Story : Jerking Off With A Married Man


Yesterday I was horny so I went online and saw this married straight/bi dude with nice stats… He didn’t have any photo and his profile was clear that he wouldn’t share any pics because he was married to a woman. He was only looking for another dude to jerk off with.

I usually like to suck cocks but I thought you know, jerking off with a dude is cool too. So I contacted him. We exchanged few messages and then he asked for my Skype contact, so I gave him. To my surprise he showed me his face, body and cock. I really needed that man beside me! So I invited him over. He declined saying he didn’t have a car, so I suggested to pick him up, watch porn together and then I would drive him back. He accepted, but told me it would be his first time. So he told me where to pick him up, on the corner of the street. Then just before I left he told me he can’t do it. He was too stressed. I’m like “dude, it’s just jerking off relax” and tried to convince him again, I was hard like rock.

He was soooooo horny I could see it on his face on skype, so after few minutes he accepted. I picked him up 10 minutes later. He was so beautiful and manly. His deep voice made me hard like hell while I was driving. He was really playing the “straight game” with words like “man” or “bro” or “my girl” and I really got aroused by that, I don’t know why, it turns me on so much.

Back home, I could definitely see that he was stressed. He removed his clothes right after we got in. I took a quick shower cause I had to (I was just back from the gym) so he joined me. No contact, no kissing, just me and him fully naked and hard in my shower (yes I have a huge shower).

He was looking at my cock like a little boy looking at a lollipop in a candy store. He started to compliment me on my cock ” Bro your cock is wide and thick and so long, wow that’s neat” so I got closer to him to really compare cock and I was slightly more hung than him but his cock was also fantastic. A nice 8 inches uncut, with a full (gorgeous) bush. I would have paid to suck his cock loll. He really didn’t want to.

So we went on my bed, I put some straight porn video (that’s my favorite porn, and he likes straight porn obviously). It was a gang bang scene where 2 girls were getting literally fucked like no tomorrow. 8 men were double penetrating them, then facefucking them, it’s a nice scene, the kind of scene that gets me off very quick. He was amazed by the scene, his cock was fully erected and his eyes were like rolling around saying “OMG”!

We finally exploded at the same time, he came on my face, not the biggest load but a very sweat one and I came on my stomach.

He was amazed to see me playing with our cum after.


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  1. Aaron

    I know it’s a fantasy, but why are we talking about equality and fighting for the right to marry when we’re off inviting other peoples’ husbands over to jerk off or fuck us? It seems hypocritical in some way, like hetero marriage is okay to fuck with because it’s the enemy of gay marriage or something. I love a hot straight guy as much as anyone, especially if they’re flirty and stuff, but this scenario has always bothered me for some reason.

  2. Voyeur_Noir

    I agree with Aaron. And will add married Gay men to the mix. There was a time when I rationalized that since their marriage was “open” I was not violating any moral laws and assumed no responsibility for what followed. But how can we engage in this behavior and at the same time treat a (hard fought/still fighting for) sacred /legal right so casually? If we play as a couple to me that’s one thing, but to slip away with anothers husband just seems to mock marriage and devalues it’s importance. Let’s keep the fantasy just think about the reality.

  3. dee

    I really don’t get the gay man’s obsession with “straight” guys. It’s bothersome and reeks of self-hate. And I’m not even going to get started on the whole married thing. To each his own but we need to do better.

  4. sjohnson

    any man that horny would have welcomed a hot mouth on his cock no matter if so-called “st8” or not.why get married–just that you can?—WRONG reason for that! it’s only a piece of paper and you still fuck around with tom dick and harry and alice for that matter….been with lots of “st8” men and soon as the door is closed, it’s like OMG…i thought you were st8! st8 until the bedroom door closes and then st8 again once finished.

  5. Chazzy

    I agree with Aaron! There are no standards in our culture and it seems that fucking a straight or married man is the hot thing to do. Why fight for equality when we can’t justify a reason for it. There are plenty of very sexy gay men out there so why go after a dude who dips his cock in pussy? YUK!!!

  6. Osei

    Despicable!!! I am absolutely against others sexually interfering with people who are in a marriage, whether it is gay or straight. What really did you achieve after jerking off with a married man? Why encourage the man the cheat?

      • Lovely

        I recently told my husband that if he needs “guy time,” to go jerk off with his buddy. He was surprised but he agreed. He asked his friend of 13 years and they are happy I’m so open. His friends wife isn’t as open and has no idea. We’ve also talked about a threesome with just us. (2 men & 1 woman) they both are straight but up for it. My husband wants to jerk him off and suck cock while I peg him! So hot!

  7. Dont you wish

    Let me tell you about a scene that I do at my home in a major TN city. I have a huge walk in closet in my home. Yes I am gay and have a partner. I have several fleshlights and had an idea after moving to the city. So one morning (stayed home from work for a sick day… lol)I posted an ad on Craigslist offering my fleshlights for str8 and bi guys to use. Yes I know but my fleshlights are cleaned with a 10% bleach solution and boiling water after each use.

    Anyhow in the ad I mention that you will be jerking in a dark room that will have only light from the TV playing str8 porn, my fav as well. All the while, I will be in the walk-in closet watching. Promising no touching as you will not see me. No pictures needed just stats but if you dont match what you send, you will be asked to leave. I truly dont care about looks but I need to know who is coming to my house as the front door will be unlocked for you to enter my home and come to the room with the porn playing. So I had several answers the first time I posted. The hottest str8 men actually came to my home that day. I scheduled 4 men with a hour and half break in between appointments (in case they want to edge).

    The one that I will remember to this day was a 6’5″ hairy chested white man with a huge 8 in cock. Wonderful curly brown hair..about 170 lbs of solid muscle. A real man’s man. He came in and closed the bedroom door as instructed and I walk him through using the fleshlight as he was nervous as hell. He asked multiple times for me to come out and join him, Although I had watched 3 guys that day I still had to cummed. He was so hot I could not resist the invite after the 3rd time. Needless to say, I am not a bottom by any means but the scene was so hot and I ended up eating his ass while he used the fleshlight and I sucked him some before he asked me if I liked to be fucked. Thank god I always prepare for anything. He said he was always curious about how a man’s ass felt. So I let him. He truly had no idea how to fuck a guy… lol.. but damn it was so hot. He drilled me from behind until he could take no more.

    He left satisfied. Since I always promise them no contacts after the scene, I have no heard from him and in fact his email he used no longer worked. I still run this scene once every few months and am always amazed by the men who show up. Even a local political figure. Nothing is hotter than watching a man in his bate in the dark being a voyeur.

    Is there other touching? Come and find out….

  8. ray

    not hypocritical. Some men like both. It shouldn’t bother anyone. We go out with dudes that have lovers. Sometimes with their lovers knowledge. As long as they know where their home base is, that’s the most important.

    Now my favorite dude, more than the married is the straight dude that never even thought of sex with a dude. Then when you show them porn and they reluctantly at first are a little nervous but get hornier and then they let you. Wow!! Thehottest part is when they say they never knew about “this stuff before.” Another hot straight scene is when the dude just got out of prison and is horny as hell and and I grab him before he has a chance to unload on a chick.

  9. Tyler Benjiman Donahue

    Bothers me so much. I will NEVER participate with couples,married men, or open relationship men.

    If you are going to take the step to be with someone, they cannot be with them. If it doesn’t work move on or transition to single with duck buddies. I can’t stand people who demean a real bond between two souls and go out on their spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend.

    It is sad that people can’t commit these days

  10. TJ Baltimore

    I agree with Aaron: you are such a slave to your lust– like an animal who can’t make ethical decisions–that you just had to have this guy? How would you feel in a monogamous relationship and your husband cheated on you? How would you feel if you sister told you that her husband cheated on her? Would it really matter if it was with a man or a woman? This scenario is pathetic.

  11. Hunter0500

    A guy being married has nothing to do with whether he’s gay or not. Thousands of guys for decades who didn’t fall into the stereotype of gays (fem, smooth, trendy, urban, etc.) and who wanted nothing to do with that, hid their sexuality, and became functinally straight. Many married, became parents, and for all intents and purposes were straight as far as all who knew them were concerned. With the advent of the internet, many of these guys (now from all age groups, ethincities, professions…all socio-economic groups for that matter) have been able to meet up with guys like themselves as well as connect with gays. Jerking off with a married man? That’s only the beginning.

  12. mfd

    typical gay bs. we bitch about having equal rights but have no shame- so insecure that we encourage cheating, not only in our own population but with straight men as well. I’m proud to be gay but this is why I will never identify with the vast majority of shameless, insecure gay men.

  13. einathens

    I ask yet again– why does this site insist on fetishizing straight men?

    For by-the-number mcporn, this story hits quite a few tropes in the self-loathing gay canon– imposibly hot ‘straight’ guy*, having to talk him into it, look-but-don’t-touch, preferring het porn…

    Do any gay men actually believe straight men are doing us a favor by ‘letting’ us interact sexually with them?

    *If you’re a non-imprisoned man seeking sexual contact with another man, you’re not heterosexual.

  14. J

    For years gays have been paying federal taxes which, in part, support straight marriage-related benefits, while at the same time being denied those same benefits.

    Why reward closeted gay men a second with an orgasm?

  15. NOtReaLLyNuSe

    @Aaron. I think this is one of those to each his own situations and I think it unfair to judge him and juxtapose the plight of the entire LBGT community on him in regards to marriage in regards to who he decides to mess around with. Me, personally, I would not mess around with a married guy for the simple fact that I wouldnt want anyone to mess with my husband and the idea of breaking up a home doesnt sit well with me. However, different people value different things. The author may not value marriage much at all and that might be why he did what he did and in that same vain I dont think he would be far-fetched to assume that the supposed straight guy doesnt value his nor the idea of marriage much anyway still it took a little over ten minutes to participate in extramarital activities. In this endeavor to preserve the sanctity of marriage there isnt really anyone who is doing a stand up job. that is my personal opinion

  16. Nmsolodude

    Looks to me like we are becoming heterosexual instead of homosexual with all this marriage equality act stuff blogged all the time. If you want to get married to a woman do it leave this homosexual out. It seems many just don’t get it we are gay. Marriage doesn’t define us and certainly straight me love to get in the sack with us because their wives can’t suck cock worth shit like we do plus on Adam 4 Adam a fuck site are we thing king of marriage sheesh give me a fracking break.

  17. Derek

    Dave-Good for you! You really have no idea what this guy’s situation is. I think you really helped him out. Maybe his wife is being treated for cancer and is unable to have sex so he’s seeking an outlet that he knows will not result in emotional entanglement.Human sexuality is way more complex than “gay” or “straight”. A lot of guys on here would do well to familiarize themselves with Dr Joel Kaplan and his web site “”. Also checkout Alternet article “Don’t look gay:Loss of male intimacy in America”.

  18. Tim

    From a married man’s perspective…I have never felt a twinge of guilt being with another married guy or a single guy. The only time I felt a little guilty was when I was with a partnered guy. No judgments please, I’m just sharing my observations.

  19. Bibeaufortguy

    Always wanted to jerk off/suck off a straight guy. Have several young guys in my neighborhood that could get my hand/mouth anytime they want it.

  20. Forrest

    Wow, some of you are so judgmental. I say if it doesn’t hurt anyone and feels good, do it. Each and every one of you who are being prudish has probably done the same thing, or more, with a married man. Get over yourselves, and let the man have some fun.

  21. Peter

    @Brett, now u r saying that gays r women, didn’t drink today? I don’t like that kind of relationship with married men or/and “hetero”, that kind of relationship make me sick, we have a lot of pretty, smart… gays to choose instead to seek str8 men.

  22. Jay

    Some of these comments are ridiculous. If you want lovey dovey monogamy (and I’m guessing most who do are only fantasizing about something they’ve never had and have *absolutely no real conception* of), good for you. But please stop preaching *your* holier-than-thou version of morality on others, especially when you do it in the same breath as you criticize the straights and religious who moralize against homosexuality and gay marriage. Perhaps your hypocrisy escapes you, but it is quite obvious to me. Guess what, I’m bi, have been married to a woman whom I love for 6 years, friends with her for almost 20, have an open marriage, and love masturbating with other men. If you have a problem with that, guess what: what I do in the privacy of my relationships has nothing to do with you… Just like we’ve been saying for years to the straights who wanna control our sexual lives.

  23. Toque

    First a little background info, I am a bi married man of 19 years and have 5 children with my wife. She is the only women I have ever been with. I have been bi since I was 15 years old. Have always been more attracted sexually to men, but had pleasurable sex with my wife. I have had encounters with men my entire sexual like.

    For the younger generation now, the stage is being set for them to have acceptable married relationship with another member of their same sex. I think that is one of the greatest accomplishments of the last generation. It t would have been more acceptable at the beginning of my adult like I have no doubt that I would have been in a same sex relationship or Marriage!
    However as a young man living in the Bible Belt/ southern central state / who wanted children there was only one choice. Marry a women! No gay adoption, no birth mother for a gay couple, those situations where not options open to those of my generation.

    So I married my wife and produced 5 beautiful children whom I live wih my whole heart. They are the reason I have stayed married to thier mother for 19 years. My wife and children know I am bi. Wife since almost the beginning of our relationship. My children for almost 4 years.

    I have encounters with other bi or str8 men, but have never been with another women like I stated earlier. There are those of the lgbt community that deny their are true bi sexual individuals but I assure you I am one of them! Talk about discrimination!!!
    Those in situations such as myself do what we feel we must do to keep out families together and maintain out sexual sanity, in light of the decisions we had to make at a time when the freedom that is taking place now
    Was not open to us.

    So yes we have encounters with other men outside of our marriages so that we can keep our families together at least until our children reach adult hood. So for those that condemn and hate, don’t judge a man until you have had to walk in his shoes.

  24. horny-in-greeley

    there is a lot of str8 dudes out there that are very very curious about getting there dick sucked or sucking or wanna try and fuck,,i sometimes post ads on craigslist,and i get a lot of str8 married guys,college dudes that will message me and say hey dude i just got home from the club and had no luck with the woman i,m so horny will you just suck my cock and get me off,,,well me being gay and love m2m sex i,m not going to turn away dick or ass,,so he came over nervous as hell but i finally got him to drop his pants after about 30 minutes,gave him the amazing head and he was so suprised that he gotten off with a gay guy and him being str8,,while he was pulling up his pants and he said i guess it is true that gay guys suck better then chic,s,,,i had a married guy come over and he was horny he left me suck him off,,he asked me if i was a bottom or a top i said i,m a bottom and love to get fucked,,guess what he fucked me but took a while for him to get into it,,,so any ways there is a lot of str8 guys out there that are very curious most are drunk and horny,,,and i,m the type that i will hook up with bi,str8,gay guys, even married men,,,there cheating i,m not i,m single,gay and live a lone,,so there the ones that need to explain to there gf/wife why they were with a dude if they got caught,,not me i will do it again and again,,,wish they would come back,,,DAMN THEY WERE HOT AND NICE FUCKING PACKAGE,S LOL

  25. Tyson

    Seriously @Derek his wife having cancer? so it’s ok for him to cheat. What a horrible scenario… gay men on a4a really have no morals got damn.

    And naturally it’s either straight worship or going after young guys. Fucking straight or underage guys is all the gays on here favorite past time.

  26. eric

    Why are so many guys on here so damn hateful? If you don’t like what was dont/written on here you don’t have to read or watch it. If you disagree thats fine. But think about your own faults before you judge what was done.

  27. Mike

    Why would any gay man want to watch freaking straight porn. I’m sick and tired of the low values demonstrated by GAY men. All about sex…what ever happened to find someone you love…marry him…and just be with each other. Why is the world so damn screwed up….just look at us so called gay men who cry for equality rights..then turn around and act like a pig with no moral fiber nor common sense for that matter. Being gay is what you are…BE IT !! Let straight be straight…and quit being addicted to porn and sex. Woe what selfish narcissistic beings. Makes me want to not associate with gay men…can’t be trusted !!! I am gay period…and yes I am saying that…GAY MEN CANNOT BE TRUSTED !

  28. Mike

    WHY ARE THERE NEVER BLOGS ABOUT THE HEART AND SOUL OF A GAY MAN…LIKE POSITIVE STUFF…it’s always about SEX and addictions !! Really…getting pathetic !

  29. Aaron

    I’m not being judgemental. But honestly it’s like we just have no boundaries or standards. If a person is married, we just don’t care. What is that to us? A long as we fulfil our fantasy, then it’s okay. I’ve had sex with straight guys and been propositioned by married guys and gays in open relationships, just like any gay guy has. But I just find it distasteful to mess with a marriage. It’s stupid how we trick ourselves into thinking we’re “helping” some married guy. Ifhe’s unhappy in his marriage, he needs to ditch his wife and go fuck guys. Maybe I’m being too harsh. But I just wish we had some standards. Sometimes we are so common.

  30. dan fontanao

    Well, Peter, you say “if it doesn’t hurt anyone and feels good, do it.”
    While i realize and respect that a lot of couples (gay and straight) have flexible boundaries within their marriage; I’d say MOST women would be hurt if they found out their husbands were having sex with other people. More so if it turned out they other were men.
    And just because someone gets away with it doesn’t excuse the possiblilty of being caught
    Im not entirely clean on this, ive fooled aroun with partnered gay men; but i ha ve absolutley

  31. brandon

    I agree that the perceived increase of attraction and lusting after ‘straight’ men is one of the things weakening the stance of proponents of marriage equality. How can we stand in front of court rooms and elected officials and insist that we deserve equal treatment when someone can easily pull this very blog up and say, “Gays are out to convert straights.”
    Tsk Tsk.
    Just because equality isn’t important to *some* of you right now doesn’t mean it will always be that way.
    Perhaps trying some empathy – How would you feel if your (hypothetical, I’m guessing…) lover cheated on you — with a woman?
    On second thought, disregard that. There are some of you that I’m sure would want to be hiding under the dirty laundry, spying and beating your dick like it owes you money.
    And this whole attitude of “I want a MAN. If I wanted something that acted like a girl, I’d be with one.”
    Yes, because a girl has a penis. Your logic is air-tight.
    The whole thing reeks of internalized homophobia and feelings of shame over sex.
    So allow me to make a declaration of my own: My orientation is GAY. That means I like men. I like men that like me, a man. GAY men. Men I actually have a chance in hell with, because I DESERVE to be found attractive, to be pursued and desired. I don’t like men that lust after a different gender than me, or men that just toss me table scraps of sexuality…because I don’t see the point in taking a tour of pretty things that I can’t have. I don’t have time to waste on being someone’s ‘experiment.’
    So, bring on the flamers, queens and screamers! A swishy walk gets my attention a lot easier than a pretty face with a wedding ring.

    The way I look at it, I would want someone to see a ring on my lover’s hand and immediately back the hell off, no matter how hot he is. So I show others the same respect. Cheating takes 2, and I for one won’t be part of the equation. Hurt someone without my help.

  32. Ricco

    I don’t agree that its right to mess around with married men. We shouldn’t be glorifying this behavior, we should be speaking against it. Its not cool, or respectful. There are alot of single men (gay and straight) out there to be with, and it repulse me that certain gay men target this group. My ex friend engaged in this behavior, trying to date this married man and ended up ruining his marriage. The married guy moved in him with, and quickly began cheating on him, with other men. Seems like he got what he deserved. I haven’t talked to him since. I have been in a relationship for 7 yrs and we don’t need some freak to violate the sanctity of our relationship, which we work on everyday.

  33. EricJ

    Freedom of choice is a great thing. If this does not appeal to you, fine — but no one (repeat: NO one) has the right to judge Dave for living his life, his way.

    Has the Duck Dynasty flap taught us nothing? There are plenty of straight people who are rushing to judge gays; we need not do this nasty work for them.

    Sex between consenting adults is a matter between those adults – period. If you don’t enjoy being judged, stop judging. It’s very straightforward. Peace.

  34. Brandon

    I hate being part of a community that has so little self-respect that we’re willing to reduce ourselves to cum rags.
    It infuriates me that we lost the message of sexual liberation and got caught up in our own selfish lust.
    It pisses me off that I fight tooth and nail, daily, to simply be treated equally when so many among us are positively orgasmic at the thought of subjugating themselves.
    I’m saddened by the large number of men out there who are unhappy because they don’t fit in with what they think the gay community is: amoral sluts.
    I’m hurt that after all of the struggle and fight to accept ourselves and each other, a bulk of us are still lusting after a ‘macho ideal’ to give ourselves worth.
    I’m sickened by the prevalent attitude that you are only as desirable as your last trick.
    And I’m amazed that there are so many grown men that can operate in society without enough basic empathy or self-respect to see beyond the end of their own dick.

    Because of this, for the first time in my life, I wish I wasn’t gay. Simply because I don’t want to be identified with a group of people this fucked up.

  35. Hunter0500

    “Has the Duck Dynasty flap taught us nothing? There are plenty of straight people who are rushing to judge gays; …”

    If you look into the flap and really see what was said, Daddy Duck Dynasty unloaded on everyone, every sinner in the universe. He pretty evenly (some could even say fairly ) in who he brught his (self-righteous for sure) hammer down on.

    The funniest thing about the whole flap is that the gays … the drama-filled, entitled, down-trodden, fairy princess gays and their politically correct friends… are the only folks who got their noses out of joint. And they did it in a manner that made him Master Homophobe 2013, instead of Mr. Super Self-Righteous Christian Wackjob 2013 that he truly was being. As usual, members of the “Communtity” have it always being about “us”. And the drama continues …

  36. alex

    Yeah, this story happened. This is basically a porn script with the characters names edited. As far as the concept, mutual jerkoffs are fine, its just a slippery slope when hands start to wander.

  37. Toque

    For those that are wanting a monogamous same sex marriage, and I hope you find an incredible person to spend your life with. The reality is though that 50 percent of gay or straight marriages will end up divorced/ split up.

    And to those that are now down grading and putting down fellow member of the glbt community for their personal sexual choices, well, shame on you! You have no more right to judge them and try to conform them to what your view point on relationship or partners should be and then turn around and scream-stomp-and snort at religious bigots who want to turn you into a straight man!!! Wake up people, equality begins when judgement ends!

  38. Tyrin

    Wow lmao
    It’s like this for me I have a strong sexual desires even though my girl please me and compliment me in so many areas, some things woman are not into. Dudes tend please straight dudes better. I think it be a mental competition. It gives them power to please a man whom have a girl.. sort of like she not doing her job…
    Hell dudes suck dick better and longer….. And assbe tight copared to a pussy that has pushed out 3 kids

  39. Alec

    I think everybody is free to have sex with anyone since they are legal age and it is consensual. I really don’t know why so many people would criticize gay guys because they like having sex with straight and/or married guys. It’s the same as criticizing prostitutes. It is also the same situation when straights criticize same sex-marriage. The fact that same-sex marriage is legal doesn’t make anybody obligated to it. The fact that some like having sex with married guys doesn’t make you have it as well, so just choose what you like and let others choose what they like. This is part of the diversity we all talk about and the world is certainly more colorful and fun with it.

  40. Brandon


    The problem isn’t with promiscuity. It’s the gay community, it happens.

    The problem is that:
    A.) He acted in a very predatory way. That he even had to ‘convince’ him because he ‘had to have him’ is a case in point. Seducing the hesitant is just plain wrong.
    B.) The guy has a wife. If he was single, this wouldn’t be an argument. I would happily write it off as just curiosity. Screwing with someone else’s man is dangerous ground, especially if you just take his word for it that he’s allowed to. Because, you know, horny men never lie.
    C.) By posting it here, he was clearly looking for approval of his sexual prowess. Have your sex life, but why brag about being insensitive towards others?
    D.) Personal choice is wonderful, but again, more wonderful is showing some empathy for other people. You can’t make the man not cheat, but you can choose not to be his implement of deception.

    I may use harsh words, but mostly because I’m trying to snap some people awake. We live in the age of ‘me.’ with no consideration shown towards people that we aren’t in physical proximity to. If they aren’t in the room, fuck ’em. And showing insensitivity like that is only going to encourage others to do the same. After all, treat others as you wish to be treated. Showing some basic human decency is a fast track to respect.

    I get the concept of seizing opportunity, living in the now, all that. But that doesn’t mean you throw your standards out the window. Equality begins with empathy.

    I’m not telling the man not to be promiscious. I’m telling him he should respect people who aren’t, who are in monogamous relationships, who don’t know that their partner is cheating. Wanna fuck a married guy? Fine. But (and I’m not joking here) ask for a permission slip. Cover your ass, just like you would cover your cock. Just because she ain’t in the room doesn’t mean she’s no threat.

    I don’t think that’s asking too much, is it?

  41. Jay

    @Toque: Thank you! You said it better than I did above.

    @Brandon: I’m sorry, but even with all of your rationale, the one thing you seem to do consistently is apply your moral lens to others. No one: gay, straight, bi, curious, questioning, married, or single has the right to lay down the moral law for everyone else. I hear your arguments and disagree with them fully. Why? Because I don’t share your point of view. I think it’s noble that you have an opinion on this, but wait for it… That opinion is yours. Just like mine is mine. You seem to make your strongest argument on behalf of the woman, but you have no idea what the situation is between this married man and his wife. With half of marriages ending in divorce, you put this ancient hetero model of sexuality on a pedestal that it does not deserve. And when you look through history, monogamous marriage is a very recent human creation that started with women as property and a way to guarantee future wealth for patriarchal societies! Not everyone wants or needs married monogamy; not even those people who wake up finding that the model just doesn’t work for them, like the married man in the story above.

  42. Brandon


    You are, naturally, entitled to disagree.

    As for applying my moral lense to others: Clearly I’m not the only one who thinks this way. 90% of the comments on this blog and the next are in agreement with what I’m trying to say; that attached men should be off limits.

    “…but you have no idea what the situation is between this married man and his wife.”
    And neither do you. You may know that the man tells you that he and his wife has an arrangement, but again…horny men never lie, do they? I’m not telling him to avoid screwing guys that DO have an arrangement. I’m saying that maybe he should be sure instead of just going off of what a horny guy is telling him. How many times have we heard of cheaters being caught in the act by devastated partners? And those same cheaters told their new plaything that they were either single or ‘allowed to play.’

    Again, if you had bothered to read *all* of my responses to this instead of simply the ones that you disagree with, you would have seen me say: Cover Your Ass. Make sure you aren’t fucking with an innocent 3rd party’s heart.

    For the record, I’m no stranger to open arrangements. I have tried an open relationship in the past, and our mutual agreement was that we were only allowed to play with people we both had met and explained the ground rules to *together.* (In case you are curious, our relationship ended because of his family’s constant meddling. It just became too much. After that, I decided that ‘open’ arrangements just weren’t worth the headache for me. Personal decision, not a judgment.)

    No matter what kind of relationship you are in, trust is key. And if you are honest about what you are doing and know the details of what your partner is up to, then you have a better chance of keeping that trust.

    you’re right, I am arguing on behalf of the theoretical wives in this situation. Because I’ve been the one in a monogamous relationship that was cheated on, and I wish someone who knew had argued on my behalf when I was in the dark. It’s called empathy, the ability to identify with the emotions of others.

    And yes, I find the idea of sleeping with a married man, arrangement or not, morally repugnant. But if that’s what you choose to do, at least make sure you’re not hurting anybody. Don’t let your momentary lust overcome your common sense and get you into a shitty situation. Naturally, you’re entitled to disagree…but I don’t think anyone with even their own version of a ‘moral lense’ would choose to intentionally hurt someone else.

  43. Outsider

    @Brandon is right. It’s not the act but the promotion and public glorification of said pointless act which is disturbing. It in turn makes the whole gay community look predatory, slutty and derogatory.
    @Dave nice story. I just slightly feel bad for the both of you. For him being married(?) and not sexually satisfied. I’m sad for you that you had nothing better to do with your precious time but prey and seemingly muster up another sexual “challenge”?!

    I’m sure some gay/straight guys who are married and reading this are furious.

    Someone else here mentioned how the promiscuous sexual glorification in the gay sphere is incessant and in fact quite disturbing.
    NOT judging what you do but(t) please be respectful and considerate to how others in your community and your world conduct their lives. One gay man’s actions and behavior affects all of our reputations so please do what you please but please don’t advertise it like this. I like your blog and the discussions taking place here. This would’ve still been a nice discussion without the wet story as the backdrop 😉 so bring on the cute peaceful stories of your sexual plots (especially it being the holiday season and all…)
    Have fun, be safe & keep the peace!

  44. WH

    Am a bit confused. I found this story and comments on adam 4 adam. Last time i looked this is a hook up site. You know where guys try to find other guys for sex. So, my confusion is all the preaching comments. Are you the guys on A4A who always claim to be new to the gay scene? Never bottomed but know they like 8″ or more? Str8 but girlfriend does not satisify? LOL. Really! If this were Christian Mingle perhaps ! Just how did all you preachers find this Blog? And I loved the comment, ” i fight tooth and nail every day”. Oh, please…like how? And what exactly does equality have to do with one guy jerking a so called str8 guy or str8 guy watching a gay guy jerk? Then finally the comments that the preachers have gone down this sinful road and would never do it again because of whatever reason of hurt they give. Now they must tell the world, I did this terrible behavior and got hurt. You should not. But they dont say if they were not hurt that they would still be doing what was or must have been very enjoyable. i take their preaching with a grain of salt….for as i said This is Adam 4 Adam…hookup anyone? Lol.

  45. John...

    Nothing at all wrong with this.

    People who consider themselves to be a part of the so called “gay community” need to accept the fact that not all of us buy into that “gay community” rhetoric just because you do.

    Being gay is not a club or a religion, so none of us own anyone else who is gay nor do any of us have any right to tell others how to be gay.

    Those gays who think they do are no different than any other zealot who doesn’t like them for being gay and believes they have the right to tell others how to live their lives.

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