Watch This : Cadets Without Uniform #AlmostNaked

I’m pretty sure you guys will all love this video.

It shows hot cadets almost naked dancing to Benny Benassi’s song “Satisfaction”.

It is really funny and stupid at the same time, but made me laugh!

Check it out and let me know who’s your favorite!


(Also check out the Satisfaction music video below)

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  1. Cooper

    I agree with Dharma_Punk. Only a couple of them seemed to actually get into it. I actually stopped watching half way through because it just was boring and unentertaining. Guys in their underwear is nice, but this fell flat.

  2. jockn2cbt

    I prefer my asses either in undies (whitey-tighties, boxer briefs or boxers)or bare, maybe a jockstrap, but not bunched up in a guy’s crack to simulate the female cut. Speaking of hot boxers…. am I the only guy that tunes into “The Middle” just to see every episode’s gratuitous scene showing Axl Heck (Charlie McCarthy) lounging in his boxers? Yeah, he’s supposed to be a HS senior, but damn if I don’t love that entitled jock persona he plays. He’s a hottie if you’ve missed the show.

  3. muzyqman

    I thought you said they were hot. Most were kind of skinny, almost scrawny, with no chest or arm muscle showing. And while most had nice butts, most also had small packages. Thankful I didn’t waste more than 1-1/2 minutes of my time watching. Whoever decided these guys were hot probably needs to have his eyes examined. Cute little boys are not the same as hot men, and just because a man is almost naked doesn’t mean he’s sexy.

  4. Viceroy219

    I am a homosexual but that is without a doubt in my mind the GAYEST thing I have ever seen ANYONE do (straight or gay!). Also, if you are going to video that sort of thing…. wouldn’t you tan those white ass cheeks first?

  5. WB

    The disturbing part is when you realize that the hot babes in the second video are not only tougher, harder working, and infinitely more on the beat than the cadets, but would also probably make better choices for the future leadership of the armed forces.

    If we were to judge the two videos based on their demonstrated depilation skills it would be a tie.

  6. jman142

    That was so stupid it was funny, only a few guys were hot in my opinion, I like the one with the thong and black & gray boxer briefs best

  7. Tyson

    Damn, these crackers have no sens of rhythm. Yeah, this shit was awkward i agree. But… damn these white boys have no rhythm to save their fucking life.

  8. TrizzyTroy

    Some of u guys need to relax n laugh a lil more. It was meant to b a funny spoof skit. Everything on the site isnt meant to b fuckable. And Im betting good $$ that half the uptight critics arent as good looking as the video twinks. Smh, we have enough seriousness to deal with as gay men, learn to relax n enjoy cute moments they may b few n far between

  9. Jay Esquenazi

    Damn why so many negative comments, I thought it was cool, it’s akways nice to see guys with nice bodies, I can’t believe some people here saying they’re not even hot, f..k off losers I bet you are not even in good shape and it’s just jealously speaking.

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