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Hey guys, I hope you all had a great weekend?!

I was away in Toronto so that is why I didn’t update the blog for few days, but I’m back with a very funny video for you to watch!

Since Xmas is coming very soon, Daveo Falaveo made a parody of “Santa Baby” and he sent it to me… It is called “Santa Daddy”

I just find it hilarious so I thought about sharing it with you guys…

I like the part where he says ” So hurry down the chimney tonight!”

Let me know if you like.


(Video after the jump)

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  1. Greg

    Kinda painful to listen to. Very slow and draggy. I actually couldn’t finish it. Over-the-top self-absorption isn’t attractive either. Trying way, way too hard to be cute. Decent looking guy, but you either need a killer voice or something very funny to see to pull this off. It’s kinda like you’re trying to do a parody, but it doesn’t quite rise to the funny part. Maybe a boyfriend that really loves you would like it.

  2. eric


    How can such a lovely young man be so unattractive? Maybe by reinforcing so many stereotypes.
    I know this is a gay man doing a gay performance for a gay audience, but still….

    Many of the rhymes are awkward, the delivery is a bit flat and the greenscreen work looks like it was done at a mall video kiosk.

    Plus he was overdressed.

  3. Yum

    Only thing he said I didn’t empathize with was the weed. I’m pro-legalization, but I don’t partake/plan to partake ever. Other than that, totally agree xD

  4. Hunter0500

    There’s a Santa training school in Michigan. He should be able to find a Santa there. Its graduates make good money, too. He should also be able to get his Daddy needs taken care of.

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