know that gay people are cool and they love us for being who we are. We are in 2013 by the way, some straight men actually love us, believe it or not:)”

    Blog, you’re right there are few (very few) “straight” men that would do it. It begs the question: exactly what is “straight”? Guys who have sex with women and find the thought of sex with men totally repulsive? Or is it guys who have sex with women and think about having sex with men but don’t? Or is it guys who have sex with women who also have sex with men? “Straight Men Kissing” means what exactly? 2013 is almost over and yes many “straight” men respect gay men, although many in the “community” refuse to accept that notion because it ruins their “cause”. Maybe the real problem here is the use of the “straight” label as a matter of convenience and propoganda, not a lack of respect.

  20. domtop45

    Wonderful idea. Enjoyed the vid and comments. All the best to adam4adam and the members. Hope that the day will come before the end of my time when gay rights equality will be the law of the land of the USA and in other places even more repressive.

  21. JD

    Exposing a predominately straight audience to men kissing seems beneficial in taking the “taboo” out of homosexual affection. If more straight men can see that it is neither “gross” or “deviant” then maybe future young gay men will not feel the need hide in bathhouses and clubs where actual deviant behavior is occurring. In my opinion it shows the beauty men can exhibit with physical affection. Besides straight women gave been kissing each other since I was in high school.

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